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Finding Ground Zero in Connecticut

1/17/14 1:36 PM

Finding Ground Zero in Connecticut

Thursday, February 28, 2013 - A Heart Without Compromise; Advocating for Children by Jerome

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is by guest author,
Aine Nistiophain
This is the first of a two-part article.
Reach part two, Immunity for Guardian
Ad Litem destroys Connecticut family.
WASHINGTON, DC, February 28, 2013 Last year, I visited the home that Sunny
Photo: Max
Kelley used to share with her 9-year old son
Max. Located off a dirt road in the woods of Bethany, Connecticut, outside waits Maxs loyal husky
Guinevere, who used to sleep beside him back when they all lived together in this old 18th century
schoolhouse. Until recently, Judge Lynda B. Munro, who issued the orders severing Maxs
relationship with his beloved mom, lived on the same road. Sunny said they would often pass each
other while walking their dogs.
Sunny welcomes me into her home, offers me a cup of tea, then shows me Maxs room. In 2010,
Max began to believe his room was haunted. Although Max has not lived with his mom in over a
year, his toys remain exactly where he stopped playing with them the last time he was home.
Theres a robot thunder dome arena, science experiments, books, Star Wars figures, his rock
collection, his coin collection, his Man Wallet full of coins mixed with $2 bills and foreign cash. The
gerbils died, but the mazes, tunnels, and castles that they raced through lay vacant on Maxs
The dining room table where Max once ate is no longer a place for communing over a meal, it has
become sacred ground where his mother fights important battles to protect her clans only heir.
Time has stopped in this room full of papers, a virtual igloo of data which document what
happened to Max in the family courts. We begin to sift through pleadings, medical reports, and
bills, all interspersed with notes and pictures that Max himself has crafted to tell us what has been
done to him. Max could not have understood how or why he had been sold out, but the love notes
to his mom on his work demonstrated that he wanted his mother to know he never left her
willingly. That the last time Max saw his Mother, he knew the love he felt from Sunny was real,
that he guarded his truths with his life where no torturer could destroy it.
There are still many dragons to be slayed before the war is over and Max can come home.

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Finding Ground Zero in Connecticut

1/17/14 1:36 PM


Understand that when you are sued, you cannot opt out of participating in the legal process, nor
can you take your business with the law elsewhere. When Max reported to authorities that his
father had raped him, the Judge Munro awarded sole custody of him to his father. Suddenly, Max
went from living with his mother full time, to seeing his mother a few hours a week in supervised
visitation run by strangers armed with clipboards, then no contact at all.
$1.5 million in litigation fees later, the invoices show that Max himself was probably a stranger to
the professionals paid to decide his fate. Perhaps the bills can tell us what Max could not.
In 2010, the court appointed Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Attorney Maureen Murphy to represent
Maxs best interests and wishes. Murphy billed at a rate of $300 per hour, collecting over $100,000
in fees from Maxs home,[1] yet I cannot confirm by looking exclusively at the invoices whether
Murphy ever met Max in person. While Maxs name is referenced on the RE: line on the first page
of each bill, Maxs time with Murphy is never clearly referenced in the bills. According to the
invoices, Murphys time was largely spent reviewing court documents, talking to the visitation
supervisor and other court affiliated professionalsbut never with Max alone.
Per the court order, Maxs time with his mother was supervised by NJ Sarno, Inc., who billed
Maxs mother $105,000 over the course of 16 months.[2] According to court documents, NJ
Sarno is owned by Trumbull police detective James DeSanty and Nicholas J. Sicinolfi (also known
as Nick Sarno). [3] In 2004, Sarno filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Town of Trumbull relative
to his supervised visitation business. (See Nicolas Sicinolfi v. Town of Trumbull, 3:03-cv-00929AWT) On December 5, 2004, the Town of Trumbull filed a motion to dismiss[4] stating multiple
examples of where Sarno had been untruthful in his business dealings with the State. Sicinolfi
allegedly lied on a pistol permit application by failing to list his alias (Nick Sarno), then boasted
false experience handling guns in the armed forces, when in reality he had never served in the
Court transcripts[5] show that from 2010-2011, NJ Sarno, Inc. and Sunny took Max to the ER
during visits when he arrived from his fathers with burns, cuts, and bruises on his body, abdominal
pains, fever, anal fissures, an infected penis, urinary tract infections, and experiencing a psychotic
break. The supervisor also called Maxs father, who rushed to the hospital to deny any
wrongdoing, then filed a motion to end all of Maxs parenting time with his mother.
In February 2011, Judge Munro decided[6] that Sunny was to have no rights to either access
Maxs medical records or to seek medical attention for Max. Although the supervisor was a former
sanitation worker with no special medical training or knowledge, NJ Sarno alone retained the right
to decide Maxs medical care during visits. Sunny and Max were ordered not to sit together in the
car, forbidden to speak about Maxs about life with his father, his medical needs, or any litigation
matters. GAL Murphys bills do not evidence any meetings with Max around this time.
Instead of asking Max directly what was happening to him, Judge Munro ignored 2 recent

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Finding Ground Zero in Connecticut

1/17/14 1:36 PM

psychiatric evaluations and appointed Dr. Kenneth Robson to evaluate Maxs situation. Robson
billed the family at a rate of $350 per hour for a total of $17,163 over the course of 2 months,[7]
then appointed other evaluators onto the case at Sunnys expense. While Robson never
interviewed Max alone, the majority of his billing time was spent talking to over a dozen adults,
some of whom had never met Max. Two meetings between Robson and Max together with each
parents took place, however, Sunny says Robson met with her for 1 hour, not the 1.5 he billed her
for. Dr. Robsons testimony in favor of placing Max with his father can be found here.[8]
The time Murphy billed for conversations she allegedly had with Robson and others was not
reflected in their corresponding billing invoices. [9] After Sunny received the final judgment, she
learned that therapists from Connecticut Resources Group[10], Dr. Howard Krieger[11] and Dr.
Sidney Horowitz[12] were involved in her familys care.
Max himself would never be allowed to tell Judge Munro about the world he had been sentenced
to live in, and I cannot tell from the bills whether any of these professionals even asked Max
personally what he wanted. It is unclear to me why Munro decided that so many professionals
who did not know him were more credible than Max himself.
Judge Munro concealed her final orders under the title Jane Doe v. John Roe; Maxs name was
changed to pseudonym Peter, as if Max himself never existed.[13] Now penniless, Sunny has
unable to purchase a single visit with Max in over a year. This involuntarily severed all of Maxs
contact with his mother. GAL Murphy is now a judge, but Maxs new GAL took no steps to
preserve or restore Maxs relationship with his beloved mother.
Given that Max had never been injured in his mothers care, did Max wish he could have invested
the millions diverted to court professionals into a safe home for them to live in, or alternatively
purchased bodyguards to keep him safe at his fathers?
Since the custody battle started, many people have shared this paranormal experience in Maxs
room. I asked Sunny why she didnt move from the home so obviously haunted by Max, if not
actual demons?
This is my ground zero, Sunny said. Im not leaving this house until Max comes home.
There are perhaps hundreds of parents like Sunny who have been bankrupted through the CT
courts, essentially extorted out of a relationship with their children. Recently, journalist Keith
Harmon Snow posted on his website a story[14] listing over 70 cases[15] involving mothers who
were never found to be dangerous or unfit, but none the less lost custody after their children
reported they were physically or sexually assaulted by their fathers. Mothers who continued to
seek legal protection or medical treatment for the childrens injuries were ordered to pay
supervised visitation centers to see their children. Many of these cases involve the same judges,
as well as Dr. Kreiger, Dr. Horowitz, and Dr. Robson.

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Finding Ground Zero in Connecticut

1/17/14 1:36 PM

Most often located in a no longer needed dining room, these mothers also have ground zeroes in
their homes, igloos of papers that tell the story of the children who have been sold. They maintain
portable ground zeros, documents stored on their phones, hard drives, USB drives, briefcases of
papers that they take with them everywhere. These mothers and their children dream of chance
meetings with powerful benevolent strangers capable of using this wreckage to rescue children
from the hells they were ordered to live in. Children should not have to wait for the money to dry
up in order for the justice system to hear their cries for help.
To see documentation related this journalists investigative report on the Connecticut


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[10] http://www.connecticutresourcegroup.com/about.htm


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Finding Ground Zero in Connecticut

1/17/14 1:36 PM

[11] http://www.scribd.com/doc/125730381/CT-Court-Billing-Invoices-Part-2-Dr-Howard-M-Kriegerand-Dr-Sidney-S-Horowitz
[12] http://www.scribd.com/doc/126239188/Dr-Sidney-Horowitz-s-Billing-Records-PART-3-Boynev-Boyne
[13] http://caselaw.findlaw.com/ct-superior-court/1606303.html
Family Courts Behind an Epidemic of Pedophilia & Judicial Abuse Keith Harmon Snow,
Conscious Being Alliance 5/1/2012 http://www.consciousbeingalliance.com/2012/05/a-lifesentence-family-courts-sacrificing-mothers-and-children-in-america/
[15] List of cases involving child victims of violent crimes ordered to live with offenders:
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Raised in the south, I joined the

United States Marine Corps at the age of seventeen and spent the next eight years seeing the
world. After my enlistment was finished I attended college and graduated to work in the
Biotechnology sector.
I have struggled against many things in my life including childhood sexual abuse and somehow I

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Finding Ground Zero in Connecticut

1/17/14 1:36 PM

found a way to survive. Writing is my passion and it keeps me in

touch with the wealth everyone holds deep inside their hearts and

Photo: Max

I am married with two beautiful children, and they have made my life
complete. I have written all my life and enjoy creating lyrics as well as
novels. I enjoy spending time with my children and teaching them
about music, art, nature and the value of family.

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Finding Ground Zero in Connecticut

1/17/14 1:36 PM


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Finding Ground Zero in Connecticut

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