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February 5, 2015

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Allison M. Hood who is applying for the position of Media Specialist in
your county. Allison and I have been colleagues for the past two years. When Allison completed her graduate work
through Georgia Southern University with a M.Ed. in Instructional Technology, I served as the master teacher who
oversaw her culminating course, School Media Center Practicum. During this period, I worked closely with her on
various projects. As a result, I have become very familiar with Mrs. Hood as a teacher and a person.
For her practicum course, she created an exceptional professional electronic portfolio that highlighted not only her
accomplishments, but also her beliefs and philosophies about the importance and function of school media centers, as
well as the role of media specialists play as leaders and teachers to students and faculty. In addition, she successfully
completed the practicum field experience assignments and required tasks working in a school media centers throughout
our district. I was very impressed with the quality of her work, her professionalism and her leadership abilities. In my
opinion, Allison is the perfect model candidate for Media Specialist at any level, primary, secondary, or collegiate. She is
a highly dedicated professional who knows how to motivate students, teachers and staff to strive for excellence. I have
personally visited her class on many occasions and was impressed with her knowledge of many business and scholarly
technologies and witnessed her employing strategies that engaged and stimulated her students.
As media specialist, we are often asked to think outside of the traditional box in order to solve a problem, or to lead our
teachers and students to embrace new technologies in the classroom. I, as an artist and a media specialist, appreciate
the creativity of her ideas and many of innovative solutions she offered our teaching team. Both professionally and
personally, Allison engages her students creativity and imagination, enabling them to see how technology, research,
and presentation skills possess the potential to enhance the educational experience. She is a dynamic and powerful
communicator who has the gift of being able to make complex subjects understandable. In spite of these formidable
gifts, she is a humble and approachable person who loves to share her extensive knowledge with others. During 2012 2013 academic year, Allisons business classes were selected by our administration to represent our schools exemplary
use of technology in the classroom during a state visit. Selection for this honor is based on a teachers professionalism,
knowledge, attitude, and dispositions. Allison demonstrated throughout her educational career that she has a sound of
knowledge base about teaching, leadership, the school media center programs, and the various roles of the school
During Mrs. Hoods service, I have admired her for her many valuable qualities and regarded her with evermore respect.
Allison has demonstrated to me time and again, that she is an exceptional communicator and gifted teacher.
Accordingly, I am writing this because it is my sincere belief that she is eminently qualified and will be a wonderful asset
to the school district who is fortunate enough to employ her. In closing, it is with sincere conviction that I
enthusiastically recommend Mrs. Allison Hood as a candidate for the position of Media Specialist.

Sherri A. Barajas
M.Ed. in Instructional Technology
Media Specialist Burke County High School