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Conflict- Meg and Kyle Case Study

Student Name
Grantham University


Executive Summary (complete this portion after you finished writing

the case assessment).
This report was commissioned to examine the case study on Meg and
Kyles culture of conflict. After a decade of marriage, both Meg and Kyle
continue to experience marital challenges that peaked after the birth of their
first child. This conflict assessment will recommend ways to rectify ongoing
conflicts within Meg and Kyles family unit.
The research conducted outlines the issues generating conflict between
Meg and Kyle. The issues generating conflict among the couple stems
from past life experiences, family backgrounds and miscommunication.
(In this area, also provide the key findings from your case assessment,
what are 3 key things you elaborated on in the assessment).
In a separate paragraph discuss your recommendations for the couple
(also complete this area after the report is completed).
It is recommended:
Meg and Kyle use conflict as opportunities
Discover Common Interests
Focus on the future

Statement of the Problem (In this area discuss the dynamics that
exist in the facts of the case selected)
Altering the dynamics by avoiding fight or flight concept.

This case study project reviews a problem faced by many couples as it

pertains to conflict. The fight or flight concept as outlined in the third edition
of Resolving Conflicts At Work, discusses dynamics of conflict and how
both parties lose if they refuse to come to a common ground.

Causes of the Problem

Provide a detailed analysis of the problems identified in the Statement of
the Problem (review fight of flight area) and elaborate on what you think
the causes of their conflict dynamics may be)
In the analysis, apply theories and models from the text and/or readings
(check powerpoint, video lecture for the week and textbook)
Support conclusions and /or assumptions with specific references to the
case and/or the readings

Decision Criteria and Alternative Solutions

Analyze the factual situation in terms of the five responses to conflict
(avoidance, accommodation, aggression, compromise, and
collaboration). Present a detailed case analysis applying the facts of
your selected factual situation to each of these responses. In your
analysis, present reasons for employing each of these responses (i.e.
reasons for avoiding, reasons for compromising, etc.).
Recommended Solution, Implementation and Justification
Present a detailed case analysis of the seven steps identified in your
reading (pages 25-27) that could be attempted and the strategies that could
be employed to resolve the conflict.