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Basketball Not Just Any Ordinary Game

By: Kurt Villagracia

Basketball is the most popular sport here in the Philippines. You just need a ball and
a hoop and you are ready to play it anywhere. Filipinos embraced the basketball
more than any other sport because it is more accessible. But it is not just an
ordinary game to play there are rules. You must follow them if you want to play this
kind of sport.
There are two teams in playing this sport. Each of them has 5 players on the court
in order to play this game. It consists 2 guards, 2 forwards and 1 center. The game
looks simple the are two types of flow in this game offense and defense. In offense,
you just need to make a shot to the hoop. There are a lot of rules to follow to play
this game. The guard who most likely handles the ball must dribble it without lifting
it or when you stop dribbling you cant dribble twice or else you will be called by the
referee and you will turn the ball to the opponent. When you stop and you took
more than 2 steps that is against the rules and you will be called travelling. In
defense, when you are guarding your enemy and you accidentally or intentionally
tapped his/her hand you will be called foul. When you stayed for more than 3
seconds inside the perimeter that is not allowed and you will be called defensive 3

Basketball is really not that simple. Players dont just play how they want to play.
There are rules to follow. Rules are the ones that make a game organize. Each of the
rules must be followed accordingly. If you commit any mistakes you will turn the ball
over. You must follow them if you to play this kind of sport.

Gilas Pilipinas World Class Basketball

By : Kurt Villagracia

How amazing that our Philippine team gained respect from other countries.
Gilas Pilipinas fought very hard as our representative in FIBA World Cup 2014. Gilas
Pilipinas brought world class basketball game. I believed the keys for every game
close includes unique play, quickness, and heart over height.
Argentine, as the third match of Gilas, their coach has said it gave him a hard
time coaching in his entire life. Our Gilas played very unique compare to the other
countries. Andray Blatche, as our center, who also played as the guard that made
him very hard to handle from the opponent.
Gilas guards safely cross the ball. They utilize their incredible speed. Alapag
moves quickly that he runs the offense of the team effectively. Tenorio makes
unbelievable passes inside and outside because of his quickness. They move
quicker so it becomes our weapon.
The purity of our hearts in the court made us Filipinos. Puso what fans
cheered made our players to fight with all. Heart gave us confidence that made us
look bigger in the game.
The world respects our team and will never underestimate the game of
Filipinos. Despite the lack of height, Puso remains as it fulfills it and supports it
every game that make us quicker and makes unbelievable plays. Gilas Pilipinas
basketball levels world class.

UAAP or NCAA Basketball

By : Kurt Villagracia

This essay is to show that there is no rivalry between UAAP and NCAA
because they have specific school communities. Both have interesting playoffs
matchup remaining in the season.
It is interesting how the supposedly rivalry leagues will market their players
and tournament. Especially now that the games of NCAA is with AKTV and the
games of UAAP still with ABS-CBN. The ratings will depend now that it is accessible
to all basketball fans particularly the students. Social Networks like Facebook and
Twitter could be an interesting indicator of how popular the league is by feeds.
The competition for interest will be really for the fans. Since the UAAP
colleges have more students and alumni populations therefore the UAAP could have
bigger TV audiences. On the other hand, the NCAA may have lesser population but
they are still as passionate as UAAP.
Players from both leagues markets for their athletic performances. If there is
Kiefer Ravena from UAAP who is the best guard that I can say, there is Basser Amer
from NCAA of San Beda. They are both popular in their respective league.
In terms of popularity you can say that UAAP has more basketball fans than
NCAA. But their passion for Basketball is the same. There is no rivalry between

Love for Basketball

By : Kurt Villagracia
Basketball is one of the best and most watched sports today. Here in the
Philippines where anywhere you go you can see a basketball court. It is because
Filipinos love to play basketball. We are named to be the most valuable fans
recently in FIBA World. Basketball unites us together as one and at the same time
makes us crazy.
Philippine Basketball was introduces late 80s by the YMCA. Because of its
equal opportunity sports wherein you can play it anytime or anywhere, Filipinos
embraced it with love. Despite our height, we were good at it. There was a time
when we ruled the Basketball in Asia.
Since it is a sport which you can play anywhere it unites us. Before we always
played in the world, not only in Asia. After so many years we are back with heart.
Our Philippine team put us in the World Map again. The support of the Filipino fans
never changed. The effort of the team always been appreciated and that makes us
Our love for basketball will never die. Everytime we play we want more of it.
You can see anywhere playing basketball and that is why Jonathan Kennedy said
that we are crazy about hoops.
Basketball only requires a ball and a hoop which is more accessible than any
other sports that made us play it and love it. It unites us together as we put our
name back in the world once again. And our craziness for this sport will continue