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True False statement

1. TOR is suitable for the protection of a motor with a Full Load Current and
Short Circuit. ( F )
2. TOR has one NO and one NC auxiliary contact. ( T )
3. TOR will allow for the starting current for an induction motor. (T )
4. Higher value overloads will be detected and acted upon in a period of
time. ( F )
5. Miniature circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch
which only designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused
by short circuit. ( F )
6. MCB usually used as a general protector of circuit. ( T )
7. D type of MCB use for motor. ( T )
8. B type of MCB wil be trip if the current reach between 3 and 5 times full
load current. ( T )
9. MCB and TOR has the same principle when protecting against overload.
10.MCB has adjustable current range so the value can be set. ( F )
Statement based from the picture
1. Watch out your finger before you cutting the wood with saw machine, put
your finger behind the sharping edge.

2. Before we start to work we must use a safety helmet for protect our head
from any against.

3. The man fell from the ladder and he didnt use the safety helmet. He fell
because he didnt follow the rule for using a portable ladder and his head
was injured.

4. Put the tools to the toolbox after you finished your work

5. First aid is very important to prepare at workshop because it will give first
help if there is an accident

6. The tag and lock should be installed after finishing the circuit on panel
and removed only by person shown on the other side of LOTO

7. We must using a safety equipment before we work at workshop.

8. After we installed the circuit we must measuring the current of the circuit
to make sure that our circuit is correct.

9. Its forbidden for us to using the shocket until over the capacity of shocket
and installed an additional shocket because it is so dangerous and can
make a shortcircuit.

10.We must using the safety glove when we measuring a circuit if there is an
input voltage on the circuit.


Using too and enough

1. B type of MCB is too expensive to use as a general protector at home.
2. The principle of TOR is simple enough and easy to understand.
3. If we have used the MCB, so is safety enough for us to operated the
4. D type of MCB is good enough to use for motors protection.
5. The trip current of B type MCB is too small to use on motor.
6. MCB is good enough to use as general protection because of it function.
7. The workplace is too humid to work.

8. Turn on the lamp after using it, is efficient enough to safe the enrgy.
9. Checked the circuit without using safety equipment is too danger to do.
10.Temperature which caused by overload current is hot enough to heated
the bimetal strips on TOR.