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This agreement is made between WB productions and _________________. This will confirm
the arrangements made between us whereby you have kindly agreed to make available to us
the premises at:
for the purposes of filming interior/exterior scenes in
connection with our film production working title Wheelback under the following terms and

1. The Premises shall be available to us for the period of December 2014 to

February 2015.
2. You undertake and agree that we shall have the exclusive right and
To enter upon the Premises and make such use thereof as we may require during the period of
this licence including in particular the right to rehearse and film scenes for the principal
photography of the Film and to take still photographs for use either in the Film or in publicity
book publishing or merchandising thereof
To represent the Premises under their proper title or, if we so desire, to represent them as being
either another real place or a fictional place according to our requirements
To incorporate the scenes of the Premises in the final version of the Film either as a sequence
on its own or preceded, interlaced or followed by such scenes as we may require (including
scenes of studio sets representing, for the purposes of the film, the interior of the premises)
To exploit and exhibit the film with or without the scenes photographed at the Premises by all
means and in any media.
3. Any structural or decorative alternations which we require to be made to the
premises shall not be made without your prior consent which shall not be unreasonably
withheld or delayed. Any parts of the premises which are altered shall at your request
be properly reinstated to the condition they were in prior to our alteration and filming.

4. We undertake and agree to make good any damage to the Premises arising
directly out of our use thereof, subject to such damage being the direct result of and
caused by negligence on our part and reported within seven days of the end date.
5. As full and final consideration for the rights and licence hereby granted we

To pay you the inclusive facility fee of 0.
6. You grant us the exclusive option exercisable by notice to you on or before

the end of the period of this agreement to extend the licence hereby granted for
such period at a reasonable fee to be mutually agreed upon at that time
Please signify your approval of and agreement to the above by signing and returning to us the
enclosed copy of this letter.

Signed by (Property Owner)

(Print Name:) ____________________________

Date ____/____/____(DD/MM/YY)

Signed by (Producer)

(Print Name:) ____________________________


Many thanks for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely