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The Omen Equinox

Spring of the Ram

Astro and various Occult Arts program

by J.M. Von Kotterhausen
The following article is dedicated to the exploration of some of the significant findings
as they relate to one of the high dates of all mystically, religiously, and otherwise
metaphysically inclined people; that of the Spring Equinox.
Without delay, the primary factor being engaged is the astrological principle named
Black Moon Lilith Lilith of myth and archetype has already been put on full display in
earlier work in the Library along with, other coordinating factors including expanded
knowledge on the nature of The Beast [here not meaning Crowley] and the energies of the
malefic forces of Mars and Saturn, of which among these we'll be teaching ourselves how to
harness to gain advantages in and both defend ourselves in the regions we are at the mercy
of, and put at our mercy all those who seek to gain the upper-hand advantages over us at
our expense. Of extreme importance is the array of conflicts, conjunctions, competitions,
and culminations of certain features; ways to come out on top, and avoid being sucked
down, pulled in, and just being another number that gets cosmically crunched as a statistic
in the great 'star-market'.

More than anything else, and before we really delve into the technical aspects of what
each side or facet is doing to or offers into the other[s], let me just say something is going
on that few see and no one has yet addressed, and that's a wide open gateway for stressing
initiative ventures. The thought that travels with this is Fortune Favours The Bold; a
personal beloved concept here in these, my mid-30's. Normally, this would not be the usual
association to a waning moon, much less one of the current position seen in Chart 1. That
depends upon you, really. Knowing who you are will relate to if you are self educated
enough to enter onto the playing field and consummate anything of worth.
While February's new moon is on the 18th, that of March is on the Equinox itself. Not
only that, but there will be a total solar eclipse [only naked eye visible along arctic regions],
and also Lilith is in the sign of Virgo, the Virgin. Deserving mention as part of this Whole
Complex is Saturn's retrograde. So, really on the Equinox itself, but as stated, from the
Moon's current interactions with Pluto in the Saturn ruled Capricorn, now up to March
20th, we want to look at forming covens, emerging broods, corporate world mergers,
advancing market stage by leaps and bounds, and this would definitely include seedy
underbelly and crime world promotions and advancements. There will be many
innovations and partnerships in the 'unholy arts and territories'.
On the individual level, it would absolutely lead to the typically outsider observed
stereotype of the 'Faustian bargain', whether by an act of desperation or self sacrifice for a
greater cause like preservation of family and house even on down to Because I can..,
or similar to the question of why did you climb the biggest mountain on Earth?... Because
it was there. Even Forrest Gump said, I just felt like runninggg, too simple in a pure way
that is admirable, to the extent that he had zero thoughts nor caring that it was his
moment to be on a pedestal and drone on about some shining example of being at the
forefront of some great moralistic cause. The exact opposite of what most people do to
come off as admirable and attractive is what made him most admirable and attractive,
putting butts in theater seats to see the simple man make a light bulb go on over the heads
of those thinking themselves burdened by genius, yet so far from.
A thought that sprung to mind investigating this whole affair:

We are often so vain over how humble we think we can get ourselves to look as the
masters over our impulses toward vanity.

My new, latest fav quote from my meditative work received by myself. Notice I said
my three times but the triple self reference indicates an event beyond the scope of
narrow perceptions of the limits of 'me-ness'. Pretty much a subliminal 'selfless', then.

How often do we roll our eyes at how many times someone says I in their paragraph,
while we are so conscientiously avoiding saying I to be separate and different from their
perceived mistake, we barely can hear anything outside the box of the trained new
obsession that is virtually impossible to follow, and if you ask me, moronic in its pure
futility to even begin to, as well as far away from the bull's-eye. Couldn't be further...
I think that at the corporate market level, some of this is on a we have to do this basis,
with few outside the C.E.O. And boards of directors and trustees, it's all transition being
dragged into. Literally, we feel something dying and a forced rebirth; being pushed out of a
nest. Elevated to a more metaphysical stance, many of these murders and executions..I
mean, mergers and acquisitions, will be fully sought out by the unanimous group, with
(somewhat frightening) leaders coming forward that offer a collective sigh of relief as much
as even greater tensity because while restrictions die off in one isolated portion, the bar for
performance standards will be raised at full volume upon the dust settling from coagulation,
like two colliding galaxies collaborating to decide what star systems and nebula fit where,
and how to yet determine chronologically which galaxy was the dominant-winning factor
after the moment they are now virtually indistinguishable.
It's like sports statistics; you can't tell if an athlete is great based on the back of their
trading card, but in terms of how the universe began, every scientist would want the
information of the historical separate galaxies integral preconception of becoming a
singular entity. You may cry 'No fair!' at some point because you'll feel that information
coming to light is damning after you've done great things no paper-tracking could possibly
record; let's face facts, we live in a world the 6 o'clock [or national] news does not revolve
on good deeds or the hope in our hearts after hearing little Jimmy's lemonade stand was
more successful than last Summer's and he used the money to buy his twin sister a stuffed

If we operated all on one platform where we were on the same page based upon the
notions we have more options by intentionally being on different pages, and coupled this
with the military utilized notion that Your squadron is only as good/effective as your
weakest member, we would be that much closer to a high-tech Edenic utopian society.
Especially if people were encouraged to do what they love and given all available props to
encourage love for what they do.
All that would be brilliant, be leave us teetering ever closer at the detriment to of free
will, ability to choose and the Saturn/Lilith inspired lessons that cultivate wisdoms spoken
of by Blake as a 'Road of excess leading to that Palace.... Hence, nobody likes Saturn and
few really 'get' Lilith because it is all strictly parental and governing to where boundaries are
lifted to give you a taste and see if you...here it comes; damn yourself through folly and

Truth be told, while Saturn and Lilith will let you shoot yourself in the foot, they are
both yet loving energies that comprise what we often read into as pure hatred and setting us
up to fail, that latter idea also explored in an earlier project here at the Von Kotterhausen
Library. The cyclical nature of Saturn and Lilith in Virgo is centralized as the meta-reality
corridor of the need for, and self aware damnation, in any governing and universal
governments, right down to the very household infrastructure of parent-child relations; the
youth seeking rebellious flight and willingness to fight for the right to party, and then the
parents' own ideas of how to run the show, which so often takes precedence simply...you
guessed it, Because we can...or because we say so, and not everyone grew up in that
house of 'traditional structural roles', but until the turn of the century, you had to hit hippie
mom & pop jackpot to avoid it.
Still, a mirroring infinite variety of damning pitfalls exists in that house, for both
parental units and the youth...most often in the form of losing touch with anchoring and
what was just mentioned, It would be great if we lived in this dreamy world, but..., and
that interjection is where so many how won the hippie-home lotto walk out on you for
encroaching their comfort zone of only endlessly infinite potentiality, and now almost the
entire turn-of-the-century positivist students of formulaic, stale, unadaptively brittle self help
guru strategists who mainly are at the front lines of a war to hug yourself every morning will
smiling in the mirror for 15 minutes. That kind of over-sheltered protectiveness many of
you were exposed to left you underexposed, and while you left the chrysalis, you never
truly got your wings. It's the hallmark of blandness and unimaginative minds and hearts.

It has only ever led to sculpting and maintaining with all obsessive, compulsive overordering compensation to hinge on the value of things you just can't keep, among which the
real value of those things is that they are biodegradable and disposable intentionally.
God[s] and all the scientists & artists help you if you have your way. There are times
winning really is the outcome reserved to pacify a set of unknowing losers. Once again,
governed perfectly to finally get you to see how to govern yourself from within, rather than
be codependent on abusive governing systems.

There is no need to mention my own Saturn in Virgo positioning as I already went into
that previously in some depth, but what I neglected to mention was its opposition to my
March 18 Mars/Pisces...which is great, as oppositions and how opposites attract were also
explored fully. The trick is, Lilith is virtually hand-in-hand with a retrograding natal Saturn
in Virgo, for me. With Mars in Pisces living right along with my Pisces Sol in conjunction
with Mercury in Aries, I can adapt and harness all this well, as Mercury the Messenger and
lord over commerce and the market makes for a quick wit and silver-spiked tongue, Virgo
being fortunately ruled by Mercury, and with the sign of mutable water featuring
prominently, I am not dead at 12 years old, and really have quite a knack for internalized
ability to resurrect 'Out Of Nothing/Nowhere'. I can only hope as a Von Kotterhausen, I
can buck the whole 9 lives limitation theory. Does this paragraph seem vain, useless to you,
and wrapped up in 'me-ness'? Revert back to the beginning and recap the first page or so: I
am sharing this information so you can more easily grok how the very best person is writing
in these matters, who is suited to get you to rise above and be able to navigate on your own
waters, on your own clock, more spirited, emboldened, wiser, and with maximized savvy.

Funny timing: I as of today have been on a Super 7 Sunday kick. By that I really
mean the seven deadly sins, first of all. 7 has so many other occult significances reflected in
the natural world of sight and sound and various spectrums, it would be useless filler
material to put my own slant on the preexisting vast libraries, so if you want, study that in
your web browser or public library searches. While these are not connected specifically by
myself in this work, there is a 'Super 7 crystal' called amethyst cacoxenite. It is called so as it
has 7 different minerals formed together in a single purpose.

Same with the sins, talking purpose-wise; whether you believe in how far it all goes up to
heavens or how deep it all goes to hells or is the fictional leveraging of the earthbound
priesthoods with their game-rigged predestined political seats of power, the 7 Deadly are in
existence because when you break it all down, to play with these fires creates deep
difficulties for our 'ruling classes', a.k.a. 'archons', the actual word that means rulers, that as
you study is pretty openly cosmic material that goes far beyond already ungraspable
labyrinth of the practical earth bound visible government we understand to the notions of
heavens, hells, and how galaxies collide and the ways to survive it all or be liberated from
needs to any longer carry burdens of instinctual surviving and preservation needs or
Definitely know that because I mention Amethyst cacoxenite alongside the deadly sins,
I in no way whatsoever imply it must correspond that having a 'Melody's Stone' has a crystal
variety inside for each one of the 'deadly sins'. That sort of statement would be comical,
and while I can imagine some who grew up without much of an anchoring trying to pitch
that pent, it doesn't sail on these campgrounds, but is laughable at least, and there is some
of the best medicine.
I know want to go back to the term Integral Preconception, as it is crucial to this short
presentation... there is another I.P. Which is always hotly contested that courts revolve
around and are paid off of: Intellectual Property. As an artist, I have to constantly be able
to shift around that: When is it okay to be inspired by [all inspiration comes from endlessly
rewoven ancestrally ancient materials] and when am I copying/guilty of plagiarism.
Moreover and completely honestly, when do I know I'm basically being a scavenger but
how do I do it in a way that's smart that no one can really drop the hammer on me?
Hence, the art of the mash-ups...which, still often puts you in jeopardy of violating some
technical I.P. Laws. Integral Preconception, a world or universe of medium tracked either
intuitively or through investigative record keeping, includes the arts and sciences of...rather
than meta-reality, encompassing the substratum of the thing, presents a dynamic linear
systems challenge where there is only a virtual nothing/ blank room or other notion of
space to be filled being so, inquires what existed before the inhabiting as the singular
entity within the context of the sensory interactions happening now . Becoming an overnight
Time-lord is almost a necessity. Or having generous helpings of Scorpio and/or Capricorn,
or some other strong placement of Saturn and Lilith.

Now, here in this we are talking about Black Moon Lilith among the other varieties
possible, and there are a few including a physical asteroid. Mean Lilith is also about
detachment; where we need to focus on detaching with intent, and the ability to sort out
and sublimate among the features of the sign resided in.
To do that, you need to know in this case about the planetary ruler as much as the
nature of the features of the sign itself. Both in the current sky and in my natal, we are
talking Mercury in all caduceus, volatilizing, hermetic and polar-state harmonizing glory.
Do not forget the role of marketing and commerce master, either. Where cooler
detachment does not prevail, wisdom's exit will follow shortly behind, in the certain traits
that change soul to soul in natal Black Moon Lilith residencies. Where that happens, it is
only a logical observation among the living and earthbound that addictions and out of our
control obsessions start finally setting in. Addiction is Neptune which rules Pisces, and
obsession falls in the realm of the Scorpion, whose rulers are Mars traditional and modern
Pluto. Pisces would be the Equinox focus, as opposition to the Virgin. Mutable water has
already experienced intuitively everyone and everything in the void, blank space that is
romanticized as 'pure potentiality on and on forever', to most other people who avoid the
hell out of finally anchoring a course for life and finally deciding once and for all what
epitaph to chisel on their gravestone, so to speak.

The Key to Integral Preconception is through the streaming of Nodes between the
Pisces/Virgo opposition, especially dictated as missing factors and parts received and
manifesting by way of the positioning of the nodes themselves.
These nodes are called True/North and South nodes. Or, very importantly here, they
are called Rahu and Ketu in Vedic myths forming jyotish astro.

Now, let's add my True/North Node [Rahu] to Virgo along with a retrograding Saturn
[remember March 14th 2015: Saturn goes retrograde] and Black Moon Lilith.
Whereas my two 'deadly sins' are Pride and Wrath, my opposite who hates me and I
hate are the Envious Slothful ones. Rahu is the source node for calcifying passions that lead
into obsessions that become addictions. While that is Scorpio into Pisces, it really, in this
case, has a powerful need to latch into mutable earth to get it to actually start to solidify,
a.k.a. manifest through giving the hunter-gatherer or ecstatic sensation seeker [would-be
student of liberation], and so it needs the polarity functionary extremes to merge in specific
conditions to reverberate between fantastical mutable water, and organizational along with
nurturing mutable earth. In the Neptune+Mercury synthesis, an attractive dream-anything
object-subject package is formed specific to the whims and fancies and likeliest pitfalls of a
consumer...the more impulsive, the better.
Where addictions are broken through and pulled out & away from, boundaries of
causation are loosened. Respect of The Father [of consequence and groundings] are gained
with merits included. So, what do you 'get' as reward? You are thinking more in terms of
You get nothing from Saturn, just about exactly what you want. More space equals
more time, less overbearing investigation and interrogation into your part, less government
digging into your motives, rhyme and reason and lacks thereof, and even return of your
own clearer, less walled in and becoming frantic or desperate 'thoughts 'n actions'.
If addictions or dependencies are limitations or a glass ceiling, taking initiatives is what
the Aries cardinal fire propels all systems is all about; how fortunate then to have volatile
Mercury in that sign. It provides all kinds of opportunities to create turbo-thrusters, fluxcapacitors, light speed, sub-light hyperdrives, and warp-core technologies in all
metaphorical chariots and even engineering our 'real world' chariots and other logistics.
You/we are at the forefront. Where most people need plenty of toys, you just need your
own mind, and existence itself connects to all external sensory array as your personal
Momentum actually has already been covered in my Library in the form of practical
discipline with the rune 'Ehwaz'.
I recommend incorporating that after finishing this.
The theme at hand is that through momentum you need to create/recreate yourself as a
juggernaut before you can even begin to hope to get anywhere as a self sufficient astronaut.

Momentum is not just an object in motion tending to stay in motion, it is a Virgonian

critical, subjective, infrastructural, composed and dedicated choice upon sublimating out
from the risks to conscientiously foster and cultivate the planted seeds of initial goals with
determination that is not ever dissuaded from what life is in the care-taking/taskmanaging/grounds-keeping, and not betraying that core pulse for an ideal sensory
experience or chronological narrative of 'right growth' pitted against 'wrong growth'.
This is not HGTV, either you are in a pleroma [Cosmic Fullness Jungle], or you are
passing through a stage of barrenness or the forest is on fire, and in the later case,
everything burning down around you, through the ashes emerges greener life than before.
If the seven sins are 'fires' and fire is destructive, this is a tale of a more resilient Truth and
diamond body emerging from the razed ashes. Ashes are an omen, the results of omens
come that are about to come true. Ashes are good. They are the forebear of something
greater just around the corner of initial meltdown crises.
Constant gardening is intentional series of smaller break-through sessions...
Kal-EL, always be pushing the limits of what can be done Try not to think of Rahu as the purely malevolent and Ketu as purely benign, they are
both 'devic' or 'demonic' and they both are serpentine growths attached to a demon spawn
by the great preserver god in the Vedic myths of the deity. Once again, we easily revisit
themes of destroying to create [Rahu], and creating to destroy [Ketu]. Right now, the focus
is on Rahu, being more like a reverberated Saturnine 'nest' for all the eggs that the Father of
strictness and boundaries and time cycles can possibly churn out, and the Mother of
detachments and karmic cord severing or also that strictness applied in a more truer
feminine divine sense will then 'shove out of the nest' one day to either dash against the
rocks or soar with the eagles. It instantaneously conjures imagery of where the Garadu and
Nagas meet. Rahu is the essential Naga that is right for this project.
Over foreign affairs, sudden ground-breaking life-changing incidents, and able to
perfectly reflect and adapt partner needs; Rahu is also the home of the ecstatic trance,
having fingers in every intoxication form, and you combine these together, the modern
pop-psychology of the problem in [often misdiagnosed] schizophrenia and other similar
disordering activity surfaces, and where and the way it surfaces presents solutions already
simply in showing up so exact in cosmic placement, meeting specific needs person-toperson.
On this note, one of the greatest and most tragic things about the 'foreigner': Like KalEl, they either become the diamond-body/hearten Supermen, or the diabolical Bond
villains. For all their life, though, as this is not a comic book, even in their best, they are
indistinguishable from the worst scenarios and vice-versa.

It takes a total victim to return to the tribe as a shamanic visionary empath of any sort.
Even if not anything so noble, to aqcuire the superpowers at all what soever, it takes
victimization. Hence, Saturn and Lilith are 'horrible parents', but their children are all
everything that rolls out of bed and exists to kick ass as soon as they are halfway through
their first cup of coffee.
Rahu/True Node then surfaces in the other function; that of the 'alien gateway
technology'. Or, as some of you may have guessed, vortexes across the planet like Soma;
those ancient and resurfacing in their importance 'twilight zone' regions of lunacy...pure
mind and the loss of mind in the smelting fires, the magma chambers of our subconscious
where upon our return or cooling back again all diamond-body forms, all thunder mind
in the storm creating whirlpool weather where hot and cool systems clash, collide, funnel,
and merge. So, where the dedicated discipline of religious and spiritual arts are steadily
constructed over time, Rahu is likened unto the Lemurian crystals...being formed
practically overnight out of seemingly nowhere and an unobservable, ungraspable, and
unattainable process that only the most advanced in the arts and sciences of the vast Binahoceanic 'streams' of Integral Preconception can surrender the walled in sensory logos of
laws of physics to pull in worlds and intergalactic gateway information that most others
laugh at notions of to keep sane.
They habitually will forever be just chalking it all up to the fantasies we bring back from
the light in the madness of 'quantum foam' speculating. To them, it's not that we didn't feel
anything, but it was just an untrustworthy fleeting feeling and nothing more, the mutable
axis between the Pisces-Virgo mystically transcendent and eminently manifesting is simply
outside of their range. To deal with that it is by choices primarily, you have to be made the
martyr, or the crazy person, otherwise, people who intentionally busy themselves with the
most trivial matters available to intentionally avoid this place are being held accountable by
your mere existence...much less writing in any depth about it like I am right now. Truth be
told, you are far more anchored in what is going on.
Enter the only really hostile alien, and its ugly head rearing right here in the familiar
forms, in our homes and gardens, wearing the masks of friends and family...

Can you continue doing what is right [in your mind's eye]
for the Whole Tribe when the entire village suspects, outcasts, curses and hates you even self righteously proclaims as boldly as in cowardice that you are
going straight to Hell?

You see, this is a favoured ploy and tactic spoken through puppet-master style
pulling the strings of fears inspired and ruled over by Rulers.
Rulers from earth-bound shoddy governments to the cosmic deviations they learned
their oppression formulas off of.
Fear has its home and purpose, and a perfect example is that birds fearfully build nests
that are at the same time and at once building their own coffins.
No bird has ever feared that building the wrong nest or using the wrong variety of
material would lead to eternal hell-fire and damnation; that is a yolk burdening only the
more developed intellects by those who must leverage on the compartmentalized areas of
mind they feel they have developed that their slaves, drones, and clones have not.
Their aim is to seem to evolve by keeping it that way...if that suppression cannot
continue the archontic parasite simply must fall out and find another host or wither & die.
Archontic evolution looks and feels exactly like when you are sitting in your
vehicle and the car next to you starts slowly rolling backward in reverse/neutral.
You even feel as your mind fills in the blanks, a sort of sensory narrative even in your
stomach that you have begun to move forward and are experiencing a progress when you in
fact are not moving at all, att a complete standstill, and without nourishing yourself off the
comparative through backward motion and suppression of a thing, you have to by all rights
start to face how your philosophies and actions have now put you in a cosmically stagnating
position and stranglehold.
Most of the people labeled as 'spoilers of the peaceful order of things' are breaking-free
outcasts, while the libelers are the real children of archontic parasites and under layers on
layers of smiling in the mirror for 15 minutes every morning and hugging themselves,
are infinitely more hostile than the rebel child rock star neurosurgeon of the Lord of
the Rings Father and the Black Moon Mother.
Being demonic/devic or asura/angelic is far from a bad thing, trying to pawn off that one
is wholly bad while you are in the clear at the opposite end of brand loyalty to spectral
extremes is the hallmark of entropy in yourself, and spreading from your core in all our
interconnected roots to choke off the garden across a universe entire...to Sink The

Image of a frozen lighthouse outsourced from weather channel.

I don't like the drugs, but the drugs like me Marilyn Manson
Let's return back into the matters opened up on earlier; that of addictions and
momentums to break through ceilings, or also ground-breaking to gain foothold as roots go
deeper, boughs break the limits of growth into new territory.
All cravings fall into the range of Lust, yet like the song says above, the initial
romanticizing wears down, and under the sparkling, light-catching, attractively crystalline
peak of the hypnotic Iceberg is the rest of what sinks the Titanic. The insatiable is not Lust,
but the wrongly crossed wiring between Greed and Gluttony tossing searing sparks on our
delicate space shuttle equipment.
Along with the Wounded Healer/Warrior archetype of Chiron, resurfacing here is just
as significant an archetype that goes generally unexplored yet exists everywhere in the
matrix. The Angel In Disguise, i.e. 'the testing unfortunate soul'. This is a theme replayed
and exploited again and again as a more efficient way to work on the hearts and yeah, even
govern a civilization, than the clumsy manifold called 'The 7 Deadly...'; it uses a very real
thing in a very fictional format, the 'animal maker' or the 'Old Wandering Gypsy Curse'.
In digging through this for information, I hit a well-spring of imagery in the forms of
Disney's Beauty and the Beast animated film, Stephen King's 'Thinner', and while that was
a great movie, my more recent favourite: Drag Me To Hell. I know I'm leaving some out,
but this needs to stay streamlined. However, in a non-supernatural way, Guy Richie
explored the harshness of what gypsies are put through and the far extents of what they will
effectively put you through.

Out of them all, quickly I wanted to mention that in the ultimate 'get 'em while there
young' in Nazi youth training fashion, the masonic crafted occult propaganda mastery of
Disney has Beast trapped in his own abode, his own internal universe serving physically as
a bad ass mansion in the mountain forest wilderness of Old France. In that world, he needs
to recognize himself to redeem all of his loyal servant subjects that by his erring were
magically blended into objects in a finally unavoidable series of lessons on love and life
inspired through a similarly incontrovertibly animistic environment.
Who is the Beast, ever and always, whether we are talking Disney or the Lamias as in
Drag Me To Hell? 666 Saturn. Thee Father. Also Rahu, and so relating to the
Amanita/Soma/Manna...the Panspermia. The Animus, but also the Anima-seeking as it is
yet trapped or untapped within the raw materials of the Beast, at the same time even,
Infinite Potentiality in which nothing is yet made manifest or crystallized, and so there is
no feminine divine but yet a void.
A concept reinforced by Darth Vader, very naturally, and nearly goes without saying.
It is the I.P. Void.
Yeah, I mean intellectual property as well as integral preconception fathoming.
What do all these characters go through at the hands of vengeful gypsies who are not
afraid of hell, and so willing to conjure in the Saturnine/Lilith/Rahu constructs?

Forced Attrition
Also mentioned as a centerpiece to motives of the killer in the great classic film Se7en.
Speaking of movies, I was interested in reading up again, a bit more on Black Moon
Lilith, and especially in Virgo, and in the title was aptly listed:
'Perfect Witch or Total Bitch?...
Lilith is really a coin toss sometimes, where chance does not exist, then there is void for
any detachment [and soaring high or falling flat] with any dependency or codependency
cord-cutting. Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men, another movie that resonates
and is a Scorpio fav along with Se7en, represents the nature of Lilith so well with even and
especially the now famous coin toss scene so perfectly, artfully executed A.C. is the
ultimate son of Saturn and Black Moon Lilith in Virgo.

Except, Rahu involved changes all that, because Rahu is the dramatic flair and
breathtaking showman, fiery or 'hot-shot' fly-boy in nature, and ecstatic...one could only say
then gregarious and very open...not in the sense of pure vanity to be seen as the prettiest,
but in the sense of how the labyrinth of the vain is cut through as seen in the beginning next
to the Downey Jr. 'That face you make when... photo. Rahu is Asura and Asura is Saturn
because it is institutions such as academia and marriage...it is thee Government. The Big
golden G in the center of scale and compass. While charging and uplifting it, don't forget
its retainer is Saturn, not Mars, who is Ketu's retainer. So, it is still shrewd, calculating,
echoes the Wise Elder/Chief of the Tribe, and like yang hides the pitch black seed, it is all
the more frightening in the potent illumination under layers on layers of what only seems
surface-y codependency because it so beautifully reflects to the core hidden information
systems of hopes and fears, anybody who he is with. To the shallow then, who only want
amiable situations of conveniences, the Rahu/North Node impact as mistranslated as itself
being so shallow, it has no identity of its own and needs to latch onto their good thing.
So, this is the House of both greatest lovers, and most ruthlessly efficient killers.
Lilith is the Mother Vampire/Serpent and reptilian Goddess.
Saturn is the mamalian, lycanthropic [shape-shifting] animist,
at times cannibalistic and pack structure, hierarchically focused Beast.
Where Rahu meets to work at both in a single sign, he exists to boil and smelt with
Dragon Fire, and is the Dragon Him/Herself. Yet, not isolated to their own means of the
Beast seeking the Anima in vain, they are at once the Eastern magical system's notions of
the Dragon...the source of corporate success, flawless growth strategy, blessings and
treasures galore, ultimate giver of fortunes. I thought of Lestat's line in Interview...

The Dark Gift is different for all of us.

I wrote down about the Equinox, Lestat's Hours.
Within the span of a few moments, it switched around in my mind's eye to:
Horus Tattles...
Rahu working alongside Saturn and Lilith comes to bear light as those who join, merge,
and make acquisition to divide from those empathetically deemed as self righteous and
guilty of hidden, gross injustices against the very little souls they were charged with
protecting whilst wearing white robes.

They are Wyatt Earp and moreover the very relationship bond between Doc Holiday
and Earp, in Tombstone. Where they form an Alliance, expect an O.K. Corral scenario.
There Will Be Blood...the very motto of Saturn in Retrograde, so perfectly fit with the
character of the oil baron. It is a tycoon in general. Especially the one who has no qualms
over cornering markets, and Mercury is the friend of Saturn in astrology. This can be an
internal individual situation, too, where those energies simply accumulate along your
blockages or subtle/light body clotting.
Because in out tangled roots, that will spread violently as plague on some level, at times
even in the most visible, sensory world type manifestation. The fact remains, this
knowledge simply Is, and it will turn you a profit by it and prosper or you will run back to
Saturday morning cartoons safety and security, where everything is black and white-cakes,
and the sweet hearts always come out on top.
A magical place where you are hidden from Pan's Labyrinth and everything is explained
to you in simplistic Life is like a box of chocolates formats.
Yet, as Saturn is law and karma, all you avoided tragically snaps back but even more
rigidly and like a ton of bricks, and like a lighthouse covered in ice and inoperable, all
subtly is lost upon you and there is no appreciation for the intelligence of the sphere.
The frozen gears are locked up and breaking apart, brittle, bland...
abandon all hope of renovation and making better than before.
It only looks diamond-like on surface level, but is stagnant and serves no purpose of its
original intended design values.
It has to be condemned property unfit for anything but a nice 'selfie', to be torn down
and completely replaced rather than recycled...
and there's the flesh & bones of your
Equinox Omen....
There is a long-standing Kabbalah question, between the sephiroth of Hod and
Netzach, and it takes the form of, Why do the good die young? And, why does God allow
evil to flourish and prosper?
It is the wrong question to ask:
like Rahu's Asura [compliment of Ketu's Deva] delineates, it is more like this; how
much more God and Government do we think or feel we need to break through the
ceilings we put over ourselves. As a strong Uranus/Moon/Rising Scorpio conjunct, I've
always hated government and surveillance with expressive passions, I was glad to be a
bastard away from the Beast 666 Saturnine Father, and yet I cleaved to Black Moon Lilith,
and so hit the ground over and over expecting her to stay 'corded' to me for an indefinite
period of attachment.

Life is not meant to be all Milk-shakes & White-cakes. And the White Sun provides
endless opportunities and infinite varieties of pitfalls along with surface level
preconceptions of where the blessings come from...
Bare Scars In Pride And Wrath, because to not do so kills the New Man's character to
extol the virtues purely of The Mother as solution to the long running monotheist's
masculine Beast-domination starving in a desert far removed from presence of Anima, and
She Is more pissed off now than our Old Man ever was. As Kali-Ma yuga, while eternally
most sacred, it is irrelevant and indifferent to Her whether Husband or Son was a
sweetheart Pisces. She'll just salivate over the kill even more. Even though She is sacred
and untamed and free and wild and that is what we are attracted to and love - Kali is not
HGTV, but either there as a wild Jungle or you are in the desert the Mars of this Whole
Thing is that She in the end wants you also to detach from Her, not just teach you
detachment in the quality of the signs. The beautiful thing about her is that she will feel you
sever that very umbilical cord and hand you the crudely sharp stone to saw away at
it...unlike The Father. Yeah, it stings like a motherfucker. Yeah, it builds character.
Without the sting, there is no character building and vice versa.
Again, The Mars of the Thing; it isn't putting Her in check or Her place, Her only real
place is fertility in abundance which requires much logical temperance to menstruation
cycles and other chaos [also extremely sacred as sacred can get], it is knowing where you
stand and who you are within, and keeping your reaction in check. You must know then if
you are more in need of passion to cultivate Anima Mundi world-soul, or if you are more
in need of killing your passions to finally stave calcified addictions or habits holding you
back from breaking ceilings, because only ever being in infinite potentiality without the
certain manifestations to pilot your vehicles, that activity is being Forever Baby Horus at the
teat of Hathor's white light milk-shake.
Finally, you will always though you never should as a society ostracize passionate
people who are master over their conscientious addictions and cravings and good at
repackaging them to sell them right back to you. They grew up the most unfairly criticized
and abused, neglected skinny puppies of them all. Not much need to speculate over why
they aren't big fans of society and have made you into fiscal quarter statistics to cope...
Like I said, I used to hate government, than became aware of how I play into it all, too,
regardless of trying to be the plastic unknown soldier in the miniature dirt war hero
revolutionary. The hardest thing for me to do was as a Natural Born Anarchist concede
to and harness that people want to be ignorant on purpose, they just want things to work
and are freaked out by the 'forced attrition' that make them realize their roles they play in
all the gritty, hot, sweaty inner workings of the gears in the Beast-Machine.

They actually love the commercials they pretend to hate, and crave the structure of
even disciplinary parenting. The more they front to be the ones to smash the control
machine, the more they love it and want to sit at the forefront of it all in their hearts. They
are just pissed that nobody cares enough to listen unanimously over why they think they are
the best choice to rule over it all.
So, while they make out like they hate the archons, they are the must numero-uno
oriented souls and tiny, so true-to-form unaware Saturnine Demiurges of all, but that Pitch
Black at the core is hidden so deeply, they can't even begin to imagine, and start to abuse
the Neptunian addiction-bearing fantasy realms of getting away and coping only through
layering on sugar-coated white-cakes and milk-shakes, 15 minute hugs in the mirror like
glistening lighthouses taking selfies, unaware of how the gears of operation and self
sufficiency are crumbling at the heart & soul of it all...already sunken. Through the energies
of Rahu, the mind being ever so quickly to perfectly reflect it all, like the greatest lover and
best friend, and the greatest warrior we will face who fights dirty as hell to make sure you
are not the one in control here.
Again I must state, people try to stay out of the front lines when it comes to mutable
earth and water's oppositions and Rahu/Ketu dealing with the Sol Daddy and Moon
If you lose this, you end up sacrifice to a whole Mythos of Outer Gods of Sloth and
Envy who have a taste for your soul that rivals only the cannibalistic Kronus.

I would rather go out kicking and screaming with tons of piss and vinegar and Lust For
Life than all the pacifist enlightenment in the universe that should lead me to the bad habit
that I do nothing as I'm about to get swallowed whole, because I feel like I'll be reborn as
the prettiest butterfly ever in Some Other Killer's Jungle...

Art for Thrill Of The Hunt, a dark wave track of my creation...

intentionally rigid/serrated edges, by the way..spirit of the thing.

Crummy pen skills for an artist this was drawn uber quickly while the info was there.

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