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Processing Iron Ore

Total technology solutions across the mining value chain

TENOVA is a worldwide supplier of advanced technologies, products and engineering services for
the iron & steel and mining industries.



Consulting: ore-body, production and market evaluation to assess project viability.

Test work supervision: Tenova Mining & Minerals
engineers arrange and oversee laboratory, pilot plant
and on-site test work.
In-house laboratory for cost-effective and prompt
scoping work, as a basis for structuring project
Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.
Technology supply packages: incorporating basic
engineering design, process guarantees, proprietary
equipment definition and supply, and commissioning
Process plant design and project management: all
phases of the project, from inception through design
and construction to commissioning, maximising the
success and profitability of the venture.
Comprehensive spares and after-sales back-up.
Process audits to Best Practice guidelines.

Tenova Mining & Minerals assists clients to structure,

negotiate and secure optimal and cost-effective financial
packages for projects of all sizes.


Reimbursable, fixed price or any combination to suit
client needs.
Joint ventures on projects.

For beneficiation of iron ore, Tenova Mining & Minerals
liaises with suppliers and evaluates equipment to make
unbiased selections of the best equipment for the job.
For stockpiling, materials handling, environmental
protection and waste disposal, Tenova Mining &
Minerals draws upon its comprehensive in-house and
licensed range of engineered technologies and selects
the most appropriate equipment from all suppliers.

Tenova Mining & Minerals is a total integrated solutions provider to the global mining, bulk materials handling and
minerals beneficiation and processing sectors, offering innovative technological solutions and full process and
commodity knowledge across the mining industry value chain.

Tenova Mining & Minerals provides the full range of capabilities to convert run-of-mine (ROM) iron ore to saleable
products, integrating engineering and process know-how in development and optimisation of plant designs for iron ore,
that meet global environmental standards. An in-house laboratory is available for scoping work.



Run-of-Mine (ROM) ore is prepared for processing by

removing unwanted material, eg vegetation, crushed and
milled and classified according to size in circuits comprising washing units, trommel screens, cyclones, crushers,
mills, etc. Surge bins can be used to control the feed rate.

Conveyor Systems
With a thorough understanding of criteria affecting flow,
Tenova Mining & Minerals selects systems which will not
be plagued by blockages.
Overland and curved conveyors move up to 10,000 t/h
over many kilometres.
Pipe conveyors protect the product and the
environment from mutual contamination.
Hydraulic conveying systems (dilute, medium, dense
and boosted dense phase).
En-masse (Redler) conveyors and bucket elevators
convey materials gently in dust-tight casings.
Slurry (pipe) conveyor systems.


Valuable components of the ore feed are separated with
a range of screening and separating techniques utilising
the different shape, density, magnetic and surface properties of the constituent minerals.

Stockyard Systems
Stacking, homogenising, blending and reclaiming
systems to handle crushed ROM and final products.
Load-out systems integrated with a QA system and
the rail system.



Tenova Mining & Minerals designs efficient comminution

systems that take into account the requirements of downstream metallurgical processes.

Tenova Mining & Minerals offers considerable project

experience on primary, secondary and tertiary
classification processes, consisting of
Screens, cyclones, spirals and shaking tables.
Wet-gravity circuits and water-handling systems.
Dry-mill circuits with feeders, mills and sand traps.
Feed hoppers, surge bins, conveyors, elevators and
transfer points.

All forms of crushing systems, including in-pit, primary,
secondary, tertiary and quaternary crushing systems.
Grinding Circuits
Tenova Mining & Minerals offers the services of a world
authority in semi-autogenous grinding (SAG) circuits and
is experienced in design and construction of large
autogenous grinding (AG) and SAG circuits.
Tenova Mining & Minerals also has many rod-milling and
ball-milling references.
Fine Grinding
Tower mills, stirred mills and ISA mills for magnetic and
flotation feed preparation.

Apic Jigs offer a cost-effective solution to separating
valuable products from waste material, processing and
upgrading iron ores to effectively produce clean, saleable
Apic Jigs are available as
Permanent-fixture processing facilities and modular
process plants.
Pilot-scale units for process development testing.
J-tube for laboratory-scale testing.
Apic Jigs incorporate unique features for processing
lumpy and fine iron ores
Proprietary JigScan control technology enables a
consistent pulse shape regardless of feed variations,
reducing operator attention and improving control
over product quality.
Specially developed fines gate minimises back
mixing of fines before discharge.
Adjustable weir gap and weir bar at slot gate
improves process performance of gate.
Product extraction system utilises vibrating screen
system for increased control over product discharge
to increase product recovery.

Dense-Media Separation (DMS)

Widely used and also proven in the diamond and coal
industries, Tenova Mining & Minerals DMS plants are
highly effective for iron ore processing and can treat iron
ore at ultra high separation densities.
Tenova Mining & Minerals DMS Plants are available as
Permanent-fixture processing facilities and modular
process plants.
Pilot-scale units for process development testing.

Gravity Separation
Gravity separation using a variety of settlers, tables and
spiral concentrators.
Spiral plants can be utilised on their own or in conjunction
with TBS Separators for cost-efficient beneficiation of
finer fractions.
TBS Separators
Teetered Bed Separation (TBS) is used to separate fine
mineral particles, by size and by specific density.
Magnetic Separation
Tenova Mining & Minerals applies magnetic separation
technologies to minerals with weak and strong magnetic
properties, separating those with para-magnetic and
diamagnetic characteristics.
The range covers
Wet and dry, low-intensity magnetic separation
Wet, high-intensity magnetic separation (WHIMS).
Roll magnetic separators to process weakly magnetic
Induction-roll magnetic separation (IRMS) for
cleaning and concentrating dry materials.

Tenova Mining & Minerals supplies flotation systems
which optimise the process through close control of the
solids in suspension, air rates, froth position, etc.
Flash Flotation
In circuits employing multiple stages of milling, flash
flotation cells recover liberated mineral species after
each stage in order to prevent overgrinding.
Conventional Flotation
Design of banks of conventional flotation cells and
supply of proprietary cells, in addition to design and
installation services.

Tank Cells
Tenova Mining & Minerals has completed several
large tank celll installations in recent years.
Column Cells
Column and Jameson cells, including pumping of
high air content froths associated with fine grinding
of concentrates.
Reagent Plants
Packaged reagent plants, either as stand-alone or as
part of concentrator plants.


Tenova Mining & Minerals designs and supplies unit
processes to dewater flotation concentrate and tailings
streams, before transfer to the next process.
Conventional, high-rate, ultra-high rate and paste
thickeners to dewater both concentrate and tailings
Vacuum Filters
Drum, disc and belt filters.

Filter Presses
Recessed chamber and membrane presses to
generate concentrate cake for sale and dry tailings.
Scrubbers are used to process ores with clay contents
that pose a problem further in the process flow.

Tenova Mining & Minerals designs systems to prevent
pollution of the environment.
Air Cleaning
Reverse pulse bagfilters collect dust at high filter
rates with efficiencies of about 99.99 %.
Wet scrubbers.
Electrostatic precipitators for complex applications to
collect suspended solids.


Waste Disposal
Tenova Mining & Minerals tailings disposal systems cover
Slimes thickening and clarifying systems to remove
particulate solids from effluent streams and to clarify
and chemically treat water for recirculation to the
plant. This reduces overall water consumption and
minimises environmental pollution.
Coarse tailings handling systems incorporating
decades of design experience on environmentallyfriendly installations worldwide.



Tenova Mining & Minerals designs state-of-the-art quality

assurance systems to ensure optimal utilisation of orebodies, which include
Laboratory work.
Sampling systems.
In-line process control systems.

Design of processes and plants to recover valuable byproduct metals.

Cobalt from copper SX / EW circuits.
Uranium from leach circuits.
Gold, silver and PGMs from copper ER circuits.


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