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Ericksonian Language Patterns & Hypnosis Seminar

"Fabulous - recouped my investment within the first

hour or so!" Skills for Life
Andy Gudgeon, Business Psychologist, NLP Master Practitioner
m Gain rapport more easily
Are you ever in a position of influencing m Achieve desired results
others? m Stimulate motivation
Would it be useful if more of your m Empower people
suggestions or ideas were accepted, in an m Avoid resistance
atmosphere of respect and rapport? m Influence others elegantly
Would you like greater skill in influencing m Facilitate change
someone's emotions, thoughts and Use these skills anywhere where
behaviours? the quality of your communication
is important.
On this seminar you will learn many powerful language pat-
terns to increase your ability to influence with integrity.
Powerful Patterns &
Through in-depth immersion you can dramatically increase
your skill in these powerful verbal and non-verbal patterns. Approach
As they are indirect, subtle and respectful of people's right to m Communicate with a person's
learn and change in their own way, Ericksonian Patterns can unconscious mind
be used informally e.g. in m Recognise and utilise naturally
meetings parenting coaching occurring everyday trance states
teaching sales social work m Deliver suggestions with subtlety
leadership personal- counselling
and elegance
training development
m Initiate trance states both for-
as well as formally, e.g. as part of therapy. mally and conversationally
Which areas of your life would you like to enhance?
m Use analogies and simple and
“A magical journey with learnings of direct relevance to my in-depth metaphors/stories to
work and personal development. I would recommend this course influence and bypass resistance
to anyone with an interest in understanding the phenomenal leg- m Evoke altered states both ver-
acy of Erickson. Incredible value for money!” bally and non-verbally
Angus McLeod, Coach, Trainer & Author of Performance Coaching

For details contact:

Frank Daniels Associates
Tel: 0845 226 9088
Email: info@FrankDanielsAssociates.co.uk
"Very interesting and informative. It has given me new "This was the best course of all I have attended.
ways/options to develop personal skills ... material and Everything was valuable."
contents very relevant." Administrator
Senior Social Worker
“I have been very impressed with the seminar. I
These patterns were developed by Milton Erickson, one
of the original models for NLP. As the world's leading
am already delightfully surprised to remember
Clinical Hypnotherapist he developed a naturalistic way of much of what I learned and I am 'readily' utilising
communicating with, and influencing, people at multiple my resources in order to activate my potential. ...
levels. Now you can learn some of these 'Ericksonian
Patterns' to use in your everyday life.
What I wanted from the course was to reinforce
the skills learned from a previous NLP course and
For those familiar with the jargon, the course will include: to develop those skills further. I feel that I have
Artfully Vague Language, Transitions, Pacing and Lead-
ing, Representational Systems, the Yes Set, Presupposi-
achieved this and more and I thank you.”
tions, Analogies, Quotes Pattern, Parallel and Isomorphic Anne Searson, Remedial Physical Therapist
Metaphors, Embedded Commands.
“I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, it highlighted
Trainer: Frank Daniels has a wealth of what I didn't know about the subject.“
experience as a Certified NLP Trainer, Richard Davies, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner
Business Trainer, Certified Hypno-
therapist and UKCP (NLP) Psycho- “Overall, brilliant – good learning and well taught.
therapist. He is known for his caring Fun. I loved it and want to do it again.”
attitude, light-heartedness and integrity.
Louisa Lera, Homeopath
Prerequisite: Participants ranging from
newcomers to NLP Trainers have
benefitted from this course. We Venue: Crich, Derbyshire or Nottingham
recommend that you have at least basic
NLP knowledge (e.g. our NLP Core Skills Next Dates:
Seminar), or other communication skills training. Part 1 26 & 27 November 2011
If in doubt, please enquire. Part 2 3 & 4 December 2011

Investment: Parts 1 & 2 together (4 days) only:

"A very relevant course to my need to deepen my ability
Employer sponsored rate....................... £625
to be accurate with my language when using hypnotherapy Self-financing reduced rate ................... £375
techniques. I've tried Ericksonian work before but have Or, each part individually:
not connected naturally with it. Frank's approach of using Employer sponsored rate ...................... £325
the techniques to facilitate the learning is excellent.” Self-financing rate ................................. £200
Virginia Smith, Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist Continuing Professional Development
We will provide you with a certificate of
"I found the 2 days mentally stimulating and very inter- attendance.
esting. I took a lot away from the course which I will be
able to use both at work and outside.” Whatever your level of NLP experience, you can
look forward to being delightfully surprised at how
Stuart Uprichard, Coaching/Training, Egg
much you’ll learn when you attend this course.
And, whilst you don’t need to telephone us now,
"… the things learned on this course were invaluable.” you could, couldn't you!
Andy Smith, Civil Servant & Reiki Master

For details contact:

Frank Daniels Associates
Tel: 0845 226 9088
Email: info@FrankDanielsAssociates.co.uk