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'By faith they sojourned in the land....

iooking forward to a city which has foundations,
whose builder and maker is God."
HEB. 11:8-10

aCDOA /*;*.iPruC W


Alan & Janet BemoI

Box 108

NongKhai 43000


St. Joseph, MO 64506

(816) 279-7783


;p-v- V

Linda Goerke
3106 Summit Ave

January 11, 1993

0inLaos nthe20thandIamscheduledtog upcountryon

We are all readyto leave for Laos. Ourthings are packed up and baggage is ready
to go. Ofcourse there are several things we wish we could have gotten done but


ready or not here we go.


We just got a fax from Laostelling us that, after close scrutiny, the Laosgovern
ment has given us an excellent report. Our director, Tbm Love^ said, "It couldn't

have been a better report if I had written it myself." So again we have access
to some new villages as we start this year's projects. We arrive
the 21st.

We had a wonderful Christmas with our whole family as you

can see from the pictures. I highly recommend grandparenting.

Beth, Moo, Praise (2) and Word (6 months) are ministering to

the Junior High classes in their church at ^ckport, Tfexas and

finding it a challenge Moo is still working as a welder alsa Th^
brought one homeless Junior Higher, Cody, with them for

Becky and Brian are still in Columbia, Missouri. She is an

English High School teacher and he is just graduating with a

1 degree in Environmental Biology. They are hoping to come visit

The Bemo Clan

us in Laos this summer if financially able

Jon, Michelle and Aissa (8 months) are in St. Petersburg, Florida where
he has a good job in the Wastewater Department. They are in the unen
viable job of buying a home
Nathan and his buddy from Dalat School in Malaysia, Robert Thprom,
are working this semester to earn money for college next semester. Th^
have an apartment in our house

Sarah is returning to school in Malaysia on January 25th to finish off

her sophomore year and would appreciate your prayers.

And Rachel is our 8 year old, the only one going to be in Laos with
us. Janet will be home-schooling her.

So that's our low-down. We'd love to hear from you. Our address is same
as before: Box 108, NongKhai 43000, Thailand.

Grandma & Grandpa with

grandkids Aissa, Word, & Praise.



Dear Friends and co-workers.

As usual our time in the States has been short and hectic.

However, we saw many of

our friends and supporters, and have been able to spend some quality time with our
family. We were able to fellowship and get caught up on what God is doing here and
around the world by attending the North American and National Missionary Conventions.
We traveled from Kansas to Florida and from Texas to Iowa.

While home we did some

much needed remodeling on our house. We have seen Nathan through his first semester
of college and Janet through two courses at Ozark Christian College. I went deer
hunting several times but didn't get one. (Nathan hit a deer with his motorcycle,
though, just a half mile from our house. It did the bike a couple hundred dollars
worth of damage and sent Sarah to the hospital for a few hoursshe was riding on
the back.) Also, as usual, we were blessed in many ways by God's people while

We were given one car and loaned another.

We have been taken care of finan-

"Tially anH"our soulT~Have been restored by Christian fellowship.

been a part of that.

Man^of~you have


One of the things God is doing in our time is making His people aware of the people
groups which are still unreached.

God is doing mighty things!

The ratio of Christ

ians to non-Christians has grown by the year. This year it is 1 Christian for every
6.8 non Christians. The gap is closing. Of the 60 thousand people groups in the
world there are 11 thousand which remain unreached. There are 50 evangelical Biblebelieving churches for every one of these remaining unreached groups. If every 50 of
these churches were to adopt and fast and pray for one of these people groups we could
have thjob of evangalizing them all completed by the year 2,000. We have been working
with one of these people groups the Black Thai.

There are 500,000 of them in

northern Vietnam, Laos, a few in the U.S., and a few in France.

I hope I can en

courage you and your church, this Christmas and New Year Season, to make a resolution

for His Kingdom's sake to "adopt" one of these people groups, find out all you can
about them to pray intelligently and send someone there. We are looking at the
possibility of concentrating our effort toward these people. If you are interested in
adopting an unreached people group. Contact Center of World Missions, 1605 Elizabeth
St., Pasadena, CA. 91104. They are trying to gather all the information they can
about all the unreached people groups for the churches to pray.
Now we are preparing on returning to Laos on January 12th. These are troubled times
"Tor many parts~of tli^ wOTld:; Laos^is"included; Please pray~f6r TrsT~Tbr^^^s~and~
the strength to deal with the challenge of working in this difficult situation. Re
joice with us, too, as we have this unique opportunity to be a light in this dark
place where the name of Jesus has never been heard. We have 6 irrigation dams lined
up to do during the first half of 1993. We will be working with 9 villages where

there are no Christians and where no one have ever gone with God's message.


looking forward to it!

We anticipate a wonderful Christmas this year. God willing, our children, their
spouses, our grandchildren, and our parents will all be together for a few days at
Christmas. What a joyous time of fellowship. We feel like we are close to what
heaven must be like whenever we have a chance like this. We are praying for a
meaningful and spiritual sharing and snowlots of snow! We hope Christmas will be
full of joy and spiritual renewal for you too. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Love in Jesus,

Alan and Janet Bemo


So.jojctnUt^ i*t '^4'

By faith they sojourned in the land....
looking forward to a city which has foundations,


whose builder and maker is God."

HEB. 11:8-10

icu>*iwi J

Alan & Janet Bemo

Box 108

Nongkhai 43000

Linda Goerke
3106 Summit Ave.

St. Joseph, MO 64506

(816) 279-7783
January/March, 1993

pRovtxci cimu

TT^' movwcfs viTtt cmrMKta

Dear Co-workers,

There are so many things I want to communicate to people here

but there are language, political, and cultural barriers. It is going
to be wonderful in Heaven when we find out what has really been
happening in the world.

We are glad for whatwe can sharaWe had a wonderful two weeks ofChristmas with all ofour children
together at our home in Joplin. Jon, Michelle and Aissa came from Florida; Beth, Moo, Praise and
Word from Tbxas; Becky and Brian from Columbia, Missouri; Dad and Dot from Muskogee; and our
three youngest and Mom Dittemore in Joplin. God is so good in giving us such wonderful memories
to keep us going. On January 12 we were packed and on our way to Seattle, Washington where the
Overlake Church(and Dick Bergers) gaveus a wonderful send-off. We had a stop-over in Taiwan where
the Skiles and Johnstons got hotel rooms in the same hotel the airline put us up in so that we could
visit all through the night. How blessed friends in the Lord ara We had all gone to Taiwan together
in the late 1960's and it was great to hear of the great things that the Lord is doing there still. They
have been truly faithful. We arrived in Bangkok on the 16th, met and kept by the special F.H.I, staff
thera It took us a weekto get debriefed, suppliesready, Sarah and the Love's son, Trevor, sent to Dalat
School in Malaysia and travel papers ready. But finally, on the 27th, we got on the little 17 passenger
plane to XiangKwang and were on our way.

With one thing and another it took five days to get to Xiengkho, our home, and things have been really
hectic for the rest of January and February. By the end of February, we had gotten all nine water
projects started. During this time we were able to meet and work with several hundred people for
the first time Theyall know we are Christians, see our goodworks, and someday will glorifythe Father.
Every village is extremely glad to have us there They each want us to spend all our time with them.
Sop Hau even built us our own little home to stay in, but so far we've only been able to spend five
nights there Another village, which is a three kilometer walk from the road, had four hundred people
out with hoes, picks, and shovels, making the trail suitable for a motorcycle so that we could get there
easier. So far I have only been able to be there once to get them started on their weir. It's been so
encouraging to see everyone so friendly and glad that we're there They are completely open to us.
We continue to praise God for the opportunity to be here and thank you for your part in it.
Above was all Alan was able to write before that plane came to take Rachel and me back to Vientiane
where this can be mailed. We're on our way to visit Sarah in boarding school in Malaysia. It's been
hard on her this semester without big brother Nathan there as family and friend, and the school is
a lot harder than her first semester of 10th grade in the U.S. I promised her we'd come visit her midsemester and I know she'd appreciate your prayers.

It's good to be back with the Lao people again. They are such precious people and have been so good
to us. We've heard of some good Lao tracts that have just been printed by the Vientiane church and
are hoping to take some up this time for those who have seemed particularly interest in the gospel.
We alsohavea neat youngLao man whomF.H.I. has hired to workwith Alan in irrigation and agriculture.
He has studied for 7 years in Uzbekastan, is a compassionate and diligent worker, and most wonderful
of all, came to know the Lord in Uzbekastan. So now we have three in our small church service on

Sundays. He's teaching us Lao songs and memory verses. It's not easy for him as a Christian up here,
though, and he daily needs your prayer power. Although we can't mention his name, God will know

whom you are talking about. He's much loved bythe people^ just as Alan is, because his love and goodness
just shine through, and we're so happy to have him on our team. Alan is training others too, in irriga
tion, and we're excited about the possibilities thera Meanwhile, Rachel and I just keep plugging away
at home-schooling, going with "daddy" whenever we can, and learning how to survive without much
food or communication. I always did want to live like in "pioneer days", (or did I?) Ha!
We appreciate you all so much. Keep up your prayers. More in May.
Your co-workers in Laos,

Alan, Janet, Rachel and Sarah

A note from Linda: I have lost my list of churches and individuals who want more than one copy of
the newsletter, so if you want extra copies please send ME your name and how many you need. Also
please let me know if you change your address or don't want to be on our mailing list. Thank you.

Central Christian Church


1501 N. Leonard Road

U.S. Postage

St. Joseph, MO 64506


St. Joseph, MO


Permit No. 2223

i B B i 'j l"t S i'"V I C 5

n Rok Z4Z7

iiOKV i 1 t



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itt .dM4'
'By faith they sojourned In the land....
looking forward to a city which has foundations,


whose builder and maker Is God."


HEB. 11:8-10

Alan & Janet Bemo

OM*^ J

\J BMamaui< ^


^MiniiM ,J


Box 108

Nongkhai 43000

Linda Goerke
3106 Summit Ave

St Joseph, MO 64506
(816) 279-7783
June 1993

rmmci umu





Dear Friends,

This is long overdue. As usual for this time of year, these have been
long and draining months, and it's hard to even begin to describe
all the ups and downs we've been through. I continue to believe firmly

that it is only the prayers ofyou. His saints and prayer warriors, that keep usgoing over here So often
we feel like giving up and wondering what in the world are we doing here, but the Lord continues
to get us through each day at a time Probably many of you can identify with many of these feelings
and we have so appreciated your encouraging letters and packages.

The ten irrigation projects were finished by the end ofApril. Also during the month ofApril we were
asked by the government to look at 25 more possible irrigation sites for 1994. There is so much need
here! Of course we can't tackle that much but we did decide on 12 of the most needy. May God help

us as we try to rise to meet the challenge of the needs of the people here

Upon our return to Vientiene, we immediately went across the river to Nongkhai, Thailand to call all
the family and see how everyone was doing. We had heard that our son Jon had fallen from his roof
and broken both his legs and arms and was in a body cast. It was a relief to find out he was okay
now and had only broken one wrist and the elbow ofthe other arm. We also had heard that Mom Dittemore was feeling her end was very near and were relieved to hear that she had just bought a new
outfit and hat the day before and though feeling very tired, her vital signs were still strong. Sarah's
letters to us from boarding school in Malaysia showed us that she was having a very rough time, and
when we called her, all she could do was cry, so since Janet and Rachel had had a chance to see her
in March, I went down there immediately to spend a week with her. She's home now with us for the
summer and we're all doing better. There were some other serious problems awaiting us too and for
a time there we were ready to get on the next plane home. Sometimes we still feel that way.

May, June and July are usually the months for F.H.I. business meetings, writing completion reports,
six-month reports, project reportsfor nextyear, raising funds for next year's projects, eta, andhopefully
squeezing a much needed vacation in there with the family. However, this year, money hadbeen pledg
ed to purchase 620 tons ofriceto drought victims in the area where we are working and we (specifical
ly, I)had beenasked to be in charge ofbuying it, transportingit, setting up ricebanks, and distributing
it, since we were familiar with the area. It is a big job with a lot of problems, and even though I am
determined to see it through, it has taken a toll on our family life and on me physically and mentally.

I have already had to be upcountry for two weeks and am leaving today again to be up there an in
determinate time, perhaps a month. Please pray for us.

It's not all sad and bad, although we may feel like it sometimes. God is doing great things hera In

May the Laogovernment returned a big church property which they had confiscated from the church
in 1975. Up till now all the Protestant churches had only been allowed to meet in one small church
building where the government could keep tabs on them. It was always overcrowded but very zealous
for the Lord. Now with the government handing overanother church property, things seem to be look
ing up, and everyone is so excited. The day of the rededication of the new property a rare white bird
came and alighted on the steeple and stayed there during the whole ceremony. This had a dramatic
effect on all of the people. The whole Christian community is filled with joy and it seems as though
the whole country is going to open up to evangelism in just a short tima Meanwhile we are trying
to faithfully witness wherever we can. We have met a wonderful young Chinese Christian couple here
with two sons, and have already been blessed with two home Bible Studies with them, and hope to
continue them and invite other Chinese people we have met. to attend with us. We feel there may be
many Chinese here who have not yet admitted their faith.

So the Lord is opening doors. Pray that we maybe ready and see the openings and enter while there
-is_still tima

Yours in Jesus,

Alan and Janet Bemo

Central Christian Church

1501 N. Leonard Road


U.S. Postage

St. Joseph, MO 64506

St. Joseph, MO
Permit No. 2223


Mission Services Assn

P. 0. Box 2427
Knoxville? TN



(XV r.0


So-fawmCu^ in A<!uy4. PV^

'By faith they sojourned in the land....
looking forward to a city which has foundations,

UO KOfLE'S oemochatic republic

whose builder and maker is God."

HEB. 11:8-10

Alan & Janet Bemo



Linda Goerke

R.R. 3, Box 94
Joplin, MO 64801

3106 Summit Ave.

St. Joseph, MO 64506

(816) 279-7783
August 1993

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you from R.R. 3, Box 94, Joplin, MO 64801

(Tel. 417-782-0787). What?! The last time you heard from
us, we were distributing 620 tons of rice in Northern
Laos. While working on this project I started experiencing
chest pains. One day when I was particularly stressed with frustration of the
distribution I experienced pain in my left chest and left shoulder. I broke out in a
sweat and experienced shortness of breath. It really frightened me so I determined to

turn the project over to our Lao agriculturalist, Boot, and head for Vientiane. On July
18th I arrived home and was so relieved to be with my family again. I got a check-up at
the Australian Clinic in Vientiane and further tests in a hospital across the river in

Thailand. Everything checked out alright so I thought I probably just needed a rest. Then
on July 24 I had an even worse attack and was rushed to the Australian Clinic, who
quickly had the border opened for me so that I could be sent to the hospital in Thailand

at 11:00 p.m. Saturday night. (It's the first time we've ever gotten to go across the
Mekong River at night! Usually boats only run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and are closed
on Sundays.)

After being stabilized in the hospital in Udon Thani for three days, I was then flown to
the Bangkok General Hospital in Bangkok, which has a cardiac unit. Meanwhile, Janet and
the girls had two days in Vientiane to pack for whatever contingency might come up.
In Bangkok, I underwent tests for a week and was released on August 4th^ On August 7th we
boarded a plane for the U.S. We arrived in Joplin on the 9th. I have been in the hospital

for one day here and am now under a doctor's care and medication. A_ll we know so far is
that these seem to be spasms caused by stress. I still experience pain almost daily and
am trying to learn to live within new perimeters given by the doctor: eat, work, and
sleep habits, and dealing with stress. The doctor has told me that I have not had a heart
attack and that there is no damage, but that this angina is a warning: make some changes
or have a heart attack. So now I

am hoping I can take a couple of months to try to get

this thing under control and then try to determine what this means for our future. We
have so appreciated all of you praying with us for healing and for guidance.

We are glad for other reasons, to be here right now. Isabel's doctor told us that she has
some serious heart problems, and he suspects Lupus. He does not think that these can be

treated at her age and condition, but she is in no pain, just very "tired" feeling. She
remains happy and fairly active and we are enjoying each other's company.
We are glad to be "together" as a family. Sarah and Rachel are enrolled in a Christian
school here. Nathan is going to Missouri Southern State College and living at home with

We've been to visit Brian and Becky,

and see the house they hope to buy.

He is

continuing in school, working on his Master's in Conservation, while Becky has a good

High School teaching job with the Columbia schools. Beth, Moo, Praise and Word are

eagerly anticipating another addition to their family in October. And, needless to say,
we are too. And Jon, Michelle, and Aissa keep working away in beautiful Florida.

We've already so enjoyed the encouragements of so many of you. God's family is still
strong and healthy in the good ole' U.S. of A. Thank you, thank you. Let us hear from


Alan and Janet Bem-o


Rt7 BOX947

Nonprofit Org.
U.S. Postage



Joplin, MO 64801
Permit No. 26

Mission Services Assn

P. O- Box 2427

KnoKviMe? TN


'By faith they sojourned In the land....

looking forward to a city which has foundations,

October to Oeceiber, 1$93

whose builder and maker Is God."

HE8. 11:e-10

Herry Christies,

I write this letter to you with great agony to tell you we are now not planning on going back to Laos. During the last
four months we have prayed, meditated, and talked this decision back and forth and around and around. Ue've lost sleep.
I intended to mail you a letter I wrote just three days ago saying we were leaving for Laos on January 12 we already
had reservations. Yet we did not have peace with this decision. Janet and I couldn't work it out so we asked the
preacher and the elders of our church to meet with us last night. The conclusion we came to was that we should not go
back at this time.

Ue have decided that we should stay in this area to take care of family and health needs. I am now looking for a Job to
support ourselves. I feel bad in that there are people in Laos who do not know the Lord and the FHI team there is
hoping I can come to do the '94 irrigation projects. My own needs seem small compared to this but I just don't have
what it takes. It may seem strange to you that I have peace about staying but have none about going.
My physical condition has improved greatly. On November 1st I went off medication of any kind. Since then I have had a
few bouts with chest pain but it has been when I had too much to eat too late in the evening, didn't get enough sleep,
or was worrying too much. On the 22nd I had an appointment with my doctor. I had been praying, 'Lord, if the doctor
says he thinks it is alright for me to go back to Laos I am willing to go.' After an examination he said, 'I think it
would be alright for you to go to Laos as long as you don't have to take on too much responsibility and you don't have
to stay too long. Don't get yourself in a situation where you cannot see the end or way out of it.' Because of this
report I made the decision to return to Laos but then haven't been able to live with it.
Some of you may be wondering what
we have been doing while we've
been here since August.


and Rachel are enrolled in a

local Christian school, Janet has

been a busy housewife, daughter
and grandma. I have been trying
to follow doctor's orders while

working on our small farm, speak

ing only a little, and doing some
construction jobs for a little
extra income.
Ue have visited
and helped our parents, children,

and grand children. Ue were

present for the first time for
the birth of our fourth grand
child, Noble, the daughter of Moo
and Beth, in Rockport, Texas.
Sarah had a wreck in November, no
one was hurt, but it shook her up
and totaled the car.

Ue had a

wonderful Thanksgiving with Brian

and Becky here, plus our English
co-worker from Laos, Heather Uard.
Of course, Janet's mom was here.

Beth's family welcoming little Noble


Ht7 BOX947

Nonprofii Or|.
U.S. remebf





JopUo. MO 64801
Permit No. 26

Mission Services Assn

P. 0. Box 2427
Knoxvilie, tn 37901-2427

who is alert but gets tired pretty easily at 84. It's been a joy being around her and luy own dad these months. Ue can
see God's mercy in allowing this for us. Rachel is in the Children's Choir for Living Christmas Tree at Ozark Christian

College this Christmas and we are all looking forward to that.

Nathan is living with us and going to Missouri Southern

State College.

Another question might be 'Hhat are your long-range plans?' For now, because of my personal health and parents' and
children's needs we don't feel we should be going overseas. I am looking for a job to support ourselves while here. We
are not closing any doors which the Lord is not closing. Ue want to remain open to His leading. There have been two
other times in which we felt we had to do something like this, and both times were avenues for positive changes in our
ministry. Once was when I was burned out after being in Taiwan for ten years. After working in the States for a while
we went to Thailand for 8 years of really fruitful ministry. After a real stressful end of that period of time and the
extreme needs of our three oldest children, we stayed in the states for three years while I worked and went back to

college. This resulted in us being involved in an innovative opportunity to work in Laos, probably the most exciting
and unique opportunity of our lives. I remember
for Christ in a place where no one has ever gone
truth. If I die now I have complete peace about
bonus. 'To live is Christ but to die is gain.'

thinking, after almost losing my life in Laos, 'I have been a witness
to preach the gospel, to a generation which has been denied spiritual
dying.' I feel that the extra years of life since then have been a
What's next? I'm not making any promises and, so far, God hasn't, but

we are going on in expectation of growing in God's service.

Ue want to thank so many of you who have called and written and encouraged us.

It has just amazed and overwhelmed us.

These have been hard months for us to write or even function well, but God's mercy and your love are pulling us through.
Thank-you. We certainly don't expect our supporters to continue giving past the end of this year.
lift us up in prayer, though.

Please continue to

Have a Merry Christmas. The great 'to us a child is born' passage in Isaiah 9 is sandwiched in among prophecies
concerning the captivity, punishment and delivery of the Jewish people. Rightly they interpreted this prophecy to be of
the coming Messiah, and, even though they did not understand the nature of His kingdom or true Israel, they were greatly
encouraged by it's message. Though we live in a era when we can understand this passage clearly, we too often get
confused as to how God wants to deal with our physical lives. Whether or not we understand the whole picture completely
we gain great hope from, 'The people walking in darkness have seen a great light;', 'You have increased their joy, they
rejoice before you as people rejoice at the harvest. . . . ', 'you have shattered the yoke that burdens them," and 'He
will reign for ever.' May God bless us as we meditate on the coming Christ and how God wants it to affect us. Please
pray for us as we do for you. Hay the Christmas blessing of Isaiah 9 be yours.
Love In Christ,

Alan & Janet Bemo

Rt.3, Box 94
Joplin, HO 64801

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