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Complete with ONE suitable word:

Kim and Wendy had __________ thinking about their mother's 40th birthday for some
time and they had decided that something special __________ to be done to mark the
day. The best thing would be a surprise party. Everything had to __________ prepared in
great secrecy. Locking __________ in their bedroom, Kim and Wendy planned it all in
detail. Shopping lists and lists __________ presents were made and invitations
__________ written. Their mother's absence on the evening of the party, __________
preparations easier. In no time paper decorations __________ hung on the walls, tables
__________ colorful tablecloths were laid __________ take-away food and snacks were
__________ on them. Everything worked __________ planned and the guests arrived
__________ time. When their mother came __________ she was deeply touched to find
__________ family and friends waiting for her. They all drank a __________ to her
health and wished her Happy Birthday. __________ enjoyed the party __________ for
Kim and Wendy's mother, it was the __________ birthday party she __________ ever
2. Fill the blanks with a word made from receive:

The hotel__________ gave me the keys and I went up to my room.

He picked up the __________ and dialed the number.

Dick paid for the toy and the cashier gave him a __________ .

This radio has a very good __________ .

The general was __________ with great ceremony.

3. Complete with Future Simple or Future Continuous:

Tomorrow morning I ____________________ some members of the committee

so I can ask them then. (see)

If I fail, I ____________________ for the exams again. (sit)

This time next Monday we ____________________ to Tokyo. (fly)

Our guests ____________________ a toast to Peter's promotion after the

introductions. (drink)

My colleague ____________________ the whole morning so send the new

patients to me. (operate)

4. Complete with Future Perfect or Future Perfect Continuous:

By the end of autumn the workers ____________________ the road. (repair)

By 2 o' clock the teacher ____________________ correcting his student's papers.


In ten minutes he ____________________ for six hours non-stop. (drive)

By midnight they ____________________ chess for five hours. (play)

By 7:30 p.m. the plane ____________________. (already take off)

5. Join the sentences with the words in brackets:

He must telephone. He will come. (before)


I will take my coat to the dry cleaner's. The rain will stop. (when)


Stephen will prepare lunch. I will be out. (while)


Watch the baby. I will fetch its fruit cream. (till)


They will make the decision. She will get back from her trip. (as soon as)


6. Form sentences and complete the message:

Dear Sandy,
I / be / glad / hear that you/ get married / 16th June.

Unfortunately, I / leave / Rome that day.


because I / have / represent my company / a conference.

I / choose / fine china vase / you from Brown's. I hope you'll like it.

I am really very sorry / not/ be / able / attend your wedding.

Anyway, my best wishes for a happy life!
Auntie Laura xx

7. Read the passage and answer the questions:

The street was in the center of town, broad and well lit, lined on each side by
great stone buildings. These must have been ministries, I supposed. The hotel I was
heading fir was at the end on the right. Lights blazed around the door. I had been invited
to a cocktail party in the ballroom at 7.30 p. m.
The room was already crowded. It was stuffy and smoky and I elbowed my way
through a crowd of people who were chatting and drinking. I finally managed to reach the

bar and when I got my drink, I made my way to the tables where the snacks were. There
were just a few left and as I was trying to get one I heard something which sent a shiver
down my spine. We were advised over the loudspeakers to evacuate the hotel
immediately since there had been a phone call that a bomb had been planted somewhere
in the building.
At once, panic-stricken people started running to the door. I tried to do the same
but something struck me on the head. I lost consciousness and when I came round, I
found myself in a hospital bed with concussion.
I heard later that there was no bomb and that it was a hoax but I never found out
or what had hit me on the head.

1. The party that the writer had been invited to was in:
a. a hotel in the suburbs
b. a government building in the center of town
c. the center of town behind the main government buildings
d. a hotel situated near the center of town

2. In the hall
a. there were a lot of people smoking
b. the air was not clear
c. there were some people standing and some others sitting
d. there were a lot of people arguing

3. The writer could hardly

a. get a drink
b. walk through the crowd
c. eat because it was crowded
d. talk because all the people were chatting

4. What they heard over the loudspeakers was

a. fearless
b. frightening
c. soothing
d. strange and dangerous

5. The writer learned later that

a. the bomb had caused a lot of damage
b. the bomb didn't explode
c. the bomb was defused
d. it was just a bomb scare.