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Bose Anifowose
Mrs. Salas
English 2 Period 7
26 January 2015
Julius Caesar Seminar Questions and Answers
1. Brutus doesnt want the conspirators to swear an oath because he wants them to believe that
their intentions are of good. For example, To think that our cause or our performance did
need an oath; when every drop of blood that every Roman bears, and nobly bears, is guilty
(2.1.136-139). Also Brutus didnt want to swear an oath because he feels like he is on a
higher level than the rest of the conspirators, as being Caesars Confidante, and that swearing
an oath would be stooping to their level, and he doesnt want to accept the fact that he could
actually do wrong. For instance Brutus says, Grant that, and then is death a benefit. So we
are Caesars friends that have abridged his time of fearing death. (3.1.102-104). although,
they dont have the right to decide whether he want to come to a time where he would fear
death or not.
2. The irony from the plebeians cry saying Let him be Caesar. is brought up about what
Brutus said earlier, With this I depart, that, as I slew my best lover for the good of Rome, I
have the same dagger for myself when it shall please my country to need my death. (3.1.4649). if he were to come into power and rule like Caesar or in any means of himself not to fit
to be a ruler and hes out of control, he would want to the same treatment Caesar got for the
good of Rome.
3. Portia and Calpurnia were both women but were treated and acted like 2 people. I have to say
that Portia shows greater strength, physically and mentally, more than Calpurnia. Although,
Calpurnia, being Julius Caesars wife gives her no advantages over Portia. In Julius Caesar,

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Shakespeares characterization of Calpurnia was for the most part disparaging, and fearfully
hopeless, Your wisdom is consumed in confidence. Do not go forth to-day. Call it my fear
that keeps you in the house and not your own. (2.2.49-51). However, Portia was also fearful
for her husband, but she showed great strength and ability to handle anything, I have made
strong proof of my constancy, giving myself a voluntary wound here, in the thigh. Can I bear
that with patience, and not my husbands secrets? (2.1.299-302). So Shakespeares
characterization of her was flattering, also showing that shes not dumb and that nothing
could be hidden from her.
4. In a way you could say Julius Caesar would have been able to alter his fate if he wasnt so
evil, although its been made pretty clear that no one can change their own fate, which was
made clear in Oediphus. Caesar was also given many omens/signs useful for him to notice
that what he was doing was not right, so his fate would end on good terms. For instance, his
wife, Calpurnia, knew bad things would happen and she warned him, and despite the things
Cassius did to prevent Caesar from becoming powerful, As if they were from several
citizens, writings, all tending to the great opinion that Rome holds of hisBrutusname;
wherein obscurely Caesars ambition shall be glanced at. (1.2.320-323). he still ended his
days early because it was his fate.
5. In this play friendships are just mistreated and misused, and thrown around like they dont
mean anything. The so-called friendship between Cassius and Brutus was not really sincere
because Brutus decided to work with Cassius pretty much only for the good of Rome, and
Cassius tricked him into joining the conspiracy with the letters, and flattering him, Yes, and
every man of them; and no man here but honours you; and every one doth with you had but
that opinion of yourself which every noble Roman bears of you. (2.1.90-93). The
relationship between Antony and Caesar is not really what I would call friendship, because

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they dont treat each other equally, their relationship is more like Caesar receiving praises
and Antony treating him like his master and putting him on a higher pedestal, Caesar, my
lord? (1.2.5). However Brutus and Caesars friendship is very complicated, as friend they
are good for each other, but when it came down to working for Rome, even their friendship
couldnt get in the way of Brutus doing what was right for the people of Rome, even if it
meant killing his friend, And then we will deliver you the cause why I, that did love Caesar
when I struck him, have thus proceeded. (3.1.181-183). Caesars and Antonys relationship
portrays the way they treat their wives, like they are to submit and practically worship them
and not really question them or tell them what to do, as shown when Portia said Brutus, my
lord. (2.1.233). to Brutus and Calpurnia said Here, my lord. (1.2.2). to Caesar.
6. Murder is always wrong, no one has the right to determine whether someone lives or dies, so
there is nothing Brutus could say to justify the fact that he is a murderer. I believe without a
doubt that Brutus is not the noblest Roman of them all hes just lying to everyone and
himself. However Brutus is not really much of a traitor because he was doing what he
thought was best for the people of Rome, although, I do believe him and the rest of the
conspirators are murderers. Brutus is quite gullible to Cassius because Cassius was easily
able to trick him into joining the conspiracy even it if was for Brutus sake. Cassius and
Brutus both had different motives which met the same goal, to why they thought killing
Caesar was the right thing to do. Brutus motive in killing Caesar was to give the Romans a
leader beneficial for them, even if he wasnt the one to lead/rule them, but Cassius motive
was to eliminate Caesar because he was a weak leader, and replace him with Brutus. Brutus
loved Caesar but he loves the people of Rome even more, but Cassius just wants to bring a
new strong gentle leader through his deceitfulness and trickery, Well Brutus, thou art noble;

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yet I see thy honourable mettle may be wrought. . . Caesar doth bear me hard; but he loves
Brutus. If I were Brutus now and he were Cassius, he should not humour me. (1.2.311-318).
7. Qualities that constitute a good leader would be someone that is ready to do anything for the
country/the people, also trustworthy, and good experience, and confidence in anything they
do. A good leader is also tolerant and committed to being on top. Which pretty much leaves
Brutus as the best leader he is always ready for anything and the well-being of the people of
Rome I his main goal. Brutus also became a murderer jus to save the people from Caesars
corrupt leadership, he said Our reasons are so full of good regard there were you, Antony,
the son of Caesar, you should be satisfied, (3.1.224-226), main reason was for the good of
8. Shakespeare use of puns were quite funny and took a little much of thinking sometimes, and

he used a lot of them. The foils were not really much enemies but pretty much foiled each
others plans, in a way you could say he foils were friends, or at least the wanted to be. There
wasnt much irony but there was dramatic/situational irony between Brutus and Portia, his
wife, because she didnt know what was wrong with him, because his actions showed he was
sick but he was perfectly healthy.