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23 January 2015
Loscams New Structure to Support Innovation
China Merchants Loscam, Asia Pacifics leader in pallet and retail ready solutions, has announced a new
structure designed to further enhance local management responsibility, strengthen the companys research
and development capabilities and more closely align itself with customer needs.
Three Executive Vice Presidents will continue to lead the business in Loscams three key regions; Daniel
Bunnett - Australia and New Zealand, Sirin Limpaitoon - South East Asia and Tai Chingnam - Greater China.
Mark Daniel will now hold the title of President, Linda Tsui Executive Vice President Finance and David
Edwards Vice President Marketing & Development.
Under the structure, a new position of Vice President Customer Solutions has been created to centralise all
customer solutions efforts across the group. Michael Donahoo, previously Head of Customer Solutions within
Loscams Australian business, has been appointed to the role. Michael has extensive experience in retail
supply chains joining Loscam in 2013 from Coles where he was Head of Supply Chain for their Coles
Express business.
Loscam has introduced a suite of new customer solutions across its markets in Asia Pacific recently. The
new structure will see Loscam well placed to satisfy the increasing demand from retail and CPG companies
for innovative returnable packaging solutions that help optimise their supply chains.
Mark Daniel, President, China Merchants Loscam said Todays initiatives should reflect our ongoing journey
to drive innovation and meet the ever changing needs of our customers and their rapidly evolving supply

Mark Daniel

Daniel Bunnett
Executive Vice President
Australia and New Zealand

Linda Tsui
Executive Vice President

Sirin Limpaitoon
Executive Vice President
South East Asia

David Edwards
Vice President
Marketing & Development

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Tai Chingnam
Executive Vice President
Greater China

Michael Donahoo
Vice President
Customer Solutions

About Loscam
LOSCAM is a leading provider of Returnable Package Handling (RPH) solutions for use in supply chains. Loscam operates
in 10 countries throughout Asia Pacific and is focused on delivering high quality, efficient and environmentally
sustainable solutions. This has led to a position of leadership in the manufacturing and retail sectors. The business was
established in the 1940s in Australia and the mid 1990s in Asia. www.Loscam.com
For further information on this media release please contact Astrid Lo; astrid.lo@loscam.com / +852 2200 0619.

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