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Teacher: Mike and Sarah

Class: MEP 3 -


Dates: 09/02/15- 13/02/15

Sitapatr School

Anuban Weekly Outline

This week we are learning:
Circle Time Review
In circle time this week we will do lots of
TPR using verbs such as jumping and
reading to warm the class up. We will
play a few games to review the
vocabulary and get the class ready to
practice the grammar and complete
some worksheets.
We will play a few easy games such as
hot word and fly swat in order to review
last weeks key words in phonics class
and review the e sound. The key
words are jet, net, wet and pet and egg,
ten, vet and web.

This week in phonics we will continue to
work with the new Oxford Phonics World
2 books. The children will continue with
the unit 3 en and ed words and
learn 4 new key words. The 4 words (as
stated in the new section).
The children will listen, learn, read and
write all of the words.

Clothing (2)
Activity Time

Sentence Structure:
What are you wearing? I am wearing a/an
What is he/she wearing? He/She is wearing a/an
What am I wearing? You are wearing a/an
This week we are going to play splat using the clothing flashcards and the blindfold game
to practice the vocabulary.
This week we are going to do a worksheet where the class have to match the correct word to
the right picture of clothing and also to fill in the missing letters for clothing items.
This week we will also do a spelling test on the following words: T-shirt, dress, skirt, hat,
pants, shoes, socks, jacket.
We are going to watch the clothing song:

New (letters/sounds/vocabulary)

The 4 new key words in unit 3 of phonics this week are the en and ed words
hen, pen, red and bed.

Spelling Race- 2/3 teams in lines facing then

board. Teacher calls 1 key word, 1st person
Writing Practice
writes 1st letter of word, 2nd person writes the
The children will continue with their
word family to complete word. Team must
The sight words for this week are: what, are
then sound and say word. 1st to finish wins. handwriting book. This week they
you, wearing.
Parent Follow Up / Useful Websites / Homework:
board and the others must guess the word
Attention will be drawn towards how
and raise their hands to say it. If they answer each letter should be written in
Hello parents. Please help your child to learn the new vocabulary and watch the clothing song at home.
correctly, they can be the next drawer.
terms of direction, form and size.
Thanks, Teacher Mike and Teacher Sarah.