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Check if it is Fake Alert for CLARITY EFTP


1. DCS receive alert on SMRV for Clarity EFT Site (Clarity-ftp2.newsint.co.uk)

See Below:-

Site https://clarity-ftp2.newsint.co.uk/ is not Available.
Status code is above 200.
------02:46:07 23/02/11 EFT https://clarityftp2.newsint.co.uk/
ServiceDirector Availability
Availability on
Digital Technology Services https://clarity-ftp2.newsint.co.uk/ (0
percent) violated Static Decreasing Critical threshold (95 percent,
sustained count 1)

Note: Alert mentioned above is also send to below DL:1.



2. DCS should create a P3 Incident and assigned to their own Queue

3. Login to Server NISQLPP01 or NISQLPP02 via using MSTSC or RDP
4. Once Logged in
Go to Start
Click Run
Press Enter
5. MSTSC Screen would open

6. Type IP address below mentioned and click Connect

7. Remote Desktop Screen Opens and under User Name type Administrator and
Password type TrustNo1 ( T & N is in Caps) click OK
8. Once logged in click start>Programs>File Zilla FTP Client>File Zilla
9. Below Screen would Open

On this Window check the area marked in Red above.

10.Marked with RED, Type as mentioned below:Host: clarity-ftp2.newsint.co.uk

Username: drtest
Password: test
Click: Quickconnect
11.Once you click Quickconnect you should see following Screen Below
Look for entries like Connection established means it has successfully
connected to clarity-ftp2.newsint.co.uk Site.

12.Following same screen you should also look for another marked area on the
Window as below
Directory Listing Successful means the Passive connection has been

established with Clarity-ftp2.newsint.co.uk Site.

13.The above screenshot mean that the Clarity-ftp2.newsint.co.uk Site is

working properly. DCS can then update the Incident and close.
14.Do not forget to log off from the DMZ EFT Server and also from NISQLPP01 or

Errors if seen should be escalated to IO Windows after

executing below Troubleshooting Steps and still not

ERROR 1:- Below screenshot suggest that there is definitely

something wrong with clarity-ftp2.newsint.co.uk. when You see could
not Connect to Server . While trying to connect through File Zilla

If this error is seen please try to close the Filezella and try again atleast 3
Times. If still you see the same errors please follow Troubleshooting Step
Part 1.

ERROR 2:- Or if you are not able to do MSTSC on ( IP

address provided above from NISQLPP01 or NISQLPP02 escalate to IO
Windows at once.

Troubleshooting Steps
Part 1
1. These Steps should be followed to correct the Issue when you see
Error 1.
2. Go to start click Settings>Network Connections

3. Network Connections Window would Open

4. Select Pic-Ftp, right click and click disable ( NIC Card should be in
disabled mode and would turn Grey

5. Select Pic-Ftp again, right click and click Enable

Once you have enabled follow steps 8 13 under section (Check if it

is Fake Alert for Clarity Eftp Site) and check if you are able to open clarityftp2.newsint.co.uk and Directory listing is available.

6. If you are still not able to open please escalate to IO Windows.