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ESTEEM Newsletter

February, Issue 5
Effect of Simple, Targeted diEt in prEgnant women with
Metabolic risk factors on pre-eclampsia
Looking for further

Welcome to the fifth edition of the ESTEEM newsletter! This month, we

would like to focus on the benefits of all your hard work with the ESTEEM
study and how participating in research helps you grow as a midwife.



This month we celebrated

women recruited to ESTEEM.

A moment with Adela Hamilton (Research/PhD Midwife). . . . .


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Royal London Hospital

Newham University
Whipps Cross Hospital

Having worked as a midwife in Scotland, Ireland and

Switzerland, I have learned a lot about respecting the
cultures and values of others when discussing issues within
the midwifery field. My interest in preeclampsia stems from
my encounters with extremely ill mothers and babies
throughout my career. I was disappointed with the
information available on the origin and treatment of the
disease until I acquired a copy of Preeclampsia-The Facts.
This book led me to realise that one way of caring for women was to take
their stories and experiences into better account. To build upon this theory, I
am researching the acceptability of women, their partners, and professionals
of the ESTEEM dietary intervention.
Working at the hospital gave me access to the Womens Health Research
Unit and I am delighted to be carrying out my research alongside the ESTEEM
trial. Besides being a developmental opportunity, this is a substantial study
that could improve care for mothers and babies. At RLH, I participate in the
recruitment and clinical aspects of ESTEEM, giving me the chance to meet
with women and adjust my study agenda. I am still developing the qualitative
aspect of my project and will soon be submitting it for ethics approval which
will allow me to approach participants and begin gathering data for my

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ESTEEM Newsletter, February 2015

So. . .Why

Participate in Research?

ESTEEM Champions
We would like to congratulate the following individuals who have provided excellent support for
the ESTEEM study and this months Champions:

Royal London: Ajara Hanson

Newham: Florence Ojetunde


Novembers top recruiters are

The Top Recruiting Midwife

Will be awarded 10 M&S Vouchers

You have to have recruited a minimum of

10 women in a month to receive this
voucher. Thats only 2-3 women per week!

RLH Zahra Moghadam

NUH Sarah Kakembo

Congratulations both- 10 voucher is on its

way to you.


Royal London

Newham University

Whipps Cross

Sal Higgins

Joanne Hutchinson

Prudence Jones

020 3594 2398

07824 825279

07837 227370

Shakila Thangaratinam, Chief Investigator, s.thangaratinam@qmul.ac.uk

Kirsty Anderson, Trial Coordinator: kirsty.anderson@qmul.ac.uk, Tel: 020 7882 6049
Bassel Wattar, Research Fellow: b.wattar@qmul.ac.uk
Eleni Spyreli, Dietician: Eleni.Spyreli@bartshealth.nhs.uk ,Tel: 07775 010531