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Volume 5 / Jan 2014 ----- 2nd

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Tabarra An Oppressed Worship

(Its Need And Importance)

Tabarra is a Shia Muslim doctrine that refers to the obligation of disassociation with
those who oppose ALLAH (SWT) and those who caused harm to and were the enemies
of the HOLY AHLULBAIT (AS). Every Shia Muslim believes it to be their duty to dissociate
themselves from the enemies of HOLY AHLULBAIT (AS), though the other Muslims differ
with them on this.
Why Talk About The Enemies?
Sometimes we think Why is it necessary to know about the enemies of the AHLULBAIT
(AS) and what they did? Why should we after so many years talk and discuss about the
enemies of the AHLULBAIT (AS) and send curses upon them?????
Below are 2 narrations from the AHLULBAIT (AS) which clearly point out the importance
of knowing who the enemies of AHLULBAIT (AS) are and why is it necessary to be aware
of them.
Importance Of Tabarra
Narration 1:

Imam ALI (AS) says (part of a long sermon):
You should know that you will never know guidance unless you know who has
abandoned it, you will never abide by the pledges of the Qur'an unless you know who
has broken them, and will never cling to it unless you know who has forsaken it.
[Source: Nahjul Balagha, Sermon 146 or 147]

Narration 2:

Narrated my father, from Ahmad bin Idrees, from al-Ashari, from Ibraheem in Ishaaq, from Abdullah bin Hammad, from
Umro bin Shimr, from Jabir, from Abi Jafar Imam Mohammad Baqir (as);

Imam Baqir (as) said, "The one who does not know the afflictions that reached us from
oppression upon us and taking away of Our rights and what calamities befell upon us,
then he is a partner of him who caused the afflictions that affected us."
[Source: Sawaab al-Aamal wa Iqab al-Aamal, Sheikh Sadooq, Pg. 200]

The above 2 narrations clearly show that it is necessary for every believer to be aware of
who the enemies of the AHLULBAIT (AS) are and be aware of their crimes against the
AHLULBAIT (AS) without which one will not be able to reach the truth.
Tabarra in Quran:
Verse 1:

The prayer of Abraham for the forgiveness of his father was only because of a promise
he had promised him, but when it had become clear unto him that he (his father) was
an enemy to ALLAH (SWT) he (Abraham) disowned (did Tabarra from) him. Lo! Abraham
was soft of heart, long-suffering. [9:114]
The above verse clearly proves that Tabarra is necessary from even the very close
relatives if they are the enemies of Allah (swt) or the enemies of the AHLULBAIT (AS)1
Verse 2:

We have clear narrations saying that the enemies of the AhlulBait (as) are the enemies of Allah (swt)

Verily those who annoy / trouble ALLAH (SWT) and His Messenger, ALLAH (SWT) has
cursed them in the world and the Hereafter, and has prepared for them a humiliating
punishment. [33:57]
The above verse comes immediately after the verse of Salawaat, which perhaps indicate
thats Tawalla with the AHLULBAIT (AS) and Tabarra with the enemies of the AHLULBAIT
(AS) always go hand in hand. And interestingly it shows that Allah (swt) himself sends
Salawaat upon Mohammad and His progeny (as) and sends lanat upon their enemies.
AhlulBait (as) doing Tabarra:
Narration 1:

( )

Narrated by Ali bin Ibraheem from his father from Hannan bin Sadeer. And narrated by Muhammad bin Yahya from Ahmad
bin Muhammad from Muhammad bin Ismael from Hanaan bin Sadeer from his father who says:

I Asked Imam ABU JAFAR (AS) about Abu Bakr (LA) and Umar (LA).
IMAM (AS) said, "Do not ask about them. I swear By ALLAH (SWT) No one from among
us died unless they were angry at the both of them. And there is no one from among us
today but they are at angry at the both of them. The old from among us informs the
young about that. They oppressed us and prevented us from having from our right; they
were the first to ride on our necks. They opened a door of oppression against us in Islam
that will never be closed until our Qa'em rises, or our speaker speaks. He will uncover
matters about them that have been hidden, and he shall hide matters concerning them
that have been shown."

"I swear by ALLAH (SWT), no misfortune or trouble has been caused against us
AHLULBAIT (AS) except that they are the first causers of it. Thus may the curse of ALLAH
(SWT), his angles, and all of mankind be upon them BOTH.
[Source: Al-Kafi, Vol. 8, Pg. 245]
Note: Hadees is Good (Hasan) as per Allama Majlisi. See Mirat Al-Uqool, Vol. 26, Pg. 213
Narration 2:

( ) :
,) ( ,


, : ,

Then ALI (AS) talked about Ayshah (LA)and her leaving the house and what she did to
ALI (AS). So Ammaar said: 'O AMEER UL MOMENEEN (AS) you leave talking about her
because she is your mother.' He [ALI (AS)] stopped talking about her and started
another matter. Then he [ALI (AS)] returned towards mentioning her and said stronger
things than before. Ammaar said again: 'O AMEER UL MOMENEEN (AS) you leave talking
about her. She is your mother.' Then he [ALI (AS)] turned away from talking about her,
but returned to it third time and said even stronger matter than the second time. Then
Ammaar said: 'O AMEER UL MOMENEEN (AS) keep away from her because she is your
mother.' So HE (AS) said:
"Never! I am with ALLAH (SWT). I do not care about those who oppose ALLAH (SWT).
Surely ALLAH (SWT) has tested you through your mother (Ayesha(LA)), so it becomes
known whether you are with him or with her."
[Source: Kitab Sulaym Ibn Qays al-Hilaali Hadees-67]

Conclusion: The above verses of the HOLY QURAN and the narrations clearly prove that
dissociation from the enemies of ALLAH (SWT) and enemies of HOLY AHLULBAIT (AS) is a
part of faith, and it is necessary to dissociate oneself from them even if they are our
very close relatives. One cannot taste faith unless he knows them, the atrocities they
committed and stays away from and curses those who committed them.
Further details on Tabarra to come in our forthcoming issues..