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Patient Symptom Management

Over half of head and neck cancer patients will receive chemotherapy and radiation therapy
for 6-7 weeks. During this time, symptoms can flare suddenly. The worst symptom for
patients is radiation-induced oral pain and sore throat. Between the 2nd and 4th week of
treatment, pain may increase from nothing to severe (i.e., Im swallowing glass) in a
matter of days. Once the pain has escalated to this point, patients stop eating and drinking
and often must undergo a surgical procedure for the placement of a feeding tube.
Week to week, doctors rely largely on a patients memory to intervene and manage
symptoms, but patient recall is notoriously unreliable, and weekly visits can leave symptoms
sub-optimally managed for days.
A cancer treatment center requires a mobile app which keeps track of the patients
medicinal dosage and pain level by asking patients a series of questions after a regular
interval of time. The patient has the option to set the interval of time and alert the doctor
immediately if the pain level gets too high.
This app helps doctors keep track of their patient(s) in between appointments as they can
keep track of patient information and are also alerted when a patient in too much pain.


Signup and Login form

An alarm for patient medication
A screen for patients to answer questions about their medications and pain
A notification system to inform patient about change in medicine
A screen for patient to send his/her doctor a pain alert and to setup an
A screen for doctors to check patient data
A screen for doctors to edit patient medication
A notification system to alert doctor about high level of pain from one of
his/her patients.

The app needs to be highly available and which indicates that a robust and scalable
server such as those offered by various cloud solutions should be used. The
treatment center requires an Android app first, for which the Android Studio IDE and
Java language will be used. Later, the app will be ported to IOS using Xcode and the
Swift language. Note that the decision not to make this a cross platform app is a
conscience one due to performance concerns.

Requirement Gathering

Interview with the hospital staff to finalize requirements

Separate questionnaires for patients and their families regarding problems
they face during treatment

Initial Analysis
To manage workflow, DFDs and Use Cases will have to be made based on the
requirement gathering done so far.

A well-defined ERD will be made to track and backtrack the flow and check whether
it is broken in anyway.

Advanced Software Engineering

Lab File