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“THERE ARE WORSE THINGS I COULD DO from Grease Lyric and Music by WARREN CASEY and JIM JACOBS Em Em/D =e 7 ee = ‘There are worse things I could — do. a ; pp ‘olla voce | oy te ull “fl, (i De VyRL | | c amtbs B? Em AnKadd9) Daj? Ba? E re sy fe 77s. hhood thinks I'mtrash”y and no good, I sup-pose it could be true, ut there’s worse things I. could == = 4 === 115 Cmaj7 emis = SSS ——— = o— 2 - es —— stile at them and tot my eyes frat etateietet Dieta a aa press against themwhen we dance, make themihink —theystand a fff te me aS - ——+ vy, = Loos | ee eS ¥ FFF rE mj? wait around forMis - ter Right, Gm z ee adreamthatwon't come true seasusastnsesiiss rd J—) de day Emi Bm Em7 aiempo T could hurt some-one ike me Cmaj? Famibs