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Moonlight Sculptor24 book

1. Dreaming of Doom Knight treason
2 clash with Hermes_Guild
Three scary than life Quote
4 helium sculpture
5 Turn_Undead
Six of the Dragon 3pieces
7 call of storm
8 masters of Vargo_Fortress
9 Snowy Christmas Night
10 of the old maids Request
11 Call of the Weed

1 : Dreaming of Doom Knight treason

Weed is again connected to Vargo_Fortress place was not shown in the camp of the
Legion of immortality.
Because they finished the Quest to attack the monastery in Nadalia_Plains will I
revived in a new area.
Level is 300 from 400 senior Undead beyond dangerous places of the atrocities th
at were casually walking around!
The dragon was standing on the ramparts and towers 2pieces, 1pieces has flew in
the air.
"Resistance is a group of severe Elf."
"Bar_Khan's move as long as if I could quickly wipe out carelessly discarded bec
ause of ... Fairy counterattack after hard Hour."
"Dokkijil of Dwarf scared."
Queen of the Fairy Fairy_Queen_Teanna battle to stay in the dungeon has been a h
ot topic among the Undead.
Although there are thousands of Undead elite over the deserted gardens of Vargo_
Fortress, Undead having a conversation were few.
Weed will sit near the twisted trees do.
"First we'll have to confirm to the group."
Urban've fought the Great died out, saw the Earl Mana is the time to look at the
Level is the past, 398 was a, 1 dog off 397 had become.
"Lost is one thing ..."
Weed is even japtem, things had remembered most.

The Name of the item even the most unfamiliar knew the exact number.
Even if the business is always blows investigate how the underlying stock is.
"Barley bread with shallots, helmets, earthworms, he left molars lost the Skele
Without enough equipment write to the Level of the Weed went trick used in many
Even killed because people had used to come to collect the items, if not a lot
of places.

Was foolish for a moment completely lost items, skills proficiency check is also
Proficiency in early sculpting skills on Deluxe 8Level 0 % had become, Other Ski
lls 4 from% 13 to% apart.
Jeonguiropji who worked as Undead and will receive a price greater than others b
ecause of the death.
"If the extent of damage within the age of 70 before the group could I forget yo
u deserve. "
The slightest slip unforgettable wanted to buy a lifetime in a lump sum Polon an
d his background Hermes_Guild!
Vargo_Fortress was a very huge fort, the famous Undead Knight Vandal_Knights wer
e stationed.
"They're much Undead Name is shown in the history of Versailles_Continent. '
Corps of immortality there was packed with the best Undead.
Weed is machyeoseo the Quest was possible to upgrade the Undead higher level, ye
t it was the Death Knight.
Weed is it was while wandering from place to place snooping snooping.
The Phantom of the servants came to him.
"Bar_Khan's is expecting you."
Bar_Khan will meet for an upgrade as the Undead.
Weed resistance therefore went into the ghost of a servant.
The Army Corps of immortality is not true, expand the tight security at the bord
Weed is just as well be just standing still to blame the Undead, if you live in
Life approach will react very sensitively.
"Here ttulgin gonna quite difficult '
Weed ghost AB has led to the basement.
Underground Vargo_Fortress had kept sealed for a long time that alcohol is not c

ontained in the Orc tearing pain.

''s Premier wine and brandy.'
Weed could only guess the price is also expensive not responsible Earl Mana smel
Well-made liquor is sold by weight the same situation geumgwa.
"Since when is that the alcohol gonna put mukhyeo not know can not be."
No alcohol or keep it that long without measures do doejin Deluxe sake.
Vargo_Fortress famous liquor had before, also full of the Lich Bar_Khan haejida
is staying of_mana energy.
Looking great drink alcohol because alcohol affects accept sensitive environment
was a feeling that they will be completed.
Undead are already dongna If you have lost, but Te drinking, ghost pirates of th
e sea to pretend to drink alcohol only does in fact does not decrease.
In addition Bar_Khan There could not have come to drink plain Undead iteotgie is
"Yiguna count the money accumulated. '
Greed carefully past the wine cellar stocked with an eye, Weed went into a place
to stay Bar_Khan open the big door.
Place in a cool air surging.
Underground water has flowed, blackened rocks played a role in the waterways and
the altar.
Bar_Khan king was sitting in an ornate chair in likely to use it.
Deluxe luxurious robes made of material but with a bunch of dust accumulation, k
eumjimakhan writing to the head crown jewel, the staff was still on-headed eagle
The chest was out seonggeom bakhyeoseo stem stems radiate divine power.
"Death Knights over, come closer."
Silver's voice ringing in the Aegean Bar_Khan joint!
"Monarch Heaven ..."
Weed is going to walk ahead of Bar_Khan knelt respectfully.
If you think that only attack Morata and the Army Corps of immortality is a cap
plate Lal bombarded the ssangyok.
If you happen to be getting, but then also be handled.
Weed is all the walking, and was left staring at the corners well imprinted on m
y mind was to find a heosil Bar_Khan stay after arriving at this place.
Narrative emerges a little about the history of the Vargo_Fortress Versailles_Co

And led to the northern provinces that existed in the past helped.
Not long now and has left meoljjeonghi, Vargo_Fortress is also compromised and U
ndead are occupied, broken, obsolete are a lot of places.
But the hallways and rooms that connect the towers, may be consulted to determin
e the structure of the stairs.
there is a degree of awareness of the overall structure of the work made by virt
ue sculpting was a profound one side.
"He monarch did was handling things you ordered, Thank you for the honor to see
you direct me."
Death Knight of crude flattery Weed was not well and without hesitation.
"I heard that a lot of nasty monsters process."
"What I Would ball? Eundeok's monarch is all."
"There are legions of Undead Undead talent they need a lot like you. Death Knigh
t'll reach a new body is like your capacity is insufficient to unfold."
Bar_Khan this memorize the Magic.
It was sin that had to sit down because the heart is cheolreong mood, Weed Hebre
ws has behaved as it was.
"When you come back to the land which was alive and moving. This is a dark, dark
and corrupt land law of darkness will be gone forever, so let all those who can
carve. Undead Rise!"
In the body of the Weed is blackened smoke flowing out he, after a while turned
into a dark gray body with muscles.
The longer legs, arms, etc. thicken. Key Figure 40 centimeters large and fine ph
ysique than was seen Barbarian camp.
+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Summon Undead Magic of Doom by ~ Balkan_Demoph has turned into night.
Stats are now more associated with the battle by summoning the best Undead Magi
c 15 % will increase.
Defense wear bony armor is excellent.
Combat skills are taking a minimum of Deluxe 2Level.
To eternal torment and been attacked by the enemy Black_Magic, do not stop scre
aming is cast.
Just outside the Doom Knight will return to its original state again.
Position as the Undead has a direct load of Bar_Khan.
You have the most direct impact on the Undead army.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +
In the ultimate battle one days eonde Drago called Doom Knight.
In fact, it was also born in the Abyss Knight in deep despair.
Absolute monster called enough to hunt the dragon lightly.
According to legend, was enough to rival Lich Bar_Khan excessive.
However Abyss Knight summons is not possible and in Undead by the Necromancer, a
nd the castle itself was born when certain conditions lip.
Of course, existed only in legend of yet Versailles_Continent.
"Defend the Vargo_Fortress. The fight against the counterattack of the Elf."
+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Killer-Blade Army of * Elf
Wood Elf are beating up a legion of immortality in order to protect the Queen o
f Faerie.
They arrow dwells in the elemental force causes the complete destruction of the
Prevent the infiltration of Elf, They shall inform to the fear of the Undead.
Than usual as direct reports the identity of Balkan_Demoph 2 times further will
be able to include the Undead troops.
Level: A
Quest limit: Undead limited.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +
Bar_Khan gave direct download Quest!
The Undead in the immediate load can do. Now that is a lot more quality is also
By bringing in the army of the Undead Undead troops can_do kkuryeoseo participat
ion in the war.
not only flattery and Intimacy alone, Skeleton Soldiers and Ghosts, over the cou
rse of the Death Knight was ground thoroughly achieved thanks to the accumulated
"Ahkkapgun to put it up here."
Weed had no idea that deprive the Life of the Fairy Queen stood on the side of B
Fighting and slaughter of Dwarf and Elf would not have helped Bar_Khan.
Rather, it was intended to cause a revolt in the army of immortality.
Weed decided to hunt Balkan_Demoph.

"He's not only on the opportunity."

This Bar_Khan regain regain power or not, or would in fact continue to attack th
e Morata has not changed.
How quietly the year he was here Quest in a position to eliminate so far Bar_Kha
n, working while receiving a belief in the immortality of the Corps to find heos
It is difficult to attack from the outer surface of the immortal legions to defe
at Would not inside.
But to hunt through the Undead Bar_Khan was never possible.
Level is the Weed Bar_Khan also go beyond the Abyss Knight Unless if, before tha
t could be hostile to Bar_Khan by Undead is.
"You can not bring an army of Morata is ..."
Even if you use the army as a privilege of the prince was to increase forage for
Bar_Khan only Undead.
Bar_Khan shall rejoice too fragile watching an army of Human coming to catch him
There are reasons they were not driving Living_Sculpture.
"Gritty expressed in food Tteokgalbi, once seasoned, Bossam, Galbijjim, Sinseoll
o, Sanhe, crab, abalone, Traditional Korean Meal with salad or to Sikhye the res
taurant is'll full course!"
Toe to toe with the armies of receiving immortality is governed by the strengthe
ning of Magic Bar_Khan risk too great.
Living_Sculpture how much will be the Undead: if the power of Bar_Khan, since it
is become more rigid.
"So the way to hunt Bar_Khan ......."
Weed came out after the Undead upgrades.
As you walk around the Vargo_Fortress than met the Undead.
"Gelgel gel. We will do our best for the Bar_Khan's, Doom's Night."
"While the border was not a special thing. Traces of Elf could not be found."
"Keulkeul. A map sightseeing has long been a Human."
And the quality of the troops deployed guards and watchmen over could even under
Undead are day 24 stood throughout time boundaries.
Ido, which for years had stood the border in Vargo_Fortress.
Sentinel is because you do not Human, Weed looked for a loophole.
"If I could add a complete surprise breakthrough is possible to quietly 's."

If we handle the blow before the book or hurt Hugo Horn Sentinel is not difficul
t to infiltrate into the interior and Giran.
If you jumped into this Bar_Khan Elf and Barbarian, Dwarf, Fairy dungeons you ha
ve a chance to keep that may occur during combat assault.
But Bar_Khan aneuni leave Vargo_Fortress put the mission entrusted to Undead Und
ead Legion, as well as the lease is able, not only on how to secretly hunt.
The Army Corps of immortality, which will in Vargo_Fortress camped eliminate the
king Bar_Khan the Undead.
"Level 100 or so a group could climb as much as odds gum. "
Weed is impossible to plan for myself.
The sound from the bustling tourist Guild of wilderness was heard then.
Sabina: Now one layer only go down the more Boss_Monster.
Edwin: yiraseo unreleased dungeons really tough. Anyway, looks over.
Pin: I want to finish as soon as resting.
Hermann: If you have any hope I can get a good metal ......
The traveler has joined the Guild of Weed Wilderness enjoyed the senior monsters
simsimchi do together.
Wilderness travelers guild itself is more like a hermit type rather than raise t
he scale, the level of They are quite high.
I used to rule the closest way to hunt monsters with various combinations of Pro
'Boss_Monster ray drive ....'
And consists of several parties and wheels to the massive hunt.
How to hunt alone to unite an absolute monster that can not catch.
Weed is first sent to whisper to Pale.
] Pale's, want to do like hunting?
- Of course. Where are you?
The answer came back quickly really.
Weed is because the jjotgida to worry Hermes_Guild died and knew facts.
Weed was giving greater jeongjak later be merely give comfort to multiple ate th
e hearts colleagues wrote more attention.
- the place where the Army Corps of immortality.
- We're going tha. So what are you gonna catch a monster?

] Bar_Khan.
- Yes? That monster .... Have Lich Bar_Khan you?
Pale also knew about the chief of the army of the immortal Balkan_Demoph.
To invade Morata 1 , 2 will was fighting with the car Undead.
The legendary monsters!
Boss_level usually differed from the level of the dungeon monsters and trying to
] This is the current Human Bar_Khan are catchable monsters?
- You see it now.
- Excuse me. He and Swordnoob nimdeul here too.
After some time flows, geomsamchi whisper came from.
] Weed Man, you just heard, what job Bar_Khan?
- Yes. Have to catch.
- If there is such a fun day sooner give a fuck not inform us.
Andamyeo was first told that seounhae geomsamchi.
- We go looking for?
- Although I was dangerous to ohsyeodo.
- Danger worse. And a lot of monsters?
- Strong monsters are paved. The dragon is also itgoyo or 3pieces.
- the dragon? Will go by all means.
- What about the other death?
- Wait, I'll tell you to ask to see.
Five hundred and five hours to agree to the sword in Swordnoob Spanish mackerel
is one minute it took not.
"Bar_Khan want to fall I am going to catch people out."
"What is dangerous. Tolerable if you fall a little snap out. Churin not even for
the bone in place. Dead Undead is like to do? The dragon is also 3pieces me ...
"Know ye legions of immortality? Inde powerful they made Undead, Gnome and I'm g
oing to fight."

Swordnoob they want to fight as soon as the body was geunjil geunjil.
- Nha why do not you want to go for it?
] can not I help it if so. Come positions as Pale's gonna tell me.
] know.
Pale eyes was a good way to find good pieces.
Adventurer reported that could come only as much as, if not a constellation, it
is yet to see the map precepts I know a lot of experience coming to the place wh
ere the immortal army camp will be easy.
'D give the death penalty have been here. "
If you only see Swordnoob invaded by Vargo_Fortress halgeotyida fought Undead.
Although the Corps of immortality great, but if not the plains battle going on i
nside the castle, you can enjoy a geographical advantage in a narrow fault.
People line the death penalty have struggled to come up, even though Weed anywhe
"I need also Holy_Knight and Priest ......."
Irene 1 by persons too have lacked the Priest.
The Guild of the wilderness traveler Unfortunately disgrace during the hunt for
other senior monster, who can not come to bring out in Morata.
Weed spent a whisper to Mapan.
- I try to hunt Bar_Khan, is there enough line is believed to help Holy_Knight
or Priest?
And will set up shop in the square of Morata am asked him who knows the most Map
- I'm Priest are a few people that deal, many people do you need?
- preferably more.
- Then I'll contact you later find out.
Mapan was asked if he thought a deal on the square and to hunt Bar_Khan only to
become familiar with the Weed Priest.
"For others,"
"When doeneundeyo go where?"
Player who came from Central_Continent they wanted to hunt with the Quest and We
'That hunt Bar_Khan? There is some kind of plan. "
"Can you kill're Bar_Khan! '

'Weed's because even think haneungun. You'll only give good treatment to only ac
cording attending. "
Weed was trying to hold it because you do not know what plan meals Pay close awa
reness to Bar_Khan hunting.
"But can I go as far as I know even noona inde Senior Priest of Freya Church?"
"These people do not know ... That is not pinched."
"Noona say I will not ever do him the other."
"Tomorrow morning, 6 o'clock is when a large tree down across the vineyards to t
he east. "
"I'll just go."
Priest who to contact Mapan are, and They announced to close Player.
] type, Weed wrote Bar_Khan hunt I .......
- I want to go blindly. You know I'm gonna come in Morata, because God's Weed W
ars. I could not take him?
] morning I decided to go together to the east of the vineyards. 6 gotta at 2:0
- 1 hour before arrival to'll wait.
Priest received a call that a very rare opportunity to have regarded, kelp Peopl
e ?? O invert to a close.
] Weed knew it's going to hunt this Bar_Khan?
] really?
] Priest and Holy_Knight only he can join.
- I've Professions this Holy_Knight. Would be dangerous, Can I go now?
- Yeah. Come with me.
Holy_Knight also went spread the news.
] Weed wrote to hunt Bar_Khan, Undead kill Gaza.
- and I'll be ready.
A way that the person receiving the call to inform other People, 1 time nor did
200 persons are handed over to them.
News is spread out in Grass_porridge_faith.
Colossal organization that oversees Morata!
Join The Player currently only 800 , 000 more than people.
Although most of those Newbie, was also included in the Adventurer High Level Pl
ayer to hunt in the northern States.

"Weed wrote hasineunde hunting, handapnida recruit Priest and Holy_Knight."

"Let cull the People with skills that will help?"
The next day, the party arrived at the big tree in front of Pale vineyards east
of Priest Morata Swordnoob are only 330 persons, also Holy_Knight 223 met a grea
t bunch of or persons.
Weed is the more people come, but had just called, and they had come to hunt Bar
_Khan own wheels only.
"Mapan sir, what so many people are?"
"Well, I'm just 14, but I asked for persons ....... "
Senior Priest and Holy_Knight in Morata sought to participate in both the day to
hunt Bar_Khan.
Weed was frantic because I wanted to attend was hunting for.
Pale Take a sigh he said.
"If I start here long too ttuini in the eyes of the People.'ll Do better when I
learned at Hermes_Guild."
"Let's go!"
Swordnoob and Priest of the Morata, Holy_Knight they ran to ride the bull.
Destination was Vargo_Fortress with the Army Corps of immortality.
Weed is a spy, and toured the shade and drainage of Vargo_Fortress.
"Did not have many to repair creep!"
They're pretty good wonak huge monster infested place was thick walls of Vargo_F
ortress is high.
But to be missing or stone person one is enough space to get in and out ssikeun
persons were lurking everywhere.
All that's left to do was too much to repair the walls for the Undead.
"Elf also happens frequently attacked by ..."
During the day, the actions of the Undead slugs tteojigo weak.
So when they show up like Elf Wind ssomyeo arrows were attacked.
Although Undead Undead Legion were dispatched, Elf catch up with the mobility of
a no baby.
If you follow the Elf continued to chase along the ambush of the Barbarian dangh
aeseo Dwarf and Undead are rather prone to annihilation!
Bar_Khan of Magic, then later revived by Dark_Rule You look back to the ruin of
no paejanbyeong.

"That's not gonna fight with the Elf."

Weed is thought yamalro Elf formidable Opponent.
Level is High Elf will not run away without a horse is hard to catch up accordin
Deals with the bow like a ghost, jump aboard the branches and do you go hunting
As though it was hard to fight the Undead is a very interesting view.
When hunting for Fairy and Elf would also fall a lot Affinity_to_Nature, then it
becomes difficult and cause a catastrophe.
"Elf is, if not deliberately target is not a lot of fight."
In terms of experience or loots were in place much better and closer to where th
e target is a monster.
"Magician, Ranger, Did I say Knight Polon? S time to give you a vengeance."
Hermes_Guild you choose not to join the John and Otem, Helian, Grujude, includin
g Varenna 30 were experiencing difficulties in.
"The country back from the gorge. The prohibition of hunting!"
Because Ranger and containment of the Magician had to do anything but fail to si
Polon does not kill by attacking the other of the first horse and They.
If you do not subscribe to undergo a body that makes Hermes_Guild suffer any dis
But I see that there was going to recruit the Necromancer, because given the cha
nce yet, it was usually in the position of being exasperating.
Bohram and another 34 which are joined to wait is like Hermes_Guild.
They only put up the canyon while hunting experience and skills proficiency.
"Damn. I'll have to not dirty."
Otem spit out a complaint.
Other Necromancer also had similar feelings.
"Should I do this baeya you just die?"
Abandon the Request or hunting in the Corps of immortality and also made better
off thinking it does not seem to raise the skills steadily from its original pla
ce was hunting alone.
Marey is dried and They.
Weed tried to join the Hermes_Guild reluctantly gave secretly to keep the item d

elivered, had come to tell him the time to think.

"You will not. Doing so will haunt Hermes_Guild Killer-Blade Army continues to m
ake a formal command."
Binary, because you can not kill a guild while staying here.
Decided to put a certain area, or in the vicinity of the gorge just stop prevent
s the hunt.
Apart from this, but go over to Central_Continent From then regarded as ever in
Necromancer that point was afraid because there are people who can help.
Even if he was frustrated Helian.
"Why do not we fight to die rather cool."
If the document was to kill even more angry I just happened to put to quarantine
Varenna is looked_back the vicinity of the Player.
"Are you putting Lee Dae Ro? How about seeing gun fight?"
"Fight you?"
"Anything is stepping gotta show twitching sensation."
When the power of the Necromancer only place like this in John and Otem, Helian
was excellent.
However, considering the rock beat the eggs until the raid of Hermes_Guild.
They that were ready to fight the Undead, also no reason to be only watching of
this movement.
The main disadvantage of the Necromancer, and that requires time to summon the U
ndead's just enough.
And see the bodies, while hunting should increase the Undead army.
Eventually, you'll be unnoticeable can not attack the Hermes_Guild, can throw a
senseless death has been much higher.
I would rather make sense would be nice if you could even damage the Hermes_Guil
d, yireojido not they doing was not even circumtance.
Marey was talking binggeut laugh.
"'ll Wait it out OK."
Marey is to understand the fact that the famous Bard, Jean is hoping and asked h
"Have you any mission or something?"
"Just keep looking, because there is good news to come."

Marey is well on Foreign Relations, by meeting many more suffered various Human
Player award.
No one is fool enough to Weed out jopjin They.
To narrow unpaired mind!
Reconciliation, forgiveness, tolerance is clearly not learn properly from kinder
It had been waiting for because I know I do not forget a few times larger retali
ation by someone named Weed.

2 . Hermes_Guild clash with

Weed was recruiting troops from the Army Corps of immortality.
Lay down on the ground skeleton have also heard of the degree of Fame!
It was easy because I have the title of commander or even Undead Warrior of the
glory of the immortal soldier bringing together key.
Weed spoke to the Undead we can use a walk around the Vargo_Fortress.
"Come with me."
"Yes, sir."
+ Is the Death Knight is the load.
"Let's fight together."
"Bar_Khan heard gyesida horse's getting the credit. I'd like to make a great suc
cess in battle."
+ Is Doom Knight to join the army.
"You, do not play fighting. Let's go."
"I was waiting for."
+ Undead of Kern Valley Templar_Knights they join the army.
Bukhara is the immediate identification of Bar_Khan, Vandal_Knights is quite hig
h, with the exception only.
Doom Knight, tying the Death Knight can be used as much any load.
This will be given much greater power.
"What power did that sseurago harness. Otherwise he would not want Why would suc
Weed has expanded harness the Undead army of your side.
Doom Knight is still not even General Necromancer Undead are summoned.

Geoneurigo the Undead troops was thinking bother Hermes_Guild.

Corps of immortality, first under the command of Bar_Khan have asked to attack t
he policy Elf and Barbarian, Dwarf coalition stands.
If you act contrary to the policies of the immortal reputation in the army fell,
and built up experience and reliability is reduced.
"Anyway baeya you must also hunt Bar_Khan ......."
Not a thing to dream up a yard short of treason.
Weed will only pick Undead Knight Elite 700 has organized the troops persons.
Human eotdamyeon they were very impressive power.
If not the main, the specter of the ghost line in order to meet an assortment of
cheap taste was also replaced.
"I do not think the arrow is unlimited."
There is a ghost that makes the best Arrow waste of Mana and Ranger of the Magic
Even the Magic Attack per many cases it does not fit the full damage, imported s
ilver-year-old will have a limited quantity.
Weed blacksmith skills. If you like this, but at least an intermediate Ingredien
t may only be made simply on the spot, that was the real Player is not easy to f
ind all the Versailles_Continent dwijyeodo.
"Blacksmith is like me, placing learn the skills not provided anywhere to see th
e light."
Blacksmith bother because there is that you can buy easily from Riga mugijeom Pl
ayer is going to make you learn the skills!
When Weed went attract Undead troops, Polon had been compared with the Knight an
d Ranger, Magician.
Marey Weed has also been expected to be back and to revenge as, Polon was the sa
If the last fight of the skirmish, this time with the full-scale battle.
Because it was never enough to be told apart from the glucose in the leadership
of the Hermes_Guild, Polon and his men were waiting for a fight in the hills fav
orable to the defense.
"He has come from the front. You come as Undead are not alone."
"Doom Knight, Death Knight, Undead are usually not. We even than Knight's all ab
out, is a formidable power."
"The number is, Knight has only hit further than we are. I do not wanna know whe
re it was able to gather a lot of Knight history like that."

The situation is exactly what we would expect from Hermes_Guild and was much dif
ferent look.
Weed was trying to kill the light, if any import charges again prematurely impat
ient anger ....
However, if the front toe, and Hermes_Guild Player of the Polon was fortunate po
"Even Undead've got plenty of pouring the arrow in the Magic then you can break
a fight with crema Templar_Knights."
"They are ssoja comes in range!"
Undead are close to losing all my money while waiting for Polon and Player are c
losely closely mouth dried up.
I will show you jailbreak the sky covering an arrow and Magic attacks.
Magic attack has a great power enough to mean the difference between victory and
defeat in the large-scale battles.
But that has been the Doom Weed Day, attracting a lot of excellent Undead had to
be so burdensome because of the tension came.
Ranger came in range for that drew protests.
Magician in line when they shouted the Magic.
Silver flesh flies are coming gareumyeo the sky, fireball that falls on the head
of the Undead.
Load command drops of Weed will be rushed through the myriad of attacks.
Weed stepped back quickly with the Undead.
Knight because many of them usually have a family or a ghost, a strong impetus.
Magic is just hit the earth and the sky, silver-year-old were all de-enveloping,
Undead was nothing out of the range are not die-tenth.
I was lonely as a strong attack, Weed was stopped and the atmosphere is locked U
Undead and expand into a wider fan tried to march again.
"Capsize ready to attack. Shoot!"
The attack of the Ranger and the Magician was to be distributed in a wide area.
"Ranger are in charge of the center, the Magic byeongdan is hitting the left and
Polon only been training a lot of history yieotgie either could blow a whole eve
nly without the crossfire.

The terrible fire, Weed has again stepped back anymore does not come back with t
he Undead.
Because the bag is so widely spread forward as a relatively damages wrote, Undea
d suffered more than 90pieces injury recovery impossible.
"Wow, alas!"
"Undead are not obtain to bring closer!"
Magician and Ranger went from Morale.
If you had an attack came closer shall be able to inflict more damage.
However, because the mobility of the Undead Knight, organized mainly in faster,
more comes only in the maximum range for several attacks that will just blow.
Four times in that way and a similar situation was repeated.
Weed and Undead are put words seemed to attack while the Ranger was silver Salma
n consumption.
Because they were in the corps headquarters Undead Undead, muddle through the bo
dy is not even plugged in silver age budge.
Resistance forces attacked with the help of Magic Undead enhance skills, as well
as the Death_Aura of Bar_Khan also significantly higher, faster recovery of Hea
"Group got a lot once let from collection."
Weed is a silver-year-old who only got mobilized to accumulate tightly on the gr
ound Spector.
Items lost in the monastery was gonna make supplemental Salo silver.
"Lulu Lou."
Singing the hum was the silver will buy.
"If you fought this way, tens of thousands of gold also attract Can you soon."
Undead bar was dead or not, should know.
Even Weed has been dragged up again the next day, supplementing the Undead.
Morale in the camp the day before the battle that was a little off because they
lost a lot of the Undead meaningless without a difference.
Undead are unfortunate Morale drops occur frequently.
Or broken sword in battle, and ipgon big damage in an attack by the enemy's weak
Weed was part must also take reluctantly.
During this time stayed collect Undead, the reaction is not good to talk strange

ly Knight stop seeing Ben Vargo_Fortress.

"Doom Knight rogun old chickens. You can not be with us does not stack more as a
great achievement Undead."
The dragon had not seen walking bear anything.
Because life was precious to even several.
Only a day had passed since Polon and Hermes_Guild just like staying in a hilly
This is because this can quickly be easy to defend as well as teleportation.
They are the first purpose of the Killer-Blade Army of the Weed.
If that's not possible, is to actively re Weed interference prevents successful
"Today has brought back the Undead."
Because silver is consumed year-old bar on the first day of the corresponding Po
lon and Hermes_Guild Player also changed.
"Ahkkija arrows hitting with Magic and Let Flick Templar_Knights!"
Today is pouring from Mana Bolt and Magic is not real material consumption for U
ndead then changed the mission decided to rush the crema Templar_Knights.
Doom Knight budap seureopdeorado etc. They are blessed with a diamond in the san
Items such as predators and also for the Undead, four kinds of Divine Magic will
automatically took the Templar_Knights.
Blessing, protection, concentration, slightly faster recovery.
Into four groups Divine Magic crema Templar_Knights is can_do optimal capacity w
hen hunting the Undead.
The confidence that I can beat onto power, planned to leave to catch a breath sw
ept Weed.
"Ara trample all!"
Valor has been proven in the war of crema Templar_Knights Haven_Kingdom!
Templar_Knights is glued acceleration than 10 times greater than any enemy defea
ts enough.
Also, if backed byeongdan power of the Magic Knight's dates so ignore ignore.
Crema called the best in Templar_Knights 10 of phosphorus Knight.
They are Level of 380 is exceeded, was riding fully armed and equipped to combat
Given that this is Templar_Knights moves with its power has been much was hungry

Destructive force that united and speed is what makes can_do special force calle
d the Templar_Knights.
"Weed is anyway at most 1 persons, and the rest are slow Undead. Let everyone sw
eep in charge! "
"Wow, alas!"
Even Weed assault Templar_Knights crema was very intimidating.
We used the last time, how to ride a horse grab the chase was not even used it t
"As I got to win the fight."
Weed is ordered to watching Doom Knight Templar_Knights assaulted.
They brought in Vargo_Fortress called, are also significant power of the Corps o
f immortality he geoneurigo.
But enough to win the fight and receive up Magic and arrows assault attack of th
e renowned crema Templar_Knights Fame in Central_Continent will not be long.
That's right road to take when attending the Death Knight 9 , 800 rather stronge
r than the sphere Undead.
Then the fight, and there was enough power to damage.
"The battle goes on seven Knight 1 kill persons only by focusing the attack and
fell from a horse Knight is a top priority. Do not care for other enemies, not t
he goal. "
"Yes, sir."
Weed is a fall back.
Undead have even managed to do that, much less the ability to think.
In the state continues to get hit by a Magic busy performing a forced command wa
s not dwell on the outcome of Weed, the heat transfer of the Undead down as soon
as the Jeddah rapidly.
But amid battles crema Templar_Knights 27 persons or died.
Magic and arrows while you are passing through the hitting area Doom Knight was
due to perform a thorough command of Weed.
Due to the nature of the Templar_Knights, while it is difficult to help their fe
llow Knight Assault falling around.
There was no spirit but with Magic that should hit the fight to minimize the dam
age Undead have surprisingly little to put naetneunde collapse soon, Knight woul
d have just died a lot like wildfire.
"Income has its okay."
Although the Doom Knight did also equipped with weapons and Weed b baot properly
returned to the army base camp of immortality rests like barap.

And Pimp surpassing the right to scold a child for the first time a teacher in e
lementary school!
"Human Lich water have been trying to march us Immortal Legion, and further work
is iteulsu do not despise the Balkan_Demoph does last year's honor. Human will
see them leave. Fight with me. Let's go to battle!"
Tert lays the Lion's_Roar in Vargo_Fortress let snitch, Undead is gathered quick
"This, to get rid of the Human."
"I fight for Bar_Khan, sir."
Configure the unit with a combination of the Death Knight and Day of Doom and wa
s airborne again.
And he wiped the back heartily harass the troops of Polon.
Weed is also not without damage.
Due to continuous defeat the reputation of the Corps of immortality deteriorate
"Undead heard no one sokhaeseo safe return to thy troops."
"Every time thought it was only right that disabled Doom Knight beating away. Th
at's right degree, yet reliable and more disgusting. Show me that they've doeget
da Human Thy load. Tteunsomun only."
Weed was able to deal with more delicate Hebrews the Undead is based on the jihw
The time it takes to make the metro Yu miracle no fan of strategy and tactics ba
sed on the collection and Undead.
Just as if the original effort in the direction of attack or the Director of Elf
and Dwarf Vandal_Knights, one million Luck really is if you follow the beak to
beak up and down the dragon be closest of Bar_Khan or may be able to take Danil.
The Dragon Knight exciting enjoyment they said.
Not yet born in Versailles_Continent, was honored without it.
Leading the Undead Legion, even if you leave the village of Thanh Human aggressi
on is a thrill and excitement that this dragon!
"Morata would only close eopeoteodo good ..."
Unfortunately, there is a large town near Morata.
When distributing a Bar_Khan is no apparent even useless reputation.
Collect the Undead felt were being properly utilized for the purpose.
Opponent is somehow to scramble to buy silver jugeon Templar_Knights Shoot Magic
, do not care.
"Thankfully, the silver-year-old. Skeleton they hit back to go Come on, run! It

is good to waste Mana. Templar_Knights do not want to be a guy thing each kill o
r two after this step by step."
Based on the accumulated reliability without fail even once the Legion Quest Imm
ortal, cowardice and yabiham a weapon hundreds of times to return to Sanya Weed!
Silver-year-old is one dog, two dogs made

eungoe collected.

Looking at the way the staff piled eungoe Weed laughed.

"Keulkeul large. It was also the best hunting grounds are made to go."
Player of Polon and Hermes_Guild they could not kill it moving sinchulgwimol Wee
"He once accidentally to the notion of running ... well you might get caught lik
e that was the first time I'm seeing."
"The use of the Ranger and the Magician exquisite range of possible attacks. Doe
goyo does become disturbed started off our moves."
Weed is a battle only to Undead and went back to the army camp in the back seat
of immortality by the time the end of the fight, while only sightseeing.
Weed saw Scramble road only goal Templar_Knights.
Polon has had seogido at the forefront, and exits the Undead leave this samahseo
By the time Templar_Knights and do away the rest of the battlefield, Weed was fu
rther has become Undead.
Cheap delicious side dish on the day, surpassing the kindergarten teasing them y
abiham Friend!


Weed has become wagon allowing Provoke is to bring a bunch eungoe published by t
he Skeleton.
This posting about him as if to shoot a silver-year-old, Undead have to delibera
tely slow approach stealthily.
Sometimes dancing or walking backwards behind turn_around_and was ohgido.
And a villain in the movie or drama to such an extent that not even compare, Wee
d was a grumpy I've got.
Nevertheless, People watching on TV is so cheering Weed hwanjanghal only brown.
"Maybe she this situation."
As the battle continued metallurgical metallurgical damage has been accumulated
in the bag of Polon.
If they consist only of crema Knight Player Level and skills but also skilled da
mage will occur.
Player than the NPC but declined further due to increasing group size.

Templar_Knights crema is strictly according to Polon was the prized load.

"When he's the Quest or hunting pieces we are much better off for a surprise."
Polon: It does not make sense to stay here. This rate I'll never kill Weed to al
low the teleportation or retreat please.
Polon asked to leadership through a communication channel Hermes_Guild.
Receive support from the Magic Guild byeongdan not something only his immediate
Teleportation could also have a permit because it came from nothing Guild of com
mand here.
Raphey: control of the area is important. Necromancer must recruit them, and the
re are many People are watching the battle through the air. And yet we never, st
rictly speaking Do not kill Weed in our hands? Before moving the unit can not be
a success.
Polon: This is where the view is unobstructed. Nor can the amseup, do not cross
the border because they know a good range of Magic and arrows. It is also beyond
ohdeora incentives. Also do not have this dojo loach.
Raphey: That's right to continue ripened bots. The harvest also interfere with t
he Quest of Weed.
Weed is also not commit to actively prevent the further success was the goal of
the Quest Hermes_Guild.
Guild leadership position in the Polon was also enough to grab your ankles and h
is troops to put itself because it was a supply of Weed.
"Keep fighting not attend Strange blood."
Weed will continue to take the Undead troops harassed the Player of Polon and He
Swordnoob party had arrived and Pale from Morata to catch the meantime Bar_Khan.
Heard that the battle will arrive by running the bulls going day and night.
"Keoheom, deulyinya him."
Geomsamchi than staring at the Templar_Knights and Magic byeongdan, Ranger Polon
side of the hill above the naerimyeo bull.
"You're not done yet?"
"S share capital punishment was left behind."
Polon also starting to wear a few times since I was a fool's not really avoid fo
cusing only on defense.
While the Magic and arrow attack until it is near the upcoming Undead, Undead su
ffered a lot of damage if you want to fight in keeping with the location.

That's right when you first came crema Templar_Knights is also filled with a gar
den of 200 persons was now the 127 is reduced in size as persons.
Instead of 1 , 000 of the Ranger and Magic Magician byeongdan 130 is still going
strong as it was.
Weed is also bad enough, but the reputation of the Corps of immortality is not b
ad, crema Templar_Knights the 73 persons or colossal Polon was damaged and had r
educed compared bars are.
When the march with the infantry in Haven_Kingdom Is Castle yieotji decent crema
Templar_Knights could still occupied.
Swordnoob have put down the food Ingredient riding on a bull.
"Weed Man, I'm hungry. Let's eat meat or fire it's go."
Delicious, light that can quickly eat cooked meat.
to eat eat eat much more quickly Swordnoob have brought them food Ingredient fro
m Morata.
Hermes_Guild only be a fight or not eat rice or near the place!
Weed is creating a seasoned fire grilling meat, Swordnoob extradite the armor an
d sword of.
"I'm much worn."
"Danyeowaseo the sea That's right. Reckon you fix it?"
I used black Swordnoob are sparse fell canals, durable 20 is remaining.
"Department're not completely support if things difficult."
Weed recover the maximum durability and repair, and the geomnal Take the sharpen
er black & blue / bluised to grind.
"Hi, Doom Knight is very becoming on you."
"Bellot's also been a while."
Pale is the camp of Polon like a careful reconnaissance nature and returned.
"Uh-huh, they're Hermes_Guild la ....... Ranger formidable're not going to see t
hem. Indeed, even today has as Maylon."
"This time, let's happened?"
"This time we can run out haetgeodeunyo check resignation."
There is also Maylon had caught just working every major battle, this time with
a big decision to leave and take the Bar_Khan came to hunt.
Weed is watching so you divide the ordinary conversation with colleagues on Holy
_Knight and Priest are in Morata was impressed anew.
"Oh distribution is ......! Even before the big battle group that does not relax
. "

'What Hermes_Guild is not afraid?'

Weed is to hone Swish Swish he handed the sword to go and greet Holy_Knight Prie
"Nice to meet you, Weed-sama!"
Holy_Knight Tue Priest of the discipline that contains closely!
Weed has not been able to read the expression because it was Doom Knight.
Weed said that skim the Holy_Knight and Priest contemplate.
"Have you ever needed something?"
"Would you like to see affordable to buy one?"
Yet it is bringing in a backpack rusty weapons and all japtem, Priest Mace bad k
ind that was used.
Priest have to write piety is the most important stat boosts power and deity, ha
s come in contact with the hands of the Undead were things that I wipe poop disa
Weed will bring their Undead and the wars fought side as well as the main miracl
e was Polon and Hermes_Guild me.
"Who are they?"
"Is colleagues Weed?"
"Carefree reason to come here. No way we're not to go on the attack by helping t
he gun Weed?"
When did research on Weed, mainly that attend alone or together with only a hand
ful of colleagues.
But even Swordnoob consisting of the Priest and Holy_Knight including 1 , 000 pe
rsons will arrive over the personnel.
Weed was not even asked me to help nature to fight when there is a personal requ
est first.
The one person I'd arrived from Morata to hunt Balkan_Demoph is, Polon one side
was unable to fathom.
"Was a big deal."
Player of the Polon and Hermes_Guild who was completely unbelievable.
Each bulletin related to Royal_Road Weed and this was the topic of the fight Her

~ Weed, a shining star fall

~ Hermes_Guild is the ultimate yamalro forces of Versailles_Continent?
Giving to the relay stations in the game, Weed came out of this stick figure pus
hing back the forces of Polon.
And the public was also rapid reversal.
True value of ~ Weed
~ Hermes_Guild, finally meet the enemy
~ Polon his pride and high Templar_Knights, Magic byeongdan, Ranger are not the
Mac that dance to the Undead
Conducting capacity of ~ Weed, where is really the limit?
In many ways was a micro-interests.
General Player is among many in the pressure side to cheer Weed Thief.
Each broadcaster had to do a lot of horses in the battle to be fought in favor o
f the Weed every time.
Then merely broadcast audience than usual 2 ~ 3 -fold increasing pleasant situat
Broadcast officials hung a smile on my lips live.
"I hope you will not give more fighting continued only so good."
"Advertising is also catching up quickly .... Bodeon not broadcast People also t
hink I look that much."
Even If you wish to continue attracting Undead forces and the fight was about th
e Polon.
Player audience reaction every time they go to die in Hermes_Guild has no hot ma
But reinforcements arrived in Weed.
Large Holy_Knight and Priest are a crucial role, because when I went to the long
war blessing and treatment capabilities as well as its powerful force.
Stations of the facilitators had several pivotal story live.
"Holy_Knight and Priest are looking at the worn equipment Level is Hermes_Guild
side seems to be higher. That's right also're not going to ignore the combinatio
n of Professions."
"There seems to have their equipment worn a lot of tests. Whether able to write
to the battle's a questionable territory?"
"Undead and the divine power is I can not but conflict with each other, Weed als
o seems to be difficult to write the Undead. Still Can not you see that Hermes_G
uild side of the glass?"
"The result is likely to have to fight al. Taekhara bother if one will be expect

ed to Hermes_Guild will win."

"Now if geoneurigo troops Player consisting of a non-Undead, Weed is also a way
to escape putting up a fight would not write any more."
View is slightly different for each station.
However, most side of the bag Polon the Level I'd have expected to dominate They
'll be higher.
On Priest and Holy_Knight in Morata had a meeting get together They.
"Geolkkayo we are fighting?"
"Bar_Khan fighting came to know only line ..."
The prestige of Hermes_Guild more horrible than the legendary monster.
May result in immediate retaliation, if the future will be even greater Hermes_G
uild really may be faced with a difficult situation.
Guild Kingdom bigger one that can be difficult to scale Gus Le Giran.
"That's right, I also have fine to Weed's Adventurer. Although haunt Bar_Khan eo
peuni may fall come down here, I'm gonna fight together."
"Where I'll fight won, what the original does not like them."
Holy_Knight are determined to fight this man knew better than anyone the power o
f Hermes_Guild Player deulyigi because we start from Central_Continent crossed t
he half.
I think the course is already stuck in the raid and dare to combat Weed is not a
whistle if it might not be the Hermes_Guild I would enjoy.
Hermes_Guild must ruthlessly's also played a role.
"Here is improving even by simply Hermes_Guild would never leave us alone."
"People who am remaining one to participate in the Weed and battles would not be
safe. I'd rather let's fight together."
Priest and Holy_Knight each said they made the decision to come back to where th
e Weed.
"I will fight like us too."
Kicks to the resolution, colleagues were the Player to Weed why he says.
I could be an inspiring atmosphere like a movie Weed and shook his head.
"That's okay. We also MASON knows how to.. Even suffered any disadvantage coming
from Hermes_Guild ......"
"This is my share."

"While executions have forced to concede, later on, you do not deserve."
Weed could not have come up with an absolute Holy_Knight Priest who wished to sh
are a bag of Polon, come in here without tteungeum.
This is what the split meokjago unscrupulous and what different from beans that
require one.
Contact is lost if 5 handamyeonseo a Friend Wedding slightly better level than t
his year than sending the invitations!
Holy_Knight and Priest are doing enough to write a simple blessing role Swordnoo
b Magic to fight was caught there.
Polon neukkyeojyeoseo also came to help prevent reinforcements are formidable We
ed went into Hermes_Guild and emergency consultations.
Tar Kin: The equipment they are wearing some of the lower arms. Level in 2000 ,
000 beyond even the ones that are located.
In Hermes_Guild report analyzes the history of the video equipment.
Although progress is also broadcast live on several stations and including KMC m
edia, the blacksmith Hermes_Guild arms dealer and found out they are informed im
Polon: bearing. This also ignored. Level is 200 , maybe even Magic_Resistance (
MRE ) will force even weaker, so now that happens to be called the Magic byeongd
an beorimyeon sweep.
Tar Kindle: not that mean. Inde ... is not going to understand part. Wearing tha
t armor they are quite sure that they wear Newbie. It is recommended considerabl
y not properly maintained.
Crema wearing a well refined and is best Templar_Knights Plate Armor of Swordnoo
b than ever are lax.
Eumsae is torn off or broken part of the guards had itgido.
What was the level seureoul a question like that attends to wear the armor.
Tar Kindle: But at least Level is holding a black 320 available only to cross th
Polon: 320
Tar Kin: The limits of power and Agility high, virtually 320 . Level of swords c
an not include the 350 is expected beyond.
Weed has posted a steady stat if making a sculpture Swordnoob have raised a stat
as Swordmanship physical discipline and training, brave hunting.
Except in special cases Swordnoob are a lot of wear and epic sword fight in the

ring sword, Magic Black Level is 350 should have been able to write.
Polon: at least 350 , if ever so smooth gritty've got.
Swordnoob are somewhat self-explanatory appearance occurred in each hangarak.
Level is rather easy convincing circumstances do high!
Now that should look for reinforcements to arrive until the wings dalryeotdago W
Ranger and Magic byeongdan balance still infighting are never easy but this eart
hquake is likely to happen because the power goes down.
Polon: We will continue to difficult long-term presence here. Give me down to th
e new directive order in the guild.
Polon was to interfere with the bateumyeonseodo version tyeotdeon Quest gun atta
ck from the Weed.
But now I do not know whether even endanger the safety of They.
Raphey: Okay. That's right side also why not move once fought to win?
Polon: I was thinking about that part. To excel only in accordance with the mobi
lity of Templar_Knights Ranger and Magic byeongdan will fight and defeat them on
Raphey: Can you win? Sorry, it has not sent further reinforcements in advance, b
ut the thing is difficult to defeat in battle out in the Name of Hermes_Guild.
Polon: Fight to look like I know. But we are not going to think the glass.
Because Holy_Knight and Priest also believes that fights with Weed Polon is not
an easy battle'd considered.
Polon: situation, try to obtain the cooperation of the Necromancer also subscrib
e to this difficulty you Hermes_Guild. They will be able to be jundamyeon consid
erable power to help. There Mana of that waste at least Priest'll help.
Raphey: the Evil byeongdan law and Ranger, because the combination of the Undead
....... I'm not bad. The permission.
Hermes_Guild or more blatantly hostile to Weed, Polon defeat the forces of frost
even if you can fit a Necromancer in Burin, including the parties.
Baeya contend that it is intended as Raphey of Polon accepted at all.
In the ongoing battle of Nadalia_Plains live on each station!
Necromancer received a call to summon the Phantom Steed they flew hurriedly.

There was a little slow, but the battle is getting accidentally, the reason was
that they burn because Swordnoob charge the amount to the fire until the rib mea
Player have many viewers and earned a battle waited for losing all my money.

3 : scary estimate than life

"It's time to see it some body."
Swordnoob they happened to come off in order to fight the fire eat up Spicy stew
meat and ribs.
They were happy days, eating and sleeping fight that every day.
Polon troops at a gap delay time accepted the reinforcements of the Necromancer,
and to subscribe to Hermes_Guild.
Compared to the Undead Legion holds up to the Polon, Weed and Swordnoob refused
to continue with the help of Priest and Holy_Knight.
"We are so fine death."
If only Swordnoob any fight in Versailles_Continent can_do.
Opponent was also honored breath the dragons are the Swordnoob People can jump.
The result is hard to face, but only says a charcoal grill owe.
"Really win you are going? The bill is a manyong Hermes_Guild by Opponent or not
that thing ..."
"It's a fight to the Undead and TT been to run away. There is now even beyond th
e help of the Necromancer Undead that have been through the hell did you try to
do it?"
Holy_Knight were worried Waiting jjipu the forehead.
Came up here to hunt Bar_Khan.
But believe in Weed, accompanied by Swordnoob in this state are coming up here a
lone, so he had to eat it as arson.
If you are a Level High Level Player or skills, equipment etc. is proud Because
I did not at all.
Only after I had finally Swordnoob battle is going to have to show appreciation.
Weed book had its own plan.
"Undead even they ... good in many ways, much more."
If only putting fled fighting so far, now is the time to lead the battle.
Weed is dajida again prepared for battle.
"Diamond in the sanctuary, Level, skill, japtem ..."

Deep-seated grudge against the Hermes_Guild!

Horn and the Seal of the tray Gocek who returned from Marey was in my arms.
"Let's start the fight."
Ttagak. Ttagak. Ttagak.
Horseshoe according to the command of the Weed fell to teleportation and Doom De
ath Knight was the night.
Regaining the authority and ability to command the Undead troops took control of
the item.
Sword Sophia asked.
"And how are we fight?"
Weed replied as somehow better.
"In the fight against the death penalty are simyeon where you want to fight. Arr
ow and Magic you still have to be careful you are afraid."
"That is no need to worry. There are new skills we have learned, the side I migh
t write geunyangjeonyang avoid the arrows."
Undead's Weed and are accessible on horseback, fog of war in the camp of the gam
dolda Polon.
Polon and crema Templar_Knights, my 7Magic byeongdan, Player, which belongs to t
he Ranger units are only looking to the Weed and Swordnoob followed by a steady
Undead mind that I could feel lighter.
"That's the way they look Holy_Knight Priest and do not move."
"I'm inspired jeodeulman may be an easy fight if you do not ended."
Only the most demanding power the Priest can not win much either.
Hermes_Guild side was added unwilling to exert a very large Necromancer skills i
n combat.
Even Weed, Undead tactics being only putting up a fight and they will not write
anymore because they Swordnoob.
If you are a real fight this once.
Knight all the windows in the sides of the Polon 1 persons acting alone on horse
back came up in the future.
"I belong to semi-percha chapped crema Templar_Knights even if tha man, who woul
d come forward to fight me!"
+ Has applied for Knight's Duel in the crema Templar_Knights. Are you sure you
want to accept the duel?
Winning side will impart a lot at + duel Fame, Morale Hits troops.
+ If the refusal will be reduced to a duel or a bag full Morale.
Knight former would have applied for prior to full-scale battle.

Weed They just do naseoji crema Templar_Knights side than yigindago.

In addition to Weed die even if there was nothing to lose.
Weed and Player sword will face selected as the Knight of fighting was a great h
"I'm out!"
Take the family out three hundred and fifty Swordnoob bull in the future.
+ Is a duel of the two sides has been established.
+ Duel while you can perform full-scale war, move the unit.
To intrude on the + duel will kill the Opponent room. However, this title was h
eld in this case that coward, then the loyalty of the soldiers to be reduced.
Weed and Swordnoob have decided to sightseeing or just to relax.
Therefore, the Level and skills that can be applied in Royal_Road Swordnoob thre
e hundred and fifty family.
Do not worry enough, but possible.
"When the next one month is not cleaning the bathroom. "
"UD five thousand times a day to practice down to beat."
Just as there is a cruel punishment awaits!
Swordnoob riding horses and bulls and three hundred and fifty ilneun half FERTE
the two big wheels go round and round and round.
Tamsaekjeon to detect the heosil the Opponent!
Out and rough breath and observed the enemy.
Then the horse and the bull ran toward the Opponent room almost at the same time
"Come on!"
Fu Hing Hee - hee!
"Let's go."
Well meoeo Oh!
Knight has picked up the window at the end, Swordnoob ilneun three hundred and f
ifty cows raised his hand lightly burnt while the Scabbard.
Horse of Knight duel is very dangerous.
The enormous weight because it attacks the rate of take up to a point with a hor
se silrigo, exerts a feat of Defense Attack_Power.
If you are running in the same direction as it rushed toward each other and a si
ngle sum, snow horse duel was decided to built the game to blink.
And the two fell to the ground immediately after it was tipped past Knight side.

+ This ally has achieved a victory in a duel of honor.

+ Fame and morale, loyalty increases.
Camp rat was dead quiet of Polon, Weed side is also there were no shouts of vict
"Can not you even got to clean toilets."
"I tried to wash the dishes also responsible ..."
It does winning attitude was surprising.
Swordnoob three hundred and fifty ilneun rather his talent blossomed in Royal_Ro
Level and Swordmanship skills to stand up and fine to catch a monster, and when
not to hunt mainly throughout the training so far.
Highest Level of Swordnoob among the 380 blows fought for winning crema Knight w
as so natural.
Movement of the shoulder and the eyes of the Opponent, just breathing could also
respond accurately detect the location because the attack reports.
"I fight to win if the self come out!"
Swordnoob three hundred and fifty shouted toward the sides of the family Polon.
I'll also be giving the power to the ship and relay broadcast smoked shoulder Po
"They'll see me brothers are."
Also was a big fan of his brother Royal_Road.
Families wanted to show a more cool look sees you think.
"The said Ballmer. I will break the bridge of the nose!"
"The Necker Where Name is also not're the lucky guy. Now I'll kill you!"
Knight crema 4 persons standing in a row was a challenge, Swordnoob defeat all t
hree hundred to fifty days.
Sprint is killed by a fall from a horse out of combat, or at least hit matbudit.
3 persons have died and 2 Sharjah reached the status of persons are to be slaugh
tered, crema Templar_Knights the challenger did not come out more.
It sets out Polon is a duel before gaining the full-scale battle going on withou
t a word, another Knight went out a can not win.
Because crema Knight was also a bar if they reduce the power loss was not anyone
anymore naseoji to jump to a duel.
+ Opponent room gave up the gauntlet.
+ Before starting the battle will be the maximum value of the total Morale frie

Swordnoob also got three hundred and fifty ilneun Charisma and Fighting_Spirit,
strength, skill and a lot of different stat Fame and Swordmanship skills such as
Polon is shouted as neurotic.
"Now is the time to fight! Undead report for march!"
Starting is so not love it, the real battle is still not even happen.
The bill will apsewoseo the Necromancer Undead Ranger and the Magician and start
the battle to overcome if he is the extent can_do.
Ranger was for him and Magician are placed at the back of the Undead.
But the burst of Weed Lion's_Roar.
"Undead ye, hear!"
Player of Polon and Hermes_Guild have estimated it to you to battle legions Depa
rtment also apsewoseo the first Undead Undead Weed.
And hit the kouteum.
"We are not a side Necromancer., It may cause the Fallen Undead also happens is
that we fight back unconditionally gain."
There are many high Level is also of Swordnoob, all are directly fighting type P
Bodies would be extremely advantageous to deploy Hermes_Guild if made by a Necro
"The father of all the Undead, says putting the Name of the Most Precious Balkan
Weed Lion's_Roar of the amount of light that had swept through the whole camp.
At this point doeja felt a little anxious side as well Hermes_Guild, That's righ
t also is not.
Visualize it as much because you do not want the worst case.
"The attack followed a Balkan_Demoph me as to deny the existence Undead! Follow
the law Legion of Darkness! My little you even ever! Bar_Khan fight to the Chief
! Kill!"
He uses the + skills Lion's_Roar.
+ Lion's_Roar skills Morale of all friendly in the affected range from 200 % to
+ All confusion exists is released.
+ 5 minutes Leadership is 285 % will be applied to add.
Weed Undead's status as a direct load of Bar_Khan!
If it Necromancer non-party status were summoned.
Because a range of Death_Aura Undead not only directly feel the jondae of Bar_Kh

an influenced by his power.

Weed that do abuse of power and dominance Leadership, and the battle of loyalty
Death Knight turned first.
"Bar_Khan's instruction should be followed."
"We can not go against the monarch and Balkan_Demoph's position with respect to
the rights of Eternal Life."
Necromancer Undead troops were summoned, in the words of Weed was waiting behind
the Ranger and began to attack the Magician.
"What, is it! The Undead are some who look at how crazy it!"
"Necromancer have come to summon me to reverse these guys!"
Ranger of the case, the battle in close proximity to the attack with the bow dif
ficult Defense also weak.
Prevent the attack of Undead to expensive boom eumyeonseo they yelled Player.
That's right, they dont even situation was much better side.
Magician will need a long time was instead cast in the Magic has a very strong A
ttack_Power, low gajida Health and Defense.
While increasing the Wisdom would have fewer side effects Vitality and strength.
They Upon receiving such a raid of the Undead, the death toll was one after anot
her in an instant.
Previously expressed by've gotten Magic attack and explosion Polon camp of the d
eath of the Magician came fully equipped with the mess.
"Undead are not the reverse summoned."
"What are you crazy? You believe that he is unable to return the summoned monste
"This is an area of

Bar_Khan, Undead seems to be the force that keeps them."

Crema Knight were introduced hastily in order to prevent the Undead.

Magician are invaluable power, first because dumping ahkkawot group also lost pe
"Undead Countries, march!"
Weed had played for the Death Knight Knight Doom Knight.
Time and fight. 've Caused trouble to attack the enemy in confusion before proba
tion can increase performance.
"If even profit as soon as we go. This aspect alone do not leave, fat French pop
Practices that enlightenment is difficult to be missed when.

It is not a waste of food discarded by the expiration date passes without stuck
here in the refrigerator.
Undead Knight consideration rushed toward the enemy at full speed.
Side the camp of Polon, first there was a lot of agility stand up to fight prema
ture held that they had even less time yeoryeo and Weed.
Weed was enough to call me gibonseo of the battle.
Ideally fight looked quickly learned that to choose to give up part, and that it
started to defend yirueoya often.
The provision constantly tempted to maximize the efficiency of the troops have t
o fight not just rough and disturbed by entrapped his client.
Polon has ordered the army.
"Knight are against the Undead Defend the Magician. Ranger are: Undead troops to
shoot an arrow at one go now, do not follow only the commands I have given sigh
tseeing battle."
Weed able to squeeze the power line know there are a lot of experience in the fi
ght against the objective numerically stronger enemies.
Explicitly grant the assignment to all the bags, and by combining They produce a
Polon also tried the forces operating in accordance learn actively and frequentl
y reported that fighting was a belated sense.
"That's what is."
Weed is watching Ranger and Magician, Undead or in mixed response of Polon alrea
dy pluck a quote.
This is something that can be called yamalro Royal_Road the death penalty!
Crema Knight have been mobilized in the war, also committed a lot of bad things,
such as assault of innocent traders.
Also very high reputation in the blame, the killer state were being held.
Although a formal affiliation status, even if the side effects of Haven_Kingdom
yiraseo killer ever, the item is very large to put out when killed.
Value was the one that could degrade expensive Full Plate Mail a whole.
"Yurin buy clothes to give one, grandmother ... I will buy one winter coat and C
PU deposits in bank bailed on these days I heard one."
Weed, which was to establish a savings plan.
KMC game stations, as well as the media are a total viewership was almost unprec
+ Game broadcasting integrate 80 % more than the ratings!

+ More than half of this battle game stations were broadcasting

+ Royal_Road Player Find a stranger among the difficult battle!
Then it was the title of the news of the day.
Battle of the Weed and Hermes_Guild the iteotgie already expected, many more vie
wers to wait.
Advertisers also because I'm very pleased to receive your reservation interstiti
al ads.
The battle, under the command of Weed Undead are knocked down turn_around_and st
arted dealing damage.
Perhaps they were prepared for in advance, and had had little time to rectify th
e damage is also being reduced, anyway crema Knight and Ranger in Polon and his
camp have seemed bewildered amid fighting well.
But then they had to charge a Swordnoob Let him underfoot withstood the force of
pressure Thief.
Was one of the best scenes.
"Let's kill it quickly Haejangguk or a bowl."
"Let me see and try out new skills learned? Dividing_Swordplay!"
"Is not no rice to eat, but to live a life a life thing to also check you anyway
, so look for the best."
Knight Valor nopdeon crema that, but held out messy and Swordnoob the've done re
Swordnoob was about to be overwhelmed in front of Attack_Power Knight of Iran.
Was confusing situation, crema Knight will receive a big impact on that point di
d not give skills seemed so far Peninsula.
"Why are ye come weak."
"I'm more Giant squid before japdeon really about."
"Compared to the fighting in the sea gapgapham really sorry piece here."
As the use of non Swordmanship master degree Ashley, made the surprise the audie
nce with crema Knight.
Once the cast is the alter ego of Dividing_Swordplay Swordnoob 2 in two four wer
e by approx.
skills have been de-skilled but also because of Wisdom and knowledge is also too
low and later was a bunch.
Nevertheless, Knight started crumbling rapidly at a rate of not even settled!
You're lucky if not mastery of skills has been working to lower their sseureojie
ul Knight might have the like straw.

Level Swordnoob are on average than those without crema Knight And behind the ci
rcumtance, Swordmanship skills, fighting spirit, experience is often much more.
Thrown into Hell, even put the bottom back to find the strongest monster Danil s
oul of a fighter!
Hwalyakdo was an indispensable part of the Weed.
"Military Armor favorite!"
Among the Knight of the Level-party jaldo choose only high bay without hesitatio
n he attends.
Did not have to fight all alone.
Swordnoob they were so I use less attention to defense, there is no need to worr
y about being isolated.
"You neolryeot to eat!"
Just as if born to battle, I cut the crema Knight.
Weed is very fast and fierce words were burnt by the Magic of Bar_Khan.
The degree of facial features and even closer to the monster as saying.
Such harsh words to meet the owner was hejip hopped right on the battlefield aft
er the domesticated.
The appearance of free quilt like Doom Knight Wind was clearly imprinted on the
viewer's eye.
This ratio is selected as the next Professions Knight was part of notice to be h
igher in pressure Thief.
Weed is busy bringing in checks the Undead legions of Undead Ranger nopchyeo the
y went to a timing attack, followed by a moment Swordnoob are attached to differ
ent crema Knight battles were nothing short end.
Ranger and the Magician, with a strong history in the side streets had to freeze
Templar_Knights, actually broke down in an instant could also revive one of the
Was a one-sided slaughter, if only as representations of Weed was a little easy
Polon has had a favorable point for the Undead because it has a diamond in the s
anctuary, Swordnoob had no work to be appropriate yiraseo Human.
The finding could have heard some of Swordnoob Opponent Come to the Ranger and M
agician, also headed the Necromancer.
Polon but also cut my Swordnoob the three fighting to the end, died by other Swo
Normally, if you kill a few people fighting, he is scared and does not want to e
at the dead.

But only writes Swordnoob flocked compete with each other in order not to have t
o lose a good fight Opponent others.
Level of Polon this, no matter how high, receive hapgong of Swordnoob in a non-c
ombat duel was not enough to fine.
"Washing dishes and cleaning toilets in charge of the normal termination of the
"I accumulated a lot ppalraetgam the death penalty."
Weed is finished the harp so, Swordnoob ate horse meat baked in their fight winn
ing spot.
Viewers watch posted a comment on each board games broadcasters and Royal_Road.
+ Aldeon to cool as missing teeth.
+ Novelties have a week that I've been able to take the day and cool baths.
And the + real Boss me I was broken and I'm hanging on to consider the degree o
f depression after retirement. Now completely excited!
+ There was a cold and fever'm sleeping luck he happened to see the broadcast.
There was a clinically proven not going to say this person phenomena People, goi
ng back several stations there are many who watched Player.
Edit broadcasting reruns am important part am sending it back to the Wind harder
every day, the station was enough to see a couple of times.
Prestigious guild because they are technically engaged in wrongdoing, including
Hermes_Guild, viewers were more ease of Weed.
President_Jeong_Deuk_Su will receive a report on a regular miracle of the health
status of Seoyun.
"There is no complexity in communication, that's not to say for a long time are
spent quickly adapt to the good news."
Seoyun this was news to make him happy person that she recovered enough to be a
social life.
"But I think that staying young and too close Lee_Hyun ......."
President_Jeong_Deuk_Su is a journey through the guards heard also visited two f
In the parent's perspective, but more than enough work to play bounding about, t
he wound in the hearts of Seoyun did not even gonna have curled.
In the business community, be it just a cold-blooded daughter who usually father
"That's right even a common man eopget what small way I hope to meet a man with
more than a good condition?"
Dr. Cha_Eun_Hiu was reported on Seoyun is put down the papers on the desk.

"As you know, is a state of mind that is stable Seoyun, but if forced to drop ev
en more divided difficult to guess what will happen."
"We know that too. We better not hurt her heart'll be a top priority."
President_Jeong_Deuk_Su circumstance was unable to touch your fingertips Lee_Hyu
n none.
"You know you are concerned about the part, so why not give the president to int
roduce a decent man's eyes?"
"That's right cattle also supposed to do?"
"Not giving President introduced deliberately making this place, stay near the S
eoyun did that meets their lot in life."
"Often makes watching gained some positive LA's good!"
Do not really Seoyun forced to meet him, was naturally leave the job.
'H group, the eldest son of the stuff is ridiculous good looks also excellent. "
President_Jeong_Deuk_Su and H group is not only a close business relationship, d
irectly met, he was a man of great character with meticulous care to the woman w
hile the Dow house.
'Seoyun and got to fit well. "
Cha_Eun_Hiu was climbing out of a toilet smiley laughed.
"Seoyun if their mind is so easy to change ..."
I do not know what the secret is to Lee_Hyun itneunjineun, Seoyun was utgon brig
hter every time I see him.
Earl did not laugh Mana Lago Seoyun.
Sometimes just the look that shows the Seoyun know how to think and itneunji Lee
"But even if the relationships too difficult a slow process."
In terms quite a time already passed only two met.
Nowadays the hands not holding properly to what's time, not even wearing arm, ph
ysical contact is so certain Shakotan Incorporated.
"Both aneuni not familiar with the romance out the progress Rapido To give'll ha
ve a small degree of stimulus?"
Weed is a Knight and Ranger units belonging to the Polon are 25 fully defeated,
so only about persons living barely escaped.
The Necromancer Magician and Magic byeongdan are 1 persons also do not live and
mix with annihilation.

Pale Swordnoob and help the party had not been absolute pressure Thief victory w
ould not have been possible.
"It's time to finally hunt Bar_Khan."
Now left is to hunt the monarch Balkan_Demoph the Undead!
Seonggeom if it is plugged into a chest that is weakening the legendary monster.
Priest and Holy_Knight in Morata also been gathered from multiple degree once yo
u've finally finished it was time to wage a massive hunt.
Weed and encourage the Priest and Holy_Knight then with_the_intention_of, They h
eard the sound of a bustling.
"Oh, really was a nice fight."
"Did you say you running? Totally, you know how to fight by changing the directi
on of the words in that way in a zigzag pattern."
"It's impressive in itself."
So dazzling'm working in the field as Doom Knight and went Player to thanks to p
ly their respect and was praised.
Weed was standing still As caressed the sword.
Wait so this continues to praise the virtues!
Even if there was would have swept hair curl, unfortunately, was not only a bald
"Keuheum. Heriam_Fencing ve hit in a row, he will also teach the Magic stayed pr
etty cool rush. And how many times yideora moment might yet be praised. "
In a position to fight as a future, but how to persuade or put a comment in deta
il nor the power to secure, as shown.
"But I saw well beyond the handsome oppa?"
"The real fight he cool. You throw the shots on what line remains small one caug
ht by persons dalrineunde ... "
Female Priest will pour out even greater interest than Zephyr Weed.
Just by Zephyr is stretched and yawned la-ups while stretching kkyakkkyak distan
ce was fine.
"Chin-leading gyareum and completely not it cool, huh?"
"Yeah, really ... I think I contrary!"
"Friend Let's registration if you want me to?"
Women's equal praise is due to be embarrassed to hear long Weed is okay.
"... It's also a man of fights guys."
Mainly heard of Holy_Knight the side that consists of men intensively.

"Swordnoob nimdeul referred to ... It's rough to fight ignorance. I've always wa
nted to fight like that."
"There's a huge body good dancers out there, did you?"
"I danced in the battle, and he was so charming yideonji I can not take your eye
s off. Knight also dance while sightseeing pikpik deoranikka fall."
"I'm also pretty face Bard. Voice is clear and he really."
Swordnoob and Hwaryeong, Bellot was attracting a lot of attention from Holy_Knig
Weed talk about often came out every middle, looking surprised his colleagues ha
d great response.
Weed was able to watch the pugeun is laughing.
He is a full plate mail this battle of Knight 4 dogs, they belong to Magic Magic
ian had acquired byeongdan used to wear robes, bracelets, boots, necklaces, ring
s several pairs, for Ranger armor and picked up a lot of hwaldo evenly.
Gold, silver, copper and a number of current japtem do not mention.
Swordnoob also varied in the equipment chaenggimyeonseo earned money that can be
catered more and Deluxe sword or armor.
"I'll be this winter heating costs will not have to worry."
For a while was a reason to have a relaxed mind.
Weed has started to prepare for hunting Bar_Khan.
"Executions, once please me a sword and armor obtained by the loots. Holy_Knight
people also, to fight the Undead Let's leave it for awhile equipment with me."
Swordnoob were obtained by dissolving equipment is made to the Undead is a power
ful weapon.
Because of the heavy sword and armor Knight is They are not suitable for use imm
ediately, was to create a complex mix a small amount of the check and Mithril.
Weakening the strength to fight back is to dissolve the Undead will need to be c
reated naseoneun minus the sword.
Weed the skills of the blacksmith was not difficult because there is a problem o
f gum There creating the General category.
"Really make a better search What gives?"
"At least I will not bad earthquake."
Holy_Knight are dubious and hesitated not easy to entrust your weapon.
No matter how the Fame of Weed's great, because it was a Holy_Knight of black pr
ecious possessions.
"Well, makin more fine than the real old! Attack_Power a little rose, options th

at are difficult inflicting damage to Undead and durability to recover a little

more expensive."
But give the weapon made of Swordnoob, it also occasionally get the trust of Hol
y_Knight was soon packed Junior.
Weed blacksmith's skills would have been up enough ground to get the respect of
the People.
'EXTRACT ...... check it. "
When you get a good sword, so if you know the fact that He is the only absolutel
y mouthwatering angetji Leave a weapon, never know it was a relief.
Weed is a hand that modifications to the equipment Mapan waited to come.
"A_little would take the time to come ..."
One Mapan departure as Holy_Knight and Priest who come to hubaldae in Morata was
bringing a bunch of logistic support.
Yet a part of a large brazier had been moved to liquefy the helium together.
Gun Weed is to complete the mold melts the helium to put a piece of my spare tim
e during the battle.
God's tears.
When you import a large furnace to melt the source of helium and the divine powe
r of Mana finished sculpture will be ready to fight and ending Bar_Khan.

4 : helium sculpture
KMC media, CTS Media, on stations, digital media, LK games.
The tip was obtained in one of the best broadcasters in Royal_Road.
+ Weed is the king of the Undead, hunts Balkan_Demoph.
Priest and Holy_Knight of + Morata were not to cross up there to fight and Herm
+ Hermes_Guild were also anjunge.
+ Weed is in the army and the Quest Immortal ranks the fastest growing and clam
ped reason was for the purpose of hunting Bar_Khan.
Weed is a trick of the spread out through the Player's Morata.
From time to collect the Holy_Knight and Priest is true aleum aleum spilling kno
wn, the troops of the now defunct Polon bother because there was no need to keep
the Secret attended chatting to your heart's content.
Each station had disclosed this fact in a news program that focuses.
"Gentlemen, we inform the amazing fact Weed god of war wants to hunt the current
"Weed has seen a lot of people are going to wipe the raid of Hermes_Guild video
a few days ago, but we will contact you in the future try to hunt for the scoop

that the Lich Bar_Khan to viewers."

"Bar_Khan! The chief led a legion of immortality, Weed has become as famous a lo
t Lich's Quest. The Weed than be seen as a monster with many ties ...... you tha
t last challenge in the hunt."
Several stations are found breaking.
Gathered in groups but often do you go hunting for boss_level monster, a monster
of legendary notch rating at this time.
Including Weed, gave Warrior fighting forces and demonstrate their skills to the
battle of Polon.
Fight, but still nothing happen, it will come out as much as countless scenes is
that there is no need to doubt.
The Lich Bar_Khan and make Weed and fight the fact that the audience was so exci
ted just to be sufficient.
Roast pork feet and, trembling be more excited than when waiting for the pizza!
+ Oh yes crazy. Real Weed Why dont you fight this? I would just trivial monster
hunting and other People like he will inhabit ...... Level or raise. I'm glad c
+ Why People This Weed, Weed, I think I know now hearing rumors that the fine a
+ You've got Oh, too late. I am a fan from the time the movie was completely Or
c's come up in Hall_of_Fame.
+ You, do indeed my own? Oh, I'm Luck. Starting with the Weed in Rosenheim King
dom iteunikkayo to keep even the librarians who sold fox sculpture Newbie days.
When a woman is staying with Friend 5 I bought the silver I wrote a huge rip_off
, now is the best treasure. Girl Friend frills ditch me proud every time we meet
, the People.
+ Oh, those precious items are ....... Now tell that fox sculpture that 10 to s
ell in the gold.
+ Up in minutes, you do eat freely and fully. Quote now 100 gold Goes!
The board was packed tribute to the bravery of Weed.
Player is famous for its made from Royal_Road Adventurer There are many really,
no one is enjoying the popularity of the public in one body by Weed.
Shin_Hye_Min and ohjuwan the ongoing 'Versailles_Continent story "In a telephone
interview with Lee_Hyun also was sacraments.
Do you promised not willing to pay in Lee_Hyun emerged.
"In today's story Versailles_Continent I owe a lot of news to be heard are reall
y, folks, for God's Weed Wars on the phone. Weed's?"
- Yes
Short and annoying voice deukhan!
"You said a lot meantime Adventurer. What was the most difficult Adventurer?"
] Adventurer is tough.

"Humble words be lovely. That's right is like a time when you will be wondering
whether the audience suffer as much as those who remain in the best memories as
danisin a lot of places, but can you tell me?"
While Lee_Hyun replied moment.
] ... when the former as Sculptor.
Shin_Hye_Min was only so much sympathy.
I honestly have never hunted with the exception of Cooking, produce and present
that when releasing the wood chips in hand in Royal_Road.
Because also created the sculpture close your eyes, art-based skills are now wel
l enough to raise the difficulty Deluxe sculpting 8Level would have been awful.
Sewing and yet Blacksmithing, Cooking, Fishing, repair, Bandaging, sailing, Herb
alism've also learned that the legend of the true Grinding can_do.
Lee_Hyun did not know lived only makes life a lot of money jundamyeon toothpick
or wooden chopsticks.
Ohjuwan is gamyeo knew beyond a joke was the next question.
"Weed's also I do not know bosineunji the message boards. ... People are the thi
ngs that a lot of viewers admired Do not pursue a stable rise in somewhat higher
profile?'ve Done nothing and, again doegoyo fear of failure also increases. Tir
eless I have no secret of what can be a challenge? "
- I did my handlebar.
Implied the end, there were a lot of implied meaning.
Still, a flat to live, even discarding all caught up in the Adventurer bakbok li
To explain in detail since'll visit the city because the degree of perforation c
an not eat rice with tears built way ... more to say.
"The secret of others you receive a special Quest is unable to obtain one free h
ard part you could've known really. I can julsil That's right to have any advice
for the People drifting Versailles_Continent for this moment Adventurer?"
- Thoroughly flattery. Quest saenggosaeng and receive all times.
In short, from the bottom was a life experience.
Lee_Hyun is different from People came out to the interview is completely differ
'Versailles_Continent story' People will be starring in the popular program turn
s out a number of such stories as any to sell things out.
Then look inde laid end to end, self-pride, Lee_Hyun would say only brief.
"To do a thing no additional charge to the interview jindago longer."

Let me know a lot of other people have to bite your sick days.
"Finally, I thought that the plan to hunt the Lich Balkan_Demoph. This also seem
s to be a difficult question to answer, Maybe you can seal it?"
Lee_Hyun than the appearance Bar_Khan fighting in the past.
Equipped with the necessary power to the battle, but why, divine difficult to re
ach odds Giran.
Each station in the castle succeeds or Bar_Khan Will Hunting was about to debate
is going to be ... you can fail.
Bar_Khan the high power potential, as well as the Level giant, is the best Necro
I'll be dead bodies of his army in battle endlessly, but it was much more diffic
ult than taking a different part of the legendary monster stronger.
Even if the army is because the crowd is gonna be all Undead.
Beorimyeon is an affiliation of the Undead legions of immortality that would giv
e much to increase the power of the Bar_Khan, also will never regain the lost it
Risk was too great hunt.
Lee_Hyun is calmly replied.
- There seems to be no immediate plans to escape.
Die wear experience and skills, including proficiency declined tremendous damage
While it is not the end of it I only want to fight manyong Courage!
Lee_Hyun will have a very realistic idea rested on the battle.
Polon was connected with the Ranger and the Knight of Royal_Road, Magician Playe
r of the Hermes_Guild.
They appeared before the place was made've gotten hideout raided Weed.
"Knight and Ranger are the survivors?"
"I fled to Central_Continent direction. If the person safely exited the northern
20 persons or should be. "
"Getting all dead too."
Polon is the death of Knight antakkawotda crema.
Player of Hermes_Guild are accessible again, but after a certain period of time,
General Knight were full of death.
To be positive again, to raise the Deluxe Knight costs a lot of time and money.
Because Hermes_Guild also keen to compete inside will have to suffer until you r

ecover lost troops.

"Where do if the more dangerous side I'd go back to Central_Continent."
Polon is convolve turned into a position to get out of here without being caught
by the Weed and Swordnoob because you found this expansion forces bent.
In the Player of Hermes_Guild worn equipment could see nothing lost item-wise.
There are many get lost by the defeat, not only always win the fight.
"That's right of the Sanctuary of the Blessed diamond group also has it's like."
"Is not this be fun to fight with Weed?"
"Right. That fought with us Templar_Knights crema can be said that the revocatio
n is not more popular."
Polon was not to regret.
Weed was a chance to fight against often difficult to experience.
"Our revenge will matgija to Hermes_Guild. The real power of Hermes_Guild Does n
ot have this degree."
Polon is a side who know about the power of roughly Hermes_Guild he holds the bo
As if he won a high place gradually, and then join the Hermes_Guild, you know th
at you do not know the identity of the guild Afterwards Earl Mana trepidation.
That full power was soon ready to be ejected towards the Kallamore Kingdom.
Will cause the Great War, pre-work for the occupation of Central_Continent are b
eing conducted.
In pursuit of Scilly awfully Hermes_Guild, Weed battle with much atmosphere here
is gajida even entertainment.
Of course, more anger shall be aloof because of its fragile ego.
"Weed. What's up? Only managed smoothly while traveling Versailles_Continent Unt
il now, anywhere in the future will not be able to stick."
Polon and his troops had just decided to withdraw.
"Magician have to create a tele Make Ford gate. The return right now."
Ttungttang ttungttang!
Weed finished it blacksmith fiddling with the equipment of Swordnoob and Holy_Kn
ight the skills.
Grinding was significant, but also one wonak familiar with, Ingredient blacksmit
h could be obtained by dissolving the skills to re-create the experience.
Weed the blacksmith's skills are intermediate 5Level, who specializes in raw loo
k that was among the best.

"It is only one well parser no. In case of drought also open wells are placed fa
r, I'll kick reservoir is also created."
This is the way of life of Weed!
"Weed Hi, Long time no see."
"Here's to many he is oh sineura trouble."
Mapan the arrival of a large furnace parts have been able to liquefy helium, whi
le also.
"Carriage is by far ...... to deuriryeogo japtem collection."
"Weed's japtem is always also very good."
"There are many other japtem, and I ask you to handle the same price as last tim
e? I'm sorry I thought would be so beholden ohsyeotneunde only purpose here."
"Weed It happens to deal with the response, UD and jump as much."
Weed and Mapan is there a place to dispose of japtem, Necromancer and also had a
lot of sightseeing.
Necromancer also a Level 300 in the late 400 also cross the.
There were a lot of guys because japtem piled attending Undead had become the hu
nted and Request colossal.
Weed Mapan by comparing the time to sell directly to the store japtem 15 % gave
an additional amount.
Their own interests . 5 is calculated as a percentage.
Merchants have awarded a much smaller margin when trading the village and freeze
standing japtem but when came the visitors, as now, the 10 per cent goes packed
by default.
"Having all the good Merchant?"
"Yeah. I once was, I had the dealer deals a few times, so far came at best 5 % i
f you receive not only look at the first margin. Chin because suppose that sort
of stuff? "
Necromancer have felt like to swipe their trades.
Have a lot of it unless japtem chaenggigi seureopgido burden, and will also spen
t a lot of nerves.
Even to imagine such a mind as Weed gave to John and to introduce Mapan Helian.
"Greetings share your thoughts here. Please leave if Mapan merchant's former clo
se colleagues from me. Do you have to dispose of japtem. I specifically asked he
r to handle and place it in me the same price."
"Really That's right May I? Weed if the price at the same level as the merchant'
s watched too I do not have to leave."
" May you going to get really do not think that compared to the trouble to come

here% cotton ... "

Necromancer was about to be sorry for their first meeting Mapan.
Given the risk at the time of shipping or teleportation sales price was too high
"Okay. Mapan's also blood by traders. In the past, although a lot of japtem deal
hardly Nowadays, I focus you like to trade and store operations."
Mapan also struck matjanggu.
"I'm fine and I'm here to see the response so far to Weed Adventurer. With extra
japtem also disposed of like a little namgimyeon hopping. If sacrificing Please
feel free to put up stuff."
Necromancer they have put out the japtem.
Hovering in Morata 2 % or 3 %, even under the arm, but also be more cumbersome,
this could be viewed as sufficient enough good price.
"That's what it '
Mapan bulk trading of japtem and could earn a lot of money.
Necromancer japtem are released!
Tumbledown broken weapons and armor, there are many accessories.
Weed Mapan while dealing with purpose, but the classification as japtem, and lea
ve more profits if the board to repair.
Weed is a blacksmith equipment we can use this as a full-fledged, if the reproce
ssing dissolved skills.
Substantial profits Mapan is 5 , as well as a little higher than%, and the oppor
tunity to gain many blue chip customers.
Then after a japtem deal, Weed and went quietly back Mapan wagons.
Field hands several times coming and going!
They are only shared a conversation secretly whisper.
] here ...... referral fees.
- Thank you. Rusty stuff please pass me by permitting the classification Ingred
by dissolving equipment.
ient. I'll drill made
- Do not mention it. Please only call if you have another chance like this to t
he next.
- By the way did you come to sell your goods are packed with lots of Necromance
- Black Magician. Have swept things in Morata for the Necromancer.
Necromancer going to use it as the only japtem had also planned to sell stuff to

Large furnace is installed as a temporary, large fire jipyeo Jeddah.
"Well, that will not fail to be ... in the absolute."
This was so because the helium precious metal was also nervous Weed.
"Blacksmith skills is higher, this would be great."
helium to create a master blacksmith The best item of the skills!
Holy Item or, it can create a solid Ingredient in representing the Kingdom.
Weed is not worth at all, but it makes the sculpture with helium.
"Sculpture is Level I have no limits. Once melted, he executed later [E] the swo
Sculptor Weed with a practical attitude does not override the arts.
"Once the mold was ready ..."
To put the mold gave a helium Death Knight, while hunting with Doom Knight Gun m
ade in advance at the end of countless attempts to Ko Un soil.
Weed will do the job in a large furnace, except for the party and went out to hu
nt around Pale Swordnoob and Holy_Knight and Priest were all gathered.
Put out to large furnace had to wonder what geureoneunji to make a substitution.
Weed made the fire hotter temperatures.
The fatter filled with stacked firewood in a large furnace roaring other.
And keep the fire down the right wing, making the tree grew strong fire.
"Still insufficient. Iteunikka much firewood."
Buy firewood Weed also give money through writing Mapan to those who have been t
ransported in wagons.
Did not have time to save the tree value because it was a day to work on helium.
With these strong and keep the fire was well up to Deluxe wood.
The price of wood is consumed to raise the fire 10 minutes 300 exceeded the gold
"Still insufficient."
Weed has focused on only one ruling the fire.
"Mithril Sword wonder only made you want to create?"
"Trying to hunt Bar_Khan make me think that he is a good weapon."
Holy_Knight and Priest are, do you have a job waiting Weed had to be sure before
you hunt Bar_Khan.

Now seen as a state to deal with large fireplaces shall be soon discovered the r
eason was embroiled in a tense.
They are a lot of party hunting I was most unlike Necromancer Guild.
Noel: Weed's'm trying to do is make a fire in the hearth piwoomyeonseo. Looking
geolro brought a large brazier in the village seems to be produced everywhere is
In real time, as well as inform and build guilds and Grass_porridge_faith, this
video was itgido out on the Internet.
Weed does not go there often because the other Player, also did not want to brea
k the loots, but there is no privacy because the viscosity is too great fame lar
gely functioned.
The secret of the battle, or to create a sculpture in shape to take advantage of
the different production skills, the public is beorini Player to where they wer
e circumtance bet in a place where a lot of difficult to stop congestion.
"Now the fire temperature is suitable termination groups."
1 m from rabbit meat in the street level bar was hot enough to ripen soon discar
Weed is indeed a huge open eumyeonseo pulled a helium.
Metallic light blue tears of the gods. Helium with the noble values
to the furnace.

are entered in

Although many metals can melt together in a large furnace, not put other metals
besides helium to concentrate.
And wait governing the fire!
Weed is muttered.
"I do not want much. People abandon their greed get the best results. Just give
me a crown of only about a cup of the Herero and digging ..."
Church of Freya 3 on two kinds of rescue from the Weed vs. Holy Item.
In fact, such as having the Holy Item perfectly good if you can wear.
Weed is where they make a helium rather sadly now only hope that the equipment w
as only just in the heart sculpture arson.
"If hunting is better to write a crown on the head of digging Earl Mana. If Herr
era in the janman may be the holy water to flow like a river."
Greed and waited endlessly rising only helium melt.
Weed is the usual five boats took a long time to come off the helium passes.
The azure waters of the stone bowl was packed.
The helium flux safely.
"Really that from now on."

The use of a large furnace and melting, less likely to fail if only certain skil
It turns into sculpture can_do that from now on.
Weed waited until it cools properly in place to meet the water and then poured i
nto the mold of the blue.
"...... Are no mistakes."
It was a frustrating wait.
This year saw a lot of you are familiar with blacksmith skills, Geumini also mad
e in the same way.
It could not help but be nervous.
This is because there is no way I can do any work at all, no idea about whether
Even though I have a material failure of the metal of helium seems to be melted
again indefinitely creating a better work, a work that must take significant los
ses on Ingredient.
If the Magic are attached to melt metal, often look a little lost their original
Of_mana source of divine power and helium would be looking at it repeatedly smel
t slightly weakened by the fire.
Weed peeled off the mold is made from the dust of the ground faster than usual.
And this work revealed a figure consisting of helium.
Torches to illuminate the darkness!
Helium were found to be expressed in a clear azure torch shape.
"I also lack ..."
The blacksmith skills was born the details of the torch are fully alive because
it is too low, the reign of helium.
But not enough to be called a failure, compared to Weed is carefully made a lot
of details are usually detract sculpture.
Weed pulled out a carving of Zahab.
Precious items like carving of helium and 0 shares are deposited Zahab hath put
freeze on Morata Yurin teeth with out permission.
Armor lock de Bach is the bracelet, the daemon of Kolderim sword, besides also e
quipped Weed is made directly, but have not yet moved all over the Yurin a few t
"Sculpture is buteoya now."

Weed has found a piece of a dull knife to scrape the surface of helium.
Wrong protruding part has also drastically cut.

You have access to the divine power.

The Power 35 is reduced.
Health The 950 will be reduced.
Undead forces 4 drops.

Each time you touch the helium because it was Doom Knight suffered heavy losses.
"That's right is no longer dragging it done."
Had to finish the piece before he died.
Helium is not completely cool, so durability is an enormous open the remaining p
ieces are not only now.
The + deeot the hot metal.
+ Health is 318 differs less.
Only divine power!
Ipeumyeonseo two types of damage Weed is teased a carving knife.
Professions that are differentiated also Sculptor and other arts-based direct sh
oulder was often even the sufferings of the flesh.
"This work was born in pain more ..."
Weed is something more when trying to mix with the horse back.
After all, it feels comfortable piece that was not much time is.
"Just my handlebar is this way."
Weed is holding the whole structure into the mold, trimmed with a carving knife
had made a detailed presentation.
Look he has made the process a whole had a torch to melt a lot of experience so
far made the sculpture.
As helium is becoming increasingly harder to cool, do that, increasingly began t
o emit from Mana and divine power.
"Huh, of_mana maximum is increased four?"
"I too large, the effect of skills of the Divine Magic. In this case, almost eop
"Of_mana recovery rate is also 50 % more than control faster. "
As sculpture is finished, Priest and Holy_Knight felt a change in their body.
Weed is a beacon of helium being created.
The ability of the Priest and Holy_Knight was reinforced by the divine power com
ing from there.

The body will be adversely affected by + divine power.

+ Defense capability will disappear.
+ Resistance to force is reduced.
Conversely eumyeonseo threw her body weakened Weed divine power is getting.
Bone strength is gone solidify rapidly deteriorating as people grow old.
"... For a little more dadeumeoya."
If you think the value of the helium calm and meticulously hand look at the last
minute, but Health has reached a dangerous territory.
"It with_this Wan has."
Complete the task as easy lifting glazing bars under the torches!
Mithril bars were also made with the adamantium.
Hunting in the Corps of immortality was collected and gained little from the old
+ Set the Name of the made sculpture please.
This time the Name Weed said quickly.
Health is 20 percent outside because someone else does.
"Sculptor torch left behind."
+ Sculptor are you sure you leave a torch?
Search the hell are many helpful books Sculptor lost their lives to go to Jigola
Weed work was created by inheritance from the Sculptor.
I wish this give me a very good work, blacksmith skills and the Handicraft, scul
pting, etc. This was not the whole point is to be a master namda regret.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +
* Magnum_Opus! Sculptor they've completed the left torch.
+ Made of helium sculpture!
+ Enough work to be recorded in the history of the sculpting of the continent.
+ Sculpting going to lead on behalf of the Weed was born by that built the grea
t Fame so not too much to say.
+ This work was created by God is Absolutely precious metal, will bring the bri
lliant glory.
Artistic value: 18 , 619 .
Special options: 8
+ Sculptor had seen the torch on the left Throughout the Health and Mana regene
ration rate of the day 52 % increase.
+ Add to your Mana regeneration of the person who owns the Sculpture 30 % shoul
d rapidly.


All STAT 29 rises.

Skills to of_mana consumption due to the use of 75 % Decrease in.
+ Divine Magic can be used to 2Level higher effect.
Power of Magic The 33 % increase.
To combat skills to use the power of Mana 14 % Increase zoom.
Om away the enemy's Luck.
Mana Barrier prevents missile attacks within a certain range ( Deluxe 4Level
) is formed.
+ Defeats the darkness.
+ Released over the state.
+ Increases morale of troops entirety.
+ Black_Magic and strong resistance to Cursed Magic.
If you watch the + sculpture faith and Wisdom, knowledge is permanently 10 incr
Does not apply to other sculpture and redundancy.
So far, the number of completed Magnum_Opus: 8
+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Rating of + sculpting skills improved.
Rating of + Handicraft skills improved.
+ Blacksmith skills of the Level Intermediate 6 was up to. In the smelting lead
s better than the unique properties of the metal.
+ Blacksmith skills of the Level Intermediate 7 was up to. When you create a li
ghter type of armor Defense and durability will come up.
+ Fame is 4 , 921 has risen.
+ Arts stat is 51. He rises.
+ Wisdom is 7 've raised.
+ Patience 3 've raised.
+ Endurance is 4 've raised.
+ Charisma is 13 've raised.
+ Charm 25 He rises.
+ Magnum_Opus entire sculpture made

by the master stat is 3 to rise further incre

+ Take creating a sacred sculpture Undead forces were reduced in volume.

Eighth Magnum_Opus sculpture Weed is created!
Carry a sculpture as if it was going to be a great help in the battle.
'Cause i'm also created sculpture ...... Lee Jung-do is not basic. "
Sword or armor, not even giving up a stat effects that are lowered from Mana con
sumption, sculpture As was great.
When I saw the option will be best for Magician or Priest.

Thanks to a working blacksmith skills are at once the helium and took two steps.
6Level rating, but also not much reason to have it rest, Human, because metal wa
s the highest grade you have to deal with.
"Sculpture is made whilst reassuring it came to pass that one ..."
Weed took the jawbone of the ear.
+ Sculptor has created a work with a helium Ingredient dream of.
+ Sculptor will be able to receive additional rewards go to the guild.
But this very nice things going on in succession, all the options are more Doom
Knight had been applied because of the negative forces of the body only has incr
easingly fall.
If you create a sculpture is holding no longer die that death as vanity.
Weed was put into a backpack and wrapped in a white cloth sculpture.
+ Sculptor were left out of the influence of the torch.
+ The aura of divine power remains in the body.
After the + energy completely disappears you will be able to regain the origina
l combat capability.
Weed scene created a sculpture by helium was also seen this countless People be
broadcast live to the Internet.
But anyway, this was not able to hide a single thing.
Residents speak out loud because eotgi of Versailles_Continent.
A-class, it was a great day to over embellish the S-class success Quest.
Holy Item like how she's lost it created something of a helium Freya Church.
"Amazing sculpture in the world not made Jeddah artistic great that I do not kno
w, shes sculpture is imbued with mystical powers."
"A group treasure is one of the more increased Versailles_Continent. Into the ha
nds of the Human, think no big deal because the group made an effort."
"His Majesty the King County is anxious to see nasyeotda meet the Sculptor Sculp
tor would give him to pass without telling you to go to the expense to keep the
doors of the palace ..."

5. Turn_Undead
Cooking up the combat readiness of the Weed has to be fed and fed up over all.
"We must..."
Holy_Knight and waited for Weed Priest's speech before the fight with Bar_Khan.
"'ll Hold enormous. A country road going to do that."

"Yeah. You could also relay the broadcast. Weed Now that's the best celebrities.
Also took place live from the station, including the KMC media.
One today to hunt Bar_Khan, as well as a number of Versailles_Continent People w
ill see through the various stations observed.
The tension and excitement, if not two liras Lie.
Weed Holy_Knight have received a command of the Army Corps of immortality, I fel
t a thrill to Bar_Khan and fight.
Listening to people speak before you leave the combat commander They can be desc
ribed as less than Is not no party has an essential doesaegineun or value of wor
Weed is and the hem was a horse again.
"We'll be sure to sweep the treasure hunt Bar_Khan he has."
Clear objectives ceremony!
And Simplicity does not make distracting attention from the audience.
"So let's all done."
Weed is ahkkawot is to spend time with or speech.
"Just not kill it."
Plan is built just so cool to be a fight.
And even those Holy_Knight and Priest, Swordnoob large attack force did so immed
iately campaigns.
Pale party is, of course, Necromancer, including the Marey also accompanied.
Marey was Bard watched the fight as a battle of Weed Bar_Khan this report came a
long jieoseo a great song to sing.
Necromancer decided to fight together with Weed.
Although the Magic and stay on your side of the item less is obtained Bar_Khan,
and the infamous and Undead forces continue to grow.
Bar_Khan is a blessing of the Necromancer, was at the same time an obstacle.
Belonging to the Corps decided to fight for immortality becomes difficult've als
o lower free to enter any town or freeze.
Deunopda Holy_Knight of fraud.

They attack power and defense capability of the climb to the peak when the Undea
d by Opponent.
"If you fight as Weed's heart You think you can do a battle jeorit jeorit."
"I'm not even kill any regrets."
Now that even if the relay broadcast went on fire at will for each battle.
Immortal Legion headquarters are stationed Vargo_Fortress!
The sky is dark and you're here to advance in making jangdaebi trembling heart w
ent too arduous.
"This is where you enter into the sewer."
Weed, but the place is narrow and dirty sewer India!
Splash splash!
Holy_Knight and Priest, Swordnoob they walked in the direction sewer Weed gave a
spoke first.
Pale Merchant Mapan party and was as well.
Nani complicated by teleportation sewer coming up with ground, was waiting for t
he night of Doom Weed.
Weed would have had to walk to the gate to come open because they Undead Undead
Legion was affiliated.
Can not help but envy moderately wet cloak and armor in the rain.
"This is a freeze in the kitchen outside of Vargo_Fortress. Undead's a safe plac
e because they eat up the food."
Comes into Vargo_Fortress Priest were trembling body euseul euseul feel the tens
Pale asked.
"Bar_Khan This place is close to where you going?"
"You'll have to go to the basement of the resistance."
Although ultraviolet is not as formidable easier for the remaining length.
Undead's impossible because they had to Bar_Khan going to have a lot undetected.
"I will go first. Come with me over time."
Weed is explored while leading the trend of the Undead.
Absolutely good if Undead are around, it was a reconnaissance jugido you with in
"7pieces. You are very close to other eonde. The hatch Hugo move quickly."

If you need to hunt was treated as Priest of the Holy Magic.
Treatment of Priest Magic, Magic, and blessed Turn_Undead Magic was very fatal t
o Undead.
"No time to rest and replenish Mana. Undead will be free to move gently back to
where do you go from gyessok Bar_Khan that Vargo_Fortress."
Weed moved to continue without delay.
Roadmap to identify precisely because nwatgi Bar_Khan even include the time to p
rocess the Undead early this teleportation.
Undead moment caught by the arms had to move troops to come to rea fear a huge c
But Weed was said to have a fighting chance without a circle, because I wanted t
o fight and giwangyimyeon Bar_Khan group has quietly followed.
It is also a lot of others just freeze monsters HUNG, Weed is using its position
in the Corps of immortality was weakened gyeonggyemang that dont.
Undead drop away because a lot closer to his men gathered outside the gate playi
ng in the teleportation path.
But sitting squatted in a corner Undead Level is also 300 cases that were abound
over, the public has the dragon is 3pieces or fly.
As the ultraviolet and ghost Oh Vandal_Knights also resistant to dry ride back d
anyeotgi because who knows the inner workings Weed did not even mind.
"Keuek, a Human!"
Holy_Knight and Priest, but they are ready to use immediately pulled out the div
ine Magic, Undead sometimes died screaming.
Around the Undead are coming at every time I was repeatedly quickly overpowered
and fled.
"Human! Intrusion of a Human."
"Inform struck the bell."
"There is a fight going on somewhere."
"Avoid smells. Things alive was a challenge for us."
Dengue! Dengue! Dengue!
Somewhere in the great bell tower of Vargo_Fortress sounded.
"Now you should have been discovered. From now on, you have to run to the uncond
itional immunity without a scout."
Therefore, the Weed and Swordnoob they ran Holy_Knight.
Vitality even these weak Priest with Bible in hand and ran, holding a staff.

"Undead are blocking the way Hugo topped the hatch."

Now was the speed of the war.
Undead danghamyeon surrounded by the flock from across Vargo_Fortress just hit a
miserable death.
"After death they will need you. Unconditionally to be drilled in the shortest a
mount of time. I do not risk may only ask."
"It's easy to not do that. Do not worry."
Swordnoob are Undead defense forces appear jokjok kkaebu crashed.
Sariji the body does not actively attack and break through!
If the purification of Magic Priest, and will to the General Sword attack with V
itality Undead return back to the body.
By Dark_Rule Magic of Bar_Khan occur over time in a little back to the Undead, b
ut it was not a circumtance bout that.
Weed ran at the forefront in the hallway.
He does not because it was attacked by the Doom Knight Undead.
"Here are attacked!"
Weed has attracted the attention of hollering and yelling Undead.
"Human are coming in from the right hallway."
Undead they ran stampeding toward Weed said.
Weed was to confuse the roles of spy and directions and Undead.
Priest dwicheojin except a few people were doing it by running through all the r
esistance coming heading_toward arrives at the gateway.
"It will go through the other way, the Undead are too many of them to pass."
Weed is determined positions were connected by bridges and water resistant.
Below is a taste to see the alligators Undead Human dasyeotda cracking.
"Let's go."
Holy_Knight and Priest have ran towards the bridge resistance.
They were gathering in the back of the Undead The past were soldiers of the ultr
"Beat! Anvil Kill him!"
"Bar_Khan are the party you want to go against the will's death to Make a collea
Undead have been sued by running legs.

Undead have had so much variety, Gargoyle have been attacked from the air.
Priest will stave off the protective pyeolchimyeo Magic.
"Come Run. Run by resistance."
"Come on, come on let's go."
Since I come to Vargo_Fortress, briefly also going to fight so that you can rega
in mental Jeddah.
As well as the Undead you need it done quickly, and move quickly.
Player can but wonder in what way the Weed seem to command the battle was resolv
Failure to fall or the death or culling, or the horse in the herd.
Because of the difficulty of the battle was more amazing than I imagined tried t
o come along do not miss the every move of Weed.
Weed is more than up to the sky.
The dragon's 3pieces are currently not visible.
"Nevertheless japgun me well."
Elf and Barbarian will not attack a few days ago Vargo_Fortress.
Naetneunde Vargo_Fortress appeared in a High Elf also a number of rare in the wo
ods nearby, was a sign like preparing a big attack, but withdrew it.
"You want to fight with Elf in great."
"If you put a lot of balls Bar_Khan's going to be this happy."
"Would not hurt a lot Barbarian woomyeon may be picked up at Vandal_Knights?"
"I think that tomorrow will be even silent night attack. The army of our immorta
lity and plan to embark on a counterattack after Defensive Vargo_Fortress. This
time, I'd do the chasing the Elf went along the forest, not a good opportunity t
o raise public . "
Undead has assumed the approximate date through the end of that attack.
Now look at the Vargo_Fortress Human afar are coming Weed resistance is brought
in one heading_toward were fighting in the street corner.
And the walls near the Elf, Barbarian, Dwarf major battle going from Jeddah Alli
es and Undead.
Pale and Maylon is as soon as you shoot arrows at the protests.
Standing get it right on the forehead of the silver came into my flesh Gargoyle

That's right continue to shoot the arrow stand near the entrance gave protect th
e Priest.
Swordnoob and Holy_Knight were due to the high fine, but managed to Defense Prie
st will be able to quickly die.
Priest gives support to fight back in their usual comfort and safety.
Because we dedicated a blessing and healing that can be described as the core of
the party hunt was part does not move well.
"Heoeok. Heoeok!"
Priest Brie is only one of the best in Morata into resistance as soon as shortne
ss of breath, sit down with hesitation.
Where gaseodo Brie, but only when you're under the preferential, who participate
d in the raid of the Weed and naseoneun not even had to run hard.
Walked slowly rocking the same as fat because your going to die at any moment ch
asing Undead.
Bree was only relieved to come off safely come to the resistance along the Weed.
"Weed Hi, this is safe?"
Weed was only referring to the front of the hall is just silence.
Much more powerful than the monsters that ultraviolet-resistant!
Vendler Knight 3 is hung to dry ghost rushed towards the Human.
"Be careful!"
"The raids."
Priest were one after another burst of Secret Castle.
Swordnoob had already come to the contrast.
Martial arts as a sensation.
Adventurer If you are not strong without having to detect different types of ris
ks such as Ghana Thief flows cool aura makes it a warning to the spine.
"The highlight fought a long time rogun Opponent."
"Be careful. If you die, as it seems to be vigilant."
Estimation of Vandal_Knights Level is 430 more than it was.
Knight was their senior individuals who grant the Name Undead, has been reinforc
ed by Death_Aura of Bar_Khan.
The big Swordnoob have the Swordmanship.
Ben was going all out Templar_Knights lifting from the beginning because it was
the stronger.

Swordnoob ten molars, geomoh sixteen values

and geombaek match, geombaek forty sev
en bodies of each of 10 ml each grew more than one.
"Bar_Khan's Life that wants to live."
"You shall be able to use only as offerings."
Vendler Knight 3 of this moment while rushing to cut my alter ego of Swordnoob.
As the sun faded in the search posse are gone when every veil.
Swordnoob are carved out of the way metallurgical metallurgical put enmity Healt
h using the alter ego is not the preferred side.
Noteumyeo made bitter enemies gap was only intended as a means of attack.
" !"
Stop the attacks exposed the busy Ben Knight of vulnerability Swordnoob they wer
e attacked.
"Size Orr Ah!"
Ben Knight are not getting a significant drop in injuries to safeguard their abi
lity to attack and armor Swordnoob virtue of Death_Aura.
Hit back or knee joints, even though only wore the same despite only mediocre ba
Magic of the Holy Priest and Holy_Knight was a little late to hit the stop Ben K
Undead Magic have been blessed with the treatment that the terrible damage to th
Ben Knight were aboard a break to stop the indiscriminate weakening Swordnoob we
re battered.
Hwaryeong is a new raid to stop on Ben danced in front of more than Knight.
Her own Hula_Hula_Dance!
If you are one Knight Vendler Human hatred and attacks.
However, since the scope of this dance is to grow more powerful closer, danced a
nd had to be narrowly avoided a sword.
Hwaryeong but also as difficult was fortunately succeeded.

"This is quite fine."

"I might smack."
From the perspective of the People Defense was not involved in direct combat to
the hands of Knight high I usually excellent.
A great opportunity to raise the skills associated with skill and stat attack!
Stop by the time they die, Ben Knight, Weed briefly went into the corner.
"We can not stop now include more Undead army."
Resistance of Vargo_Fortress is a place you can not even Doom Knight Danil back
at will.
It is possible, as well as others that are like Undead or lower the command to f
reeze up, governed by the Bar_Khan.
When asked Bar_Khan this attack may be fighting with Swordnoob of losing control
of the body.
"It's time to change back to the body."
Weed pulled out a sculpture in the backpack.
"Should go back to its original shape."
Place pre-carved head and the legs, arms, torso, etc. Do you combine subtly diff
erent, yet similar to the original face of Weed.
sculpture is also standing in ohttuk sassy,
oportional to the rich left eyebrow.

sharp jaw line fitness value may be pr

Overall blossomed well, as well as to build taller 12 cm greater degree.

Human work as closely look like a completely different person but this was sorte
Plastic surgeons are well fixed and admire, and then look to see I do not know a
nybody go to homecoming.
"As we saw in the mirror and comfortable in a long time. Silsul piece side!"
Weed came back again in the flesh of a Human Undead.
In many ways, but the body has changed a bit, when I was Doom Knight and key bec
ause there is no difficulty in adapting similar.
And Daemon Sword Kolderim, mounting the equipment was wearing when he was Human,
and finally heard the torch of Sculptor.
"It's a little ease."
Can_do body is definitely not wear a much better equipment to enhance doejin mil
itant was a night like when placing.
It was not at all bad, because the treatment of Priest or even be a blessing.
When Weed again stood before the People, Priest and Holy_Knight, Pale Necromance

r had come into the party and they all resistance.

"Right now, the effect of sculpture ......."
By holding the torch Weed Player, as well as the ability to have much nopahjieul
faith, knowledge, Wisdom is permanently 10 increased by.
"It then made sculpture."
"Weed's sculpture is made're this much. Sculptor is also really awesome inde Pro
Given the respect of Player Weed said the plans for the future.
"Keep a place where Bar_Khan to teleportation, and the monster's resistance woul
d continue writing together ... Do not spare the sacred catch here is Magic."
Swordnoob only fight may be greater damage to the stop Ben Knight.
The Undead was full of Vargo_Fortress get through with all the power.
"How can I continue to come back and forth, they would have the Undead?"
Asked someone in the Holy_Knight.
They now Senior Priest 8 persons were in complete sanctity by consuming all of t
he Mana is with enchantment.
In jeopeodeuneun recipe for tolerance, but in a moment turned the breath, the en
chantment has only 3 ~ 4 minutes just does not last.
It was the entry of monsters that others freeze problem, it is difficult even st
ronger monsters of resistance are messing with.
"Keep looking Katakana are stairs down to the basement. The're under the Bar_Kha
n. After you finish your defenses dominated the stairs fighting Undead."
The only passage in the narrow staircase to the basement while fighting with wir
e Undead. Holy_Knight and Priest are also taking a break, risking their lives wh
ile those where he left some of the troops were planning to enter in order to co
mbat the Bar_Khan.
Pretty basic and simple, but depending on where Mana arrived without damage to t
he Earl of success and failure could be greatly affected.
Weed nor wander've understood is the internal structure of the Vargo_Fortress, c
ould do the role as a faithful guide.
"Whoa ..."
Player have rested in a deep breath to relax.
Has left behind a legendary monster Bar_Khan and fight.
If you win, but glad, if you do not do that was wiped out, rusting not escape ev
en if afterthought or a runaway tolerance.
Priest they nodded.

"Let's go."
"Ish the end came over here."
In order to regain Vitality moved Sheen continued after a moment.
Undead have heard flocking never ending, Magic of the Holy Priest Holy_Knight an
d was hit.
Walls and ceilings, the evil spirits that were in the land rush, Vendler Knight
have appeared occasionally boring.
Weed is holding a torch in front of moving forward, followed Swordnoob and Pale
party, Priest, Holy_Knight, Necromancer is followed closely.
"This deuneunde Undead continue flocking, how to be successful?"
"I do not know. That's right also led Weed dont's of course going to succeed."
"That's right or not ... We are also the first failure."
Anxiety and irritability had to be followed.
Old pictures in the Monster is playing out, Vargo_Fortress was that far exceeds
the dangerous dungeons.
"The Wall!"
"You are a ghost jumped out from the wall. Go for cover."
"Please note that the monster on the ceiling!"
Despite Priest and Victim Holy_Knight gathered much had one after another by the
surprise of the Undead.
Health remains a little but even if this treatment could save by using Magic har
ness, Level is too high Undead are killed by a half dozen of Swordnoob and Holy_
Knight between awhile.
Priest are the most preference to keeping all threats batjiman They also generat
e a lot of damage.
There are many dangerous when danghagido back and forth while the pincers, and f
inally complete the teleportation up the stairs in the cellar had a goal!
Had finally opened Bar_Khan statement.
"Oh, now itneyo ahead of his fight with Bar_Khan. Really is much awaited moment.
"Weed doegetneyo this fight as it is very much at stake."
Weed the scene to take the Player enters the Vargo_Fortress each station are bea
med live.
Preview the regular program schedule is canceled because the notice and will cre
ate a special program.

Since viewers had raised a bulletin concerning Royal_Road waiting was even said
to be one of the huge festival.
Gritty expressed in one word, 'fun, crazy.
Much more than the audience reaction was far beyond the expectations of each sta
Adventurer even once was the reason that you have not let the viscosity of Weed.
But even more than that, there was no reason to viewers along fine.
+ Full reckless year.
+ Liver's swollen. Measly 1 while the person is the person to ask ebb and flow?
+ Up in minutes, no fun You're kidding. Weed is a tidal 5 per person to eat.
+ Vargo_Fortress! How do you know that can go into a place like that go for a h
Weed was to unpredictable behavior.
Other Player are the absolute do not want to know Weed behavior is never hesitat
ed to commit.
Tongkwaeham stress and feel when this happens!
Although the number of relay stations are at the same time, different words are
depending on the Tendency of the station to the moderator.
"Progress, Mr. Hunt is still high, according to the analysis has enabled fail?"
"Yes, I've analyzed all known power so far, does not look likely to beat my judg
"There are many, too Holy_Knight and they can be called nemesis Priest Undead?"
"I can not not consider the Magic of Bar_Khan important. Necromancer is what is
the most feared and why? It's just that the body continues to produce swings in
a friendly, but a lot of people like that is going crowd, a disadvantage than ad
vantage is further liable will. In the worst case is that all discarded Maybe Un
dead? "
"How can you then need to win Bar_Khan?"
"Level will go very high minority. We'll have to say for now still do not catch
the monster's Level Player have no worth hunting Bar_Khan. And frankly, the batt
le will be very concerned about any type of jilji going on."
However, this was outside the station to proceed negatively to viewers cold.
Message boards also had enough spare drowsiness level emerges.
"Given the Battle of Weed came to savor a lot of preparation, you'll be able to
fight well why. Also enjoy watching one tactic he put l can put out an interesti
ng point. John worked but also do not like."
"Because the Army Corps of immortality and attacking Morata Weed is a position t
hat must not hunt Bar_Khan. If you fail to hunt'd jeopardize the existence of Mo

Objective and is even lower rating if you are a neutral broadcasting.

"For a tolerance of Vargo_Fortress she stopped you already ahead of the entry in
to an area where Bar_Khan. From Corsair Is awful fast?"
"Usually preceded by several modifiers for these legendary monsters.. Moving sie
ge weapons or Lord of the Undead, etc., but this time it is not recommended Oppo
nent. Weed is a'm the god of war."
"Why did from the continent's Magic nicknamed Weed has been called the god of wa
r to explain now?"
"Without the need for many to say, it seems to be you see on the screen. In this
way, take the Player's entry into the fort grounds cotton wool, efficiently, sy
stematically, could fight like that who else besides Weed?"
Weed for the station to the praise and support actively the ratings skyrocket!
Because in many stations and relay ratings were more sensitive areas.
While the words of praise broadcasting officials could not saeak the other side.
So far, the broadcasting related Royal_Road choosing and enjoying a popularity s
o the AU Player is only one I've never seen even persons.
Geotyiji usually spilling know a lot of power and strength, it has a higher Leve
l M, was no comparison in terms of popularity and Weed.
Bard_Ray cool to see, not even when the head of the guild is quite a bit of its
power and influence to exert much greater than substantially Weed.
Nevertheless, this is because People are cheering yinyu Weed, sculpture also cre
ates an exhilarating Adventurer thrilled Possession various technologies.
Goritabunhan forces alone, not everyone has a dream and wander Adventurer.
They do not do Adventurer.
There can not be a Sculptor that worked fine as a stage large Versailles_Contine
"People If you are so fine ......."
"We'll have to consider making an application to the Weed and then in the backgr
"Weed way that passes the information is made mainly of sculpture or hunting see
ms to be fine."
"Came out several times already broadcasting always get high ratings."
Broadcasters are more popular in Weed They only level that can take advantage of
Recently, however, often while watching the broadcast, They were going in betwee
n the fans of Weed increasingly stretched.
Both were the Player to travel Versailles_Continent.

"I will open the door to the combat readiness and charge it."
Weed showed that Balkan_Demoph sitting in the big chair as soon as you open the

Fear goes into sangta.

Body is stiff temporarily.
Health and of_mana maximum value of 20 % is reduced.
The power 45 % less.
Agility This 23 % is reduced.
Wisdom is 40 % less.
Vitality This 28 % is reduced.
Will be unhappy.

+ Spirit is collapsing goes into delirium.

+ Feel dizzy.
+ Skills and increases the probability of failure of Magic.
+ Will see the welcome.
Degradation of + Vitality faster.
I honestly expected a certain extent also dajida also prepared mind.
However, even though you only looked at the effect of the degree view Bar_Khan!
Weed is Fighting_Spirit and Willpower, faith is equally high and still the damag
e was Maxim.
Yiraseo fine but when I came to the same side Doom Knight, and turned to face th
e mighty prestige of more than Bar_Khan hostile to the front.
"Kkyaah Ah!"
"Do not do this. Do not come!"
Priest are even wearing big physical damage, and the threat of danghagido welcom
for_nothing legendary monster that will not confuse the danbake missing on Human
Swordnoob are not bad surprisingly large.
Willpower and many reckless challenges as well as the change in the Fighting_Spi
rit being creative high, Iranian martial art was due Professions very strong whe
n facing an enemy combat power to take scraped the floor.
Follow news?
Marey was played, remove the instrument.
Music was a useful means to win the Fear.
"Continental Bard is the best country'll let you know. '
Bar_Khan waited so hunting is a chance to be a live broadcast by several station
Weed has sung a song scene prior to the start of the battle will meotjideon jeal

ousy in me enough to Bard.

Bar_Khan stage of hunting shall not envy hall of the palace.
Where God touches foot of @ War
@ Frozen earth and the immortal ......
Sang the conversion was composed in a small voice.
First began gently to calm melody.
Then it was to exert a tremendous singing songs from the middle Tendency of Mare
By the way!
@ Too strong. Undead looks tight!
Weed Lion's_Roar for a burst of song.
Marey went about to play along with the songs they sing in could not have pushed
Well @ balgeom making history ......
@ Nervous're looking stronger ridorok
But today I will die @
@ What are you wearing those old
@ Jar Jar job, system temtem temtem
@ Stuck coming along the Wind
@ Rob expensive
How much is being written to @ head a crown?
@ Skeleton holding a cane also to me
@ Jar Jar job, system temtem temtem
It's ready for the best singing at a karaoke was much more brutality than liver
steal the mic!
Intraday epic songs of Marey was forced not even be buried in a shouting match p
itch and tempo of Weed.
Simple but also easy to sing along song hooks!
+ Due to the effect of Fear and listening to music freak 58 % reduced.
Marey, yet despair, continued to defend the pride as any play Bard.
As highlighted by exquisitely Weed gave singing along the harness.
"Eonde am about to end? Am a finish in any way? "
For there was no prior consultation with the Marey was frustrating to play, depe
nding on the song.
But Weed song ended abruptly without properly even epilogue.

Command of Weed fell Holy_Knight are tackled aiming to Bar_Khan as planned.

The ground was attempting want to continue down the basement stairs Undead Undea
d Legion, as well as to stop Ben Knight.
Whether you do not hunt Bar_Khan, attract legions of immortal time Oden down, ha
d to wipe out.
Bar_Khan occurred in the chair.
"Beoreoji in. Well done to find vain got here early to break the Life. Your hair
is useless without doeni flesh shall submit only ever been created with the Und
The declaration of + Necromancer been cast.
Holy_Knight were assaulted but different direction.
They are moving in the right direction but that in fact felt they was caught up
in the illusion of Bar_Khan.
Bar_Khan heard of a finger pushed the waves splashed journalist Rakhan cold.
Holy_Knight are engaged in a bright but that divine power, due to the effect of
freezing rate will slow down the body went stiff.
"Eliminate the ingal."
Doom Knight in the ground 50 at once arose machine or.
Was the immediate guard to keep the Bar_Khan.
"Undead they're even here."
"Come need to get it on. Bar_Khan gotta not give this time to continue writing a
nother Magic!"
Holy_Knight have had to pay the night before the battle with Doom to go closer.
The balance of the body so look out combat wage battle will take place immediate
ly favorably toward Bar_Khan.
Holy_Knight are not surprised.
'Weed has high can happen that did this kind of battle. "
If you are Holy_Knight assault, Bar_Khan was going to concentrate once attacked
Physical abilities of the Lich too bad, but, Holy_Knight are in close proximity
to the Magician as if clinging because very annoying thing.
The use of multiple fatal Cursed Necromancer way you prefer, Holy_Knight will tr
y to raise the Undead to sacrifice them.
Holy_Knight were the role bait.
Due to the exceptional defensive skills and physical protection, less damage to

the Opponent to attack the enemy Magic Bar_Khan.

If you had only fought defensively to withstand even a very long attack of Doom
The real attack was Priest are ready.
They are simultaneously unfolding Undead Priest purification Magic.
Several welcomed Bar_Khan are disappearing, a huge impact occurred about runnin
rocking the black aura.
"Exciter on the size!"
Even though there was a legendary monster Bar_Khan may not harmed in the attack
sanggeuk or no difference.
Bar_Khan flesh and the surrounding shone brightly in the divine power.
Romuna urgently used the Magic.
"Bursting in Health, Show me the whole. View_Life_Force!"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +
* Lich Balkan_Demoph
+ And the Dark Mage, Black Magician beyond the limits of the Human.
+ Undead attempt to seize raise the continent.
Has the body of + Lich, due to seonggeom getting stuck in chest physical activi
ty and restrictions in the Magic Power.
+ With legendary monsters, feats of all Kingdom and Church
fHealth :
Do Me: ??????????
+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

99 &
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

6 : The Dragon's 3pieces

Attack the castle Health of the ball despite Bar_Khan of Priest's death and is f
ar and away a long time.
If there is only Life that is alive with the body to create an army to survive L
ich close to infinity.
"Awake, my department to ...!"
Bar_Khan this oechija, the height from the ground five meters Stone Golem that m
uch has happened.
Limbs of the thickness of the key seemingly ignorant enough to almost touch the

Senior Necromancer are riding around the Golem to take one kind of guardian, if
there was Bar_Khan Stone Golem.
Mercure Beep, beep!
Stone Golem is hwidu Sharjah Holy_Knight they fall out of the arm.
Golem is the land every time Danil jump rings, stone powder will fall from the c
Defense and impregnable and also as Vitality, gajida the Attack_Power.
Because it is made with Magic Divine Magic Guardian has no damage.
"Be careful, but ye also not sure Level is 400 degree seems to be for the middle
and late. "
"To go to Bar_Khan seem to be drilled from the defense of the Golem."
"Spouse hatch from the Golem."
Bar_Khan 1 million persons simply do not give battle to the Opponent knew immedi
ately this was a mess.
This usually occurs fluctuations in Mana Magic abandon the party is canceled, ev
en if only one or two of the small attack Magician.
But Bar_Khan was alive and continued even in the light of the correct phrases Tu
rn_Undead Magic Priest.
Magic in the Magic memorize Thanks to the high power of the Lich is also not cle
Pale and Maylon is gathered and shot full of arrows towards Mana Bar_Khan.
Bar_Khan also can not help it because it was gray Magician Basin because not a v
iolent movement when avoidance memorize the order.
But minor offense was right. He seems to be no correlation cast-iron.
If nature can increase the risk of Lich Because the Health and Mana takes the Li
fe that was not even alive, but desperate times.
Cursed included in the scope of Bar_Khan 200 persons over to the dark blue aura
around Holy_Knight are covered Jeddah.
To prevent breathing powerful Cursed Magic!
Dudu patter!
This time, 30 bones in the body of Jeddah Holy_Knight of persons around the depa

Even if the armor was leaving the day if the Resistance forces Cursed Magic.
"Fire Hydra summoned."
Bar_Khan was also summoned Fire Hydra.
In the land from head sotahnan Fire Hydra each one breathed fire from his mouth.
A cast of Magic Bar_Khan three in a row.
Bar_Khan very little time behind the rest of the Magic attack was also used to H
The ring made of cold air struck them so Holy_Knight.
Magic was recovered by Priest is concentrated to Bar_Khan and Holy_Knight.
Genocide does not work so well why successive Magic.
Magic Defense, Resistance force of the original Holy_Knight was also due to surp
ass the Warrior.
Weed watched the situation calmly.
'Bar_Khan of the Cursed Magic, Necromancer Magic is the they can think at the hi
ghest level. If they see you flesh tremble loading Undead strong but also the dr
agon's body harness to produce level. Summon Magic also quite know how to use. T
hat's right also attacked Magic is hard enough. "
A guide only weak compared to the level of the other was a Magic of Bar_Khan.
Level is 400 Magic attack faster than using a large excess of about Magician.
Given that the speed of the Battle of the order not only to learn the importance
of Magic power, great strength as can_do.
In addition Holy_Knight atrophy were also badly as this only Bar_Khan.
Summoned Doom Knight, was rather more crazy, Stone Golem.
Bar_Khan is in turn wrote a total surprise and binggye Magic, Holy_Knight arose
among them being sacrificed.
Romuna is sure this is just the Turn_Undead As Priest continues the attack of He
alth of Bar_Khan even 73 % of that falls into one, was hopeful news.
Bodies are already 19 because're being made.
Given the quality produced by senior Undead Undead Summon Magic of Bar_Khan this
hunt has failed to look right.
Through a screen that is sent to the station, although not currently properly ag
gregate of 100 , 000 , 000 has been estimated that more than watching.
Weed together with colleagues, Player is not only more viewers watch has a varie
ty of Wind.
"Be fail."

"Do the network."

"Kwak Drop dead."
'Weed also yiguna kkeutmul now. "
Belongs to the prestigious Player of the guild, Level hoped that the high ranked
players are joining forces to fail.
Human those who still motionless troops, they were Swordnoob.
Despite the battle has already started because we see the response of the Bar_Kh
an Holy_Knight are desperate to swallow that one body itch without first put deu
ldorok flew alone.
"Wow evil!"


Swordnoob will give strength to body cried a bunch of fired up.

His ability with Willpower, on the basis of Courage, Fear is completely out of t
he Bar_Khan in effect at the time boeul.
Now Swordnoob were able to fight without restriction as usual.
When the Bar_Khan only that it was a great advantage to the Opponent.
"Let's go!"
"Let's sweep these guys."
Swordnoob have wielded the sword to go out and Doom Knight Golem.
Bar_Khan made directly Undead are different levels.
Doom Knight, which is reinforced by Death_Aura they seemed almost gave boss_leve
l power, they had to fight eolchu Swordnoob equal footing and demonstrate your s
Priest iteotgie to receive the blessings of Swordnoob fought much rough and igno
rant than usual.
"Thoroughly break away!"
"Once you have created a battle out of Mara vigilant until the Priest will be co
mpletely purified by divine power."
Bar_Khan was to check the Holy_Knight.
Using the gap Swordnoob were destroyed Doom Knight and purification.
Suddenly everyone is fighting hard when Thus, gentle flowing sound of music!
Bellot played a musical instrument in the field.
Encourage the faithful giving of the Priest, sang hymns to the power to Holy_Kni

Romuna is occasionally pulling Magic, Surka Doom Knight fought with Swordnoob.
Zephyr was in charge of the basement stairs and Hwaryeong Undead are coming down
with the other Player.
Since skills in a wide range of attacks and can not sleep aids monsters Hwaryeon
g pinch of Zephyr has Bar_Khan hunting.
"O ye uncivilized Human,
stupid Resistance. The land is dominated by the law of my
night. I will take over the power of eternal immortality. Dark_Rule!"
Bar_Khan of 3 for Magic, the Magic all around the body to summon Undead was cast
Balkan_Demoph a senior Necromancer, and know how to use the Magic to three kinds
of special as Magician.
Dark_Rule, Death_Aura, Absolute_Magic_Defense!
Absolute_Magic_Defense was discarding blocks from the source to all Magic attack
s are a threat to him.
If this level for Magician also dare not touch ppyeokkeut of Bar_Khan.
Naturally skills Romuna is much fall than once just by using the Magic was also
helpful enough to Undead.
Underground by Dark_Rule space, and the whole Vargo_Fortress geombulge heard wat
When you create an Undead, based on the bodies of the Holy_Knight and Swordnoob
is further increases the power of the Bar_Khan.
The Undead Death_Aura could have naturally absorbed by the Health and Mana fight
ing to get.
But so far they waited Necromancer moved faster.
Bring in standing anyway Undead ppeonhani would obey a Bar_Khan bare hands, but
just gotten, it was never playing Dun eat.
"Arise eye detection fails, do ye sleep ghost here alive, and a plurality Please
! Dead Rise to those who killed you."
Bodies of Holy_Knight be Minor Skeleton happened this.
"Key Lyric?"
"Human and attack the ... Bar_Khan, sir."
Skull started the fight as soon as he looked around the street for Bar_Khan.
"What, you're gonna material result she is."
But Swordnoob four hundred eighty chilchi pushing past your body as it impractic
al to be destroyed!
Dark_Rule of Bar_Khan not geujieopneun are weak and not Necromancer Undead Minor
cause was quickly extinguished through the purification of Magic Priest.

To prevent the maximum long-term recall of the Undead Bar_Khan will built the il
lustrious merit of Necromancer.
Mapan also found a white cloth off the wagon dragged forcibly from here.
Advent of seven Angel.
Deicram brought Magnum_Opus sculpture made from the Arts Center.
sculpture master, because the landlord possible abuse of power!
The effect of divine power increases, delivered the sculpture came to increasing
the Mana regeneration rate was utilized to actively combat.
Of course, even if it is a defeat for the coming seven Angel made of Mithril sha
ll Bar_Khan was thrown a huge lost count as a Weed.
"You'll have to go this way."
Weed is in the upper hierarchy Swordnoob 150 persons, Priest of the 30 persons w
ith me through the basement again turned to the resistance of the Vargo_Fortress
an underground keep
Initially, the Undead ohdeon to pursue They also, the idea of
Bar_Khan not follow from that point is that you have more class.
'Health is to get rid of the life of the Lich vessel is sealed. "
Bar_Khan is difficult to eliminate even the legendary monster with divine power.
Since seonggeom is plugged into the chest, but the magical powers are severely c
onstrained, the actual Level is difficult even to guess his.
Last Swordnoob is sure to destroy the manatees do not die from road to group lif
e Bar_Khan this bakhyeoseo vessel.
Health is reduced if the station Bar_Khan summoned to the vicinity of the vessel
on their life, and commanding a legion of immortal again to get all of the Play
er enters into Vargo_Fortress drove to death.
"Probably be there."
Weed has hit the region and beyond doubt that there will be life when sightseein
g vessel is resistant to a Doom Knight.
"He might go and nothing time."
"Know. We go!"
Weed and Swordnoob they ran quickly down the corridor.
People are responsible for Bar_Khan out because there was no gap meomutgeoril co
ntinue to die.
Priest have had little experience with the so physically suffering.
Wisdom and faith only by driving alone for long walks because the stats came up

makin easily tired, Weed and you wish you were the bridge was about to take it t
o the speed of Swordnoob hudeul.
"Eophi you."
Swordnoob they held out strong, such as sitting on the floor.
"That's right, but also be an excuse ..."
"When did you sseurago etc. I do not have a large reason why men. Eopeotneunde e
ver lived to write this, I'm fine!"
Gallantly to Swordnoob speaking Priest are hyeotda-up care.
Woman Priest purpose only brought to the Swordnoob Weed!
"The Undead!"
Each corridor only to keep the monsters appeared haetdi middle, topped comfortab
ly by Weed and activities of Swordnoob.
"Well, look at this. Heriam_Fencing!"
Pushing that the torch of Sculptor Undead are exposed to the divine power he had
suffered a skull wrapped in rats.
Went up to the bold slash Swordmanship in the gap.
While the upper part of the Weed Resistance heading_toward can see far out to ch
eck the result, ultraviolet and there were fierce battle going on all over the o
fire and smoke rises, Skeleton running around the walls of the castle above, the
ghost flew in the air.
"Bar_Khan's for the glory!"
"Elf Beat Physical them. Be welcomed the Elf who came to be our peers."
"Go down to the basement dopja the Bar_Khan, sir."
The Undead are a bunch jieoseo passage was also pounding teleportation.
Weed Every time I moved, wait until they pass with Swordnoob the Undead, Priest
of hiding behind vacancies or hallway.
"Executions, go back."
Weed is a place of resistance to the destination three layers.
Ben Knight has been a drop in the twenty-iron gates guarded, perhaps life was su
pposed to be a vessel of that behind Bar_Khan.
"This place probably right."
Lich are thoroughly Life vessel lay hidden.
Weed did not even go bojin, has enabled high given the stringent security.

"Bar_Khan are rebellious to the Human Spirit."

Upon arrival iron door stop before Ben Knight and the battle went on.
Between Priest will give the blessing and restoration Magic Swordnoob they walke
d to Opponent others, Weed is to stop Ben Knight 1 confronted with persons.
"The Knight Elliot."
"The Weed. Are so honored to meet you."
Weed instinctively that the flattery to increase Intimacy.
Undead is flattering to the higher level, and this habit jinaetdeon was left in
the body.
"Come over here to die. Par head Swordmanship."
Ben came forward to stop the Knight.
Meanwhile, he'd like to see while working as Undead stop fighting with Ben Knigh
The equipment that is not unusual wear, get experience is a must if you stop by
Ben Knight Level Weed because much of the current Fak climb.
Weed learned the blacksmith skills alone are roughly the monster's eye view of t
he Human form is, could guess the performance of the equipment or the price.
Since the drop in Ben Knight is wrapped around the body junggapot However, the D
efense Superior flexibility was somewhat at a disadvantage.
"Bar_Khan's country retreat in the ground!"
Vendler's Black Knight, he wears every time you swing your sword Waking distance
radius of 5 meters swept ssikeul.
Even though only graze Health of Weed fall sharply in the aftermath.
Weed also wielding a sword and attacked the color of the light of the profound d
rop by Ben Knight.
Tend to prefer close combat but is difficult to hit a handwritten Moonlight_Scul
"Wow, great!"
"Really cute!"
Immediately was seen even in the midst of Weed admiration makes the Priest.
Moonlight_Sculpting_Blade beautiful than any skills They have seen!
Special prosecutors freeze was therefore emits mysteries white and black or red
than the color of the speculum simple and gorgeous.
Damage itself was weak compared to the effect.

Ignoring the enemy's strength, but Defense, nor the range is very wide as storms
or push keunhim.
Nevertheless, Mana consumption than Sculpting_Blade 3 times harsh.
Since then learned the Heriam_Fencing is very often, it is used only for a short
time, but now I use harness.
Which supports the Mana, because holding a piece torch with helium.
I feel like a solid starting salary between workers received the Friend of the s
chool in front of the house in the company fraud!
"Now, slammed evenly heartily."
Weed is paetda surely beat the drop Ben Knight.
Knight in the Legion of Doom immortal Vendler a much more senior Undead Knight!
Ignoring both defense and only earned a slugfest that bashing each other only am
bition Jeddah.
Weed also suffered damage, Priest are due to the endurance and his ability and e
quipment to treat Defense nor gave much higher.
Priest, so they could devote to quickly hunt without having to write many ways n
+ He obtained the Elliot's boots.
+ He acquired the cloak of Eliot.
+ 81 gold 34 silver was picked up 58Copper.
Unique item will win!
When Weed took care of the stop Ben Knight, Swordnoob also finished the fight.
further Swordnoob hapgong is that the number had become a disgrace to all injure
d window.
"... Really tough battle keoheok six."
"That's right even guys fought well."
Conscious of the attention of the Priestess and will rise all the way out to see
who was fighting not feel sariji the body once more Healing_Hand.
"Now, you open the door ..."
It was Swordnoob and Priest are fully recovered before, Weed walked straight to
the iron gates.
Vargo_Fortress There was also a break because no one Undead are danyeotgi back.
Swordnoob fifteen stop Ben Knight and turned the handle, insert the key was in t
he lock obtained loots.
Stating the lock.

"Can finally completely kill Bar_Khan. The legend of the monster, came the end o
f the Lich Balkan_Demoph. '
Weed opened the iron gates firmly with both hands.
And impressive and mix with.
"Oh, a great place to do this!"
Unlike the idea and Deng So if you're only there lies a life vessel Bar_Khan, th
e room full of old swords and armor and jewels of gold were piled up like a moun
Weed is the place to come and Swordnoob will treasure was the Vargo_Fortress.
"That's what is."
The mouth of Weed tears as wage.
But also hundreds of thousands of gold coins contained in jars and chests seem b
But if you hit with sword and armor that will worth much more fabulous.
"Magic goods're also Bar_Khan."
The direct production of goods Bar_Khan Magic also, because of its performance a
nd diluted Plasticity will be selling a lot of money.
Magic wand that will amplify a specific Attributes.
Flying in the sky, there was the boots that allows you to walk on water.
"Yiguna the jackpot!"
Every unhappy thought Weed was the first to rejoice heartily!
'Are'll start my own ....'
Swordnoob and Priest in, and divide the shares because Marey followed to make a
Which led to the Quest because of Weed found treasure 3 million have ownership f
or you, and the rest was customary to divide people according to the number.
How can one even opting to eat beans share the precious things God is handing th
e gold, silver and items!
Any idea the second time, the distribution of the treasure was not a serious pro
Tweseo have to win before we can bring gold and wondered if it was even treasure
Weed's face stiff guteotda.

"Life Vessel of Bar_Khan is not here."

Deda center of resistance and tight security perimeter is done on the basis of t
he fact that this place was definitely not convinced.
But .......
Weed was hastily sent a whisper to Mapan.
] situation of Bar_Khan like?
Because any answer just came back this time.
] Bar_Khan Vertigo while you continue to summon the Undead.
] Health What?
] Mana Priest has prayed a lot of fall and absorb the Health and Mana's Holy_Kn
ight Swordnoob nimdeul and still going strong.
Not even by eliminating Bar_Khan does not destroy the life vessel, Manda battles
and defeats.
Vargo_Fortress Human everybody came to work here is to bury the bones can happen
"We have to find a life vessel. Vargo_Fortress has certainly other places I do n
ot think so. Was the boundary of the Undead is the most thorough and safe here."
Weed's brain spinning faster in a crisis!
There was no room Bar_Khan is no apparent place to hide.
But that will not even let it not for the Health of the underground wine bottle.
"Bar_Khan should be a place that is safe and reliable than the've gotten here, s
top by Ben Knight founded the guards."
I contemplate life recollects memories seem to know where vessel.
And ultraviolet resistance than a few times there has been a safer place.
The dragon's 3pieces the fly, the central tower waiting for ???? Vargo_Fortress!
Came up tolerance of Vargo_Fortress I go my tired all through the Undead.
But now it was the dragon with a sheet to beolyeoya battle.
Elf, Barbarian, Dwarf does not fall to the Allies fought to continue the ultravi
olet Vargo_Fortress.
Warrior of the race if they all stopped in the ultraviolet, but was able to capt
ure, focus will did not set out to defend the Queen of Faerie.
Nevertheless, across ethnic coalition that was in power and the distribution of
the Undead is a bit fortunate.
I cant stand freeze, is a number that can fight has been limited because of the

narrow corridor.
"Kill them all."
Undead have happened in the mudslide in the nearby hills turned to mulmil as ult
"Driving out the Undead reopened the Courage to restore freedom to the land!"
Elf and Dwarf, Barbarian fought the valiant.
Standing outside in turmoil taking place in many freeze Weed felt a severe chill
"The dragon's disgrace ...... 3pieces. '
General but also afraid of the dragon, Bar_Khan the dragon was the homemade luxu
"I can not help it."
Swamp driven, stepped blazing fortitude every time!
"Executions, to kill the Bar_Khan are fought with the dragon in the central towe
r How do."
Swordnoob never know if anyone has a good idea of

the comments is more to ask.

"Hit grab."
"A good knife, leave me for?"
Consensus in seconds!
In fact, I do not hold the jeongjak heojeon why would you feel the dragon was th
e same group Weed.
"Right here."
Teleportation to a central tower, Undead have continued recruiting in the hallwa
Not only is still processing the gathered Undead favorite time to go by yourself
with a central tower also be delayed too much, there may be forfeit before.
"We have no choice, but to take shortcuts. I will go first. Come a little bit ba
ck there."
Weed went out to the outer wall of resistance breaking a window.
The Wind is blowing cold outside this Gargoyle flew.
"The Human."
"Kill him!"
Skeleton Archer Southern boundaries are loose from the wall and watchtower towar
ds the Weed.

Weed was riding a wall holding a teleportation protruding parts.

Sasha syasyasyak.
Hail hitting the arrow to move like a spider between the Callaghan hold the brok
en parts or projections beyond the walls of the stadium.
"Human shoot from."
"The bad guys are like him. Bar_Khan should be eliminated for a response from hi
Attack of the Skeleton Archer was concentrated in a Weed.
Kane nooo love juice!
Gargoyle Dork also come with beak Weed.
Wielded a sword in his left hand in a disadvantageous situation uncomfortable ha
nging on the castle walls.
Swordnoob and Marey, Priest will allow you to focus your eyes go up to the top s
"There are totally kill the Human struggle."
"Let's show the greatness of our Undead."
Shoot at the ground Skeleton_Mage also collected the Magic in hand.
The message window was hit by continuing to attack Weed emerged.
+ In the current South Health 36 , 789 .
'Gonna get a die.'
Weed went to climb the walls to the roof of the first Vargo_Fortress.
The roof of resistance was at an angle off the slopes.
Several large towers were something more than a height towering roof.
Follow Bat Weed Gargoyle and I take olraohmyeo was attacked, It also followed th
e arrow and Magic attacks.
Health is 15 %, not only about leaving.
The Priest Swordnoob and they should definitely time to pull up from the other d
"So the baeya're not gonna help it."
Weed pulled the sculpture.
Fine sculpture, bronze 'impression of holding onto japtem.

"I do not mean to write again ... if that assistant and hide it in the dragon ci
rcumtance that fight. Sculpture_Form_Destruction! All this is doeeora Agility."
Direct and broke the statues in his hand.
That moment.
Light younger the body of Weed.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +
* He uses Sculpture_Form_Destruction.

Fine statue suffering from destruction! Grief!

Arts stat is 5 disappears forever. Fame is 100 less.
Arts stat is 1 for 4 to switch to during the day as a percentage of Agility.
Art Agility stat stat is too high because of low had originally does not occu
r all at once converted.
+ Agility 850 is replaced by 'Sprinting_Wind' of Deluxe skills 8Level. Mana can
ride on the Wind using.
+ Agility 650 is replaced by 'Evasion' of Deluxe skills 8Level. Lets not exactl
y match the attack. The performance of the Leather leads more.
+ Agility 410 is replaced by 'Lucky_Intervention' of Deluxe skills 4Level. Luck
is often haphazard beoleojyeoseo up to three can attack the Attributes of the s
+ Agility 520 is replaced by 'Precision_Attack' of Deluxe skills 6Level. Enhanc
es the probability of a fatal blow to increase the Attack_Power.
+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
+ Mastery of sculpting has increased.
Weed is the body really feels like a feather lightly.
" 100 group about the meter running even better. "
In Royal_Road physical change occurs also in accordance with this stat increases
When Newbie 100 meter sprint, even 30 takes a close second.
When wearing armor, even one minute may pass.
Strength and Agility by gradually raising Then get a better athlete or later, th
e reality can be 10 invitations available and, Level increases, may play rather
Endurance is also part of the dalrajyeoseo, Vitality had sustained only give geo
tteun even a marathon.
+ The arrow tipped passes.
+ Health The 130 will be reduced.
Skeleton of arrows flew Hiji not properly fit the Weed went down again.
Otherwise it does not make you move naturally avoid that, it was the effect of A
"So let's see what we can where a counterattack?"

Weed pulled the bow of the High Elf example Rica products.
The arrow values

ahkkapjiman, when write now!

If you have trees and river Iron_Two in blacksmith can make arrows with skills,
were more than three hundred to pre-made ones.
Weed ran a tower and roof.
Bat flocks and herds fast Gargoyle able obtain to bring him out.
Yet fitted an arrow to shoot towards the demonstration Skeleton.
The show seemed to stray into the wrong place, as the shot that hit precisely by
changing the direction of the arrow!
+ Water elemental that inflicts extra damage.
Swirl the water got up and swept the Skeleton.
"Guess LA!"
"Kill me from Human."
Weed is chopping them run around the roof near Gargoyle approach, sandwiching an
arrow shot towards the demonstration Skeleton Archer.
Skeleton Archer arrows of being focused by him, who was sitting on the walls and
towers Gargoyle they flew at once to the battle.
Thrilling pleasure coming brew with unstoppable speed!
The Vargo_Fortress to unpaired Weed risk was running around freely.
Weed the parties reach out to embellish caught on quickly Skeleton Archer are li
ke shooting arrows Lie.
+ He acquired the steel arrows.
I returned just by shooting an arrow.
Pale is more Bar_Khan eyes full of fear.
"The real monster, even if you're too!"
Necromancer are springing up all but a corpse than the first as it did not summo
n Undead Bar_Khan.
Undead have been summoned by the Bar_Khan minimum Doom Knight class.
Elite Knight Doom.
Chapter SS Doom Knight.
Doom Knight massacre drinkers.
Doom Knight who drive the plague.

All were named monster class with a Name.

Ben Knight stop until 5 while summoning persons or, Holy_Knight suffering from v
arious Cursed with Swordnoob are far from directly attacking the Bar_Khan was be
olyeoya continue to fight and his guard force.
Bar_Khan was put in there also Turn_Undead Magic of the Priest.
By Death_Aura, absorption and survived through the Health and Mana Undead.
Holy_Knight have not been able to not panic.
"Undead seems to continue to be increased."
"Bar_Khan's still a long way to die?"
"What the hell is the number killed? It looks rather as we wiped out!"
Romuna that was about to fall in impressed.
"If not, do not be late even now as a former Necromancer? Even if only suffer Li
ch ......."
Sex is small even when the power receiving constrained by seonggeom, largely Kin
gdom also promote can_do is undoubtedly revealed the power of the Lich.
Stations are embroiled in two hours was happy worry.
Bar_Khan battle was going on in the basement, which is enough to call me mubang
Undead and Holy_Knight, Priest will compete, fight between good and evil.
Although the outstanding performance of Swordnoob Necromancer Magic are too afra
id because the degree of Bar_Khan, Victim occurs when there is growing forces of
the Undead metallurgy metallurgy.
Immortal Legion was coming into the basement also be a problem because we distri
buted the power to stop.
Weed is another one to go around fighting beyond the roof of the Vargo_Fortress.
He shoots an arrow straight sliding roof, I cut the Gargoyle favorite flying to
jump fearlessly into colorful Moonlight_Sculpting_Blade.
Vargo_Fortress showing in the background, heart beats battle video.
Hall_of_Fame even climb a dash one was about to take place up.
Because not made to show the best scenes can not take my eyes.
"This is going to be exported to either the broadcast!"
So considered look at the whole aspect of the fight Bar_Khan somehow important,
but mainly tha framework, this part of the Weed was replaced on the scene of the
opinion that the curious viewers.
+ What happened at the fight with Khan?

+ Weed that I'd like to be moving in the roof.

At + like that place full of monsters, maybe even like that's where the fight a
s free hwakteu? Weed because geolkkayo that? The dungeon meet jigyeounde, when I
can I fight like a Weed and Level? That's right crowd favorite also inde all mo
nsters and fight in places like Vargo_Fortress suicide.
+ Bar_Khan grasp the battle, do not forget to show your gonna ... Bar_Khan to t
he end wins.
+ What are you doing, was watching in season to concentrate! Please Weed Play i
Viewers of deterioration, such as requests for circumtance station was no choice
but to eat all these dips every bath.

7 : Call of the storm

Weed is leaving the body in Wind Blow coming 5 meters, 10 meters jimyeo shot the
arrow slipped by.
"That's why Archer are gonna increase in popularity."
Weed is he stumbled gobble shoot an arrow.
It Never Misses the Mark!
As well as hits like jokjok Lie shoot, because further damage to the bow of the
High Elf into the elemental.
Pusyu syuk Chou Chou!
The arrows are fired one after another they bakhyeotda Skeleton in turn standing
on the wall.
The fire explosion taking place by the fire elemental, the Hale appears to be wa
ter elemental.
Were mudslide that buried in the earth elemental around, Skeleton are by element
al of Wind blown away and crashed into ground.
Devastated in a row!
Player that you can choose to Archer and Ranger are likely to know what to feel
Jeongjak Archer and Ranger Player and TV viewing through the fact that they did
not know, and it is also absurd jjeoeok mouth wide open.
"That's right're Professions Archer also does not fit me."
Is a great pleasure to shoot an arrow from a distance guessing a monster.
Undead have gone without knowing what they are, why extinction map.
But let off the Skeleton far I could map out the consumption only pick up the ar
row loots.

Reach out and there were also no regret for gajilsu items.
When he is in a stable position without knowing if a party or an independent hun
ting, Professions certainly not be in this battle is heard.
"Nevertheless forge a sword."
Make sure the item have to kill the monsters get close.
The importance of the collection and will Weed has been learned.
Swordnoob in the meantime also coming up with all of the roof, stood up to the P
riest and Marey.
Skeleton at the top of the tower and walls Vargo_Fortress have shot an arrow tow
ards the They.
Feels like an island, as well as all of heaven and earth, the monster!
"Come on, let's get started."
Geomsamchi I cut close to the Gargoyle is hwidulreoseo sword.
Gargoyle flock to slip covering around saekamakge, finally counterattack began.
"All the kill."
"Treatment from these guys and go to the dragon!"
Swordnoob as much as they'd have a rage not only to count the reckless accidents
, They are pursuing goals that were other than become stronger.
They are resistant to venerate was a means to break the limitations of their own
"Once paemyeon is dead!"
"Get rid of it!"
Swordnoob are attending jump cut my Gargoyle with Sword.
The huge uproar from the roof of the Vargo_Fortress widen I headed down the drag
on of the eye which is present in the air.
"Are Human."
This is much more than the top of the huge size of the Dragon 1pieces flaps its
wings outside the bone and was not accessible.
Jet black dragon poured out of the head Hoe car trunk trunks.
+ Fear goes into the state. But indicates overcome.
+ Agility is 4 % is degraded.
+ Wisdom is 25 % less.
The dragon is also a long ways, but the effect of the spread Fear, compared to B
ar_Khan had to endure this does not even half of its power.
Soon the dragon while Burley had a big mouth breath.

Position to use the breath without abjection!

People are at hand, as well as the distance is not a place to avoid lack access.
Weed is a burst of Lion's_Roar.
"From me Come on! I came here the purpose is to kill the Bar_Khan. No one can to
uch me down unless sacrificing."
Swordnoob expiration of a startled even the house worth?
Weed It was really a big deal if you have killed.
Beorimyeon revived by Power_to_Reject_Death to be able to resist the command of
the Undead Bar_Khan.
Because it stood on the side of the dragon may be forced to contend with this Sw
ordnoob even though there is so frustrating, beating out loud.
"That's right not even know you could give one the worst Human."
Weed is coming from the roof off and ran as hard as Swordnoob.
The scary back each time passing scenery naedidil your feet!
"You will not have to run away useless."
The dragon is definitely aimed beolryeotda establish a Weed significantly snout.
And breathed the breath can be said acidic adept.
Puhwa Aaaaaaaah!
Acid Breath surging in the sky.
Weed is long, but the roof Balinese very fast, the breath seemed to avoid the cr
+ Skills Sprinting_Wind've used.
+ Vitality and of_mana consumption is 3 times faster.
Weed the body was thrown nagadeut accelerated more in the future.
Say something that the top speed was tremendous speed overly breath.
And at some point, as if casting a Teleport Magic Gone shoot anything.
With a hole in the roof that remained from the time the dragon appears will look
away downstairs Banks.
Acid Breath sweeps away the spot while Weed is gone, even Vargo_Fortress exterio
r melted together.
Part of the building collapsed melting old carpets and furniture, the mural form
so they look changed.
"Chuckle. Wind VU cool here."

Pushing their heads jubilant young Skeleton!

Weed came up again when the roof had come trampling the dragon fly low Swordnoob
are in crowded places.
"I ask you to sin, involving a Bar_Khan's land."
Citadel earthquake shook the walls torn down, even as I Jeddah.
Swordnoob are hyeotda step on a few people to come because they do not micheo bl
If the dragon is very difficult to catch floating in the sky.
If you are using only breath and shoots high in the sky Magic, a notch Swordnoob
of those desperate days.
Griffon and Wyvern any way but to fight deulyeotdamyeon climbed into the sky, it
is not ready yard.
Tower or building structure to cover this group fall tejiman little effect becau
se the Magic to hit a wide range of terrain with little Vargo_Fortress.
But the dragon was deliberately fought to prevent sit down on the roof Swordnoob
are more advanced.
Other 2pieces does not leave near the central tower.
That meant that only one!
"Certainly the life of the vessel Bar_Khan to tear in the central tower."
Citadel cracked every time the dragon is going to move furiously smash.
But the ferocious dragons that the unpaired geotjjeum are not even care about th
e sound.
"La scattered."
"Get me the smashed!"
Eunpyemul cheap Swordnoob was hiding out suddenly surrounded the dragon was behi
nd the attack. "
"Be wings from attack."
"You broke my ankle!"
Swordnoob have dealt a blow to stick to poke the dragon while chopping.
"The bones are awful darn hard. Do not get into the attack right!"
"Health is not struck off almost looks like."
When the front foot hits were victims of the dragon, so the survival at stake, h
as stepped himyeon high as it can be fatal.
But luckily survives in some cases, the building was only the result of Luck bow
led out actually broke down first.

Weed also use Sprinting_Wind and quickly ran to the back of the dragon.
From the dragon stood on the neck of the tailbone climbed the stairs baldeut.
Fisheye took advantage of a dash attack to hit only a small area like alcohol.
Swordnoob also was using a dash attack and fighting the dragon drinking.
But did not move the dragon is wildly effective properly.
"Ttaerija together."
"The piece ought to be attacked."
Swordnoob them came over him like a dragon's this Weed.
"Human ye, Bar_Khan kneel in front's greatness!"
Koo District Palace!
The dragon is hitting the struggle to drop the Human Vargo_Fortress badly smash.
Some of the chain of three layers or two down to the floor was accentuated.
It was the dragon's body and the front legs, snout and tail attack the front wit
h a problem, due to the collapse of the building Swordnoob are further harmed.
The dragon has devoured the Swordnoob1 persons were then roughly roar.
"Wow Aaa large crane!"
Dragon peers!
Swordnoob as stuck as the dragon's wings, neck up ants along the Weed struck the
sword are no new shelter.
Hitting the body of the dragon to unpaired hard, Sword Durability is rapidly det
+ The durability of the sword has deteriorated bumped the bones of the dragon.
+ Attack_Power the three reduced.
Collect more strongly to beat a bunch of power durability of the sword is worse.
This page is struggling ax mace fit a serious illness such as reduced the Health
of the dragon was winning more favorable side.
Durability falls deongdalahseo but also reduced the maximum Attack_Power no time
to hesitate.
Health of the dragon also score of 5 or less to fall.
Attending the jump Swordnoob also walked on the roof or in crisis eaten everywhe
re attacked the left side of the dragon.
"Executions, if you are not vigilant. The dragon is quicker to wonak the Health

"'ll Beat until this guy is completely broken."

Weed was hitting only continue to place the neck.
"Moonlight_Sculpting_Blade. Heriam_Fencing!"
Increased rating of + Swordmanship skills.
The dragon was the optimal target is lengthening the Swordmanship skills.
Skeleton Archer, Skeleton_Mage also has climbed to the roof of the fort.
Magic like the fiery darts of the cold this fall choosing a dragon with Swordnoo
+ The arrow went wide.
+ She has gone Sid is tipped arrow.
Due to the high effectiveness of Agility Weed does not hit correctly to the atta
Swordnoob were overcome with the Resistance forces and patience.
Crossing the ocean was able to hold out a little sharply increased endurance, th
anks to continued early swung the sword.
"No big deal geotjjeum can not be a barrier to a bent sword deureu. You jukna I
first jukna First, let's anywhere!"
Swordnoob the fight without fear death!
Victims of an attack against the dragon, or losing heart in a colossal struggle
jitbalhyeotda off the floor.
But luckily escaping cases being treated by Priest, dead back to life after I wa
s attacked by Undead colleagues.
Weed could see was the back of the neck because of various circumstances.
The dragon sight as each time you roar went up on a high mountain, carrying the
head was a bit all over the place check.
From the roof of the Vargo_Fortress, so was able to ride the dragon to gauge the
intact all the battle situation.
If you want even battle was about to appear in the ultraviolet.
"Great damage of the death penalty."
Looking at the current moving Swordnoob at least 30 persons dead seems to be abo
Further may die suddenly because many victims were the citadel is crumbling.
Swordnoob dead are revived by Undead by Dark_Rule Magic.
Doom roof and towers of the citadel Night, Vendler coming up such as Undead Knig
ht also deteriorate the situation is out of control.

They have to keep all but the Bar_Khan, Life As vessel close to the central towe
r, which is also a way would have been disposed Undead.
"You're the problem of time '
Weed is present in beating the dragon is also nearing Health.
I could do a little hunting after it is.
But faster, and the damage had to be free of Swordnoob.
"Ahkkapjiman're not gonna help. Thank you to death, this place."
Weed came down from the neck that can be called the best place to attack the dra
Tests undertake its place instead.
Weed is a Lion's_Roar gamyeo burst up in the direction of the central tower.
"I went to the central tower will destroy the life of the vessel Bar_Khan!"
Undead enough to hear the voice of the ultraviolet jjeoreong jjeoreong it was ri
"Beep, Beep, size."
The dragon was attacking the Swordnoob reacted immediately and stood back.
Weed was so quiet from the hatch.
The dragon is going to shatter the building ran furiously to Weed.
Other Skeleton Archer and Mage, also was at once turned into a target of Weed Wi
Attack and Magic Arrows flying without a lot of you!
Weed declined by one the Magic and arrows.
If you d
o not have time to avoid standing deflects hardly got right.
Health of the Weed is due again with the help of the Priest 87 percent and was r
+ Arrow passes are rubbing the right shoulder.
+ He avoided the fire Magic.
+ To Article Lesher made a perfect spike damage.
Agility and avoid higher skills thanks to the arrow and Magic had to fulfill my
Even if the relevant Health is the fall, received considerable help from Seoyun
will be able to hold out a little more.
Avoid ". Will be avoided. "

Weed is kept gazing straight silnal hurl themselves into the same space.
Waiting day the body to avoid the dragon's snout and paw, and sent flying narro
wly wide of the numerous attacks and Magic play arrow at him.
Lie movements such as exercise, and even a hundred times Fit.
The Magic Ice and Fire buditchimyeo chudeut to dance around the explosion happen
s in the background is beautifully animated Weed!
"Really good're avoiding."
"The skills that far Oh when the Priest state ...."
Even Swordnoob was enough to momentarily lower wonder.
Peripheral sensory and cognitive damage and Magic arrows flying cascade in Giran
, now that situation, I guess these things can go beyond the limits of the power
of nearly Human.
It was pretty much as well as skills of Weed, was due Evasion applied for Deluxe
If some level below the attack, while avoiding things were quite naturally with
the passage teleportation.
Weed is a movement mingled themselves with the skills.
In a number of attacks and moved to sleek as unforgettable lifetime.
From the perspective of the beholder, but just keep his mouth beolrimyeon, lift
if you live or die was.
"Where are you, you can see everything I have."
Weed was casting skills to the rest of Mana.
"Moonlight sculpting!"
Dulreotda a faint light on the whole body.
Light will go out and respond to the threat of Magic and was intercepted in the
middle stretches.
The use of this expression, but to Mana consumption exponentially, people die, t
hat might worry that the card has no value today!
Weed cried beating backwards in the direction of the central tower.
"Come on! Do not skinny bodies have not only lizard bones like you!"
The smoke came from the hole in the nose of the dragon.
"I'll definitely kill you."
Was not a breath.
The dragon is beating beat in the forefoot, and tried to tread in the rear foot.

Weed is a quick gulrimyeonseo avoided to the body.

The big guy in the dragon had to focus on avoiding because wonak keotgi.
Attack of the Undead also should be avoided as not to miss a single moment.
Koe crackling.
Weed had just escaped the dragon spout body nalryeoseo bakhyeotda play this in p
Part of the stone walls crumbling in the mouth.
Weed is an arrow in the vicinity of the bakhigo was ppaegok, Magic were destroye
d and gone.
"Ahh ahh big!"
Beat the stone walls and right arrows to hit the dragon screamed in pain jiteotd
a Magic.
However, in order to protect themselves than kill Weed for Life more rough attac
Weed is solely focused only on the side to avoid.
Tinker counterattack has occurred when trying to die any minute've devoted only
to survive, avoiding the attack.
"The Spirit of powers, grant us deliverance them suffering here. Healing_Hand!"
Priest were recovered which was written to supplement the Health of Magic Weed.
Combat series Professions why they had no choice but to thank the Priest of circ
umtance and tie embarrassing.
Weed was a step down while avoiding membrane was ready to move your body at once
This is the real battle.
Level and has a much higher than the monster is not really fighting equipment.
At the discretion of the moment on the battlefield can be a life and death battl
e galril and exert their full capacity.
The dragon had big breath.
Want to add the final blow that can not afford to avoid Weed is yalmipge well.
But had been theretofore bones of the body are broken and collapsed.
Health of the dragon is the last haeteum the last month.
Shoot the breath or die before the fight or die!
"I will not do so, and the blood."

Weed is trampling the paw of the dragon jumped up to face.

Weed stepped on the nose of the dragon stood wielded a sword aimed at his forehe
It's a durable sword to fall or not, was hit in a row using a high Agility castl
The incontinence occurred at the head of the dragon.
The crack went bigger every time you hit the attack of Weed.
The dragon took the cars with the gathering of breath in the mouth.
"Enchant Weapon Holly!"
Someone has got to write the Magic Priest of the divine power of the sword feath
ers favorite Weed.
Enchanted by the sword of divine power Weed went on strike the dragon.
Dropping the crack spread to the whole head without you!
Jjeo jeojeo jeojeok!
Swordnoob began beating even brittle bones of daetdeon sites.
Weed's sword fell back a moment, suddenly vanish is the power that sustains the
body of the dragon.
Then cometh the head of the body, including the bones, pieces fall to the ground
Suddenly occurred to mail a simultaneous time window of Weed.
+ Level is shortlisted.
+ Level is shortlisted.
+ Level is shortlisted.
The dragon dies Ark is in the + Vargo_Fortress entered into eternal rest.
+ Due to the great achievements Fame is 915 ranked.
+ Charisma is one 've raised.
+ Fighting_Spirit the 4 He rises.
+ To play an important role to hunt the dragon of the corps belonging to burn b
efore the stat 2 Hits by.
Death of the Dragon!
+ Level 400 to've achieved.
Level of Weed also finally 400 has become.

+ He obtained the pattern of the destroyer.
+ Necromancer's vision, He obtained the dragon Cartography.
+ Rotten Dragon've seen a massive acquisition.
+ Old books, ancient histories of Versailles_Continent # 19 You have earned the
+ He acquired the ancient mantle.
Very unfortunately, loots General Undead nor obtained from the dragon had been a
greed to equally share a certain ratio to each other as People who participated
in the battle.
As the body of the dragon department Weed and Swordnoob have crashed into the ro
"Kill a Human!"
"To keep from Bar_Khan's Human."
Undead have been coming up to the roof in earnest.
Weed and Swordnoob they are geographically, but in a little glass Undead specifi
cations have been climbed.
"Now march to power central tower. Priest according to the best you can find the
people who are, if you suspect dies in the end, you must write the divine power
of the central tower to the dragon."
Priest of duty had no choice but unreasonable request.
"All right. Let's go!"
Weed and Swordnoob Priest also came along because they agree and saw yeotneunji
make any clots.
"Let's go."
Weed and Swordnoob were killing Undead obstructing hung from the roof.
Priest behind the divine power that they continue to exert hit and got to restor
e Vitality and Health.
"Straight ahead is the destination."
I run to the roof of the tower, which rises in the middle of 60 meters is also l
The dragon is the 2pieces were looking for intruders.
Is as breath and waited!
Some time launched two stem breath leave your car has gone intensely piercing.
Melt away some of the walls and buildings, Undead also was destroyed.

Weed and Swordnoob are scattered in all directions, the citadel declined to blow
into the body.
While many people gathered again even knowing what her naecheo ran into the cent
ral tower.
The dragon came several Magic are flying to exert exploded.
"The buildings in eunpyemul samgo move on."
Weed and was only Swordnoob have only move.
The dragon is also pyeolchimyeo wings flew up into the sky.
1pieces wrote the Magic another 1pieces are using the body to fight was the obvi
ous intent.
"Human. Kill a Human."
"They are not going to be a dangerous place heading_toward have said."
"Bar_Khan's fight to keep!"
Given Undead to gather on the roof is destroyed immediately surrounded moment th
at stuck to the dragon.
Weed pulled out another sculpture in the arms.
"In the end'm being dictated to it. Really does not want to write ..."
In many ways've gotten created based on painful memories sculpture.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +
* Cold storm: Durability 20 / 20 .
Blew in the northern part of the + Versailles_Continent extreme natural phenome
+ Snow and ice storm put a representation of the ice and snow blowing.
+ Sculptor is based on a vivid representation of the dish directly experienced
events Fine sculpture.
+ The beauty of nature is arduous, with also well represented.
+ Come now greatly reduces the likelihood People has seen a lot of ice and snow
storm of the year in the northern French, Historic value will also gradually in
crease over time.
Artistic value: 854 .
+ To skills binggye effects of Magic 3 % improves.
+ Health +200.
+ Attractive to +13 .
+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +

* This catastrophe have used the Nature_Sculpture skills.

+ Art STAT 20 disappears forever.
+ Health and Mana 20.000 is consumed by.
+ Temporary stat among all the three days, 15 % will decrease.
+ Affinity_to_Nature is poor.
+ Nature_Disaster_Sculpting does not only use once a day.
+ When it comes up the dangerous plague, depending on the damage can climb Fame
and InfamyNotoriety.
+ Please note that it may die midst of experiencing disaster.
+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

8 : Master of Vargo_Fortress
Ice and snow storm several memories that are retained!
The temperature of the atmosphere fall sharply.
Undead they did not know because they do not feel the cold well, Weed and Swordn
oob have been enough to feel like there to buy Wind is blowing.
One, two, then he immediately started making snowflakes have turned into a piece
of thick ice off heavily stuck in ground.
Apply small fort was littered with the global fall in thousands, tens of thousan
ds of pieces of ice!
Showed large chunks of ice, like a glacier.
And while he swept swirl and a strong Windthe castle is dangerous catastrophe be
The Undead Skeleton Resistance forces were weak during the first body guteotda t
his phenomenon seems to freeze.
The dragon was a flapping its wings in the air is caught in the storm of ice and
snow and went well.
Rocked by a storm of ice cubes leader you do ganuji the massive body like crazy
fly round.
"Kyaah Ohhhh!"
The thick ice piled up in the body of the dragon, wanted shin rises higher value
to the public he was suddenly crashed into the citadel.
I think quite a shock, such as an earthquake, even!
Here and there so far managed to break down some of the structure of the fort in
a weakened state beotideon shocked Jeddah.
"Open, also chupgun dirty."
Weed is looking at the power of the plague that turns into the land of the ice q
uickly felt the Vargo_Fortress's great anew.

"While the fight is really going to freeze to death suddenly felt very empty."
Weed state as soon as the cast was dressed in a robe over the armor skills.
Swordnoob also the Priest also, wear them with thick clothes and went into the b
uilding, which avoided the ice.
Weed is one that spoke to respond quickly to because he might bring a storm of i
ce and snow.
I ppakkeum out while avoiding the Hebrews were naked body to discard clothing or
equipment to freeze the poor abandoned Undead are caught up in a storm of ice a
nd snow without always brings.
"Hide All. Do not go out now."
"Health is like Speak minutes away suddenly die. Blankets are to remain."
Meanwhile Swordnoob also gave snatching the Priest.
The longer the duration Nature_Disaster_Sculpting preparation.
The ice and snow storm is still blowing Weed comes from the structure on the roo
"This, darn ol girl, I'm also ... ttadadak! This is why I can not. Spread pyeopy
eo, I'm just continuing to suffer."
Anything not come out the cold.
Weed is to avoid ice cubes and ran into a storm of mighty central tower.
+ Ice cubes are deflected passes forehead.
+ Cone of ice kkothi tried to avoid shoulder avoided skills are applied.
+ Has locked himself and ice cubes.
+ Is an ice cube's knee hit. teleportation speed will be reduced.
High Agility and Evasion completely avoid ice cubes, like the pouring rain even
though the gun crowd.
Weed hwimalryeoseo not to fly as the Wind was working towards best to run.
This is then transmitted from geomsamchi whisper.
- How to get it done with the dragon are you?
Weed replied sukyimyeo his head to avoid the storm.
Concerns were hit by cold as ice shards Wind and the body was going to harden.
- There is one. However, this situation seems to have failed.
Ice and snow storm is not it, even if the fight is difficult if the body is froz
This will do things better and seems to be hiding in the middle.

] 're going to top that?

- Yes. Originally I was going to do, now seems difficult.
- Come on.
Swordnoob have emerged from hiding place.
Lift the wooden shield and ran into the central tower.
When people look like hell liable fitting in ice cube, Weed is busy salpimyeo th
e situation did not move forward very quickly.
But Swordnoob have found the maximal speed apsewoogo the shield.
Ice shards, Swordnoob also runs wearable beaten to injury falling chunks!
They came and gave chase Weed covered with a shield.
"Deodeo, Bar, Let's go!"
Swordnoob to give because they surround everywhere covered with a shield that co
vered from the ice storm undergo Weed is slightly less damage.
While in that state otherwise in the central tower are Swordnoob Health is falli
ng body is sticking only to die went out straggling frozen, wrapped shield is no
t reap all the way.
Formation of the death penalty in the storm's hard to accumulate ice and snow co
me again!
Weed was riding on the walls, thanks to teleportation They succeeded in going be
yond the central tower.
In addition, the central tower of 1pieces, was the last dragon.
But you do not want things caught up in a storm of ice and snow and busy you cou
ld barely see it hanging on the other side clung struggled micheo that Weed is c
oming to the tower.
At that moment left to Weed adults message window!
+ Freeze it fall in sangta.
Even though it has aided Swordnoob Guard armor and body injuries Weed harsh even
far thicker ice sheets are piled high.
We may be supplemented gave the Health in the Holy Magic, if you have not made a
complete treatment gives a long stay and wound effects.
Weed would be alive thanks to the patience and his ability is not to say too muc
Wind gradually went out of the frequent citing the disappearance committed to th
e role of ice and snow storm.
Undead are moving again, buried in the ice dragon will wake up.
Swordnoob attack a fellow be dead, even among the Undead can_do.
Played so far and the followed Marey Priest thought watching all this.

"This time, the legend-ass end in failure."

Weed and Swordnoob they were standing in the scene closer to the central tower i
s feel something.
Scene of several battles after entering the Vargo_Fortress were great.
Weed and his colleagues had to fight was not so in the face of the Corps and Bar
_Khan of immortality would have done it.
But Royal_Road world is an important result.
"Really unfortunate enough. Should have hunted Bar_Khan truly amazing ..."
"Oh ..."
The team also conducted a live streamed sigh of KMC media.
"So, where will it end?"
Each station also, since the interest shown by the storm of ice and snow is goin
g to say they were not.
So I'd be a bloody fight, because is not even begin to imagine that anyone did.
Human has passed since quite some time but have since entered the Vargo_Fortress
, it was not even that time is flowing.
But this is a very bad situation in Weed as I thought.
+ In the left hand holding, Sculptor is said to have a warm aura from the left
+ To solve the frozen state.
+ To regain Mana.
As of the end of the ice and snow storm force is transmitted from the sculpture
of Weed.
Ok enough Jeddah In addition Swordnoob can move a little jinani gave thanks to e
nclose while watching.
"Ahh ahh big!"
Roar of the Dragon!
I heard a dragon outside the central tower peers.
Swordnoob will have to be fought with the dragon threw As life.
Battle situation also for the fight against Bar_Khan from Pale is transmitted to
a whisper.
- This was increasingly difficult. I think Bar_Khan of Mana does not have the s
upport duster. Notahdo lowering the Health beorini quickly recovered to an accep
table level .... That's right, you can hold still are.
Bar_Khan both are not that good.

Weed dragging a leg does not move properly, without a break to regain Health is
dropped through the storm, then ran up the stairs of the ice and snow of the cen
tral tower.
"Human, how far ..."
"I'll kill you."
Yigotdo Undead guards were guarding.
Originally, the gateway to the stop, but kept Ben Knight They are all involved i
n the battle I have come now Doom Knight class!
Weed is tipped They brandished sword 1500s.
+ He is the exact hit.
+ He is a fatal blow
+ He succeeded continuous attack.
Doom Knight brandishing a sword to defend the pass very quickly went inside enou
gh to impossible.
There was a spacious top floor of the central tower.
A window broken out of ice and snow storm appearance seems to attack the dragon
The tower was vibrating whenever the dragon moves.
And the purple jar visible in Weed!
Health Life Vessel of the Lich Balkan_Demoph was contained.
"Finally you're here to here."
Weed is coming into the central tower, D"One can never fall to keep my bowl!"
This contaoom Knight was a fleeting thing collapses while shouting.
Fighting the dragon had been flying out there in a hurry to extend your front fo
ot central tower.
"I alna will die in a place like this?"
Weed is wielded the sword in the jar target.
Versailles_Continent the moment will remain in history, and this was the moment
viewers watched the dismay of a huge number.
Even to the insignificant word is forced to discard a quote.
ins the most as a heavy responsibility that connects sword broke the jar.
And scattered in all directions while comforting me Waking distance blackened Je

Undead are about the sudden decline and force haejida.

"This, I could never have gone so ..."
"Eueueu off!"
Ghosts are scattered in the sun, Undead Skeleton and as he fell to the ground Gh
oul will vanish byeonhaeseo in gray.
More than half of the Undead Vargo_Fortress return to earth, the army and take o
ver the entire area of the burn was 8 Gone over to the Undead.
Source of Health of Bar_Khan broken aftermath was spread as a whole.
"I do not happen bodies are the Undead!"
"I think that was accentuated Undead are weak. Are quickly extinguished the divi
ne power?"
Of Bar_Khan 3 vs. Magic is Gone also Dark_Rule and effectiveness of Death_Aura.
Undead are very river was turned into a mediocre level.
That alone is not a threat, but not fall to the ability of the divine power of R
esistance Priest.
"Where ... where to go?"
"I feel the aura of Life in there."
"Is, let's have ..."
Undead left to conquer the Morata have collapsed the majority, even shortly afte
r that became scattered forces.
However, if the biggest change was to Bar_Khan and the dragon.
This exercise was Bar_Khan Cursed Magic were spontaneously resolved.
In addition Romuna suddenly beheld at Health were also significantly reduced.
"Bar_Khan is built weak!"
"Let's divine power by concentrating the attack."
Player have climbed again in the hope burning.
Bar_Khan neomchideon magical powers of the forearm lost.
But is able to absorb the Health and Mana as a Lich, while Sam Dunn of_mana clos
e to endless exhaustion Bar_Khan was suffering.
The dragon was about even with weak to be visible.
Wings and body movements were becoming hard to even put a nuneun.
"Let's bury!"
"I'll rub the bone completely."

Swordnoob have jumped to the dragon.

Towards the dragon attached to the central tower were cast Swordnoob the window.
Mugisul is characteristic of Swordnoob to handle all types of weapon on the basi
s of skills was a great advantage in this case.
"Wow greater ahh ..."
The Dragon's Roar, the effects of Fear has been weak.
Already some time to made by Bar_Khan called the Dragon last too long, because e
ven though a lot of power and Mana was spent to maintain the body.
"Kill him!"
"Get rid of it!"
Health Swordnoob even what little they jumped to the last.
Magic of the Holy Priest was also hit in the body of the dragon.
Life Vessel of the kkaejida Bar_Khan could spend spare no divine power as gather
ing over the Mana know that.
Undead are a lot fewer but weakened in the roof.
Weed went back to the road, and as soon as came out of the central tower.
Hwipsseulryeoseo a storm of ice and snow that buried in ice cube targeted the dr
"Guinea persistent guy."
"What the hell's Health Big Earl Mana."
Already in place in twenty-degree Swordnoob was hit with a sword sticking.
The dragon in the twenty degree in Swordnoob was hit with a sword sticking.
The dragon, tried to come to break the ice piled thickly on the body, also power
ed from Mana Death_Aura disappear disappear Bar_Khan was no more than a street-l
evel Badong.
"Stay just die!"
Weed attacked the dragon is seen with Swordnoob.
The building and the tower of the dragon went Vargo_Fortress broken whenever the
strike struggle.
Naemyeo a deafening buildings were also completely destroyed.
Ben did not disappear, but the power to stop the Undead have lost quite a few st
and out like Knight also significantly overexposed, Weed was only only look for
only the dragon.
"Let's take care hanmitcheon properly."
And finally, the Dragon is Gone byeonhaeseo in gray.

+ Apply a dragon in the Astoria section scrapes entered into eternal rest.
+ To some of the role of the army to hunt the dragon Department of immortality
ago stat is 1 Hits by.
Most of the damage by giving their other Swordnoob Weed did not get significant
experience and Fame.
Nevertheless, getting stat is grateful as well.
Simply victory in difficult and tough big raid participants were Shem received a
great reward.
"This was also hunting the dragon!"
"I beat you. Kill all the dragon was."
Has also emerged side is also in the central tower.
Further tha is why they went hunting Swordnoob was a little late because the dra
gon moves based on the central tower.
"Now Undead Vargo_Fortress is to nourish nothing short of complete."
Undead are a lot did happen were hunting the dragon collapsed to the ground.
Vendler Mana Knight will remain frozen even know where did Weed .......
"Anyway, if you continue to fight with the Allies Elf happen Undead are going to
be unable to survive."
Immortal Legion had gathered on the look that Vargo_Fortress with_this roughly s
Weed ran into the ground while twisting fall distance Undead forces are neglecte
Agility Weed was running as fast due to huge castle.
Might get something to eat and went from Bar_Khan know as soon as possible.
Near the stairs into the basement, Undead are losing a lot of power accumulated
Undead have found some of the Weed.
Weed went down to the basement to hurry as much as possible, giving a right to a
ttack the body intact.
This was gladly welcomed Hwaryeong was exhausted.
"Bar_Khan What?"
"Yet almost dying!"
Aesseun whether in a rewarding, it was not too late shaped.

Weed went into the fight with Bar_Khan happening place.

"Hold it!"
"Let us hold a little more drive."
"Priest are! The only Undead Bar_Khan purified from the hunt will be faster put
Even Weed came Bar_Khan hunt was in progress.
Bar_Khan will you do with the bodies of the Undead had summoned Swordnoob and Ho
ly_Knight end this fight is quite busy processing They were from.
"Leave to rest, Turn_Undead!"
Priest of Divine Magic was hit on the body of the Undead.
Weed brought seven to descend through the Mapan Angel!
Brilliance happened because a huge statue in the surrounding doeni increase the
effect of divine power.
Human Vitality of sikimyeo regain strength for giving cheer for damages Undead.
"I can not do this, the end. This should lead to a continent that is the land of
the Human to ruin."
Bar_Khan euseuseu sounded the voice of the underground.
Short-range teleportation, and bound with Magic moment while choosing the Holy_K
night and Priest, Swordnoob absorbed the Health and Mana.
But there was seonggeom Bar_Khan body is plugged, the blackened smoke flowed fro
m there.
+ Is of_mana increases the density of the underground.
+ Mana regeneration is increased.
The seal will be broken Health and Mana Health This is leaking uncontrollably.
Bar_Khan this memorize the Magic.
"... Will be back again the gate open!"
Magic can teleport to another place.
Where not flee to the Bar_Khan.
Weed than perfect relationship if enemies get away Now that the Morata was dange
Magic of the Holy Priest also as concentration, Teleport Magic is not successful
The + Opponent room teleportation Magic was canceled.

Weed is at once narrow street himyeo stopped to Bar_Khan.

Save've gotten skills.
Weed firmly stuck in the body of the sword is Bar_Khan.
The faster the ground with much greater degree destructive.
Swordnoob and Holy_Knight also arrived and I cut like a sword stab to Bar_Khan.
Other Undead have already summoned Bar_Khan will lose all remaining forces destr
oyed it alone.
The raid can not miss brute force.
Health and of_mana loss, Magic spell Bar_Khan not even learned your lines by hea
rt yet still lost the power went yieotgie.
Weed and Swordnoob s, Holy_Knight s, Priest had only attacked the moment, forget
everything else.
And finally.
+ Ruler of the Legion of immortality, Mage Necromancer's dark and went into the
Lich Balkan_Demoph eternal rest.
Weed and survivors climbed the tallest tower in the center Vargo_Fortress.
And he's right at the top of the mantle hwinalri the Wind.
To divide the complete isolation and freedom.
To gyeokryeok was carved into the citadel where you can see traces of the unpair
ed battle alive.
The dragon came down the pitch a struggle, the collapse of the whole place.
Do not turn off the fire still burning buildings and also showed towers.
The ultraviolet stood Undead were lost by Elf and Barbarian, Dwarf allies.


" ."
"This ... this feels true, was not it?"
Now this sympathies, not something that can just be fun or enjoyable or to expre
ss in words.
"I'm dying still shaky."
"Whoa ... the battle is over, I'm not feeling this reminds me."
'What could be going on the same battle again today?'

"If you do not regret the Royal_Road would have to die."

'Ought to brag to Friend. Ought also proud parents. Ought also boasts a co-worke
r. "
"Live. The surviving. "
Enjoy the best feeling while each one stood in the central tower.
Shared the joy survived until finalize a huge battle.
Swordnoob and Priest, Holy_Knight each other that they were also the Friend regi
Weed was also pleased because of the victory.
Bar_Khan fought only with eurira did it in the first place because it is not.
In fact, the last person who did the coup was told Bar_Khan Swordnoob hundred tw
'Deviated visor lot. "
The raid, which originally involved is greater interpersonal circle alone reap t
he rewards by participating in the battle to win.
After the victory against Bar_Khan, People around the stat is up to the public i
n accordance with the Battle of Five in one second was an experience to climb on
Weed is a three climbed the three stat.

That's right, standing his Level is 12 dogs was about to rise.

Even Weed, who participated in last-minute battles just to experience a 24 % or
This is called just great income can_do.
That's right there may be more than enough sorrow As a person who is ready to do
everything directly involved, showed a wide distribution.
"This is all thanks to the gentlemen."
Even after I was worried after a tough battle from other First People.
"Brother, prayers were said Tachi much? I'll bandage."
Grab the death penalty, another Player of anyone stopped without hesitation.
"Colleagues who gave sacrifices to share this link ... Fortunately, I freeze my
book, so you got a treasure it later. Needless can be compensated with this ...
I'm putting away some in my share."
Player they can only win.
"How could you do that. That's a result of the Weed made thanks sir."

"Can I mokman even if you specified. Turns out you're going Weed probably has to
win once wrote vessel did not destroy the life of Bar_Khan."
The Player with presuming!
Fame and stat, combat experience.
While victorious also increased quite the skill of skills.
Now would be loots also butbae Weed is a marvel that he would do better opting H
ow could he give me his share to be so great people came out clause.
"I do not believe anyone was part ... Weed's tolerable if you're truly an angel.
'Breaking loose morals adult book coming out everywhere. "
"Who's going to replace it, or went to a miserly cheat for Weed's narrow and bad
sound? He also go through, who knows, if you like, or spread rumors around this
guy gonna have to slap my soul. "
Player of the degree of hypocrisy they'll have firmly Confused!
Weed is for treasure, even if very few concessions to the patronage is worth eve
ry penny.
Item came from Bar_Khan evenly distributed to give to the People and the disposa
l of shares of Weed, like Treasure 3 is not.
In the case of seonggeom Lou Church, was able to give returns to compensation in
accordance with Zidane public battle going on today.
And there is one more very pleased compensation for Weed.
+ Undead He captured the Vargo_Fortress that was taken over.
+ Morata is extended.
This area of
+ Vargo_Fortress to transfer to the area in the territory.
+ 0 weeks and influence as the larger Fame.
The earth is not a betrayal.
Barren and monster infested areas, but, assuming buthyeo many artifacts.
Adventurer hunting party for Street and were able to come flocking en masse.
Open to repair Vargo_Fortress and, when residents also emigrated farming food ha
rvest can_do.
If you step-by step development of the characters are Newbie made shall be able
to start in here.
In the near future, the dragon was clear that this was a sight in the back hills
of shanty towns where the scrambling drawn like me, who played in front seemed.
The explosive reaction of the stations and Internet message boards!
It was not one that was already foreseen or different.

Because it was the fight against Undead facilitators were also described from th
e perspective of the Human was also cheering.
Hunting is not invasive.
Dying to Bar_Khan, died to the dragon, the great damage was caused by the Undead
Looking to the resistance of the Undead surging Vargo_Fortress has entered into
a tense and descriptions closely closely do the rest of your mouth.
Geodun so painfully, incredible victory!
"Really showed well. Can we see this again when the battle?"
"Hundred words speak louder than words seem to be if you just enjoy the now. I a
m so according to ahswiul not in place."
"You hit the Wind. Daegyeokjeon eseoyo beoleojideon its place. We will be the be
st Christmas gift tomorrow."
Facilitators were going to broadcast while receiving hot responses from viewers.
Relaying the Battle of Vargo_Fortress and suddenly I watch reality was also the
dawn of time.
Christmas Eve!
And then the day is a big day, out of the window, there was suddenly down the wh
ite snow.

7 : Snowy Night Christmas

Subuk piled snow fell overnight in the yard of Lee_Hyun.
Lee_Hyun wake up early in the morning and stumbled out of the window to see the
sights murmur.
"Road traffic accident rates be higher this mess, slipped'll stumble in the stre
et. Doctors are gonna make a lot of money. After all, the Republic of Korea inde
best doctor ..."
Shovel the snow out of the yard chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs and worked like a
comfort blanket to spread on us to make the winter.
Be busy for a while we toured the snowfields released from state eotdeoni sinnas
eo animals.
"I did not return it unless you eat carelessly ... Today is not particularly goo
d look."
Lee_Hyun that bepuleo to large generosity!
Spent the Christmas and I could almost Royal_Road until now.
But today, picking out a buy special clothes to grandmother and younger sister h
ad decided to go to the city.

"Because my brother ... even girls winter coat is hard to get along without'll o
nly two."
Nor even a great high school age do. Although rare thing given buy clothes.
Because of the savings had come to give you the money that was put on buy clothe
s directly Lee_Hyun going to have to buy a gift.
"Give me four dressed in the brand."
Lee_Hyun are hurried to prepare to go out.
Bar_Khan had succeeded in hunting, there are many money received from each stati
So to be Lee_Hye_Yeon could also decide to buy a coat of cool brands.
"Now that you have started your winter clothes about three days carefree!"
"The market towards the outlet with a design that popular in recent years, rathe
r than ..."
Lee_Hyun went aboard the train into the city.
Along the streets were crowded with couples wandering arm.
"I do not understand the criminal's not even walking along the arm action. OSCAR
nwadumyeon ... as to where any strike away."
Yet Lee_Hyun are carefully observed the clothes worn by women.
Women are very sensitive to fashion and style.
The Defense and options in Royal_Road be it clothes, no matter how good the desi
gn is well located somewhere do not like them or if you think you neundago and i
"We'll have to buy these days with the coolest clothes."
Was going to give a whole, not just the one suit coat.
I wanted to see the smiling look of delight younger sister getting undressed for
a birthday or Christmas gift.
"Nourish women can not understand really!"
In the middle of winter, despite women in making up a lot of eyes wearing a mini
skirt is caught in the eye.
"Are the women who do not feel the cold?"
In general, women wore beautiful clothes than a lot of warm clothes.
For the fashion was uncomfortable and cold are willing to endure some degree of
Lee_Hyun are watched for a long time know the hard facts alone pick.

The perspective of looking backwards Lee_Hyun, winter mountaineering and jumpers

are in heat, are we, if your best choice!
But younger sister was embarrassed the heck you mean pick out clothes to wear.
'Girl Clothes woman would know better ... "
Lee_Hyun people for advice, but is also a large shift of the Human relations are
not many women.
"Absolutely one contact or harm."
Dressed well enough to know who sent the letter to the first one came up with Je
The wearing all kinds of clothes Hwaryeong Royal_Road in reality she can be said
to often or gone expert fashion.
Video calls, but not even that older models did not have trouble with texting.
"I look like when it is time to give the younger sister tried to buy clothes? '
Lee_Hyun, except the basic rate of currency rates 1 on the Moon 2 , 000 yuan is
also not found.
Even if the relevant call the younger sister reluctantly simple few words will s
"Where are you?"
"And later?"
"Come home."
"Bob and eat?"
Conversation 10 seconds is enough.
Free 300 -minute plan, 400 minutes, including the person writing the plan does n
ot hang up the phone while asleep group called out because you can not think of
calling patterns!
Send and receive text, then one has the answer because just minutes.
'Caught having access to the schedule today. Yiraseo'll show how I could never f
all? "
Lee_Hyun recalled else is fine then send a reply.
Kim_In_Yeong. Acting as if she Irene will be helpful to pick the clothes of a si
milar age younger sister.
"Today I was to go see the movie and Friend. I'm sorry! "
Anyone who was not caught before Christmas day is promised.
Friend's schools met the man refused Friend said, or even have not even replied.
"The people no apparent ve sent ..."

Lee_Hyun was worried for a moment while Seoyun also sent a letter.
Thing, but did not think she would have had I'm sorry to do this, please.
"Can you help me come younger sister and grandmother to go to buy clothes when t
he time? '
Seoyun had beaten the first winter after moving to a house with me to the hospit
The operation itself was near the fireplace where a warm fire Mombosin the sunli
t lay down.
"Adventurer of the neundeyo Weed succeeded again, still no ending a tribute Peop
"Yes, this time a great honor for Weed by geodum victory pyeolchimyeo a big succ
ess in the battle to take a number of colleagues have performed well this alone.
"People have to ride with the fame and the Warrior Priest Among those who partic
ipated in the battle neundeyo. What kind of People?"
"These same women Warrior Player and muscular with dancers Professions, they ...
She was watching television.
Through television was not even know what to worry about Earl jolyigo from Mana
chest while watching a video of Lee_Hyun.
Then the character of Lee_Hyun arrived on her cell phone.
"Can you help me come younger sister and grandmother to go to buy clothes when t
he time? '
Originally I just tried to stay home today was ready to go right away.
Seoyun this naganeunde out of the house next door was a young college basketball
and Friend.
Move came a week late than Seoyun while taking the bread first saw your face.
The eldest of the H group met with the coincidence!
While attending an early morning jog through the nearby home of Seoyun, he also
shows that sometimes the appearance of tennis or basketball with the Friend.
Does not share anything yet, he's pretty face often whenever she pops out.
Lee_Hyun stood at the entrance to the department store.
Couples gather in the main entrance of the department store rooftop, a man was w

aiting for someone each one without a lot of People will be women.
"Not bad even department stores."
Now that Christmas also came to the department rather than the outlet.
When you buy branded products differ greatly in price aspect eopgido and will Ki
m_In_Yeong This gave us the fact that the special sale at a department store wit
h a letter.
"Nevertheless shop also need some information."
Lee_Hyun stood waiting not far Seoyun stood before walked into a trot.
The first snow and even wore a long coat because the weather Wind was blowing sc
arf wrapped around dressed up.
"We've been waiting a lot?"
"No cold, because, let's go inside."
Lee_Hyun department stores with Seoyun 1 went to the floor.
"True, but the clothes are and where you buy? You look quite pretty."
Seoyun off the clothed is particularly true colors do not look out the texture l
ooked pretty good.
Aneulte's time, but they will usually ask if questions do you have to buy clothe
s younger sister.
"I think I bought from another department."
"That's right? Price for Mana Earl?"
"I do not remember. A fine 4000 , 000 would have won, "
Lee_Hyun was said to instill the dark Fear of the department.
The dragon is more than a department ignored ignored.
Department stores first floor had a bag, luxury, jewelry, cosmetics Corner vario
us goods brand.
Contrary to the fears and the Lee_Hyun luxury brands if money was not a pretty s
evere burden.
"I just never forget about money ...... rice 80 kilo remain even thinking, milit
ary dreadful amount naolkka dream about. "
Tens of thousands of won or leave the world a little headband one!
"I had to give a Nobel Prize to the inventor of a yellow rubber band man."
The prices are great accessories for women was also realized anew.
Second floor and third floor of the women's clothing also went up to skim.

"It feels roughly like the younger sister of one body ... also happens while you
try them on, instead of picking?"
"What about me fine."
Lee_Hyun want beautiful clothes, mainly looked for Seoyun clothed clothes hangin
g on a mannequin.
Once was enough to see over simply because we know are going to buy a jumper or
"Sir, you are really good fits a thick jumper. I just left one in the store. So
let the guests in the most beautiful and buried so far."
"These days, I'm selling their products well into this little slim line, reveali
ng the winter, even calming the body .... But let's beautiful."
"Inde feel comfortable and timeless style yiraseo basic material Deluxe Bout oft
en, but Not a celebrity?"
Seoyun is yeppeotda in anything.
Blouses, skirts, t-shirts, hats, hadamothae beautiful just by roughly straddling
the mountaineering jumper.
If the relevant skater who designed the clothes will come and admire their beaut
iful clothes that yitorok rirago will not even think about it.
"I'm not much. 540 , 000 degree's a circle, now 20 % off'm a product. "
Lee_Hyun was wearing a thick jumper and jeans in the market to buy roughly.
Watch you are wearing on your wrist is also 20 , 000 won electronic clock!
"I've a lot of rich people tolerable, he really rich people do not fly tee ....
'S foreign water. While studying in another country would have been a simple lif
e boat on the body. "
'Really, How much money is frozen Mana Friend and this girl can Danil?'
If you are, but I never dared to wear clothes Lee_Hyun am as a gift to my brothe
r had boldly decided to buy.
Coat one, three, skirts and pants, shoes and a headband on up!
Twenty years old, was chosen as the clothes she deserves in the youthful age.
"Is, do you need a bag?'ll Need?"
Contemplating the end of the bag I bought in the mid-priced brands to discount.
Grandma also busy buying clothes to wear Lee_Hyun eventually spend a lot more mo
ney than was expected at the mall.
'That's right even do what it takes. "

Royal_Road so deulyigo going through a considerable fortune to spend this much w

ould you eat keunmam.
Of course, we were not gonna get anxious or not falling into evil trench.
"And this is a gift I give."
Lee_Hyun gave a gift too Seoyun.
Do not you buy her stuff at the mall will not mean much thought had a homemade h
Lee_Hyun is pretty much the tree while cutting the piece in order to become fami
liar with the work piece in reality.
Pieces and was also view the related books and video lectures.
Yet painstakingly created a sculpture.
Seoyun the first date, when you left the Adventurer with her, I saw her tears 15
00s aboard Wyvern, Explorers Northern and suffering that time, she met in colleg
e, the state saw recently went on a trip to the South Sea.
Sculpture for her 15 dogs were.
Clothing and hair styles are also different each time.
Making it so far put stuff in storage along with other things would've gotten in
a paper box gave it to her.
"I'm sorry, it's not really expensive. I'm bored when creating this."
"... I will keep well."
Seoyun will undergo a sculpture.
She has been the most wonderful Christmas gift.
The two walked the streets out of a department store.
Where should I go, does not set.
The music pouring, couples moved in time to wander beating!
Cheap and pretty little shops to buy clothes Bang Bang a_little hungry stomach h
as to turn Wind.
"Night is good for him."
Break up before supper was the atmosphere will have to buy anything.
"Christmas, when the restaurant is also rip_off inde .... '
Day like today is not nowhere to go mattangchiga.
People will go where expensive and worrisome'll do this bokjak bokjak.
Lee_Hyun wanted might as well take home a shop.

"We want to go home? My brother gonna come back late at night and sees the movie
amongst Friend."
I say if you think deeply misleading.
But Seoyun is fired while nodding along.
Because firmly believe that there was a Lee_Hyun.
Lee_Hyun is noticed as soon as you arrive home from Bob.
"My brother-ass if you eat two catered meal, I'll just come back later."
Outside the snow is still down slightly.
Pork chops or Gamjatang weather was like eating.
"Ingredient I really do not."
Now that briefly tonight to eat miso soup and meat-based company did not advance
in the house.
"This might be different in Cooking ......."
Lee_Hyun was browsing the refrigerator.
Then I found the food Ingredient sent by the broadcaster.
Salmon and sturgeon eggs and champagne!
"So this is what it spent in KMC media."
Yiramyeonseo gifts sent by the station Ingredient they were given food.
I honestly would relish Jana take him on a set of cider in the beef ribs, was th
e day I do not know what you send and shit.
"Well that's it. Do not you put on altang eat away yichame map. Let go be more t
han good!"
Lee_Hyun is to trim the salmon came out with champagne and caviar.
I am the younger sister brought cookies to give them a little rest to make.
"Charin thing, but eat a lot."
Salmon salad with caviar, cookies, and to making a champagne gala dinner turned
on the television.
Christmas, that was just coming out of the program, or alone on a desert island
'must see.
Elementary school students trapped on a desert island, two experienced Adventure
r movie for Christmas!
Kicked off the dinosaurs go find the treasure after the fight to the bad guys, t

hen the elementary school are fighting each other make a pig of oneself.
Mom came to compete on a desert island, two being with_the_intention_of Contact
the last game.
Difficulties facing huge fuss to go home and told her to stop smoking Story to s
1. Drag a major shift in wonak popular and 'I alone in the dungeon, that you are
also taken with the sequel.
After the dinner, then looked out the window, the snow was piled up a lot of thi
s is to be expected.
Seoyun alone and watched a movie, eating a meal that play on television.
Cha_Eun_Hiu met with President_Jeong_Deuk_Su on Christmas Eve.
Lee_Hyun and Seoyun this and the date, even while eating dinner with rice is due
to receive a report that spending.
President_Jeong_Deuk_Su had a bunch of jjipurigo forehead.
"Encountered whenever the opportunity sucks that no progress had so far."
The eldest son of the H group.
Manly spirited, and there are many dating experiences.
Encountered naturally attracted to was to get no response of Seoyun.
"Al heck can nourish and you'll need to introduce some order to remove the young
man on earth that he Lee_Hyun?"
Cha_Eun_Hiu is considered it is time for me free gunggeumjung President_Jeong_De
"I must be a warm person."
"It is warm?"
"Let your heart gave Seoyun thing I was frozen in the warmth. Lee_Hyun than hear
t warm people .... To give an introduction to'll give it to someone like that. F
ind was only would be easy."
Lee_Hyun and Seoyun and Lee_Hye_Yeon into the house in the evening held a plate
in the living room.
Rice to eat, than a movie.
And to decorate the United States, a person 3 persons GoStop to spend time as a
"Two sheets of light now and into my hand, already ...... Because I ate two chap
ters. 1 persons group could have to roll the gwangbak. The unconditional three-G
o! '

The eyes of the Lee_Hyun pareureu trembled.

Place're thinking about the number of different cases, even a fully packed Gun p
riority for when you eat of your hand.
"Three Gouda!"
Lee_Hyun cried not bother pretending.
"Well, when you can not eat this. There's gotta be fun haejwoya choose? Go!"
Lee_Hyun eventually wiped out by the board.
Iteotgie a cash bar appointment and concentration were not comparable in Royal_R
Lee_Hyun was very happy that her money every time.
Apply power-ray and Hermes_Guild has skyrocketed since the take over Haven_Kingd
Absorb the other guilds, and by embracing the Player's Haven_Kingdom achieved si
gnificant top-line growth.
"Member of the Hermes_Guild or leave this hunting!"
"For the People, not the Trade Tax Department guild 35 % is added. "
"In the dungeons of 5 or more people banned hunting party. "
Produces various regulatory measures jjatda put the hyperglycemia of General Pla
Weed is the exploitation of the degree of learning can ask for more if you humbl
The sound of the condemned for de higher Hermes_Guild They are not mind.
Iteotgie lords and nobles dominated the major part Player will quickly suppress
by force, even if he can raise a fuss.
There was no influence of Hermes_Guild this place does not have is the Haven_Kin
gdom whole.
"Eokulhamyeon leave the Haven_Kingdom. But they will not welcome any wanderer Ki
"Because of the guild should Versailles_Continent up to this level of interest.
We work with management to Haven_Kingdom Is not free is not eligible to serve?"
Haven_Kingdom residents were also apply a higher tax rate.
Accumulated enormous wealth going to Hermes_Guild!
The Smithy create a byeongjanggi, the army conscripts were positive several time

How much current power Hermes_Guild that was it difficult to guess.

When seureoul Central_Continent confused with Embinyu_Church, Hermes_Guild winha
n war preparations were in progress to achieve a large Empire.
Then in the midst Polon and Templar_Knights, Magic byeongdan, Ranger were all de
The meeting was held between the heads.
"Will come off a full-scale counterattack against the Weed. The beoripsi create
Morata to ashes."
"Not to not leave young ants 1pieces, UD to annihilate the inhabitants of the pl
ace. If. Sculpture? Take some baksak, you can create a powder. If we can use it
also brought hopping here."
"Do not let her say everyone got off the Killer-Blade Army command."
In the opinion of the Lancashire leadership conference frenzy that scored the bo
Weed Fame as an individual's great, but this is not the Hermes_Guild never raise
d to the rank as Bard_Ray.
In competitive Central_Continent between the mighty considered Bard_Ray is calle
d Muhsin ashamed of itself compared with those characters.
In addition Hermes_Guild day of defeat is beyond the range that can be tolerated
Eventually more than Bard_Ray does not make a direct command, was Raphey Guild M
aster of the issues to be determined.
Hermes_Guild website.
Day visitor numbers floated there with a ton of new announcements.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +
* Title: Killer-Blade Army Command 296 call
+ Fondness for Sculptor Weed Killer-Blade Army a priority target of the Hermes_
+ All those who collaborated with the goal of being Weed Hermes_Guild.
+ Weed is one tip for when you close the Haven_Kingdom or Central_Continent 130
, 000 also awarded the gold.
+ Also those who killed anywhere Weed 400 , 000 must pay the gold as reward.
+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Special notice is taken Hermes_Guild power of Iran was indeed colossal.
The Adventurer of Weed was a real declaration of war was out of a little disturb
ing level.
If the Killer-Blade Army was only when the command is canceled and you also succ
umb to Hermes_Guild eopeojieul person is no longer worth killing for.

+ Is this the future of Hermes_Guild and Weed going all-out war?

What number are not comparable full-scale war will happen at + forces face? Fig
ht disgrace of the northern part of the city and one Haven_Kingdom.
+ Weed is do we have the Magic overcome any disadvantage that year.
If you try and move the troops at + Hermes_Guild You would also not make the Ki
ller-Blade Army command. Weed is enough evidence or admit eopneyo difference of
How can Weed + is rather a warrior in death squads?
Hermes_Guild ran a hit squad to target the People in the Right to Killer-Blade A
rmy command.
If the person receiving the Killer-Blade Army Command is moving that way take aw
ay his life near death squads!
Climb the Killer-Blade Army command of Hermes_Guild Central_Continent anywhere w
as safe enough not guaranteed.
Assassins are very close to secretly go undetected by the enemy.
Even decent person ever Assassin's Guild 3 ~ 4 persons digging a pit when the ra
id was to survive.

10 : Request of old maids

Scientists at the Unicorn's Systems Department have confirmed the status of Roya
"The forces of Hermes_Guild hagun indeed huge."
Hidden army of Hermes_Guild visible on the monitor was far above all the power o
f Kallamore Kingdom.
"The growth of the Human did not know this so fast."
Scientists than the big screen in the middle.
Map of Versailles_Continent was completed in the picture.
Each of the cities and villages were marked, as you zoom into a monster crowd se
ems to teleportation.
The whole continent was a system that can gauge in real time.
When Artificial Intelligence system through human achievements are among the hig
hest occurrence and Player of the Quest can also be found.
Of course, scientists do not have interference was only just seen the sidelines.
Royal_Road emperor of a unified world of Royal_Road!
The fight to become the absolute domination of all peoples in the virtual realit
y that is going to implicitly.
If you still accounts for Sex and the City, but you can earn great wealth, once
the emperor of power and income is the astronomical levels.

Many are raised to Level Player To this end, he formed momentum.

There were excellent character, and frustration are also countless experiences.
Royal_Road is unfolding in the world that nothing was interesting to watch the i
mages of Human.
But geombulge flashing dots appear on the big screen has increased much more tha
n last month.
"Embinyu_Church Do not ask so large?"
Central_Continent, South, East, West does not cover the dark red dots signifying
the Embinyu_Church is spreading.
Player can still do not know the people and the nobility, such as inclusion king
brought the power went out.
In particular, each guild will Central_Continent occupied while engulfed in turm
oil as the war Embinyu_Church is spread out more quickly.
"People're not gonna help me, so fuck the ground and through the siege rather th
an Embinyu_Church and fight."
"That's right would also really difficult if you do not stop now ..."
Embinyu_Church is historically a bunch of evil is putting the continent at risk.
The position to lead the guild chose the side of a nearby city rather than seeki
ng the trivial and Embinyu_Church and fight.
In the case of a coalition of forces United_Supremacy there was indifference and
expand as more competition.
Thanks to was Embinyu_Church is spread out like wildfire, and the Secret Liege p
ositive Demonic_Spirit.
The scientists view as if it could be covered in this continent Embinyu_Church i
t is.
"'re Not gonna help. This also selected because of the Human."
"Gulf of one continent is secured to the Embinyu_Church even though it is not le
ft to the autonomy of the operating policies of the Royal_Road Human."
Shadow of the continent!
Yieotdamyeon other games have been in active dry the Embinyu_Church jugeona ring
a bell to Human those, did not mean to use the Unicorn.
Human have the information they find out for yourself and choose for yourself.
When alive, the top of the dark continent is defeated and much harder, of fighti
ng to escape the persecution of Embinyu_Church could be part of the Royal_Road.
Yubyeongjun Versailles_Continent, who had also been looking at the Royal_Road th
rough artificial Intelligence system.

"In the end, everything is gonna end group under Embinyu_Church."

Human those also had a chance.
They were Embinyu_Church while far away in the snow outside their greed growth.
And more and more are becoming bigger, louder cause appeared to be confusion in
the world.
"In the end, even if just would not be forced to end this way."
People are looking at yubyeongjun had some specially protected.
Adventurer , Excavation , Warrior, Knight, Magician, Holy_Knight, Priest


Each separate activity, but it is growing somewhat after having a desire for pow
er or money, it is all the same.
Frankly yubyeongjun is often to watch the action Character of Weed.
"Give this guy."
The money from the beginning to the end.
No. of your print one place the money in the values

of, never change Human!

Decent gaining popularity in the People by blatant Adventurer itgido also been p
"Pulling rather fortunate."
Yubyeongjun when he met Lee_Hyun 200 gave the original a little bit about the fa
ct that he kept the eerie feeling.
Eventually 100 because the cap had wanted to drink cocoa.
"Continue the Quest, and also because when the People 's how I eventually been i
nterrupted ... I will not do anything."
Can only really admire about the ability of Weed. "
Newbie years since I've been straight out through artificial Intelligence system
, has always been to create a sculpture or hunting.
Many with such tenacity Fine, Masterpiece, created a sculpture of Magnum_Opus.
Tteodolmyeo the continent Biggie's sculpting 5 is a dog that can not be collecte
d also not great.
"Sculpting last aneuni met Biggie and sculpting master Zahab ....... Giggling. P
eople live'll fall in praise you displace."
Weed was connected back to the Royal_Road.
Darkness fell deeply Vargo_Fortress!
He sat on the central tower tilted to remember the loneliness.

"Killer-Blade Army Command called for Hermes_Guild ....... Will you now intend t
o completely kill me?"
Weed sensitive information could not know.
Killer-Blade Army command is the pride of yiraseo Hermes_Guild, killing without
any means embark on that list.
The merchants and constant miracle associated with a trade or transaction may no
t get the Quest shares to the other Player.
Haven_Kingdom is hard to work as well as the Central_Continent.
People are trying to look at and Hermes_Guild are littered everywhere, hanging f
rom a yard bounty.
So far you get through without even looking at the particular aleuncheok Weed, t
he future is all news to the electrolyte to the Hermes_Guild and bounty hunters.
"From now on, you got to how difficult the Quest."
Weed is only a rumor that when turning the Quest in any place will come flocking
assassins and bounty hunters like clouds.
"There used original Request is pros and cons."
Request was also difficult to accept a lot of trouble.
To raise the Level increasingly faster in high Level People to devote a lot of l
ittle hunting.
However, while solving the Request Weed others who have received the items and t
reasure, and the money earned through the station.
Fame and obtain Sacred Sites of Morata and can_do.
Case went to the city of perforation, Freya Church of the Holy Item judeon find
the Request, oh Dane ohsae siege participation, making a pyramid, one who plays
with Orc Karichwi in Plains_of_Despair.
Suddenly flashed the memory of their various Adventurer.
Weed has stumbled into a low voice that can gobble them alone.
"If you do receive a raid of the People and the Quest to hunt properly ...'ll ci
rcumtance back than others. If not earn money as a dark gamers will have to save
the other end savor Professions."
No stranger is the fact that the current chwieopnan serious.
"What are employed in factories Given the exorbitant amount of money. Day 17 hou
rs worked by the body axis ... Sheds exposed to harmful gases from factories Lie
ge Secret'll get sick. to somehow work for the treatment bateumyeonseodo not suf
fer retirement and Breakfast I'm gonna have milk and newspaper deliveries. Stuff
ed rep if any moment fall to the ground ... "
Light gray and gloomy future already in Weed!
"That's right, could you also have to get up yet again ache because healthy side

activities. But you forgot to continue to collect the money due to illness. The
company 15 years to canvass the wages are much lower severance'll suddenly gett
ing kicked out. daily and public Even workers find jobs never married later and
you'll be looking canvass the elderly. Korea's pension finances would wake the c
ollapse About that time, the whole body is sick sickness heard live and die, so
give him any eggs stay put, even if charin sacrifice in How? "
Completely hopeless future, which led to the Killer-Blade Army command of Hermes
Weed had to look for hope alone is That's right.
"If you have really bad can also collect waste paper, scrap metal is also fine.
If you do not give support to the family that there must be minimum cost can be
supported at any moment of crisis, even sell one kidney removed ..."
Anyway, in the future or in the ordinary Quest, Northern gun to hunt out of it w
as a very dangerous Morata or Vargo_Fortress around.
Formidable been interrupted in Jigolaths to go across the sea, but the Legion Qu
est Immortal suffered death.
This was such a wide sphere of influence Hermes_Guild evidence.
If you suddenly appear or large army always difficult to deal with, even if Swor
dnoob's going and colleagues.
"We'll have to really be careful from now on. Would not that be carried forward
to all Quest People are exposed to."
Known Quest, or last, or it takes a long time they can not do it like this Reque
st risks.
"We like hunting or big Quest not only grow as a Sculptor gun law was properly r
elying ....... '
Even though whose line offers the Sculptor.
Weed had an epiphany to remember.
It was really a long time mukhyeo been stored.
"Quest Info window!"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +
Yieora the maintenance of * Zahab
+ Zahab does not die that day.
+ Far left to the far continents in order to test their sculpting.
+ Sculpting complete the look for next Zahab, come and learn the song Let him g
ive his old maids heard.
+ Zahab is left is to talk to the last ittta Graps area.
Level: A
Quest Limitations: The old maids must be completed before death. Cancel impossib
+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Getting a Zahab Quest!

Rosenheim was associated with the Kingdom's Quest maids, then it is not going to
take a long time, like a low degree Level.
sculpting, and was disappointed about that time was the main reason for viscosit
Later placed postponed making sure the old lady-in-waiting, but do not die from
the information board for the occasional Serabourg_Castle Rosenheim Kingdom.
'Maid batdeon a long time ago Quest. When I met Zahab been learning the song is
in progress the Quest associated with Biggie's last sculpting ....... '
sculpting can stay in Deluxe 8Level.
Not so much by the master remains.
"Sculpting and sculpting final master skills!"
Maybe more than Hermes_Guild a healthy life may attend kicked.
"So now inde Request to be sure .... '
way to complete a sculpting!
Fight the army of the fact that the immortal tteon also great reason to keep the
Weed is deep in thought.
"If you really disturb me at the end of an attack and Hermes_Guild. And if you r
eally have a great power... "
Get on your knees Then I want to know is bileoya from Lean, was worried.
Weed has resumed the fight against the Undead Vargo_Fortress.
Bar_Khan Undead army is destroyed and I was further weakened after the burn.
Elf, Barbarian, Dwarf and Human coalition that could all be driven by collaborat
Time until the end of the Undead sarajieul in Vargo_Fortress, this movie came on
in front of the Weed and Player.
The lease can have the skin of the green like a frog had led the Undead teleport
ation of a warship ghost_ship.
"Balkan_Demoph wrote hath gone Now I will go back to the sea."
While the majestic hurt the Fog ghost_ship to disappear.
Lease with the Undead will be loads of Bar_Khan your side of the Admiral of the
Ocean ghost returned.
People will be able to see perhaps unlucky to meet you lease, it may be associat

ed with the legend of the sea which Adventurer.

In the video you lease, but also said the main clue leaves to seek the Kingdom s
wallowed up the sea, Weed had last eaten barley Bread interest of Kam.
"Now he comes to feel alone, roughly views."
Going to suffer death swept the Quest and wander the ocean, feel the same will b
e greeted with a storm reef!
"Really makes me someone wannabe'll Quest."
Weed gave up the lease be as concerned about it.
The Elf and the right Vargo_Fortress Dwarf, Barbarian coalition that was in a st
ate visit.
Holy_Knight and Priest, Player Professions with the Necromancer They have alread
y had to try and talk fast.
Weed Killer-Blade Army has been given the command of Hermes_Guild colleagues are
concerned, in fact, was guarding the place is only embarrassing to speak to the
Elf Swordnoob.
"Get away from here. Did I say anywhere in dread Necromancer Undead or subject t
o summon!"
"I will not hear the sound of the earthy and natural at all. I can not talk."
"That's also not to have that armor only Human."
Some people also differ response Barbarian or Elf, Dwarf Therefore, I say this:
Jeddah neunyae.
When you fight the Undead, but made the Union, other tribes each other and it is
difficult to get close unless several conditions are met.
Fame, Professions, Level, skills, stat, equipment, proceed to the Quest was past
, and that depends on many variables.
Human always favorable, but to believe in other gods Dwarf Priest and the Barbar
ian, Elf, were part of an annoyance.
"Keuheum, Elf they're so beautiful."
Is said to be heard Swordnoob one hundred ninety come to Weed.
Wood taller slender body with golden hair with a small, dark skin, unlike Dark_E
lf Elf are quite beautiful.
Was carrying a bow on one shoulder, and was not wearing casual attire armor.
Depending on the response, but also different conversation with someone, colleag
ues who can lead the Quest shares or similar appeal.
Therefore wishes to see Weed talk first.
Weed went over to Elf in a hand.
"The blessing of nature to come along to you. It is you've returned to the Human

Nature in the north."

+ Fame is 34 has increased.
+ Affinity_to_Nature a 25 increase.
+ Keunsup Elf's family and friendship are 17 became.
Fame of Weed was also Elf learn about living in the forest.
While hunting Bar_Khan Elf or Dwarf, Barbarian, even among the only NPC such as
this arose Player People admire him.
Each station are creating a spiral effect eurira grew up as a hero of the war go
d yiramyeonseo competitive.
"I'm Human, but also the Adventurer and Health admire the richness of nature onl
y there in the little things without hesitation when deemed necessary."
"Thanks a lot itdapnida and Elf in northern thy help. In collaboration with Huma
n, Undead, I could also return to the earth."
+ Keunsup Elf's family and friendship are 21 became.
Weed is well spit was right on the lips.
Elf races are innocent, do not you think people believe in you!
"The only really woohyeonhi the midst of the Fairy Queen of the Adventurer see t
hat under threat from Bar_Khan. Versailles_Continent stand to defend the definit
ion of horizontal responsible Adventurer, why do we can not fight?"
"Great Human Adventurer is yisigunyo All Human Weed think they will be at peace
only if it is the same Spirit."
Barbarian, Dwarf and also hear many stories to meet information is obtained.
"Hunting? Want becoming stronger already seems quite famous as a Warrior? Is nea
rby many places where you go through to become a strong Warrior. That's right co
ming up the hill back to the root Do not go. There is abuse that should not go T
here are dungeons. "
"You'll want to fight more. If the river is beorimyeon get rid of the monsters."
"That's really good attitude. However, if you mind not going to be on the lookou
t for the monster lax Heb. Monsters invaded suppose I'll often come from the wal
ls before moving here."
+ Fame is 21 has risen.
+ Intimacy is rising with the Badlands Barbarian.
"John fruits held in the woods?'re A very sweet taste. Elf Kyo Han and I hope wh
en things do not eat a lot of fruit you need if you want to have."
"Elf, let's save and tell about things they need. A drink with fruit from the fo
rest of Elf ... No, the children sipgeodeunyo give it to eat."
Have obtained information about the Trade.

Weed is but will not go unless the Trade specializes in merchant and back, leavi
ng out any time kept in mind for sure Because also made use of.
"The castle poles Human Dwarf they are good for him. It was a very fine place wa
s occupied. Dwarf Why You only get to know the place Undead nyago tamnae lived?
Where are they going to do when I gave gotta say the words. This is a great qual
ity for a long time Iron Mountain and was a place that was mine. "
"If you are not iron mines or mines dug earth resources emerges money! This reci
pe rise in land prices Vargo_Fortress ..., if you have the ore that requires Dwa
rf getjiyo kaeya."
+ The Intimacy of the Dwarf lack of firm land rises.
Weed the blacksmith asked me to create something together and show that there is
a pack do you call a Dwarf to learn the skills to Intermediate.
By accepting an offer to work with the sword and armor Dwarf valuable opportunit
y to create, blacksmith to be helpful is to raise the skills proficiency.
Edible and good to think that Chuck Weed necessities to live in society!
Elementary, junior high moral jundamyeon teach this stuff in time believed the c
ountry's competitiveness will be overwhelmed by the developed countries.
Weed is divided by a conversation with Elf Dwarf, Barbarian those who Swordnoob
and other colleagues were easily approached me to say.
Who was able to talk on much easier thanks to the favorable attention of would l
ike a Weed.
Why Adventurer Efficiency Gaga receives preferential treatment, even if some fal
l was also due to this.
And the captain of the Elf, Launceston Parc also met.
But so far only seen a particular response personnel only just light to the othe
r Player, Weed who came to talk to him first.
"That's the Bar_Khan water Lich Human given a key to help."
"I was the only one to do. Versailles_Continent yijiyo thereby perfectly good, i
f you can be a peaceful."
"From God's Fairy Queen Fairy_Queen_Teanna you want to meet the Human who helped
him. Would you like to go with you?"
Launceston Parc has a suggestion.
If the Queen of Faerie is a great geoneurineun clan identity.
Weed is turned around and peek Swordnoob and Pale, Irene was glittering eyes lik
e the old colleagues and also excited to hear from the next Priest and Holy_Knig
A species of, it can not be seen easily meet doeni met the Queen of Weed species
were also expected.
Now that hunting was also the fact that Bar_Khan Queen of Faerie position to hav
e to meet at least once.

"Is it my own way?"

"Fairy Queen has invited all of you stand Fairy_Queen_Teanna God."
Shout out out among Player!
"Really going to be able to see the Queen of Faerie? Can not believe."
"Well done to Bar_Khan and fight."
"Weed Has He treated me for asking whether we go together."
This treasure hunt and only came out Bar_Khan can not be separately compensated
even the Queen of Faerie.
Weed was also decided to accept the invitation of the Queen of Faerie.
"When do you go?"
"Now you may start right away."
"...... No gift is one that grabs boraet, the Queen of the Fairy God's warriors
you want to see your eyes go right now."
Weed and Swordnoob, other Player have teleportation Given the guidance of Elf an
d Dwarf.
"Come along well."
As for sightseeing throughout the back trails through the tree branches and bush
es could find women looking at Elf.
"So this is what this place is."
"Elf was coming to meet them sooner."
Swordnoob were trying not expressed because of the pride of man whispered, yet s
However, pointy ears of Elf could hear a small sound Wind.
"Human that she got me interested in us."
"Our taste is not."
"'d Be ignorant."
Elf of thing that can be loved, Warrior or Magician than was the Ranger has a si
milar Tendency.
There is a limit to the race to gain Intimacy also because it does not so fine H
uman prize.
Elf of the village where the nearest, but not enter unless you are an authorized

Now go up to the mountains beyond the forest.

Starting here the territory of the Dwarf.
Was a place built small houses and fireplaces are showing Doodle groups hear the
Dwarf every village, but also the technology and skills are the skills of They w
onder Weed in different once went into the dungeon near you.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +
* Dungeon, the first discovery of the retreat became self Fairy_Queen_Teanna.
Fame + 890
+ One week
+ The best
+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

experience, items deurapryul 2 times.
thing that you can put the item falls during the first hunt for the
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Even if they are called the dungeon was only Danil little fairy spreading its wi
ngs to fly.
Fairy forget to log hunt was the effect of such experience is useless.
"Follow me carefully. It has a lot of pitfalls. If wrong, or I could wander endl
essly long and go to another place to teleportation of the continent."
Elf Player of the warning went along rippling dwiman Click curiosity.
Fairy are gajida the ability to ignore the terrain that crosses the space.
Therefore may be liable middle of the desert and the monster are discarded into
a den with your mouth open.
Shelter of the Queen Elf finally arrived quietly go along.
The roots of a large tree was.
Fairy_Queen_Teanna of the Fairy Queen, with a very small body size was resting s
at down on the roots.
Welcome, Human gentlemen.
The voice of the Fairy Queen is too small Fairy_Queen_Teanna sounded barely list
The Queen was in a state suffered a serious injury to the body, as well as one o
f its wings torn off.
Receiving the Health of wood inde shape gradually recovering, it seems that just
about stopping to prevent the deterioration of the wound.
"Up to Drago."
Weed was kneeling on one knee noticed a courtesy to the Queen is politely.

Prince of Morata, and equipped enough to qualify as a nobleman who can talk to t
he Countess.
Weed Fame now, if not no one was about to meet.
Human yisigunyo helped me. He said he had heard was a lady giving Fairy are del
+ To a conversation with the Fairy Queen Fairy_Queen_Teanna.
- This stat goes up due to some pious Dignity.
+ Elegance, Dignity, honor, art.
Fairy_Queen_Teanna is to say, yet finely torn wings trembled.
It was much pained look.
I suddenly had grazed the head of Weed.
'What can Priest will heal injured my God?'
Even if God is Undead believe that different or race different from the power of
healing is similarly applied.
Fairy have to say that the side effects for the divine power because they have n
ever quite good race.
Even fairy tales of the history of the Versailles_Continent that came with the h
ero or the user occasionally.
"I think this will be nasty injury ...... my colleagues seem to be also a Priest
am treating. Fairy_Queen_Teanna stand eotteosinjiyo God."
Weed is politely asked, Fairy_Queen_Teanna and were very glad Fairy suddenly app
Thank you. Thank you.
if he would help the Human queen could be better soon.
Human therapeutic Magic. I'm warm, as well as better soon.
Playfully wrapped around all over the naemyeo Weed Fairy lights are like firefli
Going through hair said to sit on the shoulders go up, even leading to the suspe
nsion on the nose.
Fairy Strikes are a lot of mischief to my friend.
Deda defeated the army of Undead and Bar_Khan will obtain the best Intimacy wipe
out thanks removed by the end of the treatment.
I would appreciate it if you could help me.
Even detract permission of Fairy_Queen_Teanna.
"Irene's, come over here."
The back of the Player, sightseeing from a distance and was Irene walked careful
ly so as not to hurt the interest and Fairy flying jangnanchimyeo.
"Please heal the Queen."

"What? Can I That's right. He's harmless?"

"Fairy 's the big deal is also allowed Rakhan will not play this writing, from s
imple treatment Magic."
Irene is then Cross my while to take a deep breath while memorize the Holy Magic
"The Spirit of powers, Please rescue them suffering here. Healing_Hand!"
Divine Magic was simple, but that could quickly fill Health.
+ The Health of the Fairy Queen Fairy_Queen_Teanna 7350 , 000 are recovered as
+ Wound will calm down a bit.
Irene was a ball of divinity Magicthe castle.
By treating the Queen of Faerie experience and skills proficiency also rose.
Now naljido not care, but because Fairy_Queen_Teanna the Fairy had so admirably
in the history books come out. If you can help, as also increased Fame.
"Wow, I've done the treatment Magic. And I also got the experience!"
Irene was'm thrilled to be able to cure many Fairy_Queen_Teanna.
"Please continue to heal."
At the end of the Weed Irene was treating Fairy_Queen_Teanna using Mana is all y
ou have.
She had learned the recovery based purely Priest Magic.
+ By identifying core because the greater the sacred act. The definition drawer
+ While treating the Fairy Queen gets a special experience related to the pries
+ Is the relationship becomes intimate with Fairy.
+ They will help you remember the big quasi-Human.
Absolutely Fairy_Queen_Teanna treat and were able to enjoy the precious moments
as Priest.
"Weed Hi, We've had all my Mana floor."
Earl Mana whether injured badly, Irene recovery Magic eotneunde poured until wri
ting this is the Mana also Fairy_Queen_Teanna was still sick.
Bo Kerr was injured in the first place, this will enormously Health petite is sm
"We want some other Priest who is also a treat."
Weed dropped as soon as they memorize the words of the Holy Priest Magic for tre
That's right Irene was also not true that was a bunch of envious watching the sc

ene to treat Fairy_Queen_Teanna.

"Round Hill!"
"Full recovery."
Treatment of daejejeon not be too much to say was.
Lesser Divine Magic to three times a day, even those from outside can not use ad
vanced treatment Magic was used to target the Fairy_Queen_Teanna.
Holy_Knight iteotgie can also memorize the recovery Magic Thus was cast.
+ Health of Fairy_Queen_Teanna 43 % have become.
+, There is made of intensive therapy.
Outside the light of the treatment that can not be expressed beautiful solemnity
was concentrated to Fairy_Queen_Teanna.
Priest were fine and not even cast a Divine Magic Mana is filled with non-stop a
s is.
Special experiences with faith, skills and proficiency to obtain a contribution
to the Fairy.
"Experience is much more than it was ssatyeoyo battle."
"Look proficiency skills accumulate contributions ditch."
"I climb on top of each faith is also on top of each. I climbed more than one st
ep Priest was promoted to the higher series, until now."
Weed has a stomach ache.
Corps of immortality or Priest in and look at the relationship between Fairy_Que
en_Teanna because the contents were rising against the Quest.
'Church of Versailles_Continent to the corps of the immortal plays again have to
stop what you did took desperate. "
Weed was winning versa.
Bar_Khan the secrets to invade Morata has fought to regain the power off from ur
gent do you see the fire.
But if he will not fight, Bar_Khan pyeolchideon the battle before absorbing the
Life of the Fairy_Queen_Teanna Elf and Dwarf, Barbarian Perhaps the news of the
Allied Army Corps of immortality by doeeoteurira they become known.
Had he certainly did tendon associated Quest is made for the water Lich group Ba
As the center of each Church or Kingdom, not just to bet the huge compensation t
o hunt and fight like I would enjoy the Bar_Khan Weed.

By then, but much more difficult to hunt Giran Bar_Khan, may be unwilling to com
e forward as Knight fought each representing the royal family.
Won a legion of immortal Bar_Khan and then receive a great reward meet Fairy_Que
Priest were recovered while her back is a big role in the story and reap the ben
"I can has enough."
In fact, only a Weed fought mainly in Quest of Bar_Khan hunting may have been a
Priest and Holy_Knight their core.
Fairy_Queen_Teanna They still treat while watching the spectacle are receiving a
lot of times the compensation Weed hurt sore Lorca.
Difficult to endure, suffer from the bottom of salted than acute cecal!
Weed took a bandage.
I wanted to write was to endure Bandaging skills.
Because it was the size of which may choke the Queen of Faerie.
Priest in the Holy Magic that is focused sikyeoteum Fairy_Queen_Teanna did regai
n the top is perfect.
Hurt the body is not recovered as much as a lot of drumsticks are torn wings.
Thank you, Human gentlemen.
Now the word of Fairy_Queen_Teanna was delivered clearly to all.
Fairy are hanging in the body of the Priest, was tickling his nose.
They were delighted beating Queen of watching the playful recovered.
Priest involved in the treatment and Holy_Knight are a Friend of the future will
be a number Fairy reap many benefits.
Weed said, went up to Fairy_Queen_Teanna.
"Human thought that due to the treatment was very glad, Your Majesty."
Calming the spoon on the ball of the Priest and raise Holy_Knight was Weed.
Human will never forget that show gave the meeting.
+ Fairy_Queen_Teanna and the value of the public about the fairy clan 164 've r
Weed ???? sounded slightly at the mouth of the conversations that are going to o
ther Priest maethi smile.
"Public value of 600 is more than olratne. "
"I'm 800 Limo broke even. "

Weed's look is hard to guteotda again.

Waiting times twisted stomach pain boiling climb!
I'd rather eat the bath to the other side heart People come in handy.
"How can the public get the item value?"
"Faerie they're not able to deliver anything like elemental weapon?"
"Finish ...... I need a necklace."
"The public value even if the Fairy Friend 1 itgetda be placed persons. it unles
s the Fairy and hunting heard that a lot of help. "
Sounds like a sore chest of Weed hubyeo selling only with an awl!
The battle and the Health 100 lowers to less than the same time a lot less sick
just to increase his ability.
Weed was telling Fairy_Queen_Teanna slow anyway on behalf of the Human.
"But I'm the queen's wings aneusineun better."
Cursed because I'm hooked me. To fix the wings to go into the forest of red ree
ds handapnida come to save some stuff.
I heard the words of Fairy_Queen_Teanna smell smelled heavily of Quest.
Weed was thought to myself.
"It seems to be as much as Quest, do not die."
On the background or status of Fairy_Queen_Teanna leads in Bar_Khan, considering
the Level can get the Quest is a high Weed Fame will be.
But even if some can be impossible Quest has suffered high.
Although this success to the Calvaire sikindamyeon worthwhile anyway, just snag:
if only trying in vain to die That sounds exactly!
Human Sirs, As true that the already great care is required carefree dared not
hard to please but if you can help me a little bit more.
Fairy_Queen_Teanna of + Fairy Queen went into the region of the Dragon with cur
the Cursed Dragon Ratu undergo asbestos i
+ And she freely noldeon in the area of
n one wing between myself do not know.
Dragon Cursed.
Ratu Asda said appeared to dare go against his majesty the Queen of Faerie.
"Honey Queen fine joke ... I do not fine the intruder. If you want to unpack my
belongings of the Cursed Dragon Bring the sadly disappeared."
As guessed the Weed Dragon Quest and was also associated with death.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +
* Cursed Dragon
To cycle + heal the wings of the fairy queen Fairy_Queen_Teanna should solve th
e wrath of Ratu Asda.
+ Fairy they went running around to doing it, and found that there is a clue in
the forest of red reeds.
Difficulty: C
Quest Limited:
+ So you can count
+ Fairy who helped
+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

only possible.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"But this difficulty C. savor lead to tremendous linked Quest,'ll never have to
deal with when the future. This scene can push us through the Internet or statio
ns. "
Weed finished in the calculation.
If you can not afford Quest usually better off not receiving the first place.
When you give up a relationship with the Quest Fairy worse because it has no sid
e effects.
Combat does not bring with Bar_Khan has Living_Sculpture also summoned because o
f Undead.
Affection because I was able to say, then Living_Sculpture are revived by Undead
is because they do not want to see the sights of activities.
Liable to annihilate the board, even those that go Living_Sculpture accepted the
Quest was common sense is not to be accepted which takes absolute, so there was
no heart.
"I might take a Quest?"
"It's Weed god of war, sir."
"Weed'm going again in great Southern Quest's history."
I heard a sound that Player will envy.
"But I'll find out many People also seeking me to accept this Quest. Once you la
y accept this Quest, you'll be able to get it done not interfere with getting an
other job. "
Weed nodded.
"The Queen of the Fairy wings and I'll be healed."
+ Quest have accepted the.
"Wow, I really did. The real Request!"

"Haeda the Request of the Fairy Queen's Weed to perform!"

"Oh my God! The're gonna mess me on board yet?"
No wonder they were astonished Player.
Weed's motives are unknown chaeyeotda charred.
"Let's have a go everywhere this time of year anyway, because there is no time l
imit Request the next year? No, back then I'm not still in danger. I can fall ev
en rolling stone bridge slips. Naehunyeon or so after graduating from the Univer
sity of ... younger sister. "

11 : Call of the Weed

Weed and Player will undergo entertaining dinner of Faerie.
Versailles_Continent and elemental type, fairy Fairy was the unique foods of the
country they cross them in a bowl on the system.
Come eat.
Queen Thank you for Heal's
But he had exchanged glances before Swordnoob have left the dungeon.
Taste is, but I think I'll amount is so small but comfortable taste in meat and
bake and eat out.
Weed has had persistently beotimyeo of Cooking Fairy.
+ Receive a new impetus to the palate.
+ Cooking skills you acquire the skills because the middle class and above.
Easy food tasting food difficult elemental type, fairy system has given up the C
ooking skills.
"Well, the military merit eat."
When we write a lot on the basis of the Ingredient Cooking was also self-learnin
g method.
Using the unique spices and a full Human are made Cooking does not have to devel
op yourself really hard.
Rare opportunity to better himself, was utilized.
To fill the boat, eat at least two hundred of the Fairy had emptied the bowl of
fifty kinds.
"Dont be to roll with plenty of food in placing the rip_off as elemental. '
Hwaryeong and Bellot is in keeping with the dignity matbwatda the food evenly.
Wore a dress for a meal, not even shed a difficult food to eat, ate and drank an
d elegant.

+ To improve the Dignity and through the courtesy of Fairy meal.

After that he returned to Vargo_Fortress naseoneun to eat.
Weed makes eumsan laughed.
"Keuheuheu heuheu."
Are you hunting out the item and calculate the treasure as much as his share Bar
_Khan 680 , 000 gold would have been formulated.
Take some time to dispose of the treasures of course, traders are going to use a
s you need to come to Vargo_Fortress decided to release my division in cash.
"Vail hagun also salty."
Vargo_Fortress was also his territory.
For now broken towers and buildings, has remained only rubble.
Great battle as beoleojideon, had been destroyed, so be serious.
"What kind of place this is indeed local information window!"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +
* Vargo_Fortress

Undead occupy that property.

Human is not how much they regained.
Past has been a major barrier was the fortress of Niflheim Empire.
Gwanghal holds a forest and rugged mountain territory.

+ Population does not exist.

+ Has been severely damaged by the war that you need to make some major repairs
+ The river to get drinking water contamination problems.
+ Does not safe because of the monster.
Specialties: Do not create.
+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Only the house was about to fall down is in the early days was far more serious
than Morata.
Rani security problem because of the monster, rather quiet river and the hills d
id not know this matter be better.
Weed usually like a king or nobleman Adventurer, villages often get people's fai
th in the lord.
But if the lord of the town itself is also sometimes causes iteotda established.
Wonak a wide Versailles_Continent the house I built directly on the mountain or
river Katakana raising livestock farmers to accept the displaced people living o
ff an he was also the lord will look nourish the size of the village.

"That's right thing even this large fortress is that, in the past, meaning there
was a colorful era. Not be seen as an important base."
Vargo_Fortress so this was a very large fortress Corps of immortality rested.
The dragon is the size of the roof seolchil enough.
It is thanks to the destruction seriously ???
"The earth is buried Undead ... Priest After purification are going to be plante
d Although some degree of grain. That's right also savor not got what it takes t
o blame also yields were contaminated at least two years or so is useless ever s
uppose. "
Even grander river flowed wide width.
Drought and was far from evidence, and fish resources gwaenchange.
Morata is just as much as the natural landscape in mountains and the river.
From the perspective of the Weed At any mess caused new earth shall he be a yigo
tdo development.
Morata've already seen once raised will be helpful is that experienced.
"Morata local information window!"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +
* Morata area
Fat was a member of the + Niflheim Empire.
+ Current has evolved thanks to the great selection of Morata Earl Weed.
+ Best cities to represent the northern and trade and the arts, the center of t
he Adventurer.
+ Great architecture, the cathedral and the Northern Library was completed for
the Freya Church.
Military: 259 economy: 2 , 969
Culture: 3 , 129 technologies: 843
Religious Influence: 87
Local Politics: 69 influence on the neighborhood: 74 %
Former sphere of influence Niflheim Empire: 16.5 %
( influence of military, economic, cultural, technology, religion, population, R
equest and related areas such as the deep )
Urban development degree: 269
Health: 39 Police: 88 %
+ To the recent invasion of Undead Undead Legion was repulsed without great har
+ Population influx Does not feel good, and although residents in homes and roa
ds in advance thanks to continuing maintenance inconvenience.
+ Trade and Commerce are actively done As a wealthy are created.
Fame + Morata increases and added three specialties. Silversmith prod
The area of
ucts, coconut drink, Deluxe fabrics.
+ Cathedral and pride for the people of the library.
+ For the nearby political, economic and cultural events with greater impact.
+ This year is expected to daepung years of farming.
+ Disturbing the slightest movement can not imagine.

Holds enough troops to fight monsters and +.

+ As military spending is a little more soldiers and Knight will have a high lo
+ Wonderful sculptures that give happiness to the lives of the residents.
+ Picture works also have higher levels.
Endless trust and support for rich + Artist has been the driving force behind t
he development of culture.
+ Morata Arts Center is Throughout the entire northern, new artists are focusin
g holds most of the work is made.
Due to + for library science and Magic, Adventurer would came true briskly.
+ Education and a high cultural level and wiser, thanks to a lot of smart kids
born. 10 If you teach the dog the month 5 dogs forget about!
+ The technique of sewing industry has been myeonmyeonhi leads down from the pa
st. Tailor made clothes are used for leather and fabrics, rich product.
+ Blacksmith skills they are dealing with heating and hot iron levels hit with
a hammer. The workmanship is leading the development appeared that superior craf
+ The faith in the belief that the most Freya.
+ Wasteland holds a clearing to create a fertile breadbasket.
+ The harvest of agricultural daepung nyeonim.
+ Thorough crime was significantly reduced with a firm faith and peace.
Specialties: art, leather and cloth, tomatoes, grapes, rice, cattle, milk, chees
e, wine, silversmith products, coconut drink, Deluxe fabrics.
Territory Total population: 1 , 175 , 704 .
Monthly tax revenue: 953 , 290 gold.
Town operational expenditures:
+ Force 5 %
Economic development + 36 %
+ Culture investment 14 %
+ Request Monster Subjugation and 16 %
+ Towns conservative 25 %
Church donations to Freya + 4 %
+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
+ Morata by the people he get the title of "Best in northern rulers.
+ Reduces the population decline of loyalty.
+ Increases the population influx.
Morata is also proud metropolis was laid out where.
Just by letting go is still being developed and expanded day by day.
If gadeul Adventurer's northern Excavation work has once these items are works o
f art exhibited in the Art Center.
Religious goods dedicate the cathedral, and the other for other things were on d
isplay in the library.
Adventurer gadeul imported goods through the northern part Explorers blew hot ai
Loud and the effect of the great building, word of mouth Player ride started in
Morata increases every day People.
Due to the influx of residents and Player development is different from day to c
limb the technology is also competitive financing is also prosperous commercial

Building and the Statue expanse look at the sky, Tower_of_Light, was truly spect
acular due to the great buildings.
Tower_of_Light and time and the black giant who stood only a humble village buil
dings can not imagine there was a change.
Traders who set up shop in Morata have been flocking to Vargo_Fortress.
"This is my place."
"What do you mean, I sit down first place by drawing gold!"
Weed and Player have gained a tremendous amount of loots and japtem due to the s
pread of the immortal battle with the army.
This article comes from the Dragon and Vandal_Knights are also those who seek ea
Morata merchants would come flocking in order to deal the merchandise.
"The professional handling the goods sold. At any time it sold the Friend Please
register please use comfortably."
"Mugijeom Comet came emotion from simple repairs, purchase or sale. Come on. I'l
l hit good price."
"Ingredients professional Haft. We passed on the film Capitan Fresh Ingredients
in the fields next door to minimize the middle margin. Take it with a delicious
rice and side dishes!"
Merchants on the Vargo_Fortress 100 of whom had stretched his burial place.
"I came up here dragged the wagon?"
"This man is at most 1 , 000 persons are not only about monger only so folks aro
und. "
Despite the good in many ways, easier to use are picked Player traders should fa
Customer: but the shop in few places fierce competition would freeze Mana.
Name in the preparation Morata could meet up nalrideon merchants.
But just that afternoon.
Player have heard pushed Vargo_Fortress!
"Has arrived!"
"Aneuni not drilled full length coming devastated. The degree That's right here
so I heard a lot of hunting."
"Elf also itdamyeonseo meet. Let's talk quickly since as soon as possible."
"Wow, completely ruins it! Nicely built house, live."
Player Weed growth in Morata have gained new ground in contact as soon as the in

formation is flocked by Vargo_Fortress.

Weed because the lord Vargo_Fortress think there was tremendous advances in the
If those benefits come in advance preemption would be prohibitive.
Vargo_Fortress and even live adobe building near where it becomes a great source
of pride for the Friend or other colleagues.
Many also want to explore the land, is not gonna stay littered unknown if huntin
"Should go to see from the ground."
Farmers were fertile floodplains or leaf through the plains near the river.
Adventurer gadeul is seeking the dungeons are near enough to see into a conversa
tion with Elf and Barbarian.
Many Holy_Knight and Priest are going to hunting, Swordnoob have enjoyed the pop
ularity of the peak.
Reliable and good fight to protect Swordnoob thoroughly the Priest are, everyone
wanted to go on a hunt by inserting come to the party.
People now have quickly gained a stone in the fort only wreckage was strewn crow
Traders will burinake dalryeoon noticed this nicety.
Soon a second before it's too late at night, and the third settlers arrived.
Vargo_Fortress has said the fire with a torch to include Magic Lantern did not l
ike Morata.
Inns and restaurants lie on the road eopeuni just ask for a moment near the tabl
ets were also asleep.
Romantic watching the stars eating baked meat!
"Keuheum, rogun punggineun the good smell of beer!"
Dwarf they came to the smell of beer in tow.
"Have a seat. Would you like a drink?"
The intimate with the Dwarf and drinking.
As the Queen Fairy_Queen_Teanna recovery, even frequent Jeddah activities fairle
The beans were able to see Morata or other place where the drought nadeut Vargo_
Fortress was filled with mysterious silvery There is a flying fairy wings spread
The sound of a bustling trade and drink and heard the words of Fairy'd pause.

meat is, meat.

smell ecstatic.
eat. Eat. Wy_NineWy_Nine.
People were eating and rub the flesh of the Fairy is holding ribs.
Swordnoob twenty chilneun Priestess and chinhaejyeoseo said the road had stone w
alls walk_away date.
"This atmosphere Bout true?"
"I'm scared. Collapsed bricks and ...... I guess that even monsters come out rig
"Then I'll just watch."
Swordnoob was twenty chilneun boast the charm of a trusty man.
Was walking along the road, VIC They.
Came along, as if rippling along the beach Seagulls walking.
Priestess to eat feat intercept loose in the air give out food in a backpack!
Jeddah Vargo_Fortress myself that night had passed, the People are a lot more.
Sometimes he will pay off the fairy grace, he moved ohgido orchards and rice fie
lds in other parts of the continent as a whole.
"Holy_Knight 2 persons, Priest 3 persons are party to obtain Destination is loca
ted in the dungeon. "
"Dungeon Hunt close reach minute! Level is 310 more than in those cars, I'll do
yet this risk can be collected regrettable. "
"Need angler ever? Let grabbed correctly, exchange information on fishing."
The inhabitants of + Vargo_Fortress 2 , 000 persons have been made.
Overnight population increase was due to come to the residents moved in Morata.
+ Taxes will occur, depending on the commercial activities.
+ Tax will be added all the maintenance of the Citadel.
When - the provision of the prince's office, you can adjust the distribution of
the tax.
Made based on the refurbishment of the fort Jeddah residents to migrate.
Wonak the massive citadel because there are many repairs that need to be made.
Shattered you must build towers and buildings are a board from the beginning.
However, due to the continued immigrants come Player residents and bring back to
a new Adventurer, The Citadel has spun animation.
In Vargo_Fortress Human traders are not only buying and selling goods.
"Nuts and herbs, selling seeds."
Female Elf came was a trade.

They went to purchase what you need to sell the goods taken from the forest.
Dwarf sell good quality byeongjanggi also came and went and with a wagon full of
Barbarian Many articles are in need.
They brought the japtem and leather.
Vargo_Fortress was an important gateway to the northern continent was evidence,
albeit slowly regaining the old look.
Weed was hoping.
"Making a drink with fruit of Elf, Barbarian for putting rip_off hunting supplie
s, Dwarf is eating into workers pamper create weapons and armor if you build a h
ouse ..."
This is the best city yamalro always dreamed of!


Morata Bingryong who was hunting in the mountains near!

Monsters and fell flat on the floor whenever he can roar.
Every time Danil fly around the mountain was engulfed in a giant monsters mopjip
"My guys are lush!"
The Wyvern also struggled to hunt the woods to his area.
Wyvern monsters are much stronger than laws They learned to fight and hunt throu
gh the organization.
If the monster is stubbornly Resistance When the next day, or the next day, even
by the persistence eventually attacked Obama has been successful in the hunt!
"Let's go the distance."
"More than this?"
"I want to hold the big one."
Fire_Giant and Phoenix hunted mainly the big Monster attending flying over the s
Compared with him Golden_Bird Silver_Bird, Geumini, Nureongi was quietly moving.
"The way the birds have told me."
Gave us hunting birds, he went into the dungeon to hunt with.
Friendly & Harmonious and intimate time!
Living_Sculpture who received grant from the Life Jigolaths also hunt in their r

espective territories.
Unfortunately, even acknowledging Life had died by the raid monster, but most we
re well adapted to growing up nicely.
They then heard a whisper once the
] is not doing well?
Gave Life to exist They!
Bingryong is replied hastily.
] so happy ... no, it turned out fine.
Wyvern also told the owners welcome.
- such a warm and sing times.
] ate delicious beast today.
] ate Wy_Three the teeth further.
Pimp difficult to hide if you have had an inferiority Wyvern.
Silver_Bird and Golden_Bird, Geumini is fine, it had to answer it is upstage.
Nureongi replied in a friendly.
- Master, I want you so much.
Weed was also mild feelings extraordinary piece about the hunky Nureongi.
- I That's right.
] voice be placed in the mind of any. Uh-huh. Well meoeo.
- Now you can be together. You and everyone here.
Living_Sculpture that it was time to be active together.
To be continued..