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Reflection for the Community Service in Handicapped and

Disabled Children's Association of Klang

Goh Yong Hooi
Through this Charity Home Visit, I have a very strong feeling about it. Well, I
can say, this is really a meaningful experience in my life. Community service is no
longer something we need or have to do, but something we enjoy in doing it. When I
saw those disable children, there oozes a sense of feeling sympathy towards them.
Even though they are handicapped, they never give up in their life, they have the
strong will to survive in the Earth. They create the power of thought! Each and every
one of them has their own way in managing their daily life. They can do it, so I must
believe in myself that I can do it better. I really get motivated and impressed by their
every single action. Touching! And, their life are full with happiness. There is no
place for sadness, depression or desperation, simply because they clearly know that it
doesn't help. All these are the important values that we should learn from them. Do
you know that, they are even stronger than you?
Moreover, loving and caring have also been imbibed into my heart and soul
through this valuable visit. Love every single person around you, because it benefits.
Family, friends and teachers alike play a very crucial role in the pathway of your
current life as well as the future. Therefore, care about them by action, but not just
simply through saying. 'I love you' is just the simple words to say out, the only way to
prove it is through the actions.
On top of that, this charity home visit reminds me again, I am a lucky person
with healthy body healthy arms. I shouldn't always complain about the sufferings or
difficulties that I faced. I should have the courage to step forward and overcome those
obstacles as what the children do to themselves. So, I keep reminding myself "Do not
be a coward when facing problems, it doesn't help ".
All in all, through this community service (The Charity Home Visit), I learn a
lot from the children. My life becomes motivated. For every single work or task, I will
try my best to complete it. Most importantly, Never Give Up!

Sharvin a/l Baskaran

Community Service is an important activity every person should embrace as
they are growing up. By doing community service, a person will find themself and be
exposed to the lifestyles of other people, which also tends to make the volunteer more
aware of the needs of the less fortunate. Volunteering also contributes to the result of
more teenagers being more grateful for everything they have and thus they give more.
Well, I have been involved in many charity projects but all of them were only to raise
fund for charity and help them financially. Although we had a good intentions but I
felt that I can do more than that. There was a part in me that always wanted to do
some community service and experience them in person. According to some of my
seniors, it is an experience like no other. Thankfully, this year, I was able to do so for
my moral studies project and with the help of my group mates.
As said above, we visited an orphanage that takes care of young and
disabled children with ages ranging from 2 years old to 18 years old. When I first saw
them, I actually had a shock because I had never seen so many children that either
have no parents or were sent by their parents to this orphanage. I really felt sorry for
them because they never really have experience of being in a family as a family
member. But then again, as we spent the more and more time with them, I soon
discovered that these children are not disheartened by the fact they are disabled or
even without a family.
I soon realized that they accept each and every children there as a family
member, hence forming a big and happy family. Part of the activities we did are
dancing to famous songs like Gangnam Style and I did have some fun dancing and
singing with them. We even cleaned up the dorms and yard outside.
To be honest, I was really thankful to be given an opportunity to be part of this
trip. I learnt that we humans need to be grateful for what we have and stop
complaining for whatever we dont own. There are always people less fortunate then
us, so lets pray for their well-being. Lastly, I would like to say that, later on in life, I
would like to start a charity project that will benefit disabled children in Malaysia
because I felt that giving is much more rewarding then taking.

Stephen Yeo Tze Ping

I am quite grateful that I was able to join the Charity Home Visit organized by
the Leaders Club. It was indeed a meaningful experience for me to participate in this
community service. As we all know, humans are bound to live as communities and
part of the society instead of living all alone. Therefore, I believe that we must lend a
helping hand to those who are in need of our help in our communities.
During my visit at the charity home, I felt great sympathy towards the disabled
children. Each of these children has different impairments such as having physical
disorders or inability to communicate. I felt sad for their hardship in life but at the
same time, I was thankful to be blessed with a healthy body. Indeed, not all of us are
born with same capabilities or characteristics, but we have the right to continue on our
life and make the best out of it. With this in mind, I strongly feel that we, who are
born without birth defects, should give all the possible forms of support to those who
are less fortunate.
Besides that, this visit also made me realized the warmth of the society. The
volunteers at the charity home take care of the children as if they are their own
children. They have great understanding on the childrens condition and are able to
manage their daily needs. This shows that the society does not give up on those who
are facing predicaments in life. This gives me the awareness to love and care for the
needy and to provide help to others willingly.
This community service project has really opened my mind of what it truly
means to be part of the society. Every person is born unique so we must learn to
respect each other regardless of our difference in backgrounds. We must also care for
those around us and offer help to those who are facing difficulties. We must show
kindness to other people with a sincere heart without having selfish intentions or
expecting rewards in return. Moreover, I also learnt to treasure whatever blessings we
have. We should not complain over some insignificant problems that we face as there
might be others who are so much less fortunate than us.


This was the first time I went for a community service to Handicapped and Disabled
Children Home. Therefore, I am very grateful that I am given this opportunity to visit
a Handicapped and Disabled Children Home organized by the Leaders Club of
Taylors College Subang Jaya. During the visit, we were required to clean up the
entire compound of the children home and also play with those children who are
either mentally disabled or physically disabled. I felt sympathy towards them as some
of them cant even communicate well with us. So, throughout the whole visit, we can
hardly communicate with them in order to understand what they actually need and
what they want us to do for them. After getting close to them, I realized that they are
carving for our attention as they are always lonely and isolated by the others.
As a conclusion, I think the whole society should lend a helping hand to those who
are in need consistently and should not be isolated by the society. By doing so, they
will feel that they are also a part of the community and they will eventually realize
that there are so many people out there who are concern and care about them. Besides
that, they wont feel neglected by the society. In my opinion, we should help those
who are facing difficulties in their life either via financial support or moral support in
order to produce a happier and caring community. Last but not least, I hope that I will
have another chance to get involved in this meaningful and beneficial activity.

Chung Chee Yuen

Firstly, I am very grateful to be able to participate the Charity Home Visit
which organized by Leaders Club. Through participating in the community service, I
find myself to be more concern and aware of the needs of the society, Besides , I learn
that contributing for the society is more important than hoping what society can give
you. People are living in a community and are interdependent to each other. We
should take into account of other benefits and play a role in contributing to the society
needs. Through serving the community, we can improve the quality of life of
everyone and thus building a strong nation.
During the visit of the charity home, I felt sympathy to the disadvantaged
group who cannot live properly like me. Looking to their eyes, they really need caring
and support from the society. I felt so grateful and lucky as I was born with a healthy
body and mind and born with love of my parents. I shouldnt always complain the
situations and difficulties around me. I shouldnt keep blaming what I dont have
compared with others. I should appreciate what I have now. Not everyone is as lucky
as I. I felt thankful to my parents who give me a healthy body and always supporting
me wherever I am.
Besides that, I learn to be determined when facing any hardships. Even though
they are handicapped, they never give up their life. They keep surviving with strong
will. I see every of there keep smiling instead of showing desperation mark on their
faces. They keep optimistic with their lives. I was really impressed by them. From the
visit, I learn to be never giving up hope in life. I should always stay strong when
overcoming the obstacles in life.
Moreover, I learn to be more loving and caring to each other. I really found
satisfaction when playing and dancing with the children. I feel they are very warm to
me even though we dont know each other. I found that caring and loving are
contagious. If you really care about a person, that person will really appreciate despite
it is only a smile or an encouraging saying. Thus, caring and loving to each other will
build a warm society. All the people will indeed living in a world full with happiness
and peace.
In conclusion, this is really a valuable visit. From this visit, I realize that
contributing to the community is a part of responsibility of my life. I will always
support the needs of the society in physically and mentally. I hope that I will have
more opportunities to get involves in such beneficial activities.