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Neon yellow rasbora

FISH Factfile

l Scientific name: Microdevario kubotai

l Size: 2cm/ 0.8in fully grown
l Origin: Thailand, especially the Phang Nga and Ranong provinces
l Habitat: Flowing headwaters, over gravel and sand, leaf litter, tangles of wood, and
patches of plants
l Aquarium: Works well in aquascapes where there is ample swimming space, or a sand
Phang Nga &
and gravel biotope with some low wood tangles
Ranong, Thailand
l Water conditions: Ideally slightly soft and acidic, 6.2 7.2pH, hardness below 10H
l Feeding: Readily accepts flake and micropellets, but small Daphnia and Cyclops excites them
l Notes: A truly miniature fish, and biologically noted as such, its one of few species to breed at under 2cm. Forms
large shoals in the wild, so try to purchase at least 12 fewer will be skittish. Though its called a yellow rasbora,
the colour is usually closer to lime green, with occasional hints of gold. Works best with other, similar sized fish
such as Harlequins. Ensure large weekly waterchanges and high oxygen levels, using airstones if needed. The
colour is entirely natural in origin, and shouldnt be confused with artificially coloured, GM Glo fish.