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Heres a putting green at Ventura Golf and Country

Club in Orlando, FL before we applied Atomic Grow.

Heres the same green after 6 sprays of Atomic Grow.

Cost to restore turfgrass health and vigor: Under $100.
Before we treated this golf green with Atomic Grow, it
was mottled by nematodes, fungal disease and chemical
residues. As six weekly treatments of Atomic Grow
cleansed the roots and soil, new root growth surged. Roots
became rich with natural sugars and energy, helping them

outgrow high nematode counts (over 400). The healthier,

deeper roots reduced needs for fungicides and irrigation.
A thick, vigorous green like this can handle more traffic
and maintain its beauty. Look on the back side of this page to
see a closeup of roots after this Atomic Grow rescue.

High Yield Industries LLC 5361 Frederick Avenue, Melbourne, FL 32940 877-344-2001

Its rare to see roots this deep and vigorous during midsummer on any golf course in Florida especially one where nematode
counts have built up to the 400s before we were given the opportunity to treat the course with Atomic Grow. Normally, an infestation this severe would prevent remediation of a green. As Atomic Grows cleansing power broke down the accumulation of chemical toxins and helped roots absorb nutrients, old petroleum-based residues emulsified into harmless compounds which soil
microbes can metabolize. The bloom of soil bacterial and mycorrhizal life accelerated root growth, even though a golf greens top
few inches is mostly sand. Note how the roots hold these soil plugs intact, and reach deep for moisture and nutrients.
Atomic Grow can make your golf course greener another
way, too: With fast-growing and healthy grasses on greens and
fairways, youll gradually find less need for toxic fungicides
and insecticides.
That makes your course a healthier place to play. Over the
years, many golf courses have accumulated pesticide residues
as turf managers have had to fight insect and fungal attacks
with increasingly toxic chemicals offered in the market.
Now, our biologically friendly approach encourages beneficial microbes and breaks down old pesticide residues. Golf
lovers can gain more confidence that theyre playing in a
healthier green environment!
Atomic Grow is formulated 100% with biobased ingredients
derived from plants such as tree oils, sugarcane and corn. Its
certified by lab test as free of genetically modified organisms.
Variations of our Atomic Grow formula are used as cleansing
washes for vegetables and fruit: Its that non-toxic.
Our consultants can help you diagnose and restore the health
and visual appeal of golf course fairways, greens and other
landscaping. We have gained a wide range of experience since
2003 across Floridas landscape, nursery and agricultural
industries. Call us for a technical consultation!

Theres a thick mat of fibrous roots holding together this

sandy plug taken from a golf green we restored to health.
The rhizosphere the area a millimeter or two around
each root hair is populated with beneficial bacteria and
fungi which naturally help combat attacks from pathogens
and nematodes. Please note: Atomic Grow makes no
claims of pesticide activity: Our non-toxic product simply
helps natural root health and biological vigor build up
resistance to fungus and disease organisms.

High Yield Industries LLC 5361 Frederick Avenue, Melbourne, FL 32940 877-344-2001

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