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Airbus pioneered the concept of commonality in its new generation of fly-by-wire jetliners, and the
A330 brings these advantages to all members of its product line. The A330 and its four-engine A340
sister aircraft variant feature nearly identical cockpits and have highly similar flying qualities and
In fact, flight crews can transition from the A330 to the A340 in only three days, while a move from the
A340 to A330 is performed in just one day. This savings in time – which compares to 25 days for a
full type rating training course required with competing aircraft – result in lower training costs for
airlines and increased crew productivity. It is accomplished by the focus of the training being on the
differences between the types.


The A330 benefits from the advanced Airbus cockpit design. A330 cockpit virtual visit Step into the A330 Family cockpit for a 360° degree view A330 cockpit virtual visit Onboard well-being A330 Family Freight A330-200 . and at their heart is the fly-by-wire system. This is known as Mixed Fleet Flying. allowing A330 and A320 to be operated by a common pool of pilots.A330 Family cockpit Another advantage of Airbus commonality is a pilot's ability to be current on more than one Airbus flyby-wire aircraft type at a time. which receives high marks from the thousands of pilots who fly Airbus aircraft daily. Cockpits across the Airbus product line are highly similar. and enables a pilot rated on an A330 to switch from widebody operations to single-aisle flights at the controls of the A320 Family. This opens new crew scheduling possibilities and provides a mix of flying opportunities that is highly appreciated by pilots. whose digital electronic flight controls improve handling and stability while reducing pilot workload. FLYING THE FAMILY The A330’s side-sticks – which replace the traditional centre-mounted control yokes used for decades on airliners – give optimum control inputs for the fly-by-wire system and create an open. the larger A380 and in the future the A350. it is easy for pilots to transition from the A330 and A340 to the smaller A320 Family. uncluttered cockpit environment for the flight crew. As the same basic cockpit layout is used on the other Airbus fly-by-wire jetliners.

with an average dispatch reliability of over 99 per cent      A330s currently operate to over 400 airports worldwide More than 1. assigns new responsibilities 13 JANUARY 2015 Airbus in 2014 and beyond: “Delivering on commitments. preparing the future” All news DID YOU KNOW?  A330 Family aircraft are in-service with more than 100 operators around the world.2 billion passengers have flown the A330 Every day. the A330 fleet flies the equivalent of 15 times to the moon Every minute.The versatile mid-size widebody has excellent range and cargo capacity A330-200 A330-300 The economical mid-size widebody offers the best balance between range and cost A330-300 ORDERS & DELIVERIES Total orders 1472 Total deliveries 1159 In operation 1143 A330 FamilyJanuary 2015 More  Customers & operators list RELATED NEWS 06 FEBRUARY 2015   Asiana Airlines signs FHS Components contract with Airbus for its A330 fleet 04 FEBRUARY 2015  Airbus appoints new Programme leaders. an A330 takes off somewhere in the world An A330 takes-off or lands every 23 seconds of every day USEFUL LINKS .

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