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Chapter one

If you were hoping for a lovely tale about princesses and fairies in some far off magical
world, then you have picked up the wrong book, assuming you did actually pick up this book. If
I had dedicated my sad life to the study of princesses and fairies in magical worlds, then this
book would be titled with a nice playful title such as, A Lovely Fairy Princess, or A Wonderful
Story about Fairies and Princesses in a Magical World. No, I have dedicated my lifes work
instead to the research of the lives of Riley, Violet, and Rachel Blair. Riley was fifteen, wore
glasses, and loved many things. Of these things reading, inventing, and weaponry were his
favorites. For the most part, he only collected the weapons for target practice, self-defense, or
just to look at. He also invented some of his weapons, except for guns which of course were
illegal to make without the proper license. Violet, at thirteen, was mostly an investigator, which
meant that she was almost always in the family library, in the familys mansion, looking up
something, or reading a good mystery book, which were her favorites. Rachel, at only one year
of age, had only one special thing about her that had emerged- a word meaning shown up in her
early years- in her life so far, which was that her fingernails were razor sharp. She loved to use
these claw-like nails to slice paper into shreds, and often could be found in the office with either
Blair parent shredding paper for them. Because of her young age Rachel talked in a way that was
difficult to understand. So that was when she said tha was a goo stoy! she meant something
like that was a good story you were telling dad! which her siblings and parents understood
Thank you Rachel, said their father, but Im not quite done. Their father was telling
them a great story about three little fairies in a fairytale land and a princess that had a pretty pink
dress, but if I were to keep describing the boring story he was telling you might fall asleep so I
will tell you that he was about to tell them of a noble and loyal organization of which was torn by
the evil plots of some criminal masterminds- a phrase which means very smart and very, very
wicked people- and how they could help. Unfortunately, he would never get to tell this story.
At this point it is necessary for me to stop you and give you a warning. This book that
you are holding in your two hands, assuming you are actually holding this book, is a terrible and
woeful tale of which you would be better off throwing in a creek then reading through all the
woeful pages of this book. The story is about to take a turn for the worst- a phrase which means
get very, very bad- so if youd like to stop here and believe that this story ends in happily ever
after, then you may close this book now and go on with your life believing that these three kids
lived happily ever after, which I can assure you, they do not. But for those of you brave enough
to go on in this story here it goes.
Yes, please do go on, said their mother, except that she was interrupted at Yes, please
d, with a loud sound from outside the house. The sound they herd was a sound you might
have herd before, it is the screeching of tires as a car stops from high speeds. At first the family
thought someone had narrowly avoided a collision, but the yells and cries of triumph and
wickedness that occurred next made them change their minds, and lives, forever.
There was the sound of several car doors opening and people getting out, then the sound
of someone yelling, finally we can get our hands on those noble fools, or might I say get our
flames on them! and a few other people yell, Yes, we must do this quickly though! The three

children were confused about what was going on, but their parents realized with horror what was
about to happen and jumped into action. Unfortunately, they jumped into action- a phrase which
basically means they tried to save the families lives and home, but mostly failed- and got up
and ran to the front entry foyer- which a room that contains a door and is used to welcome
guests, especially at dressy masquerade parties -, but on their way they were stopped in their
track by a horrifying sound. This sound, which I hope you havent herd before, was the sound of
breaking glass and an explosion followed by the sound of a fire erupting.
Its too late, the Blair mother said as a tear came to her eye, Its too late, she repeated
It may be too late to save the house, but its not too late to save our family! the Blair
father yelled over the rumbling sound of the fire, which was spreading in the entry foyer. Without
another word they turned and ran for the library, where the kids were still sitting in confusion.
Once again they herd this terrible noise, of which still haunts me to this day. This noise was of
course was the sound of breaking glass and an explosion followed by the sound of yet another
fire erupting, except this wasnt in the entry foyer. This time the explosions were in four different
parts of the mansion. They herd one exploding in the kitchen, one exploding upstairs in their
bedroom, another exploding upstairs in one of the sitting rooms and herd the last, with horror,
explode in the library.
Run! shouted their mother, but the kids had been lucky and had run for their parents
after they herd the first explosion and caught up to them as they ran back to the library to get
them. With several other sounds of erupting fire they herd all six of the other doors leading
outside burst into flames, blocking any chance of escape.
Follow us! shouted their dad as he darted into a living room. They followed quickly
behind and glanced out a window to see a man whom they didnt know yet, but would cause
them pain, woe, and sorrow in the years to come; a man, who had already caused great woe and
sorrow in an entire organization. He was tall, maybe six feet, and had a pair of small glasses on,
but behind those glasses was the scariest thing of all. Behind his glasses were two beady, blue
eyes which were staring at the family, through the flame in the window, as they ran into the
living room. He then turned with a grin and yelled something that the children couldnt hear over
the crackle of the flames.
Jump in here children! the Blair father shouted over the flames. As the children looked
at were their father was pointing they couldnt believe their eyes. He had lifted up the rug to
reveal a trapdoor- a word meaning a small wooden door that led somewhere the children had
never been before- that said, fire or bomb safety shelter the children didnt know how their
parents could have known that something dreadful like this could have happened, and Im sorry
to say that they would never find out, not from their parents at least.
Hurry up, the flames are starting to burn the wall! yelled their mother, and as they
looked were she was pointing they realized she was right. So taking one last look around their
beloved mansion, which they had lived in all their lives, they opened the door and hoped in.
We will come join you after we have grabbed something! yelled their father and he
closed the door. Leaving no time for Riley to ask what he was grabbing, and leaving no time for

Violet to tell him that she had read something saying you should never, ever go back into a
burning building to recover anything, and leaving poor Rachel before she could ask hw lo wit it
tac? meaning, How long will it take to grab something so important that you leave your
children in a trapdoor that we didnt even know about until know?
Violet was right when she had wanted to say that you are never supposed to run back
into a burning building to get something, no matter how valuable. It is something which keeps
me awake at night asking myself, If she had said that, might this woeful tale have never
happened? but no matter how much I wish it hadnt it will never make it so. So as much as it
pains me to say, the Blair parents would never return to the small space containing their beloved
children, I will have to say it.
The Blair parents would never return to the small space containing their beloved children,
and as the minutes passed the children began to realize, slowly but surely, that their parents
werent going to return.
Im afraid our parents arent going to return, Violet said as a tear started to fall from her
chin to the dirt floor below them.
Dont be afraid Violet, Im sure that they escaped by some other means and will return
for us once the fire is put out, said the eldest Blair. As he said this they heard a heavy beam fall
onto the door to what would now serve as their prison.
Loo li we ar goin to be stk hr for a wil, said Rachel which meant something like, looks
like we are going to be stuck here for a while, at least until our parents come back, and she was
right, not about her parents, but because after another couple hours of listening to the sounds of
falling boards, crackling flames, and shattering glass they had still not been rescued.
We need to break out of here and try and find out parents and rescue them this instant!
cried Violet once she could stand waiting no longer. As she cried she started banging on the
trapdoor above their heads, which caused a rain of ashes and dust that covered the children from
head to toe.
We cant budge the beam that fell onto the door, we have to wait for our parents to come
and lift it off, Said Riley.
How can you still believe our parents are out there unharmed, and looking for use! Its
been hours since they left us here we have to get out of this ourselves! cried Violet between
sobs, but without warning there was a creaking sound as the beam was lifted off the door.
See I told you they would find us, said Riley with a small smile. He was wrong of
course, their parents would never return to that door, nor would they ever see their beloved
children again. With another creak the trapdoor opened revealing a tall, burly- a word meaning
strong- firefighter whom had apparently herd the banging Violet had been creating a few
minutes before.
Why hello there, said the fireman in a soothing voice, the fire is out now you can
come out and get some medical attention for any wounds you may have encountered from that
terrible fire.

Thank you sir, but I dont think any of us have injuries, thankfully, said Riley frowning
as he saw that it wasnt his parents at the door.
Our parents left us in the small room behind that trapdoor and went off to get something,
have you found them yet? asked Violet in a panicked tone.

No we havent, but we will continue to search. Meanwhile, we will have to get you an
examination just to make sure, ok? asked the fireman. Of course they werent ok, they were not
even one hundred miles from ok, but the children knew better than to argue. So they climbed out
of the hole, or in Rachels case, was carried out. Now just head over to the ambulance while I
search for your parents, he said and then walked off. At this point the children had their first
view at what the fire had done to their home, and what it had done was quite simple; it had
completely destroyed it. So walking slowly and quietly over to the ambulance, which was not
very far from where they had emerged, they looked around at what had used to be their lovely
The walls were just charred boards holding up the remains of the ceiling, were a
chandelier once hung on a large wooden beam- the one that had fallen on the door- and several
other lights used to be. It would be useless for me to explain every detail of the house because it
would take far too long, every last item the Blares had once enjoyed was burnt to a crisp, so they
just walked slowly to the ambulance where they were checked for injuries.
Nope, they are all remarkably unharmed, said one of the medics that had arrived on the
Well lets take them to the hospital so the man in charge of their affairs can pick them
up, come on into the back children, you can just sit on the seat for the ride to the hospital.
The children didnt want to leave their house, or what was left of it at least, not until they
had found their parents, but they knew it wouldnt help to argue, as much as they wanted to, so
they stepped quietly into the back of the ambulance and rode silently to the hospital. Once there
they met a friend of the family by the name of, John Len, but everyone called him Mr. Len. Mr.
Len was a short, thin man in his mid-thirties and was the banker in charge of their parents
fortune which had been used to pay for the mansion that now lay in ashes.
As they sat in front of his house in his garden, where he had taken them after picking
them up at the hospital, they finally spoke. What do you think happened to our parents? asked
Riley, but it was obvious what his sister thought by what her response was, which was to burst
into tears and lay her head on his shoulder.
At this moment, as if on cue, the door of the house came open and Mr. Len stepped out.
After a long pause he said some words which I will never forget no matter how hard I try, Im
afraid both your parents perished in the horrendous fire that destroyed your mansion and
everything in it.

Chapter two
If you have ever lost two loved ones, a huge mansion, and all your belongings you will
understand how the children, now orphans, felt. If you havent felt this specific pain, you cant

imagine it in your worst nightmares. As Violet sat next to Riley, who was holding Rachel, and
cried mournfully. Rachel cried quietly, since she was too little to know quite what was going on,
and Riley let a few tears roll down his cheek, as Mr. Len talked on and on about what was to
happen to them in the following days. The Blair orphans, as Im sad to say they were, didnt
listen to Mr. Len as he blabbed on and on about the legal documents he needed to sign and what
they would have to sign, giving the children no emotional help what so ever. Instead they were
thinking upon times when they had had fun with their parents; trips to the beach, going fishing,
or any other of the things the orphans liked to do with their parents; things that they would never
do again, at least not with their parents. They began to wonder if they would ever have another
happy time in their life, and I am sorry to say that they would have very little happy times in the
years to come.
So why dont you youngsters come inside and sit at the table so you can sign a few
papers saying that you will inherit that huge fortune left behind when Riley comes of age?
asked Mr. Len, and the orphans mournfully followed. They then signed a few legal papers
without a word from any of them, too shocked at Mr. Lens obliviousness- a word meaning that
he completely ignored their crying and talked to them in big legal terms- to the emotional state
all the children were in. Then he finally said something that was at least somewhat comforting,
Im sorry you lost your parents in that terrible fire, but you should be thankful that you are
alive! That fire was huge!
We are thankful Mr. Len, Its just we miss our parents greatly, said Riley who had
managed to stop crying long enough to be polite.
Well, that is acceptable, said Mr. Len nodding his head in thought, I will go to the
bank and look for a new home for you immediately, meanwhile you will live here for a few days
until I can find a home suitable for you orphans. My wife will take you out to shop in a few
hours once you have finished mourning and are ready, see you children later. And with that he
walked out the door leaving the orphans to weep alone for a while, and giving them a chance to
I guess all we can hope for is a good new home, said Violet speaking optimistically for
the first time since they had been left at the trapdoor. The word optimistically means that she
was saying something that would hopefully cheer up her siblings.
I guess so, Riley said with a sigh, and that we can get some good new clothes since all
our old ones are burnt to a crisp. At this all the orphans were quiet again as they thought of all
the things that were burnt to a crisp. Riley was thinking of his knife collection that he had
worked hard to either make or buy, Violet was thinking of the large family library were she had
read many books and mysteries, some of which she had solved before the detective did in the
book, and Rachel was thinking of papers she could get to shred into tiny pieces to impress her
siblings and parents.
Well, I suppose I could make some more knives to carve with, said Riley, which was
one of his most favorite things to do.
and I guess I could see if the Lens have a library where I could read a good book, maybe
even a mystery, said Violet, which was her most favorite type of book to read.

I gus I cud gt som papr to shrd, said Rachel, which meant something like, I guess I
could get some paper to shred for some entertainment which was her most favorite thing to do
when she was bored.
Well, I dont know about that on this shopping trip but maybe next time, said a voice
which they turned around to see a cheerful woman standing there that they recognized as Mrs.
Len. The orphans then had a long discussion with Mrs. Len on where to go when they went
shopping and what they wanted to buy. It turned out that Mrs. Len was much more comforting
and nice than Mr. Len had been. Im so sorry for your loss, I wish there were something I could
do to bring them back but there is not, she had sad, your parents were great people that I will
miss very much.
Well, we had better get to the store if we want to get clothes before they close, Riley
had said trying to change the subject from their parents deaths, its almost four o clock now
and most stores close at five. So then they all piled into the car and went to the store to buy
some clothes to last them for a while, and if you want to stop reading now and imagine that
somehow the orphans lived with Mrs. Len and had a jolly old time laughing and dancing around
in their new clothes and that everyone got to do the things they loved to do instead of reading the
rest of this woeful and dreadful story, but I cannot stop writing so I must continue with the story.
When they all got back from the store Mr. Len announced that he had found them a
perfect home, which of course was anything but perfect. I have found you a perfect home,
announced Mr. Len, You will be living with Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie whom live on Sequin
Square. Sequin Square was just a few blocks down the road from where the Blair family had
lived all together and safe in their mansion, which was now nothing more than a charred skeleton
of a house. The orphans werent particularly fond of the idea of living so close to their burnt
down mansion- a phrase which means they didnt want to pass their house where their beloved
parents had perished and they had seen the arsonist whom had killed their parents- but they
knew that they couldnt argue such a stubborn man out of going to their new home, so they just
nodded and went to the room that had been given to them to change into their new clothes. Their
room wasnt too large and they all had to share it, but it was better than nothing. The walls were
painted bright blue, which wasnt very comforting, and there were two beds with one small crib
obviously for Rachel to sleep in.
Well its nothing like what our rooms used to be, but it will do for the next two days,
said Riley whom had listened to Mr. Lens boring conversation enough to know that they would
spend the next two days at the Lens residence- a word meaning home- then would go and
meet Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie. So it was that after they finished changing into their new clothes,
taking turns in the bathroom to change, that they were able to finally talk alone for a while about
what had happened that terrible night.
I can remember that mans face, his small glasses, his beady, blue eyes, and he was
bald, said Violet with a shudder. Another one of Violets keen characteristics was that she had a
photographic memory- meaning she could remember everything she had saw as if it was a
picture in her mind-, which was a great ability if you wanted to remember a good book or a dear
friend that had moved away, but not so good if you wanted to forget the evil mastermind who
had burnt down your house and killed your parents. She also remembered every moment of their
lives with their parents and could picture the parents standing together holding hands when they

had went to the park, or their parents telling the story right before the cars came that would
change their lives forever, which made it all that much worse that she could remember every
little detail, perfectly.
Yea, that must have been the man behind the arson, said Riley remembering the man
outside the window. Riley didnt have a photographic memory but he could remember the man
that was standing outside almost perfectly.
We ha to fig ot wo that was! said Rachel, which obviously meant, We have to figure
out who that was, and catch him! which was a good idea but half of it wouldnt happen for a
very, very long time after she had said that.
Your right Rachel, but we cant do that while we are here, so we might as well get
settled in, said Violet whom, being an investigator, knew that there was no good information in
the library, which she had peaked into while Riley changed into his new clothes.
I guess so, Im too tired to look up anything anyways, said Riley whom was speaking
the truth for all of them, they had been awake for almost two days now and were barely able to
keep their eyes open.
Time for dinner! shouted Mrs. Len who had told them that they were going to have
chicken and dumplings, which is a comforting dish of chicken cooked with biscuit dough rolled
into balls, and some spices.
We are coming! shouted Riley to let her know that they would be there as soon as
possible, well I guess we can go to bed after supper. By this time the orphans had stopped
mourning, and were more curious about who the killer was than sad and angry that the fire had
burned down their house and killed their parents, and if I was them I would have still been crying
into my pillow, but the Blair orphans were much braver than I. So, they went and ate their dinner
in a sleepy silence and went off to bed so they would be well rested for the next day. This turned
out to be a long boring day of talking about good times they had had with their parents. As
boring as this day might have been, you may be interested in some of their conversations, so I
will write some of them down.
Once they got out of bed and got dressed, they went and ate the breakfast of ham and
cheese biscuits that Mrs. Len had fixed then went back to their room to talk. Do you remember
that time when we went fishing and dad caught that fish, and after twenty minutes of trying to
reel the fish in he dropped the pole into the water and never got it back? asked Violet with a
small smile.
Yea I remember that, said Riley with a slightly larger grin on his face.
He tr getn it bac ot for hurs, said Rachel, which meant, He tried to get the reel back
out for hours after that.
Those were the good days, said Violet with a small smile, and then they were quiet for
another long time. During this time they found Rachel some paper to shred for entertainment
while they were silent. The next time they spoke was about an hour later.

Remember when mom dropped that bag full of rice; we were picking up rice for days
after that, said Riley with a small grin.
Ya the wa fui, said Rachel with a smile which meant, yes, that was very funny.
Yea, I had to look up how to make a vacuum cleaner so you could build it and vacuum
up the last of the rice, said Violet with a small smile. After this they were silent for another
several minutes or so until it was lunch time.
How has your day been going? asked Mrs. Len as she served the peanut butter and jelly
sandwiches they were having for lunch.
Good I guess, said Violet who wasnt very hungry after the memories of their mother
and father.
Well Im glad to hear it, Mr. Len is at the bank finalizing your new homes
arrangements, said Mrs. Len with a comforting smile. Once again the house fell silent until the
children were done with their sandwiches, or as much as they could eat with their appetite gone
from their memories.
I guess I will see you children at dinner, said Mrs. Len with a wave as the children
walked back to their room.
Yes, we will see you then. Thank you, said Riley as he walked out the door to the
dinning room.
After a few moments of silence in their room Rachel spoke up with the last memory, and
maybe the fondest. Reme the tm whe aur parnt wod tel us the stors? which meant, Remember
the time when our parents would tell us those great stories?
Yea, in the large family library, I really miss that library, said Riley with a large smile.
Yes, I miss the library dearly too, said Violet, this time with a frown thinking of all
those books burnt and charred.
This time they were silent for a very long time, until they were called to dinner by Mr. Len.
You kids come to dinner now! yelled Mr. Len rudely, We need to talk about your new
arrangements! he shouted just as loudly and rudely.
We are coming, said Violet in an annoyed tone. As they sat down they saw that they
were being served salad, which was not one of their more favorable meals. Although, apparently
it was one of the Lens most favorite meals, because they had eaten all of it in a few minutes and
were looking at the orphans who had barely eaten any of their meal.
Are you children okay? asked Mrs. Len considerately.
Im sure they are fine dear, besides I need to talk to them about their new arrangements.
You children are to be up and packed by ten o clock in the morning to go meet your new
guardians and move into their house, now if you are done with supper you should go to bed so
you will have sleep for tomorrow.

The children werent very happy about the plan but knew better than to argue with a man
as stubborn as Mr. Len. So, once they had got ready for bed, they tucked themselves in and fell
asleep, but only after hours of tossing and turning thinking of many questions. Will our new
home be as good as our mansion was? thought Violet hoping that Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie had a
large library for her to read in and investigate mysteries.
Will the Rosalies have tools for inventing things? was Rileys question.
Wil the rosles hav papr to shrd? was Rachels question, which meant, Will the
Rosalies have plenty of paper to shred into tiny bits?
And after hours of tossing and turning with these questions they finally fell asleep until
Mr. Len swung open the door and yelled, Get up children its time to meet your new
guardians! This wasnt a pleasant way to be woken up but the children didnt pay attention, they
were too anxious about their new guardians to notice anything. So it was with this rude
awakening that they got up and packed up- which just meant put their few clothes into a plastic
bag, which Mr. Len had left in their room after waking them up- then went outside and got into
the Len car, which was a small, red sedan.
After a short drive Mr. Len stopped and said, Well here we are kids, said Mr. Len, its
a charming place isnt it?
There were many words to describe the house they were in front of. One was ugly,
another was trashed, yet another was abandoned, but the best word would be the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie, possibly the best guardians they had for a long, long time.
If you have made it this far into this woeful tale then you may think that things are about
to take a turn for the better, but you would be wrong about that. These guardians may be the best
they will have in a while, but the neighbors will be, and already were, in their worst nightmares.

Chapter Three
The phrase dont judge a book by its cover is normally a good saying, but in some
cases it wouldnt apply, like if you found a book and the cover was burnt to a crisp, you would
know the book had been burnt. However, in the case of their new guardians house, the Blair
orphans had judged the book by its cover, and got it wrong. First impressions are very important
to what someone will think of you, and the Blairs first impression was terrible, but then they
rang the doorbell and got their first impression of Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie, whom where well
mannered, funny, loved children, trustworthy, playful, enthusiastic- a word meaning they were

always ready to do something-, loving, of course I could go on, but it would take up the entire
page, and, since they arent around anymore, would make me terribly sad. So when they rang the
doorbell, they heard footsteps coming toward the door and with each footstep they became more
and more anxious.
Why, hello there! announced someone as they opened the door, Honey, please come
over here the Blair orphans are finally here! said Mrs. Rosalie excitedly as the door came fully
open and revealed the lady in the doorway. This gave the children a slightly better first
impression, but they werent done with the good first impression yet.
I cant believe your timing! said another voice from behind the woman, obviously Mr.
Rosalie, You arrived just in time for some hot fudge sundaes! said Mr. Rosalie just as excitedly
as his wife. At this the orphans first impression went from good to extremely good.
Well Im sorry I cant stick around to have some, but I must get back to the bank before
I lose too much money, said Mr. Len who always had money on his mind, good-bye children,
if for some reason you cause trouble you can call me or telegraph me at the bank.
Well he certainly doesnt seem like a nice fellow, said Mr. Rosalie with a disgusted
glance toward Mr. Len, Come on in and we can sit down for some hot fudge sundaes. We can
get to know each other over a tasty snack.
At this point the Blairs were convinced that they had judged the book by its cover, and had
judged wrong.
Well Im glad to hear all about you, said Mrs. Rosalie after they had eaten their sundaes
and told them all about themselves.
Yes, me too! Im glad you told us that, now I know exactly what rooms to put you each
What rooms would that be? asked Riley who hoped to have a room with a workbench,
tools, and a desk to draw blueprints- a word meaning blue paper used to write designs for
inventions on- on.
Well, Riley can go in the room with the large workbench, and tool rack; the workbench
could be used to draw designs on if youd like, Violet can go in the room next to the large library
with plenty of mystery books in it, and Rachel can go in the room in between you that holds all
the recycled papers, said Mr. Rosalie with a smile.
You mean that we each get out own room? Violet said in excitement.
Well of course! You didnt think we would cram all of you into one room in this huge
house did you? No, no we spend all day making the inside of this house look perfect for any
guests or, in this case, new residents. Thats why the outside of the house looks so dilapidated,
said Mrs. Rosalie with a smile, using a word which means ugly, trashed, and abandoned.
We didnt think the outside looked too bad, said Violet trying to be polite, although she
thought it looked like the worst place she had ever seen.

Thats nice of you to say, but you dont have to lie, said Mrs. Rosalie with a smile,
The outside of our house looks terrible.
Really it isnt that bad, said Riley as politely as he could, Maybe a little work could be
Here, let me show you to your rooms, said Mr. Rosalie interrupting the discussion, to
the Blairs relief, We can talk more after you have unpacked. He said as he got up and picked
all of their luggage, which was just three large plastic bags, and started walking down a hallway.
All we have is the clothes that Mrs. Len bought for us, said Riley with a long sigh as he
remembered all the stuff he used to have, but it was just burnt charcoal now.
Youre kidding! They didnt buy you anything other than clothes? We will have to run to
the store today to get you something for entertainment! exclaimed Mr. Rosalie expressively- a
word which means using all of his body to talk, which is odd when you are holding three plastic
bags full of clothes-, which made the Blairs hopes go up even more.
After putting their clothes into their large closets in their new rooms, which were just as
good as they had hoped and were located in the left front of the house all lined up in a row,
giving them an excellent view of the front yard and across the street, except that the early
morning sun was in their eyes.
They returned to the living room to meet back with the Rosalies. We ar thro unpacen!
shouted Rachel.
What my sister means is that we are through unpacking our clothes, translated Riley as
they rounded the corner to the living room.
Well good, we should get to the store immediately! We can buy anything you would
like, as long as it isnt too expensive, said Mr. Rosalie with a smile, We wouldnt want to spoil
you too much.
Oh thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie, we appreciate it so much, said Violet
thrilled that she could get anything she wanted, and it was with those words that they went with
Mr. Rosalie and piled into one of the Rosalies cars, which was large and roomy. They first went
to a book store for Violet to pick up some mystery books for her to read. Then, they went to a
tool store to buy Riley the tools he would need to invent things, and the metal he would need to
make any weapon he could imagine. Finally, they went to an office store to buy Rachel some
papers to shred, and after this returned to their new home.
I cant thank you enough for getting us all these wonderful things, said Riley excitedly
as he thought off all the things he could invent with his new tools.
Oh, dont you worry about it, its the least we could do for you children, said Mr.
Rosalie. After this the orphans quickly went to their rooms to do what they loved best. It was in
this way, Riley polishing his glasses as he worked on his inventing, Violet reading her mystery
novels, and Rachel ripping and shredding her paper filled with joy, which the orphans passed the
next hour until it was lunchtime.

Come on in for your most favorite meal! shouted Mrs. Rosalie, and she was right. She
had cooked white rice with lightly seasoned chicken, which was one of the Blair orphans most
favorite meal.
The children walked briskly- a word meaning walked as fast as they could without
running- into the kitchen where they saw that she had been telling the truth, she had made their
most favorite meal. Oh, thank you so much, I cant tell you how much my siblings and I love
this meal, said Riley as he scooped up some rice and added plenty of salt for taste.
Oh it was no trouble, its one of our most favorite meals as well, Mr. Rosalie said as he
walked into the kitchen, not mentioning that it was a food used by the secret organization, of
which they were members of, quite often as a fast simple meal.
With little discussion the children ate their well-cooked meal, enjoying every bite of it,
although it brought back memories of their mother and father. We enjoyed every bite of your
well-cooked meal, it brought back memories of our parents, said Violet letting another tear go
down her cheek for her long lost parents.
There there, please dont cry, Im so sorry for your loss, said Mrs. Rosalie in a calming
voice while she patted Violet on the back lightly to comfort her, They were great friends of ours
and we will miss them for the rest of our life, she said, not knowing that their life wasnt going
to last too much longer.
Im fine, its just I miss them dearly, said Violet cheering back up much quicker than I
would have been able to. Well I am ready to get back to reading my mystery book, I was getting
to a good part, she said standing up.
Yes, and Im ready to get back to inventing, I am almost ready to start building an
automated throwing-knife thrower, said Riley whom wasnt very accurate at throwing a knife
even after years of practice.
Automatedyou mean it will throw the knife for you? asked Violet who had a very
large vocabulary from all the books she had read.
Yes, since my throwing knife aim is a bit off I figured I would make a machine to throw
them for me, replied Riley.
Wel let get bck to or rums said Rachel.
My sister means that we should get back to our rooms if we want to do these things, and
she is right. May we be dismissed from the table? asked Violet who best understood Rachel.
Oh yes, we wouldnt want to stop you from doing what you love, said Mr. Rosalie. And
with this the children walked briskly back to their bedrooms, or in Violets case, the library, and
continued reading the good part of their mystery, inventing an automated throwing-knife thrower,
and shredding and ripping up old scrap paper from years of typing that Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie had
done. It was in this way they passed the hours before dinner came around, and they were called
into the kitchen by Mr. Rosalie this time.


Dinner time! We cooked another one of your favorites! he yelled, and he too was right
about it being one of their favorites, as he had whipped up- a phrase which means made food
from scratch rather than anything that has to do with a long thin rope- some delicious spaghetti
and meatballs without any tomato chunks, just as the children liked.
Oh good, you fixed spaghetti and meatballs without any tomato chunks, just the way we
like it! Thank you Mr. Rosalie, said Riley excitedly, and as they all got their share of the
spaghetti and meatballs without tomato chunks just the way the orphans liked it, they were all
smiling, because they had finished what they had started earlier that day and couldnt wait to
share what they had done with their siblings and guardians.
I finished the first book we bought at the store a few minutes ago, I dont want to brag,
but I figured out the mystery before the detective did in the book, said Violet with a smile.
And I finished making my automated throwing-knife thrower, I will need to test it
tomorrow to make sure it works but it should be quite accurate, said Riley excitedly.
And I finish shrdin a hol bos of paps, said Rachel with a smile.
My sister says that she finished shredding a whole box of scrap papers, translated
Violet. All three of the orphans were smiling ear to ear- a phrase which doesnt mean that their
lips curved all the way from one ear to the other, but means that they were smiling large extra
happy smiles- at what they had accomplished, but little did they know that they would find out
something terrible the next day.
Im so glad you are having fun here in our house, said Mrs. Rosalie, The neighbors
across the street moved in only a few days ago, they are a little noisy at night but Im sure Riley
could invent something to block the noise out, said Mrs. Rosalie who was also grinning ear to
ear. Even though she didnt know it, the neighbors across the street were a little bit more than
just noisy, but they had no way of knowing that.
Im sure I could, I will look into it after supper, said Riley, already polishing his glasses
in thought.
Yes, and I will start in on the next mystery novel we bought at the store today, said
And I wil sta on a noo bos of paps, said Rachel.
My sister means that she will start on a new box of papers, explained Riley.
After their discussion the Blair orphans ate quickly before asking to be excused so that
they could go back to what they were doing. Once back to their rooms the orphans continued
doing what they had been doing, reading a mystery novel, inventing a machine to silence the
noise from outside, and shredding papers with their razor sharp nails, until Mrs. Rosalie came
and told them it was time for bed and tucked them in.
As she tucked each one in she would say Tomorrow will bring a better day, she was
wrong about that of course, but it made the orphans feel better. It only took the children an hour
or so of tossing and turning this night since they hadnt spent the day talking about memories of

their parents and they had worked hard, or in Violets case, read hard all day. They slept until the
voice of Mr. Rosalie came telling them to wake up.
Wake up children! Today is a better day than yesterday! he said, and once again he
would be wrong, but it got the orphans up, and into the kitchen for breakfast where they found
another one of their most favorite foods, toast with blackberry jam spread on it.
I thought I would whip up some of your most favorite breakfast foods, said Mrs.
Rosalie who was waiting in the kitchen, Now why dont you eat breakfast quickly so you can
get on with what you had planned for the day? she asked and the children nodded in agreement.
And so they finished breakfast with little conversation and headed back to their rooms to
get the things gathered that they needed for the day. For Violet this meant picking up her latest
book, a pen, and paper for taking notes. For Riley this meant get his automated knife throwing
device ready for testing. And for Rachel this meant going to her big brothers room to watch his
Im going to go outside in the backyard to test this device, I wouldnt want to poke a
hole in the wall, Riley explained to Rachel as he led her out to the backyard, which was very
large with some woods in the back end, and was accessible from a sliding door in the kitchen.
While her siblings went out back, Violet went into the library where the sunlight
streaming in through the wide open windows would allow her to read better, but after about an
hour her brother called her into her room from the doorway.
Why did you close the blinds and call me in here Riley? I was in a good part of the
book, asked Violet angrily.
I was out back testing my machine, but when Rachel and I came back in we saw
something horrendous outside we had to tell you about, said Riley with a look of fear and panic
in his eyes, he walked over to the blinds and parted them just enough to point at what he was
talking about. Across the road there was a tall man, about six feet in height, with no hair, small
glasses, and beady, blue eyes looking through binoculars; strait at were Violet had been siting
foolishly not looking out the window, the man had an evil, evil grin on his face.


Chapter Four
When someone sees something, it normally brings back a memory of something you
relate to that image, such as when I think of a typewriter it brings back memories of me sitting in
the trunk of a getaway car trying to type out this woeful tale without error with the bumps in the
road making it increasingly harder. When the orphans looked across the street and saw the man
standing there looking through the binocular with his beady, blue eyes it made them remember
memories of their house burning down on that terrible night, but being brave children they didnt
let their emotions take over as they tried to figure out what was happening. They did not know
the name of this terrible, terrible man, and they wouldnt find out for a little while longer, but I
can tell you what this horrendous mans name was, and that name is Dr. Atticus. I will only tell
you that Dr. Atticus was one of many evil villains that destroyed our honorable organization, and
had a very bad temper- a phrase meaning always seemed to have several weapons on him, and
got mad very easily-, and as the children sat and watched the man as he had been watching


them, except without the binoculars, he kept staring at the window were Violet had been sitting
for a few moments, then put the binoculars down and walked back into the house.
What was he doing? asked Violet, still shocked that she had been spied on.
How did he find us? asked Riley, who couldnt figure out how their parents murderer
could find the children so quickly.
Wha is he planin? asked Rachel, which meant something like, What could that evil
man be planning?
Well, whatever he is up to, and however he found us, we are going to have to investigate
to find out, said Riley taking command of the situation, and that is Violets specialty. Violet do
you think you could do some research and find out who this man is? he asked.
Sure, replied Violet, the Rosalies library is huge, Im sure it has something in it on
this man.
And I will try and invent some binoculars so that we can spy on him in the same way he
spied on us, said Riley, whom had made a pair of binoculars when he was seven.
Wa abo me? asked Rachel, which meant something like, What will I do while you are
doing your jobs?
You can come with me, said Riley, I might need your sharp nail to do some of the
work. And with this the children got to work, closing the blinds so that he couldnt spy on them
anymore, until it was lunchtime. The Rosalies had gone out to go shopping, but had left some
peanut butter and blackberry jam sandwiches for the children to eat. As they ate they discussed
the progress they had made, which was very little.
I have found nothing, on which this man is, in the library, said Violet with a frown.
I have started on making the binoculars, but cant find any lenses, the pieces of curved
glass that make the image bigger, to put into it, said Riley who had searched his room for any
lenses, but couldnt find any other than the lenses in his glasses.
Well, we cant give up. I will keep researching, to see if I can find this man in any of
their books, and you can search the house to find the lenses, said Violet.
Sounds like a plan to me, said Riley as he finished his sandwich, Rachel can come
with me to see if she spots and small pieces of curved glass as well. And with this the children
went to their plan, Violet went back to the library, and Riley and Rachel went to work searching
the house for lenses.
As Violet was first shifting through the library she had realized she had no idea what she
was looking for, she had no name, she didnt have the name of any of his co-workers, although
he didnt keep many for long, so she had nothing to base her search off of. As she went back to
the library she thought that she would look at the book entitled Recently Moved in Residence of
Sequin Square, but found that the new neighbors hadnt been written in yet, although there was a
picture of the Rosalies that Violet didnt pay attention to. As Riley went searching the house for

his lenses though, he had a little more luck, because in the guest bedroom there was a pair of
glasses just perfect for making binoculars, except that he couldnt find another set of lenses.
Well I was somewhat successful in finding lenses, I found two lenses, which is only enough for
one of the tubes on a binocular, said Riley as he walked into the library to find Violet, who was
looking for another helpful book, have you had any luck?
Well, Recently Moved in Residence of Sequin Square didnt have him listed, and if you
only have one tube of a binocular, doesnt that mean you could make a monocular, or a
telescope? asked Violet, who had read many books on devices for looking far away, as many
great detectives have used, and knew that a monocular was just the same as binoculars except
with only one tube, and a telescope was an adjustable-zoom device for looking at stars, usually.
I guess youre right, I could make a telescope for us to spy on him with, said Riley
smiling at his sister, I will get right on it, and you can keep looking for information in the
Sounds like a plan Riley, said Violet with a smile. If I had been there I would have told
them that spying on the man by the name of Dr. Atticus, isnt a good enough plan for what he is
about to do, but I am not there, so they went on with their plan. Riley went to his room and began
the work on his telescope, and Violet got out Residence of Sequin Square to see if it had his name
in it, which Im sorry to say, it did not. In the area where the mans house was, the page was
ripped out, or, as it appeared, was burned out.
As Riley worked on his telescope he found that it was quite easy to make one. All he had
to do was put one of the the lenses into a larger tube, then put the other lens into a smaller tube
and slide the smaller tube into the large tube to complete the telescope. As it was an easy task, it
was also time-consuming, and so by the time he was finished making the telescope it was time
for dinner.
Meanwhile, while Riley was making the telescope, Violet, after looking in Residence of
Sequin Square, found a book which gave her a few answers. The book was called Photo Album
of W.I.A. Members, and in it she found a few pictures of the man across the street, but no name.
She figured that because it said members, W.I.A. must have been organization or club, but
couldnt figure out what the letters stood for. As she sat and tried to figure out the meaning of
W.I.A. the Rosalies came home and prepared dinner, and before she knew it Mr. Rosalies voice
came out shouting, Dinner time! and she had to go eat. When she and her siblings got into the
kitchen they found that Mr. Rosalie had prepared homemade pizza which was a delicious meal,
and because they didnt want to tell the Rosalies what they were up to, they didnt talk at all
during the meal as they listened to the Rosalies conversation about how their shopping trip had
gone, before asking to be excused and going to Rileys room to discuss their progress.
Well, I have finished the telescope, announced Riley in a proud voice, Did you find
anything useful in any of those books?
Yes, actually I found a few things that are confusing, even to an investigator like me,
said Violet modestly, First of all I found his picture in a book labeled Photo Album of W.I.A.
Members, but it didnt have a name. Second of all, I cant figure out what W.I.A. is, but I think it
might be an organization, or club.

That is some good information, said Riley with a nod of agreement, I think I have a
plan that will help us spy on him tomorrow. The plan is this; tomorrow, after breakfast I will
come into your room and watch from your window for him on his front yard, while you read, or
pretend to read, in the library so he will watch you. I will keep the blinds shut in your room so he
cant see me, and Rachel can stay with me to tell me if she spots anything.
Souws li a pla, said Rachel, which meant something like, Sounds like a plan brother.
We better get everything ready for tomorrow, said Violet, and with that they worked on
getting everything ready for the next day. Riley went and polished his telescope so he could get
the best image possible out of it, then tested it to make sure it zoomed correctly, Violet went to
the library and placed her new mystery novel on the table so she could read it while she let him
spy on her, and Rachel followed Riley making sure he didnt need any help.
Well Im all set for tomorrow, are you? asked Riley walking into the library to find
YesI am ready, she said with a sigh, anxious about letting their parents murderer spy
on her so that they could spy on him.
Well then we better get to bed so we will be well rested for tomorrows operation, said
Riley, and so the children went to their beds so that they could be well rested for the next days
spying operation.
As the next day came with the encouraging yell of Mr. Rosalie saying, Wake up Blairs,
today will be better than yesterday! they got up and went to breakfast, which was the Blairs
most favorite, again, of toast and blackberry jam.
Thank you for the toast and jam Mr. Rosalie, said Violet tiredly, but politely.
No problem, it is one of our favorites too, you know, said Mr. Rosalie with a smile. As
he said this, the orphans picked up their toast and went to sit down at the table, but then noticed
that the table had been moved from in front of the back windows, to in from of the front
windows. We moved the table from the back windows to the front windows so that we could get
more light from the sun in the mornings, he said, and as the orphans thought about it they
realized that it made sense, the sun rose in the east and sat in the west, and the front of the house
was facing east. Also, as the orphans realized this, they realized that for the same reason they
wouldnt be able to spy on the man from across the street because the sun was in the way. They
realized that he had been much trickier than they had thought when he was planning his spying
operations. So with this thought in their mind they ate their breakfast quickly and without
speaking, which got Mr. Rosalie alarmed. Are you children all right? he asked.
Yes, we are fine. We are just thinking about something, Violet said, not wanting to give
away what they had found.
And what is this something you are thinking about? I might be able to help, Mr. Rosalie


Looking at her brother and sister Violet thought about whether or not to tell him what
they were up to, and decided not to, Oh just an invention we are working on, we would like to
do it all by ourselves, but thanks anyway, she said. Later in her life, she would look back and
ask herself, If I had told him then, would things have turned out differently? but she hadnt and
that was finalized- a word that here means made sure that she didnt tell him- by him telling
them that if it was that important then they should get to their rooms and get back to work on it.
Well if its that important then you should probably get back to work on it, you are
dismissed so you may go back to your room to work on it if youd like.
Thank you, and I think me and my siblings will get back to work on it, Said Riley
getting up from the table and walking towards their rooms.
Yes, we should get back to work, said Violet getting up and picking her sister up to go
to her room. Which is where the children went to meet up to discuss what they had all figured
out when he had mentioned that the front of the house gets all the sun in the morning.
If the front of the house gets all the sun in the morning, then we wont be able to spy on
him with the telescope because of the glare. He must have either had that planned out, or it just
happened in his favor, said Riley, using a phrase meaning He didnt plan it, but it worked out
to be good for him and bad for the orphans, and Im sorry to say, that he had planned it. He had
planned to use it to make sure that they couldnt spy on him in the morning, and he had used it so
he could do his dastardly crimes without being spotted.
Well, whether he planned it or not, we will have to wait till after high noon to put our
plan into action, said Violet relived that she had more time to prepare herself to be live bait for
their spy operation. So after her saying this, the children decided through an hour of boring
conversation, of which I will not bore you by writing down, that they should go back to sleep in
order to make sure they were well rested for the days operation.
After a few more hours of sleep, the children were awoken by Mrs. Rosalie calling for
lunchtime, Lunchtime children! she said in an excited tone, We have prepared another one of
your favorites. As the children got out of bed to go see what she was talking about, they found
that once again, she had made one of their favorites, grilled chicken.
Wow, thank you. We werent expecting such a nice lunch, said Riley surprised that they
had fixed such a large lunch meal.
Well, I had the sudden urge to grill out something, and since we knew you like grilled
chicken, we made it for you, said Mr. Rosalie. As the Blairs ate their lunch they didnt talk too
much, other than Riley and Rachel talking to Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie about some things that the
adults were talking about, but Violet had stayed quiet thinking about the risky operation they
were about to put into action, using her as live bait- a phrase which means she, being a live
human, was going to be used as bait to get him, as they had been calling Dr. Abigar, to spy on
Well we had better get the ball rolling, Riley said, using a phrase which meant Violet
go to the library, while the other two orphans watch from the window to see what he does. And


after he said it, they got the ball rolling. Violet went to the library, and Riley and Rachel stayed
in her room peeking through the curtains with the telescope to see what he did.
If the Blairs had spent less time talking, and sleeping that morning, they would have seen
beforehand what dastardly plan he had concocted, but instead they had decided to not even look
out the window, thinking that the glare would be too much to see anything he was doing. The
only problem with this thought is that it was a cloudy day, so if they had looked outside that
morning, they might have seen what the evil man was planning; as he shot a dart gun- which is a
long strait tube make to shoot little wooden spikes at high speeds- at a target to get his aim
better-, but they didnt and so they were disappointed that after several hours of spying, he hadnt
come outside even once.
Well, that was a big waste of time, said Violet coming out of the library after being
signaled by her brother that nothing had happened.
Maybe not, Im no investigator, but I think I learned a few things about how to spy,
said Riley as he pointed at his telescope. For one thing, we should have looked outside this
morning; it was cloudy so we would have been able to spy on him, even in the morning. For
another, the telescope has a very powerful zoom, so if he does come out we will be able to see
anything he is doing, as long as there is no glare, he said confident in his spying skills, although
they wouldnt be able to find anything useful before it was too late.
Well, its almost dinner time, so we can figure out another plan after here Violet was
cut off as she was about to say figure out another plan after dinner when she heard, as if on
cue, Mr. Rosalie yell, in his usual exited tone, that it was time for dinner.
Time for dinner, we are having the same meal as yesterday, homemade pizza! he
yelled, and the children were quick to get into the kitchen. They were so nervous about what
their next plan would be, that they didnt even say thank you to Mr. Rosalie for cooking the
delicious hamburger homemade pizza that they all enjoyed for dinner.
After dinner Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie looked a little curious to why none of them had
spoken, but let them go back to their rooms without explanation.
Well, what should our new plan be, asked Riley as they got back to Violets room.
Well, I was thinking about it, and maybe we should just use the same plan, except that
we will spy even if the sun is shining brightly, said Violet, and this was something she would
also look back on and ask herself, If she had done something different, would the outcome have
been any better? Either way, she had said it, so the siblings agreed and went to bed so that they
could be ready for the next days spying operation could be a success, although, Im sorry to say,
it couldnt have been worse.
Ricin, which is an extremely poisonous powder, is made from the castor bean, and if just enough
of it to fit on a pinhead is injected into an adult, it will kill them. This tiny amount of poison is
easily put onto the tip of a certain weapon which, if modified correctly, can kill someone within
minutes of being shot. I am telling you this, so that you will understand what it took the orphans
hours to figure out about what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie the next morning.


Chapter Five
There was a loud crashing noise, and two screams of horror a few seconds apart, which
made the Blairs quickly run into the kitchen. It would of course help if I backed up, and told you
what had happened previous to this, and so I will, but keep in mind; the crash, screams, and
Blairs running into the kitchen did really happen. I am sorry I cant change their story, but I must
write exactly what happened to the Blair orphans that woeful day.
Earlier that morning, the children had been woken up by the wonderful voice of Mrs.
Rosalie calling for breakfast, which were scrambled eggs with pancakes and bacon, another
favored by the Blairs. They had eaten in silence once again, still thinking about their new plan,
which was the same as their old plan, and once again they had gotten a strange look from the
Rosalies, but had been excused from the table. Once they got into Violets room, they decided to
not have Violet go in the library and read, but to just spy on his house to see if he would come
out and do anything. The only problem with this plan was that it was a cloudless day, with the
sun especially bright and shining directly at the orphans as they tried to spy on him from a part in
the blinds. They had seen him go outside, but couldnt see what he was holding. I cant tell you
what precisely happened that morning, as the Blair orphans had no idea for quite some time, but
I can tell you that it involved that terrible poison I mentioned as the last chapter came to an end.
And as they watched, trying to figure out what they were holding, he raised what he was holding,
and then there was the crash of which I started this chapter with, and, if the children had kept


watching, then they would have seen the man raise this object twice more and that was when the
two screams were, a few seconds apart.
What happened! yelled Violet in a scared voice, but as she ran into the kitchen she
could see most of what had happened. The glass window in front of the table had shattered into a
million pieces, and the two Rosalies were in the floor in pain.
Imnot sureI thinkwe got bitby something, Mr. Rosalie said finding it hard to
speak. As the children got a better look, they still couldnt figure out what had happened, but
knew that whatever it was, it had come from him, although they still didnt know who him
We saw the man who killed our parents across the street, he must have done
something! yelled Riley not being able to keep it in any longer.
Whatdoes helook like? asked Mrs. Rosalie in shock and having the same trouble
as her husband.
No hair, beady, blue eyes, and small glasses. Are you guys okay? asked Violet, whom
recited all of his characteristics from her photographic memory of that look through the flaming
You meanDr. Abigar? Mr. Rosalie said in horror and with great difficulty. He was
one ofthe villainsthat toreW.I.A. apartmany, manyyears ago, he said finding it
increasingly difficult to talk.
What does W.I.A. stand for? asked Violet in a scared voice as she listened to how hard it
was getting for them to talk.
Weapons, Mrs. Rosalie said, cutting off early as she found herself going very horse- a
word which here means a voice that cant talk very well, not an animal that is used for
transportation and farm work- and coughing a lot.
It is necessary for me to stop you now, and tell you that ricin, which usually works very
slowly, unless modified correctly by a professional doctor, like Dr. Abigar, works by shutting
down the tiny cells that make up your body, until you cant breathe, or your heart stops pumping
whichever comes first. This is a very terrible way to die, and so it is as the ricin does its nasty
and gruesome work on Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie, that I tell you that now would be a good time, if
you have already read this far into the book, to close it and run as far away from it as you can. As
at this very moment the ricin was working its way to their vocal cords- meaning a part of your
throat that gives you the ability to talk- and was shutting them down so that they couldnt talk,
and would soon move to their hearts, making them stop pumping, and soon after its job would be
done, and Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie would be gone for good.
Weapons what? asked Riley who was looking very worried as they sat up and held their
necks in pain.


Itsanorganizationwewere said Mr. Rosalie and couldnt finish his sentence

because he could no longer talk. The ricin had finished with the upper part of their bodies, and
was working its way toward the heart.
We need to call an ambulance and stop quizzing them Riley! yelled Violet as she
rushed to the phone. Ill call nine-one-one, you see if you can help them, she said as she dialed
nine-one-one, which is the number you should dial when you need help and are in an emergency.
As she talked to the operator to tell them that she needed an ambulance, Riley looked at their
guardians to see what he could do to help, but as he looked he could find nothing to help his poor
dying guardians.
They are on their way, but it will take a few minutes, said Violet with tears in her eyes,
and if I were there I would have told them that they didnt have a few minutes, the poison was
working its nasty powers on the childrens desperate guardians hearts, and would soon be done
with its work, and have killed the loving guardians. I am not there though, so I must write what
actually did happen that day.
The slow death of the Rosalies as the Blair orphans watched in horror is one of the worst
things to happen, in this chapter at least, but in the other chapters of this book you will find
things just as cold hearted as murdering someone. As the Blairs tried to reassure their guardians
that everything would be okay, they were not too sure themselves and were in fact wrong, things
would definitely not be okay. Everything will be okay, the ambulance is on its way, said Violet
trying to be as comforting as she could, even though the two guardians had passed out of
consciousness- a medical phrase meaning fell into something close to sleep, except by forceby the ricin working its way to the heart, and so they were just lying there, looking like they were
sleeping, but the siblings knew it was worse than sleeping.
Violet had read in a book about first aid that you are supposed to push two fingers, other
than your thumb, against the side of someones neck to feel a pulse in their jugular vein. So she
did this every minute to make sure they were just unconscious and dared not think of the other
Are they both still alive? asked Riley shaking in fear and frustration that they hadnt
been able to warn them.
They both have a pulse, Violet said then put her ear near their mouth, which she had
read you do to check to see if they are breathing, I hear them breathing too. They must both just
be unconscious, she said getting back up to look out the window for the ambulance.
Wa unco? asked Rachel with a puzzled look on her face.
Unconscious is when someone has fallen asleep forcefully, normally through trauma,
like a punch or lots of bleeding, Im not sure why they are unconscious though, its not a good
thing thats for sure, said Violet looking down at them, then kneeling to check for a pulse again.
After doing so to both guardians, she went back and did it again, then turned with tears filling her
eyes, and a few making their way down her cheek, They have no pulse now, she said before
bursting into sobs.


Even though the ambulance arrived only two minutes after they lost their pulse, it was far
too late to try and restart their hearts; they were gone for good when Violet had told the dreadful
news the first time.
As the orphans sat at the kitchen table, which was across the room from where the
Rosalies were murdered, and watched the medic do his job, he came over and told them what
they had already expected. Im terribly sorry, but it seems that your guardians died from
whatever happened to them. We cant find a cause of death, but we will send them to autopsy to
be examined, the man said, and with this all the children began to cry quietly. They cried for
their parents, they cried for Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie, and most of all they cried for their total
Before the medic could take away the bodies, the police had to come to investigate to see
if it was a murder, which the medic had told them after calling the police department, and so the
orphans knew that they had to try and convince them that they had been murdered. So they went
back to Violets room to formulate- word meaning make up a plan, rather than solve a long
math problem- a plan to convince the police that Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie were murdered, but how
could they convince them if they didnt even know how they were murdered?
How can we convince the police that they were murdered, if we dont even know what
Dr. Abigar did to them? asked Riley once he had stopped crying.
I dont know, but we need to look for some sort of evidence of what he did, said Violet,
who knew how to solve murders from her mystery books.
Well, we dont have time to loose, the medic said that the police would be here in only a
few minutes, said Riley as he walked toward the door.
Yes, you are right, lets get to looking for evidence of the crime, said Violet as she
picked up her sister to carry her into the kitchen.
The orphans tears had dried up quickly as they had already had this experience and also
knew that crying would not help their situation. They could mourn after Dr. Abigar was brought
to justice.
As they went into the kitchen to look for evidence, they had no idea what they were
looking for, so looking for a needle in a haystack wouldnt even be a good phrase to use in
their minds, because they didnt even know what they were looking for. But the reason I will use
the phrase, is because they were literally looking for a needle, or in this case a blow dart, in a pile
of glass, which some people might say is kind of like hay, since it is spiky, and might hurt if you
laid out on it, trust me I wouldnt try it. So as they went looking for the needle in a haystack, they
found nothing, until they looked down next to the table and saw two small pieces of wood.
Hey, I think I found something, said Riley who was looking down next to the table and
saw the two small pieces of wood, which he recognized as blow darts. He had made a blow gun
and some blow darts when he was ten. I think they are blow darts, he said picking them up,
and looking back down only to find another dart a few feet away that was made of some kind of
metal, and I found a third one too, he said picking up the last of the darts. How are we going


to convince the police that the Rosalies were killed with only two wooden darts and a metal dart
as evidence? he asked with a frustrated look on his face.
Im not sure, Ive read a lot about blowdarts, and how they are used, but I dont know
what was put on the tips to poison poor Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie, said Violet who had read a book
all about blowguns, blow darts, and the poisons that are put on the tips of the darts.
There was poison on the tips? asked Riley, who had not poisoned the darts he made
since it was mainly for show; he had only shot it a few times, the same day he had made it.
Lets go back to my room and try to figure this out, Violet said as she walked toward
her room. With this the orphans walked with Violet to her room to try and figure out what had
Well, I think we are going to need more evidence than we have right now, said Riley
after a short pause, Why dont you go to the library and look at some books about blowguns and
blowdarts while me and Rachel go look for more evidence? he asked.
I guess that sounds like a plan, but what other evidence is there if he shot them from
across the street? asked Violet, and Im sorry to say that she was right, there was no more
evidence on this side of the street, except on the bodies.
I dont know, but me and Rachel will take a look and see what we can find, said Riley
rushing out the door, We only have a few minutes until the police get here to investigate.
As Violet went into the library, she knew that it would take her a long time to find the
correct books in such a large library, and as Riley and Rachel went into the kitchen, they knew
that it would be hard to find any evidence in such a large kitchen. As they looked they realized
that their sister was right, there would be no more evidence if he shot them from across the street.
As she looked for the correct book, she realized that she was correct; it was going to take
forever to find the correct book. But as Riley and Rachel looked, Riley had an idea to look at the
bodies, as much as it scared him to do so. And once they looked at the body, he found a small
mark on Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie and realized that this must have been where they were shot.
Unfortunately, as he found this, Violet had found nothing, and the police showed up for their
What shall we do now? said Violet in a panicked voice as she looked out the window
and saw the police arriving just as Riley and Rachel walked into her room.
Wa thin we fond thing, Replied Rachel triumphantly- a word meaning proud that they
had found more evidence- which probably meant something like, We think we may have found
something important to this dreadful case.
What have you found? asked Violet taking a look outside to see what the policeman
was doing, and was dismayed when all he did was go and talk to the medic as if it was a dinner
party, as I am at now scribbling this chapter down on the napkin so I may type it on my
typewriter once I get the chance, rather than a horrendous murder scene.


When we went to the kitchen to look for evidence, we realized that you were right
Violet, there was no more evidence in the kitchen. So, I had the idea to go and examine the
Rosalies bodies, as much as it scared me to do so, and when we got there we found one small
mark on each of our guardians necks, presumably the hole made from the darts, said Riley with
a triumphant look on his face, although he knew that this was not enough evidence to convince
the police that the Rosalies were murdered. I dont think that the police will arrest Dr. Abigar
for murder with such little evidence though, said Riley, with a much less triumphant look on his
I have an idea, said Violet after a short pause, Its a little risky, but I have a plan.
Wa yo an? asked Rachel, which probably meant something like Whats your slightly
risky plan you have come up with Violet?
Well, we said that there is no more evidence because he shot from his front yard, so, I
think the only way to find that evidence, is to go to Dr. Abigars front yard and find it, answered
Violet with a look of fear in her face.
It is important that I stop you here, if you have read this far in this woeful tale, to tell you
that it is not too late to stop reading and throw this book in the trash can, closest dumpster,
junkyard, pond, lake, creek, ocean, or library return box. There are many more dreadful events
and terrible secrets held in the pages left after this sentence ends.
You are suggesting that we go to the house of the man who burned down our house and
killed our parents? asked Riley in an astonished tone, even though he had been thinking the
same thing.
It arers to be or coce, said Rachel, which meant something like, It appears to be our
only choice if we want the villain to go to jail.
I guess Rachel is right, said Riley peering down at Rachel with a sad look on his face,
It seems to be the only option we have if we want Dr. Abigar to go to jail for these terrible
murders he has committed; not only the Rosalies, but our parents too.
They all gave a frown at the mention of their parents being murdered along with their
new loving guardians. They also all knew that the only way to bust- a word here meaning have
punished as a criminal, rather than break open- Dr. Abigar was to go over to the yard to find
more evidence.
Well, we dont have any time to waste, the cop doesnt seem to be in a rush, but if he
leaves saying that it was just from natural cause, we will never get Dr. Abigar arrested, said
Violet as she headed toward the door.
Without putting any more thought into it, Riley picked up Rachel and followed the
middle Blair out the door to her room. If I were there I would have had to stop them, and tell
them of the dangers they would face at Dr. Abigars house, but I am not, so as they went out the
front door and snuck past the police and medics, they didnt have any idea what awaited them at
the evil masterminds- a phrase meaning very, very, very evil doctor with very, very, very evil
plans- house.

If you have read on since I put that period on that sentence which I told you not to read
past, then once again, I advise- a word meaning highly suggest that- you do not read anything
past the end of this chapter.

Chapter Six
At this point you may be wondering why Dr. Abigar wasnt captured for the murder and
arson he committed at the beginning of this woeful story, and the answer is quite simple; there
was no evidence to prove he had done it. No fingerprints, no letters, no footprints, no clothing,
and no bright red matchbox with the initials W.I.A. printed on the top. Even if there was
evidence, they didnt know where he had went off to after the arson. But as the three siblings
went quietly, and ill-prepared- a word meaning not prepared for the wickedness they were about
to face- they werent going on a wild goose chase. There was plenty of evidence at the evil
masterminds house, but the problem was, there was also an evil mastermind with a wicked plan
on what to do next.
There was a plethora of evidence- a phrase meaning more than enough evidence to get
Dr. Abigar sent to jail- in the front yard of the notorious Dr. Abigar. The orphans had made it
across the street scanning the house carefully to make sure he wasnt watching and had
determined, falsely, that he had left the home and wasnt watching them as they walked toward
his house.
As wicked as the events are that take place after this, I must go back to write down every
minute of their short travel to the evil mans house, I am sorry to write it down, but I must.
As they snuck past the policeman and medic, which was much easier than they had
expected as they were in a very long discussion about something that had nothing to do with the

vicious murder that had just accrued, they all looked nervously towards the wicked mans house,
but dared not speak until they reached the street.
Riley was wondering just what they might find at their parents murderers house, Violet
was wondering what kind of evidence they might find that she could use to convince the police
that Dr. Abigar was the murderer, and Rachel was wondering, as Riley carried her, how her clawlike- meaning very, very sharp- nails could be of assistance when searching for evidence. All
of them were also under the false understanding- a phrase meaning all thought something of
which was incorrect- that Dr. Abigar had left after committing his murder, because his car was
gone, a car that Violet remembered perfectly from behind Dr. Abigar in the window before they
went into the trap door, and all the lights were off.
I think the coast is clear, said Violet using a phrase that means I think its safe to talk
here, as they made it to the street in front of the Rosalies house.
I think that Dr. Abigar must have left to do who knows what after he murdered Mr. and
Mrs. Rosalie, said Riley whom was under the false impression that this was true.
Dont bring up their murder like that Riley, said Violet with a waver in her voice as if
she might start sobbing once more at any moment.
Im sorry, but we must be strong if we want to catch Dr. Abigar red handed, apologized
Riley, using a phrase that means catch with a large amount of evidence accusing him of
Its okay, said Violet with a sigh, I hope there is enough evidence to send him to jail
there, she said taking a cautious look at the yard and house.
We will know soon enough, said Riley who started to walk a little faster.
Wa da we do? asked Rachel which probably meant something like, What do we do if
Dr. Abigar is still at his house?
I dont think we will have to worry, as I said I think he must have left to go do
something, replied Riley who was also taking a cautious peek at the evil mans yard and house.
If we do find him we will have to figure it out then, said Violet walking faster to catch
up with the eldest Blair, and as much as it pains me to say, or in this case type, it, they would
have to figure it out when they did meet up with the evil Abigar.
At this they fell silent, hoping that they wouldnt find him, until they finally reached the
front yard and had a look at what lay in the grass. There were an assortment of items lying in the
grass of the mans yard, such as the blowgun used to commit the horrid murder, a target made of
Styrofoam-a word meaning a strange, white substance that is very light and perfect for target
practice-, and a small red matchbox with the initials W.I.A. printed on the top.
There is a plethora of evidence here! said Riley in an exited whisper.
Ple wut? asked Rachel, which meant something like, What does that word mean?


Plethora means lots and lots of, answered Violet, whose vocabulary was quite large
from all her reading.
Yes, and there is certainly lots and lots of evidence here. There is a blowgun he must have
used to shoot across the street, a target he must have used for practice, and a small red matchbox
with those initials W.I.A. printed on top, said Riley, but why would he need matches to shoot a
So with another nervous look toward the house, Violet went over to the small red box with
the initials W.I.A. printed on the top, which lay next to the blowgun, and picked it up, opened it,
and looked inside. Its more blow darts, said Violet with a curious look on her face.
I guess he wanted backup in case he missed, said Riley, A blowgun isnt the most
accurate of weapons.
I sure wish he missed, said Violet with a much greater waver in her voice along with
some tears starting to form in her eyes, but she dare not cry at a desperate time like this, so she
held the tears in.
At this time they moved toward the front porch, which was located in the middle of the
house-which was a plain, white house with two stories and a few windows placed conveniently
throughout the front of the house- and above a small overhang that acted as a roof. When they
made it to the porch they were stunned at what they saw- a phrase that means found Dr. Abigar
standing behind the door peering at them through the small hole, called a peep hole, and could
tell by the glint in his eye that he had been hopping they would come to his door. They could
tell it was Abigar by his beady, blue eye blinking triumphantly behind the small hole.
Well, well, well, who do we have here? asked Abigar as he swung the door open with a
loud swoosh! noise that broke the silence of the orphans as they stared at the eye of such an evil
man. I really had no idea you had moved in with the new neighbors, but those blasted spies had
to go! It will work out perfectly though, to kidnap you and get away with murder said Abigar
with a wicked smile.
Youre not going to kidnap us nor get away with murder, said Riley after finding the
courage to speak up.
And just how do you plan on stopping me? You didnt stop me from killing your new
guardians, you didnt stop me from killing your parents, and youre too dumb to figure out that
your new guardian-spies had moved in right across the street from me! Abigar said with a
terrible, terrible smile that haunts them to this day.
They said you had just moved in, said Violet remembering the conversation they had
had with the Rosalies.
Ha! I moved into this house years ago, plotting and planning that wonderful fire at the
Blair mansion. Those blasted Rosalies moved in to spy on me after I torched your mansion
orphans, they had only been in that house for a couple days when they came to their fateful end,
Abigar said, adding that terrible Ha! at the beginning made the orphans feel a terrible rolling
feeling in their stomachs. This rolling feeling, a feeling of fear and anger at the same time, only

got worse at the mention of the fire that burned down their house and their dear guardians that
now lay dead on the floor of their house.
I remember seeing a photo of the Rosalies in Recently Moved in Residence of Sequin
Square, but I didnt think anything of it, said Violet thinking back to the library.
So thats why the outside of their house looks so dilapidated, said Riley using a word
that means covered in moss and dirt that made it look like nobody had been living there for
many, many years.
Yes, very well thought, but thinking wont save you from my clutches! yelled Abigar,
obviously getting annoyed by them bickering on and on about the Rosalies.
How exactly do you plan on kidnaping us? The police are across the street working on
accusing you of murder, said Riley realizing for the first time since they had found Abigar that
the police were back at the Rosalies house. Besides you knew we were in the Rosalies house
when you spied on Violet in the library, youre nothing but a lier.
I plan on going right over and convincing the police I didnt do it, thats what I plan on
doing. Right after I lock you in a room of course! he yelled completely ignoring Rileys last
comment. He moved quickly over to the three of them, Rachel still in Rileys arms, and pushed
them into his house, and into a small, dimly lit room near the door.
I dont know, and cant know, if you have ever been pushed against your will into a
small, dimly lit room after your parents have been killed, your house burned down, and your new
guardians poisoned by an evil mastermind, but I can say with great confidence, that you have
not. Being pushed into a small dimly lit room, with such circumstances, is very, very scary
indeed, and so it was as the Blair orphans were shoved into the room, the door slammed behind
them, that they began to panic.
No! shouted Riley as he herd Abigar lock the door behind them.
You will never get away with this! shouted Violet as she herd the footsteps of the evil
man get fainter and fainter.
We ha ta ot! yelled Rachel, which meant something close to, We have to get out of
this small, dimly lit room before he convinces the police that the Rosalies werent murdered!
At the sound of Abigar slamming the front door shut the three orphans couldnt help but
weep and so all three sat down on the wooden floor and began to cry quietly. They cried for their
parents, they cried for the Rosalies, and most of all, they cried for all their wretched luck. No
matter what they were crying for, they realized quickly that crying would not help their situation.
They needed to get out of the closet and get to the police before it was too late.
We must get out of here before he succeeds in convincing the police that the Rosalies
werent murdered and comes back for us, said Violet, already investigating the lock on the door.
She had once read a detectives book that explained how to pick a lock, but she needed
something small and slender to fit into the locks mechanisms.


Do yo ha ida? asked Rachel, which meant something like, Do you have an idea to pick
that lock and get us out of here Violet?
I think I do, replied Violet, but Im going to need something small and slender to fit
into the locks mechanisms to unlock it. Riley youre the inventor; do you see anything you could
make a lock pick out of?
It is a truth of the world that buildings and even people in general, have a certain smell that
relates to who that person is, or what room you are in. The particular room that the Blair orphans
were in smelled like a doctors office might smell, a smell that people may relate to shots or
maybe x-rays or possibly, if unfortunate enough, a cast for their broken arm or leg. This
particular room smelled like the doctors office, because it was full of medical supplies, exactly
like the things you would find at the doctors office. There were needles for shots, plastic tubing,
cast material, x-rays of assorted bones, glass vials, medicines and poisons, and several small, red
matchboxes with V.W.I written on the top. So, as Riley looked around, being the first person to
actually take a good look at the room, he realized that there were tons of small slender objects
just perfect for picking locks, but also there were plenty of things he could find other uses for.
Well, any of these needles would work as a lockpick, said Riley, but they would be too
What else is there, said Violet, because if we need to I can just dull the needle by
smashing it on the floor. She said as she remembered a book about knives and other sharp
objects which had a chapter on the dulling of a sharp object.
Well, there are several paperclips to hold all the paperwork doctors fill out, said Riley,
but they are too slender and would bend in the locks mechanisms.
Well, then needles it is, hand me one of the larger ones, said Violet holding out her
hand. Riley picked up one of the larger needles and handed it to Violet, who then started to dull
the tip by smashing it on the hard, wooden floor. Meanwhile, Riley started to look for anything
he might find useful.
Wa yo do? asked Rachel, which meant something like, What are you looking around
curiously at everything for Riley?
Im trying to find anything that might be useful later, or some kind of evidence, said
Riley as he scanned the medical row of shelves contained in the small room. As Riley looked at
the long row of medicine on that row of shelves he found tons of medications from A.R. Eye
Drops, used for minor eye irritation, to Zyvox, used to treat infections, but they didnt need any
medicines at this time, so he moved on to the next row which contained poisons. On this row
were poisons from Arsenic, a poison used to kill rats or other pests, to Yew seeds- no poisons
start with z-, which is rarely used for anything, but this time he found something that was in fact
useful; a large bottle labeled Ricin, which was open with a few blowdarts laying inside. I
think I found something, he said as he walked over to see how far Violet had gotten on picking
the lock.
Good, Ive almost gotten the lock undone, what have you found? asked Violet as she
wiggled the needle around in the lock a few more times.

Its a bottle labeled Ricin with some blowdarts in it, Im not really sure why they
would be in the bottle, but its definitely a clue, said Riley pointing to the bottle that lay on the
floor next to the shelves.
He was putting them in the bottle to put the poison on the tips, Violet said in a sad
voice, I read about poisoning different weapons in a book, I didnt think Id ever need to know
about how to poison weapons, she said sounding even sadder. What is that red notebook doing
next to the ricin bottle? she asked, and sure enough, there was a small, red notebook lying next
to the ricin bottle.
Im not sure, but it cant be important, said Riley who was eager to get out of the
With a final click! the door began to open, but then stopped almost immediately as a
chain lock grabbed after only a few inches of the door opening.
If you have ever almost finished something, only to find out there is more to it than you
thought, then you know that this is a terrible feeling. For instance, putting together a typewriter,
then realizing that you forgot the keys, or taking hours to find, hallow out, and put together a
blowgun, only to find out you have no blowdarts. This feeling is of pure anger at yourself, the
item that is only partially complete- or in this case open-, and whoever either made the
instructions wrong, gave you the wrong pieces, or messed the project up in some other way; in
this case, putting the secondary chain lock on the door as he left.
No! shouted Violet enraged at herself, for not planning for the door to have a chain
lock, at the door for having a chain lock attached to it, and at Dr. Abigar for putting the
secondary lock on. Plus in all her rage, she forgot about the notebook, which was a very
important piece of evidence.
Its ok Violet, Im sure we can figure something out, said Riley in an encouraging
voice, even though he felt just as upset as his younger sister, Havent you read something about
opening chain locks in a book somewhere? Theres bound to be a situation where someone is
locked in a room with a chain lock on the door in all those mystery books you love reading.
Yes, said Violet after pausing to think, there was a man stuck in a chain locked room
once, but I cant quite remember how he escaped. Let me think about it for a minute, you keep
looking for evidence, and Rachel can stay with me to brainstorm. The term brainstorm as Im
sure you know, means to think of something, sometimes as a group. So, when she and Rachel
leaned against the wall next to the door, Violet holding Rachel as Rachel still couldnt walk too
well, Violet tried to think of how the man she had talked about had escaped, and Rachel thought
about the last good sheet of paper she had shredded with her razor sharp nails.
Meanwhile Riley went back to looking for evidence, but found his efforts fruitless- a
word meaning he found no other evidence in the small, dimly lit room. The only interesting
thing he found was a set of binoculars, which were different from the ones Abigar had used to
spy on them, so he couldnt use them for evidence. So, after a minute or two of looking around
he decided to see if Violet had remembered how the man had escaped, Have you remembered
about that man in that book yet Violet?

Yes, said Violet, then paused thinking, he took one of those metal hangers and unbent
it so that it was just a straight piece of metal. Then he made a small hook, to grab the chain, and
bent it all the way back so that the back of the hook was touching the rest of the hanger, so that
he could push the chain out with the hook rather than pull the chain in with the hook. But the
only problem is, we dont have any hangers in here.
We might not have any hangers in here, but we might have something I can use to
invent something similar to a bent hanger, said Riley, already looking around the room, and as
he looked, he found several things that he thought might work. How about this plastic tubing?
he asked picking up a bag with some rubber tubing wound up in it like a snake.
No, said Violet thinking, it bends too much. What I need is something that will bend
then keep its shape without bending in another direction when I try to unlock the chain lock.
Well, how about this small metal rod? asked Riley picking up a metal rod probably tied
to tubing to support it sometimes.
No, said Violet thinking over the new item, I cant bend the metal, its too thick.
Hmmm, hmmmed Riley as he thought, what about this metal item that looks like a
That wouldnt work; it doesnt have a pole attached Violet couldnt finish saying
because riley was showing her that with his inventive mind, it did in fact have a pole attached to
it. He took the tubing and some tape from a small desk beside the door, and taped the metal pole
to the tubing. Then using some scissors from the same desk, he cut the excess- meaning extra
tubing- off. Then, on the other side he taped the metal piece that looked like a C to the tubing.
Finally, he cut the excess tubing off the end of the C, and taped the top of the C to the
bottom of the end of the metal rod. This resulted in a long metal rod, with a hook on the end that
was just perfect for hooking something, then pushing it outward.
Hows this? asked Riley showing Violet his latest invention.
Its perfect! Violet said taking the item from Rileys hand, Thank you, now to get out
of here and stop Dr. Abigar.
Then Violet, moving carefully, took the pole, stuck it out the door and latched the C
onto one of the links of the chain. After that, she pushed the chain along the runner until it made
it to the portion where she could remove the chain from the lock. Finally, she pushed on the door,
but only to have fate return- a phrase that means she pushed on the door only to have a rope
wrapped around the door knob and a cabinet stop the door from opening once again.
What can we do now! yelled out Riley in frustration, but Violet looked down at her
baby sister and smiled.
We can let Rachel use her ability to cut through the rope, said Violet as her smile grew
I ca tada! said Rachel, after a long period of no talking, which probably meant
something like, I can do that easily Violet, thank you for giving me something to do! Right

after she said that, she signaled her big brother to pick her up so she could slice through the rope
with her razor sharp nails. Once she was up next to the rope, she sliced down with her nails,
which sliced through the rope like a hot knife through butter- a phrase which means went
straight through the rope as if it were nothing- and with a small push, swung the door open
letting the orphans out of the small room that served as their prison.
If you have ever been locked into a small room, even for a very short amount of time,
then figured out how to get out, you know how much joy the Blair orphans felt as the door
swung open. Even though they knew that Abigar was still loose, and that they still had to stop
him from talking to the police, it felt like a huge amount of their problems had been taken off
their shoulders when the door swung open to reveal the hallway the terrible man had drug them
down when they first entered the house. The hallway was painted a nasty bright yellow that
almost blinded the children, bright yellow reflects light amazingly well, especially after being in
such a dimly lit room, but after rubbing their eyes, they saw the items in the hallway made them
wish they hadnt opened the door. The first item, and also apparently the only item in the hallway
other than doors, was a terrible one. The item was very long, had a long black piece of hallow
metal, a large, carefully carved piece of black wood attached to the metal, some delicately pieced
together metal arranged carefully on the wooden part, and a piece of metal and glass on top of
the entire terrible craft. This carefully crafted item was, of course, a handcrafted, solid black,
sniper rifle. This type of weapon is known as a gun, a common weapon carried by cautious
people, law enforcement, and military alike- a word which means they all carry it in order to
threaten, wound, or even kill other people who may have threatened them or mad them madand when someone thinks of a gun, the first thought would usually be a handgun, or some other
small gun used at close range. But a sniper rifle is designed to fire a projectile- a fancy word for
bullet- at great distances, up to a mile away. Knowing that such an evil man had such a
dangerous and sneaky weapon was a scary thought, but the Blair orphans knew that they had no
time to stand staring at the weapon, as they were now, and so Riley turned around, picked up the
Ricin bottle with blowdarts, and started walking toward the door. Then, picking up Rachel,
Violet followed her brother out the front door, trying to forget the weapon.


Chapter Seven
The rsoean you can raed tihs is qtiue smilpe, yuor biran deonst raed ecah lteetr by isletf.
Yuor mnid olny raeds the fsirt and lsat lteter tehn figeurs out the wrod wtih the mdidle lteters,
eevn if the mdidle lteters aenrt in oerdr. The rsoean I am tlelnig you tihs, is because if you read
the first and last chapter of this woeful book, you would realize just how woeful this tale really
is, but if you just read chapter seven of this woeful tale, you would get the wrong impression- a
phrase which here means think that this is a happy, or at least somewhat happy, book with a
good ending- so it would be suggested that you read only chapter seven, even though this would
be terribly confusing, if you dont want to be weeping in the corner of your room when you have
finish this book. If you read the first and last chapter, then read the middle chapters in random
order, as your mind reads words, using the middle chapters to determine the story, combined with
the first and last chapters, you would realize that this is in fact a terribly woeful story, and would
probably wanted to have dumbed this book in a pond, creek, lake, or other body of water. So, I
will once again, warn you that it would be much better to drop this book in a pond, creek, lake,
or other body of water. This chapter may seem nice and happy, but the next chapter is so woeful
and terrible, that you might as well just stop here, and never see the nice things that happen to the
orphans in this chapter, but also never see the terribly woeful things that happen in the next
chapter. Your last warning, at least for now, is here; do not read past the small dot, which we
human beings have named a period, or you will build up false hope, the false hope being that this
book ends with the commonly used ending and they lived happily ever after, but I assure you,
it does not.
As the orphans walked out the door, they saw how the scene had been unravelingmeaning they saw what had been going on while they were trapped in a closet locked tight.
Abigar had gone over and was talking to the police officer and the paramedic, who were now
looking at the bodies. Even from across the street the orphans could see his beady, blue eyes
gleam with triumph at his trophies. The children stood staring at the scene for a few moments,
then began walking back across the street.


Violet remembered that she had put the other evidence in her room before they left, and
so broke the silence, We need to sneak past the adults, and get to my room to collect the other
Ok, we will try, but Abigar will probably be watching for us, whispered Riley looking
toward the men who were chatting as if the murder was a dinner party or some other happy
Then, quickly and quietly, they snuck around the adults who were too busy looking down
at the bodies, and even laughing at some joke, to notice the children. Once they got to Violets
room, they sat down on her bed, and lay out the evidence on the floor.
Well, Violet is the investigator, what do we do now? asked Riley, after studying the
evidence, with a confused look on his face.
I think the first thing we need to do, is to try and fit the pieces together. We need to look
at the evidence, figure out how each piece combines with another, and put that together to figure
out what happened, said Violet looking down thoughtfully at the evidence, which as you will
remember is only three blowdarts from the window and the bottle of Ricin with blowdarts in it.
We really dont have all that much physical evidence, said Riley picking up the items.
We also have the items in Abigars yard, and the mark on the Rosalies neck, said
Violet pointing out the window.
Well I guess thats true, admitted Riley, but we still need to come up with a story that
puts all the evidence together, and catches Abigar for his crime.
Well lets see, Violet said as she took a long, thoughtful look at the evidence, then,
closing her eyes, smiled a smile which was neither for a good joke, nor for something happy. She
smiled because she had figured something out, as she always does. Abigar must have gone out
while we couldnt see him from the sun. Then he took the two wooden darts from the match box,
where he had stored the poisoned blowdarts. Then, standing in his front yard concealed by the
sun in our eyes, he shot the metal dart to break the window, which was the crash we herd.
Finally, he shot the two poison darts, one at a time, into the Rosalies necks, said Violet with a
frown at the thought of him shooting their caring guardians.
Well then we have no time to loose, he must have been talking to the police the entire
time we were in the room, Riley said as he took the evidence and walked toward the door.
We ha foget on thin, said Rachel, which meant We have forgotten one very important
What have we forgotten Rachel? asked Riley looking puzzled as he held up the
evidence, We have all the physical evidence we found.
Abigar, Rachel said pointing toward the window, and this was enough to make them
stop for a moment.


We almost forgot we have to deal with him, said Violet looking in the direction of the
window as if he was standing directly outside looking in on their conversation.
He wouldnt dare hurt us with the policeman and paramedic standing right there, said
Riley sounding much more confident than he felt, Besides, he will be too stunned that we
escaped and snuck past him to do anything for a short period of time.
The criminals in the mystery books I read usually dont hurt their enemies while the
police, or anyone else, is standing nearby. As Riley said, he wouldnt dare hurt us with the other
adults standing near, said Violet trying to sound as confident as possible.
We wo no til we go, said Rachel starting to crawl toward the door, which meant We
wont know what he will do until we go and find out.
So, following their youngest sibling, the orphans went out, Riley holding the evidence
and Violet carrying Rachel, to the front where they found where policeman, paramedic, and
Abigar had been talking. They were all still leaning over the bodies, so didnt see the orphans
come up behind them. We have found a few things that will prove this man standing next to you
two murdered Mr. and Mrs. Rosalie, said Riley in his most informative tone after standing
behind them for a few moments.
As you may know, the element of surprise can make a huge difference in the outcome of
a situation. For instance, if you were to just tell someone you were going to take your queen and
move it three spaces left, then slide four spaces sideways next turn to put his king in checkmate,
he would probably move his king, or try to take your queen. Chess, of course, is not real life, and
so is merely a small-scale comparison to show you that if you didnt tell him your next moves,
you probably could simply move three spaces left, then four spaces sideways and win the game,
but since you did, you would have lost, or at least not won in two moves. The reason I am telling
you this, is because when all three adults turned around, they were all under the element of
surprise, none more surprised than Dr. Abigar himself.
All three men were speechless for a moment, but finally the policeman answered Riley.
Well, he said, and then paused to clear his throat, what kind of evidence do you have? At this
Riley pulled out the blowdarts and Ricin bottle with more blowdarts in it.
If youre going to use that little evidence, youre going to need a good story to link it all
together, said the paramedic in a doubtful tone.
How was all Abigar had to add, still speechless from the element of surprise.
How what Mr. Abigar? asked the paramedic, distracted immediately by such a simple
Its Doctor, said Dr. Abigar, still staring directly at the three orphans, the smile wiped
off his face ever since Riley spoke his words.
Yes, well our evidence suggests that Dr. Abigar has committed murder on our poor
guardians, said Violet in her detective tone she sometimes uses when trying to solve a mystery.


And just how does this evidence fit in? What is the story behind your theory? asked the
Well, started Riley, you see Dr. Abigar went out in the morning, when we couldnt see
him from the glare of the sun.
Then he shot this metal blowdart, continued Violet, taking the metal dart from Rileys
hand and holding it up so the adults could see, The metal dart was made to break the glass, as
you can see if you look at the dining room window, it is broken.
Yes, that makes sense, said the paramedic in a more confident tone than before.
And? asked the policeman, using a sentence which really isnt even a sentence. It is
simply short for What happened next? and is usually only asked in a rude manner, but in this
case the policeman seemed to be quite interested in the conversation.
And then he loaded two wooden darts coated with a poison called Ricin, Riley said
holding up both the bottle of Ricin and the two wooden darts they had found under the window,
shooting one at a time, here he paused thinking of his guardians, one for each of the
deceased. In this sentence he used a word that means not amongst the living which is a phrase
for the simple word dead.
Sounds like a good story, said the paramedic, sounding like he was convinced, but the
only question I have is; where is the blowgun he used to fire these darts?
Yes, that is one of a few things you left out in your explanation, said the policeman
sounding as if he was impressed with the young childrens detective work, but not quite
If you will follow me and my siblings to the yard of Dr. Abigar, you will find the
blowgun in question, Violet answered, still using her detective voice. Then, picking up Rachel
whom she had put down so she could hold up the metal dart, she led her brother, the paramedic,
and the policeman across the street to Dr. Abigars yard. The only person not to follow Violet
was Abigar, whom sat down on the end of the ambulance with a frown of frustration and
confusion, still lingering from the element of surprise which can be very powerful in some cases.
There it is, said Riley pointing to the blowgun in the front yard as they approached,
lying right where Abigar left it after he took the shots. As they approached, they could clearly
see the well-crafted bamboo blowgun in the light of the afternoon sun.
Well, said the paramedic enthusiastically, it looks like the childrens story checks out.
At least this far it does, the policeman said as he picked up the blowgun and looked
down the barrel inspecting its quality.
But we never found any marks on the victims, the paramedic commented with a frown.
We found those as well, said Riley pointing back toward the ambulance, but quickly
changed the subject as he saw what Abigar was up to, And Abigar seems to be trying to destroy
the evidence! Sure enough, as the rest of the group looked up, they saw Abigar lowering the

cots- a fancy word for bed in which injured, or dead in this case, people are strapped onto for
the ride- out of the ambulance with a gleam in his eyes that could only mean evilness was on his
Dont touch those bodies! yelled the paramedic, Those are evidence of a crime, and
right now you are our prime suspect! The yelling didnt stop Abigar of course; he had lowered
the first cot, and was going for the other when the children realized that if someone was going to
stop him, it was going to have to be them.
Dashing off to the ambulance, the three kids, Rachel still carried by Violet, reached
Abigar as he lowered the second cot, with the adults running after the children moments later.
Trying to hide your evidence so fast Abigar? asked Riley putting his hand on the cot as he
settled it on the ground.
Yes, and if you dont take your hands off that cot I will have to hide your dead body as
well, threatened Abigar, but quickly quieted when the two adults came up to the ambulance.
What exactly do you think youre doing with these Abigar? asked the policeman
grabbing his arm tightly so he couldnt run.
I was just going to make sure they were comfortable, said Abigar still trying to sound
You cant fool us with that nonsense, said the paramedic pointing to the bodies, Now
what was the mark you wanted to show us?
Right here on each of their necks is a small red dot, obviously where a blowdart with
Ricin on its tip hit, said Riley pointing at each mark as he tried his best to ignore Abigars
Yes, I do believe that is an entry wound, said the officer using a fancy term for Mark
where something entered a body.
Then I guess that confirms it, Dr. Abigar committed the murder! said the paramedic
sounding quiet impressed by the young orphans discoveries.
Not so fast, responded the officer, Im not sure that is enough evidence to prove that
Dr. Abigar here committed the murder.
Thinking quickly, Violet remembered seeing that one last thing in the closet in which they
had been trapped. She signaled the eldest Blair to play along- in this case meaning act as if they
knew what she was saying and agree with it- with her idea. We have the last piece of evidence
of which we need to prove Abigar guilty, she said, still using her detective voice, and continued,
There is a notebook which has his plots and plans to kill the Rosalies in the closet of his house.
Oh yes, that is the last piece of evidence, said Riley playing along as best he could,
even though he didnt know this was true. Even Violet couldnt be sure that it contained the plots
to kill the Rosalies, but she remembered, with her photographic memory, that small red notebook
next to the Ricin bottle.

Follow me, and this time bring Abigar with us so he wont get into any trouble, said
Violet giving Abigar an angry look.
Good idea, we wouldnt want the murderer to try to run away! yelled the paramedic
quite a bit too loudly.
Accused murderer, added Abigar in a hiss, Falsely accused.
We will see about that Abigar, said the officer sternly, still griping his arm tightly.
The orphans and adults, this time all of them, made their way back across the street, then
stopped at the door and stood silently. They remained silent for a moment before the paramedic
spoke up, Just think of it, we are about to enter the home of an evil murderer, he said silently,
all his excitement making him hushed.
He isnt a confirmed murderer yet, said the policeman, although he sounded as if he
was convinced that he was the murderer. Then, silently, they pushed the door open, and stepped
The first time the Blairs had stepped inside the hallway, Abigar had been pushing them
into a closet, but even this time they didnt want to hang around the hallway any longer than the
last time as they feared some of Abigars assistants were in the house. Right this way
gentlemen, said Violet directing them toward the door of the closet, which was still open from
them breaking out.
Going into the closet again was a lot less scary than they had thought as someone wasnt
pushing them this time. Instead they were showing two adults, and a murderer, evidence of
which they could only hope existed. So instead of fear, it was a kind of finger-crossing moment,
and, being a finger-crossing moment, all three Blair orphans crossed their fingers; even Rachel
crossed her small fingers. But as they stepped inside the closet and looked down, there lay the
red notebook right next to where the Ricin bottle had been.
Well sure enough there it is, said the officer giving a quick grin to the orphans, Now to
see if it contains the evidence which you speak of. With this the officer dragged Abigar, whom
was still in the officers firm grip, and picked up the notebook, walked over to the paramedic,
and handed him the book. Could you please read the notebook, I cant read it with only one
hand and I dont want to let go of Abigar since he is being accused of murder.
I think he will be more than accused once I read this notebook, said the paramedic
sternly. Then, opening the notebook, he read a few lines carefully and started to smile. Yes, yes,
I believe we have a murder plot here.
Oh? he asked, What does it say? At this Abigar gave a frustrated frown and
scrunched his face in anger, but the officer kept a firm grip so he couldnt escape.
Its a plan on how he was going to commit the crime, it has all the facts the children
gave, said the paramedic, It says he is going to stand in the front yard in the morning, so the
sun will be in any witnesss eyes, and shoot one metal dart to break the window, then shoot two


more darts coated in a genetically modified ricin, one at a time into each Rosalie through the
broken window.
Thats some impressive detective skills children, said the officer with a smile, Now
Dr. Abigar here is most definitely our man. Our man is a phrase used at crime scenes and
generally means the person who committed the crime. With this news Abigar decided to try
and run, but was still held tightly by the officer. You, Dr. Abigar, arent going anywhere, he
said pulling him back toward himself.
We will see about that, said Abigar with a slim grin at the children, but he stayed in the
grasp of the officer and didnt try to run.
Well, I guess its about time to get you down to the police station to wait for trial. Good
work children, you caught a murderer red handed, said the officer using an expression which
means caught the criminal with the evidence right on him, or in this case right in his house,
and then he started to drag Abigar out of the room.
Arent you going to take the notebook with you sir? asked the paramedic holding up
the red book that had finished the case off.
I cant carry it, you will have to bring it, now come on to the police car and I will arrest
Dr. Abigar and put him in the car, said the officer turning and going toward the door to the
house. Then, without another word, the four remaining people in the room followed the officer
out the door and across the street to his car.
What will happen to the Rosalies? asked Violet, looking nervously at the ambulance.
They will be sent to the hospital to be determined deceased and then sent to a funeral
home to be buried, Im sorry but you wont be able to take a look at them again until the
funeral, replied the officer and grabbed a pair of handcuffs from his belt.
Ok, thanks for your help, said Violet even though she didnt think the officer had done
almost anything since he had just talked to the paramedic, and later Abigar, until they had arrived
with the evidence.
Now, Dr. Abigar you are under started the officer, but he couldnt finish because as
he let go of Abigar so he could put the handcuffs on, Abigar took off across the street. Stop in
the name of the law! shouted the police officer dropping the handcuffs and pulling a black
handgun from his belt and pointing it directly at the evil man. Put your hands up and lay down
on the ground! he ordered.
I cant put my hands up and get on the ground at the same time sir, said Abigar slyly
after he had stopped running in the middle of the street.
Dont try anything funny, now get on the ground with your hands behind your back,
said the officer seeming to calm down a just a little.
Why dont I just put my hands on my ankle for a second and then I wont need to do any
of that, said Abigar and then swiftly reached down toward his right ankle.

What began the officer, but sadly his question was answered all too quickly.
Abigar quickly lifted his pants leg up slightly then grabbed something from a pocket of
some sort that was strapped to his ankle, and Im sorry to say, it was a small, concealable
handgun. You should have thought about who you were messing with officer! he yelled before
he pulled the trigger and ended the officers carrier, permanently.
With a loud Crack! the gun went off and the bullet traveled from the barrel to the
officers chest. Then with a second Crack! a second bullet went from barrel to the officers
head, and the evil work was done, at least for the officer it was. He fell, dead before he even hit
the ground, and lay out, his gun skittering across the pavement to the Rosalies former driveway.
No! shouted all three children and the paramedic at once, but there was nothing they
could do about it.
You will be in jail for the rest of your life for that Dr. Abigar! yelled the paramedic.
Too bad you wont live to see that day, replied Abigar taking aim at the paramedic.
Ill jump in the police car and drive to town to get help kids! yelled the paramedic and
ran to the car.
Oh no you wont! shouted Abigar and opened fire on the car, but after shooting seven
bullets, each going off with a loud Crack!, he had hit nothing. The paramedic started the car
and began to drive away. The children could barely believe it, he was just going to drive off for
help and leave them with a gunman? But as the car started to race away Abigar ran back to his
house and emerged quickly with an object the children had been hoping to never see again; the
sniper rifle. He lay down in the grass in front of his house and took aim in one smooth action,
then pulled its terrible trigger. With a much louder noise that sounded more like a Boom! than
a Crack! the bullet went straight through the back windshield of the car and into the
paramedics head, killing him instantly. The car swerved violently then hit a pole and stopped
forever, at least as far as my research has proven.
Finally, Abigar took the rifle back inside and came out with a bottle filled with a liquid
and a white cloth sticking out the top. Dont worry Blairs, I will handle you right after I burn
down the Rosalies house or previous house, he said with an evil grin and chuckle while waving
the object over his head. Then pulled out a small, red matchbox with the label W.I.A. on top and
struck a match, lit the cloth, and started walking toward the Rosalies former home.
Making the decision quickly, Riley ran over to Abigar as he passed by and grabbed the
object. On no you wont, he said as he grabbed the bottle. Abigar, being under the element of
surprise again, let go of the bottle letting Riley easily pull it from his grasp. Then Riley, with the
flaming bottle now in his possession and anger flooding his brain, lobbed- a fancy word for
threw with great force- the bottle at Dr. Abigars house where it burst open emitting a large
ball of flame which caught the front porch area on fire instantly. The fire spread within seconds
to the area around the porch and it appeared that the house would surely burn to the ground.


Chapter eight
The bottle of which Abigar had come out with, and Riley had thrown back at his house, is
called a Molotov cocktail. The Molotov cocktail is a make-shift bomb usually used for lighting
things on fire, most of the time with bad intent. The Blair orphans, as they stood watching
Abigars house go up in flames and Abigar stood too stunned to do anything, realized that the
Molotov cocktail must have been the weapon Abigar used to set their house on fire that fateful
The fire quickly grew and had engulfed the entire front of the house in mere moments.
Abigar was so stunned at how quickly the young child had turned on him that he couldnt speak
or even move until his house was completely engulfed in the flames.
You are going to pay for this, Abigar said but he didnt yell, instead he almost
whispered it. The orphans realized that he must have had the same feeling they had when they
had seen their house in complete ruins.
You now know what we felt like when you torched our house, said Riley softly as he
remembered the terrible night with all the flames and falling debris.
I already know what it feels like to be in your exact situation Blairs, he snarled, but still
kept to a quiet tone. The orphans, and Abigar, all stood watching the house go up in flames until
Abigar seemed to snap out of a trance and become his usual evil self again. You will pay dearly
for this you little brats! he yelled showing that he was, in fact, enraged at Rileys surprising act.
Im going to take you out on a little boat ride then either drown you or burn you alive, I will let
you choose! he barked.
Realizing that Abigar probably wasnt kidding about his torturous plan, the orphans
quickly decided to make a break for it. Without a word of comment toward Abigars wicked
ways, the orphans took off down the street, but quickly stopped when they saw a car coming up
the road. Its Mr. Len! shouted Violet excitedly even though he had been so cruel when they
had stayed with them, anybody would be better than Abigar.
At this point you may be predicting that I was lying about the sad ending, and that Mr.
Len swoops in and saves the day. Then you would probably think that they would send Dr.
Abigar off to some high security prison for the rest of his life and the Blair orphans would find a
nice home where they get to do whatever they want and live happily ever after. Im sorry to
inform you that I was not lying. This story will not end in anything that is even a synonym to
and they lived happily ever after or and Abigar was sent off to a prison somewhere at sea

where he spent all the rest of his life, while the Blair orphans got a new home with a perfect
guardian and then lived happily ever after. So if you would like to imagine that it ends in that
happy way, you may stop here and just imagine to yourself that it ends with justice being served
and the Blairs being happy. Unfortunately, I cannot stop writing the truth of what really
happened that woeful day in history. So if you prefer to imagine a happy ending rather than an
ending which will leave you sobbing in your pillow for hours, I would suggest you read no
further as this is one of the last warnings you will get.
Unfortunately, as Mr. Len grew closer, the orphans could see he was not rushing to their
aid. He was simply out driving somewhere, perhaps to work; I havent been able to track where
he was going or where he was coming from. All I know is what happened as he came closer.
Abigar reached down to his other ankle, his left, and, Im sorry to say, pulled out yet
another handgun. In obvious frustration and anger, he opened fire on the approaching car. Nine
bullets went flying in quick succession Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!
Crack! Crack! fired the gun, but he only hit once; one small hole in the side view mirror of Mr.
Lens car. He hadnt hit him, and Abigar was now, as far as they knew, unarmed and would be
easily caught. But once again in a turn of unfortunate events, Mr. Len was scared white as a
ghost- a phrase which means so scared he turned pale and looked as if he were going to pass
out- and immediately turned around and sped off. The children stood, unprotected and
astonished, in the middle of the road only paces from Abigar. He quickly ran up to them and
grabbed all three, Rachel still in Violets arms, and dragged them over to his car, which was in
the garage on the side of the burning house.
Dont worry orphans, I wont leave you unpunished! he yelled tossing all three in the
trunk of his car, running to the drivers seat, turning on the car, and taking off at high speeds
down the road, leaving his house burning down behind him.
The trunk of this car, and any other car, is a very dark and uncomfortable place to be,
especially if you are sharing it with your two siblings. The ride of which the siblings had to take
in this dark, small, and uncomfortable place was not long luckily, and this is one of the very, very
few lucky events in this chapter. The orphans could smell the sea breeze through the keyhole of
the rickety car after only a few minutes of driving. Only a few more minutes passed, quietly as
none of the orphans could speak as they were too stunned and Abigar was too busy plotting a
terrible plan, before the car stopped and the three orphans herd Abigar open the door, come
around to the back of the car, and then chuckle very, very loudly.
You can say hello to your new home, at least it will be until your body disintegrates at
the bottom of the bay! he bellowed, and with a wicked laugh he flung open the trunk so the
orphans could see where they had been taken. They were at the bay- a word meaning a small
inlet of water with only a few boats in it at this time of day- where their parents used to take
them for picnics. Of course they were not here for a picnic so with a cruel motion from Abigar,
the orphans climbed out of the trunk, Riley picking Rachel up this time, and stood next to the car.
I still cant decide if I want to burn you alive or drown you, he pondered with an evil grin on
his face. No matter, we will discuss that after we are on the boat.
What boat? was all Riley could summon up to ask.


That boat, Abigar said grinning and pointing to a small boat that appeared to be about a
year old or so. Now move it! he yelled and shoved the orphans in the direction of the boat.
Too afraid to do anything else, the orphans did move it, they went straight to the small
dock were the boat was docked. As they looked over the side of the vessel, they saw it was
named the W.I.A., and was panted completely red. Strange as the name was, they were ushereda word which means shoved impatiently onto the vessel by Abigar- onto the W.I.A. where they
were then ushered to sit down on a small bench along the side of the boat.
What are you going to do with us? Violet couldnt help but ask.
I dont know, Abigar replied, Im still trying to decide, I think I will just attach a
weight to your legs and put a noose around your neck and throw you overboard. You will drown
and be hanged at the same time! he continued after a short pause.
A noose, as you may know, is a knot made specifically for killing people by suffocatingmeaning chock to death- them. So, learning their unpleasant demise- an unpleasant word for
death- they knew they needed a plan, and fast.
Violet, with her well-read mind, thought as fast as she could. She thought of all the books
she had read and all the papers she had read. She knew that her and her siblings lives depended
upon her decision. Then finally, after a few moments as Abigar paced back and forth on the deck
she had a plan, bust she needed time to talk to Riley and Rachel. With one of their last bits of
luck in this book, they got a break to talk.
I need to go down to the hull to gather some supplies, Abigar said, Now nobody
moves an inch or youll be sorry. Then he disappeared into the cabin and clanked down the
stairs to the hull- meaning bottom of boat in this case- of the ship.
I have a plan, Violet announced, Although Im not so sure it will work.
We dont have much of a choice now, said Riley looking cautiously at the cabin door.
Well, I was thinking, said Violet, since Abigar is now unarmed, we should be able to
retaliate somewhat safely. When he comes back up, someone will distract him while the other
goes over to the ropes with Rachel and uses Rachels sharp nails to cut the rope. Then, while
Abigar is still distracted, they will walk up behind Abigar and tie his legs together quickly to
restrain him. With his legs tied he will fall to the floor, where we will get his arms behind his
back and tie them. Then all we have to do is get the police.
Sounds like the best plan we are ever going to get in this situation, Riley said, and Im
sorry to say, he was wrong.
Im back my to-be anchor orphans! shouted Abigar as he clanked up the stairs and out
the cabin door.
Acting quickly, Violet knew that Riley didnt have the time to hand Rachel over to her,
she made her distraction. She stood up and walked over to where Abigar was, faking a trip, she
fell in front of Abigar and started screaming. Abigar bent over and grabbed Violets arm, but she
continued to scream and roll in fake agony.

Meanwhile Riley and Rachel quietly made their way to a rope coiled up like a snake a
few feet away. Handing the rope to Rachel, Riley watched Abigar as Rachel cut the rope into
three sections. When she finished that, Riley took the three ropes, left Rachel sitting where the
ropes had been, and snuck up behind Abigar.
During the rope cutting process, Violet had been pulled up off the ground and was pushed
up against the cabin. Abigar was holding her head against the cabin with one hand and holding
her hands with the other, trying to get her to stop moving and screaming. Violet was trying to
scream as much as she could so that Riley could sneak up behind Abigar without being herd, and
was thrashing around to keep Abigars attention so that he wouldnt turn around and see Riley.
As Riley got close, he got the first rope ready. He arrived behind Abigar and knelt at his
feet. He knew he had to be fast or Abigar would have time to fight back, so quickly as possible,
Riley put the rope around Abigars legs and tied a fast slipknot and pulled it tight. Unfortunately,
Abigar didnt do as planned and fall down. Instead he reached into his pocket and grabbed a
sharp pocket knife, opened it, and bent down, slashing the rope in the process, all in one smooth
motion. Then he put the knife back in his pocket, and this time pulled out yet another small
handgun; a small, pocket dueling pistol. He cocked the hammer- a word for a spring loaded
piece of metal that sets off the gunpowder which sends the bullet out the barrel- and aimed
directly at Riley.
I ought to kill you boy! Abigar yelled in anger, You know not to try and take down an
adult now dont you? Well I guess you dont since you tried, he said and then pulled the trigger
of the dueling pistol.
As one last warning to anyone who has read this book this far, this story is a terrible,
woeful tale and I would advise that you not read the terrible ending to this sad and woeful book.
If you would like you could once again create a false ending to this book. You could say that the
round was a dud-a fancy word for a round that will not shoot-, and the orphans quickly
overpowered Abigar and tied him up. This is not true of course. The gun went off with a live- in
this case meaning had a bullet in it and shot the bullet- round in it.
With another of the last strokes of luck, the bullet missed anything important on Riley. It
hit the backside of his hand, which was on the floor. In all the horror of the knife and gun, Violet
had turned around and only seconds after the gun went off, was on Abigar, and did overpower
him. She tackled him with anger and adrenaline- a hard-to-understand word that means a
medicine your own body produces that makes your reactions faster and your blood pressure
increase- in her body. She grabbed the two pieces of rope from next to Riley, where he was
rolling and screaming in actual and extreme pain, and swiftly tied Abigars legs together. Then,
taking the other rope, tied his arms behind his back so he couldnt pull any other tricks.
He is all tied up now, said Violet trying to calm herself and Riley down, How
seriously are you injured Riley?
I dont think its too bad, Riley replied in a pain-filled tone, He just hit me in the
Either way we need to call nine-one-one for police and an ambulance, Violet said
looking around, But I dont see a phone booth anywhere.

Theres a telegraph machine in the cabin, Abigar said slyly, But you dont know how
to transmit a telegraph. The word transmit here means send a coded pattern of dots and
dashes to someone else who knows the code of dots and dashes, and the code is the Morse code
which Violet had memorized from a book she had read. In fact, Violet had had some practice
sending telegraphs on a telegraph machine Riley had invented only a year ago. The machine had
burned up in the fire that took their house of course, but she knew that she could send a S.O.S.,
which some people believe stands for save our ship but in fact stands for nothing. It is simply a
signal that means Help! So, running to the cabin, without arguing that she could transmit a
telegraph to Abigar, Violet found the machine and immediately started typing S.O.S.
Unfortunately, they hadnt been looking much around themselves. If they had been, they
would have noticed that Abigar had turned on a silent motor in the cabin and so they were
headed out into the bay.
As Violet finished typing the last S in her third S.O.S.- three is widely known as a
number of distress for some reason- she stepped out of the cabin and took a good look at their
situation. This included actually taking a look around her, and as she did she found that the dock
where they had boarded the boat was quite a distance away. We are moving, Violet said in a
hush of astonishment.
Of course we are moving you idiots! You didnt think I was going to drown you right at
that dock now did you? Abigar yelled out in anger and tried to wiggle out of his lashings- a
fancy word for the ropes that were tied to his legs and arms- but he failed.
But if we are moving, then who is navigating the boat? asked Riley still holding his
hand in agony. Riley had taken up a liking for boats, especially pirate ships, ever since he had
done research on cannons.
Nobody! shrieked Rachel and by Nobody! she really meant Nobody!
I will work the wheel while you listen for a response from that telegraph machine
Violet, said Riley getting up, holding his hand as he did so, and walking toward the cabin, And
Rachel can look for a piece of cloth to cut to put over my hand to stop the bleeding. When he
said this he looked sharply at Abigar, but quickly returned to going into the cabin to steer the ship
in the direction of the shore.
Moments passed as Riley turned the boat around, they were already past the middle of the
bay, Violet listened to the telegraph machine for a response, and Rachel looked for cloth for
Rileys hand.
Rachel was the first to break the silence, besides the sound of Abigar wiggling as he tried
to get out of the ropes grasp, as she said I ha fund tha clot, which meant I have found the
cloth and sliced it into a bandage as you asked Riley, and it was true, she had found a piece of
cloth, maybe an old shirt, and had cut it so that it could be used as a bandage. She quietly handed
it to Riley, who wrapped the strip of cloth around his injured and bloody hand a few times and
tied it off.
That should do it Rachel, thank you, Riley said appreciatively.


No prob, replied Rachel and she then sat down next to Riley to watch Abigar try, and
fail, to escape the tight ropes that he wore.
Meanwhile, Violet had no response, but right after Rachel sat down, she heard the code
being tapped out for her to translate. After a series of muted short and long tones- this is all they
could hear as Violet was wearing a headset- she threw off her headphones and read the response,
This is the police stop. We will arrive at a dock near your location stop. Please try to signal us as
best you can stop. Dont panic stop, Violet read in excitement, but as she finished the last
stop, which is used in telegraphs to signal the end of a sentence, Rachel screamed out a
combination of words which the orphans didnt want to hear one bit.
Abigar loss wit kni! Rachel screamed in terror, and Im sorry to say she meant, Dr.
Abigar is loose with a knife, and he sure looks like he is mad! Sure enough, while Violet was
reading the telegraph, Abigar had slipped out of the restraints and had his knife out. He was
standing in the doorway, trapping the orphans inside, with the wickedest smile the orphans had
ever seen.
However, Riley still had some adrenaline from his gunshot wound, and wasnt in the
mood to add stab wounds to his list of pains. So, running from the wheel, he grabbed a long
paddle, and ran toward Abigar with the end you hold pointing directly at Abigars gut. He
slammed him directly in the stomach, knocking him back flat on his back, but the knife stayed
firm in his hand. Riley, however, continued moving and tripped on the deck in front of him.
Abigar quickly got up, as if the jab in the stomach had just been a pinch, and walked with a slow,
anger-filled stride toward Riley.
Knowing it was her turn to shine- an expression meaning time to risk her life to save her
siblings and hopefully get rid of Abigar in the process-, ran out and behind Abigar, gave him a
very hard shove in the back, and Abigar lost his footing, went over the rail, and splashed into the
choppy water of the bay.
Riley got up, brushed himself off, and looked over the rail. Abigar was thrashing wildly
in the waves; his right leg had red bellowing around it. This red, of course, was blood.
Apparently, as he had gone over the rail, he cut himself on his own knife which, when he
dropped it from the shove, had gotten wedged into the railing. Knowing there was nothing he
could do, and knowing that the police were waiting on the dock, Riley went to the cabin and
resumed steering the boat without a word. Violet, who had gone to the rail with Riley, continued
to watch Abigar as he disappeared behind the boat. Violet knew from an atlas she had read only
months ago, that the bay was full of sharks. As she watched silently, Abigar disappeared behind
the boat, but soon after, she heard only two words from Abigar; Shark! No! he screamed at the
top of his lungs, and then there was nothing. They arrived at the dock moments later, tied off the
boat and told the authorities, who were waiting on the dock as they had promised, that the evil
man had gone overboard and was in the water. They immediately left the dock telling the
orphans to just have a seat and a backup unit was on the way to help them while they went off to
find Abigar. This of course seemed like a bad plan, leave three helpless, and one injured, kids on
a dock, but the orphans hoped that the police could find Abigar or even catch him, so they let the
police go on their search.


Thank you, said Riley after a long silence, he was looking at Violet, You saved my
life, twice.
And thank you, said Violet looking back, You took charge when we really needed it,
and didnt hesitate to retaliate against Abigar.
And we should both thank Rachel, said Riley, If it werent for her, we wouldnt have
had the rope to tie him up, the cloth to help my wound, or the warning that probably saved our
lives when Abigar came at us with the knife.
Then the Blair orphans were silent. And as this book comes to an end, I can tell you that
Abigar didnt die in the water with the sharks as you may have suspected. Even the Blair orphans
were each thinking to themselves that Abigar must have been eaten alive, but I assure you he was
not. No, sadly he made it through the traumatic event. The Blair orphans sat on the dock, tired
and exhausted as the sun went down on the long day. There was no conversation, but they all
were thinking the same ideas. They all had the false impression of two things; that Abigar had
died that evening, and that maybe, just maybe, their lives were going to get better. After all,
they all thought, it cant possibly get much worse than what we have been through. And I can
safely assure you that this thought was the most wrong of all the thoughts they had. Their lives
not only could get much worse, but did get much, much worse. And that is certainly not a happy
ending at all, so I will say, and they lived happily never after.