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Teacher: Lala

Class: EP1 Sunny

Week: 15

Dates: 09/02/15 13/02/15

Sitapatr School

Anuban Weekly Outline

This week we are learning:

Little Creatures

Circle Time Review

This week the students will be reviewing
opposites, numbers and insects. To
review opposites we will play a variety of
different games to review these
This time may include catch-up work in
books due to student absences.

Phonics Activities


Monday Sing the ABC's. Feed the

Puppet-Feed the puppet the correct
letters called out by their names.
Tuesday book

EP Phonics activity

Wednesday Sing the ABC's. Give

each student a letter. Call up students
by letter names. Have two students
stand next to each other and practice
Thursday - EP Phonics activity book
Friday Sing the ABC's. Bring out
animal flash cards and have students
say what each animal is. Say the
animal name slowly and do the action
for the first letter. Have students match
the letter name of the first letter of the
animal and put it next to the animal.

Activity Time
Vocabulary: insect, fly, ladybird, bumble bee, grasshopper, ant, spider, caterpillar,
butterfly, dragonfly, snail, worm, centipede
Sentence structures:
What is this? It is a ladybird/ant
What colour is the ladybird/ant? It is red/yellow
Does a lady fly/crawl?
Itsy bitsy spider - Super simple songs cd 3 tr3
Two little fire flies (web link) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_XsG7hnFHM
Ladybird, ladybird (weblink) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW412mHyvY4
Crafts: Hand Print Spider Paint Craft!
Lightning game - Teacher stands at front of class with flashcards. Students are in 2 lines.
The two students at the front go first and face away from the teacherstudents say 1.2.3,
go! The 2 students quickly turn around and the first child to call out the correct answer
wins a point for their team.
Duck, duck, goose - Students sit in a circle on the floor. student stands up and taps the
head of each student whilst saying the vocabulary then on 1 student will tap their head
and say the vocabulary or chosen persons name, this student should then jump up and
catch student 1 before he sits in their place.

New (letters/sounds/vocabulary)
The students no longer practice letter in the Jolly Phonics format but will finish any
phonics worksheets during activity time.

Writing Practice
During Phonics the students will be
focusing on their EP Phonics activity
books during phonics this week. The
book mixes all the letters so the
students get used to the letters being
in no particular order

Parent Follow Up / Useful

Websites / Homework:
Hello Parents!
Please continue practice this weeks
vocabulary with your child and here
are this weeks songs!
Two little fire flies
Lady bird lady bird fly away home