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Globalization in Mexico, What does it really mean?

"No pay, no gain" it is actually a famous proverb which is applicable to globalization

processes. Mexico, in its way, is involved in this phenomena (because it happen naturally).
The matter here is: What has to pay and what will gain Mexico? For being in the same boat,
we have to pay attention to the concept, the features, the main ideas of this phenomena and
the strong relationship with Mexico processes in an economic context (given by the author).
As a briefly introduction, we have to mention the misconception that some people have about
Globalization and the real (or at least) a meaning based on author Roman Zozoya. People
believe that globalization only affect the economic aspects. By the way it is in the opposite
form: economics affects to the globalization. According to Roman Zozoya and his article:
"Mexicanizacion y Globalizacion: Mexico rumbo al desarrollo" Globalization represents an
ungoverned reality and uncontrolled space in which a group of people are interacting even
with other countries. In a few words it means freedom, individual, in gropu, communities, etc.
One of the concept used by the author is "mexicanizacion". It consists about to make our own
Globalization. Some of the topics encapsulated are capitalism-capable society "sociedad
capitalismo-capaz", Mexican Economics, Comparative analysis with our Globalization
process, etc. These concepts attempt to build "new perspectives about this phenomena". It
could be describe as structure in which each aspect is very related with the other one.
For instance, Capitalism-Capable Society in a few words means production, adapting
processes, and how institutions allow the functional work of marketing and its competition.
This new perspective involves socio-political aspects such how the institution should be
regulated, the uses of technology and constantly innovation. It is mandatory that "someone"
needs to manage all of these procedures.
Following with the idea, the Mexican Economics (being idealized for Globalization) is other
aspect that we have to pay attention to. The current features are: integration of Mexico as the
same contry (talking about social status), connecting all people to the marketing, giving all
services, teaching spanish to the non-native speakers in order to incorporate them in the
economic activities and finally giving instruction for attending a job. Actually we can find out
the same goal of Capitalism-Capable Society: Mexico having its own developing preocess.
We can consider us far away from achieve this goal. Making a comparative analysis, there is a
big diffence about how Globalization is thought and what is happening. For example,
Globalization is seen as a synonim of oportunities, but if as a contry you cannot follow the
rythim you are out of the scenary. Actually Mexico is percived as a place without security in
many senses, it reflects part of this "Globalization" process. So, we can not compare us with
other countries if we have not compared ourselves.
To sum up, we have to consider the Globalization as phenomena because it just happen in all
social levels, interactive is the way of humankind is. At the same time we want to adapt that
phenomena to our context. It could be difficult but not impossible. As we noticed through this

reading, the option is adapt the current context to the globalization. For example, the
institutions, changing some details and actions.