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NO 216/217 Psychosocial Self-Care

Case Study Paper

Please summarize your experience in working with a patient in the psychiatric setting. The
outline provided below should be followed.
This formal paper includes a title page, two-three pages of content (no more), and a reference
page. Two citations and references are required: one from a relevant journal article and the other
from the course textbook.
Format: 1 margins on each side, 12 pt. Times Roman font, double-space everything, page
numbers (use automatic numbers using Words Insert Page Numbers) in upper right
corner. Use a running head on each page.
A. Title page page numbers beginning with page 1 and a running head (see APA
Manual) on each page. Center vertically and horizontally: an original title, author
name (no titles such as RN), institution, professor, and course name.
B. Content Keep paragraphs to a reasonable length (i.e. no longer than half a page).
a. Introduction [no heading in APA]. The first sentence should spark interest. It
should be followed by two-four sentences that describe the contents and
purpose of the paper.
b. Background [heading, bold, centered]. Describe the background of your
patient. Include presenting problem.
c. Diagnosis [heading, bold, centered]. Paraphrase the DSM-5 diagnosis for your
d. Nursing Care [heading, bold, centered]. Describe nursing priorities for
patients with the disorder including psychosocial interventions and
psychopharmacological interventions.
e. Personal impressions: [heading, bold, centered]. How did you feel about
working with this patient? Did you experience countertransference?
f. Conclusion [heading, bold centered]. Provide a short conclusion (two or three
sentences) about working in this setting.
C. Reference page Use the word References [new page, centered, bold]. Reference a
journal article and the course textbook Note: Any source cited in the paper must be on
the reference page. Any reference listed must be cited in the paper.

Case Study Paper Rubric


Strong grasp of
writing mechanics
and expresses self
extremely well.
No grammatical or
spelling errors.

Grasp of writing
mechanics and
expresses self
well. Less than
two grammatical
or spelling errors
per page.


Citations artfully
and seamlessly
support discussion
All necessary
components of the
assignment fully
Flawless APA

Placement of
citations is logical


APA format

components were
addressed, some
Good APA format,
a few

Able to express
ideas in written
form, though
needs to work on
mechanics. More
than two
grammatical or
spelling errors per
Citations are

thoughts in
writing. Multiple
grammatical and
spelling errors.

Lacked strength in
some areas

Omitted one or
more components

understanding of
APA format,
should work on it

Little to no
knowledge of APA

No citations