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Position Paper

MWF 7-8
In this day, Live-In relationships are more common than you might think. With the
influence of various cultures, people become more open-minded and involved in sexual
relationship that may leads to pregnancy. Some people trying their selves to live independently in
a relationship in which the avoidance of marriage is present. They were trying to test their selves
if they can handle what married couples do.
Common-law marriage (live-in relationships or Cohabitation) is an arrangement where
two people who are not married live together in an emotionally and/or sexually intimate
relationship on a long-term or permanent basis. It is usually refers to unmarried couples who live
together without formally registering their relation as a marriage. Such arrangements have
become increasingly common in Western countries during the past few decades, being led by
changing social views, especially regarding marriage, gender roles and religion. It can be an
alternative to marriage in situations where marriage is not possible for financial or family reasons
(such as same-sex, interracial or interreligious marriages).
We support this kind of relationship because first of all, no money shall spend unlike
marriage. Second, if you want to separate together, just easy, you live the house and its done
unlike marriage, you waste your time and money just to file a divorce or annulment case. Third,
its supports our sexual needs. Testing there independency in a relationship and how compatible
they are.
According to Listdose.com, There are the 10 advantages of Live in Relationship over
1. No Divorce or Annulment this one of the biggest advantage of a live-in relationship.
If they feel that they are not compatible or sure to their partners, it is easy to separate
without filling any divorce or annulment case compared to married couple, they
spend lots of time and money to end their relationship.
2. More Time - Live in couples also enjoy spending more time with each other. Live-in
couple is always there to provide moral and emotional support when you might be
thousands of miles away from your family. In a married couple, there is always a time
limit because of their responsibility in having a family. In a marriage, when your
partner leaves or may not be present for some important event, and then there are
feelings of betrayal, anger and hurt.
3. Respect - In a live-in relationship, the couples tends to respect for them to know their
limits. When they decided to get married, they will have less doubts and assurance
with each other.
4. No Societal Norms - This means that live-in relationships are less rules to follow and
less social responsibility. Sometimes, it is acceptable not to follow some societal

Position Paper
MWF 7-8
5. Break ups are easier In live-in relationship, if you dont feel the same way with your
partner anymore, it is very easy to end the relationship because there is no solid
commitment with each other. While a marriage requires a lot of time and effort to
dissolve because it a strict arrangement. Married partners have to equally divide debt
and family assets, to pay Lawyers and to make arrangements with respect to the
children. If a live in couple realize they are not compatible with each or that they
dont understand each other anymore they can easily break up without any
6. Changing Partners - If you arent satisfied or having doubts with your partners then
you can pack your bags and move out without any legal procedures or hassles. While
in a marriage, you simply cannot move out without all the legal proceedings, in a live
in relationship on the other hand, a person can move out quickly. There might be
heartbreak but that is quite understood to each partner before entering in to a live in
7. Compatibility - Live in relationships are perfect for testing your partners
compatibility. You can get a sneak peek into what your wedded life might be like. You
can also know about your partners views on religion, sex, money and politics. Many
live in couples also come to know about each others interest and common views.
8. Financial Relief - Live-in relationships also guarantee immense financial freedom for
both parties involved. In a marriage however, it is generally accepted that the married
couple share their earnings and enter into joint financial venture. However, not all
married couples follow these rules. Nowadays even married couples tend to keep
their financial matters separate and many live-in couples decide to share their
individual earnings. If a live in couple are stable on financial terms, they can agree to
share their earnings with each other which is beneficial as it ensures that both couples
are on the same page. There are no arguments or conflicts relating money problems
and this helps in strengthening the relationship.
9. Responsibility - There is also very less load of responsibility as compared to
marriage. Married people have to manage all the responsibility of family including
children and relatives while couples in a live in relationships have only their own
responsibility. Live in couples also have more understanding and space so sharing
responsibilities is not something difficult. Live in relationships can be happier if the
couples learn to live together in understanding and not filling up responsibilities on a
single partner.
10. Freedom - Couples dont have to give up any rights nor accept any duties or
responsibilities. Couples are free of any obligations and can choose to live their life as
they please. There are no commitment issues in a live-in couple and they can have a
long term relationship together if both of them are happy.

Position Paper
MWF 7-8
Here in the Philippines, In Article 147 to 148 of the Family Code of the Philippines it
supported the live in relationship and the rights and obligations the couples who enter this kind
of relationship.