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SAP NetWeaver 2004S BI 7.0



Certified SAP BI 7.0 Solution Consultant with over 9 years of experience in IT industry & performed various roles as
a Consultant, Business Analyst, and End User Support, of which 4 years of Techno-Functional experience in SAP
BW/BI, IP and BPC. I have completed 3 lifecycle implementation projects. Formerly been occupied as BW/BI
Consultant on project planning, upgrades, training & end end reporting. This incorporated to establish reporting
requirements from the business, design, and build all the way to end user training completed on BI Portal, Web and
BEx based reports. Undertook a high degree of both functional design & technical configuration. This enabled me
to gain a superior and well-formed view of the entire BI spectrum, for example backend development both standard
& bespoke, InfoCubes /DSO design, data extraction from R/3 and ECC6 systems, front end reporting including
query development, end user training, along with day to day SAP BI support & maintenance.
I have worked for various Business Verticals/ Domains such as Sales, Logistics, Warehousing, Electronics etc. My
key responsibilities include Configuration, Implementation, Consulting, Customer Relationship, Business
Intelligence engagements and Solutions.

Sept 08:
Sept 03-Sept 05:
Dec 00:
Sept 95-Jun 98:

SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI 7.0 Solution Consultant

SAP Academy UK.
MSc Distributed information systems
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).
B.Sc. (HON'S)

SAP Tools:
Reporting Tools:
Operating system:
Software Design:
Software Testing:
Other Packages:

SAP BW 3.5,BPS, BI 7.0,IP,BPC, R/3 4.7c, ECC6.

BEx Query Designer, BEx Report Designer, BEx Analyser, WAD.
Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
Java Programming Language, Visual Basic, Turbo Basic, Assembly Language, Voice Xml,
Unified Modelling Language (UML).
Oracle 9.0i & 10.2g, Microsoft Access. SQL Server
UAT, ATP, Test Director and Disaster Recovery Test.
Microsoft office , Visio, Lotus 123.

Certified SAP BI / BW / BPS / IP Consultant with 8+ years of In-depth Techno-Functional SAP BI/BW
Certified PRINCE 2 (Project Manager) with Good Project Management Skills.
Involved in 4 Full Life Cycle Implementation and succeeding Production Support (Core Competence Center).
Excellent Strategy / Stakeholder / Project / Team / Stream Management skills.
Expertise in Multi Layer Data Architecture / Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA).
Responsible for delivering end-to-end EPM / EIM solution to our customers and the solution delivery.
Rich consulting experience in implementing end-to-end ERP solutions (BW/SAP R/3/BI, CRM) through
successful management of cross functional teams with diverse Technical and Functional background.
Excellent negotiation and client facing experience with ability to successfully manage time critical projects.
Good experience in managing in-house / onshore and offshore teams.
Project Management: Resource estimation planning and billing process, Budget estimations of the project,
Developed Multiple tools like To track issues and defects / To Schedule variance of project / Time tracking of
project, acted as a Transition Manager for a system in Group BW Project.
Expertise in Auditing Services: SAP Technical Architecture (Data Model) review, Transport System and
Process review, Change Requests review, Performance of Data Warehouse/Report and Delivery review, Data
Warehouse Object ownership and authorization review by using Best Practice and Guidelines.
Good experience in Capturing Requirement and preparation of Functional Specification Documents, Process
Design Document, Technical Specification Documents, User requirements documents, Test Script and End
User Manual.
Creating Business specification, Business Blueprint, High Level Design Documents, Global Data Models

Expertise in Technical Upgrade & Testing, System Refresh, Production Releases & Transportation.

Modeling: Extensive knowledge of data warehouse concepts and experience in BW Architecture, Extended
Star-Schema, Multi-Dimensional Modeling, Data Flow Strategy and BW Various Objects.
Extractions: Extracted data using standard extraction structures of CRM, APO (SNP, DP), R3 (SD, MM, PUR,
IM, FI-CO, CO-PA, FI-GL, AR, AP, AA, CCA, PCA, PP, WM, HR,) and Generic Data extractions from SAP R/3,
CRM, APO, WIG, Flat Files, iTunes and Multiple Legacy Systems.
Good experience in extracting data from different source systems: SAP R/3, CRM, APO, Legacy Systems,
Flat Files, DB Connect, UD Connect and XI that interacts with BI/BW system
Customizations: Business Content, extending and enhancing exits, DataSource Enhancements / Design.
Portal: Expertise on Publishing Report, Creating Roles, Transports, User / Content Management,
Reporting: Expertise in BW tools i.e. Queries, Workbooks, BEx Analyzer / Web Analyzer, Report Designer,
Web Application Designer, RRI, and Portal. Expertise in Creation/ change and Testing of relevant Reports.
Good Experience in Report Writing using SQ01, SQ02, SQ03, SQVI etc. on R/3 (ECC) Environment.

Extensive knowledge / experience on Information Broadcasting and pre-circulation server.

Performance Tuning: Used BW Tools to improve data load / query performance by using Cache, DB
Statistics, Data Packet Sizing, Indexing, Partitioning, Cube compression, Aggregates and rollups, Load
balancing, Server Group, Parallelization of Loads, Management of BGD / DIA Processes.
Expertise in Reviewing and Remodeling of the existing data model.

ABAP: Good knowledge in Reading / Writing Routines, Enhancements (CMOD), User Exit, Customer Exit.

Business Object (BO): Expertise in creating Dashboards using Xcelsius / Dashboard Designer Tool.
Excellent Knowledge in Universe / WEBI / Desktop Intelligence / Crystal Reports. Created many
dashboards for High Level Management.

Training: Expertise in providing Training on the BW Reports to the Expert Users and End Users.
Good exposure / experience to Solution Manager
Production Support: Expertise in Live System Support, Data Loads, Validation and trouble shooting of
Transaction Data and Master Data, Transport Management, Roles & Security, Performance Tuning, Process
Worked on Role Authorizations (PFCG), Analysis Authorization (RSECADMIN).
Transport Management: Expertise in releasing / importing transports / completing transport cycle.
BPS: Created Single / Multiple Planning Area / Level / Functions / Layouts / Sequence i.e. Sales Planning, Cost
Centre Planning, B/S, P/L Planning etc.
IP (Integrated Planning): Created Planning like Sales Planning, Head Count Planning, Production Planning
and Cost Center Planning etc. Created Planning for InfoProvider, Aggregation Level, Filter, Planning Function,
Planning Sequences and Lock Management. Created Various Fox Formula to integrate many Plan Query and
Planning Function. Defined Characteristics Relationship and Performance Tuning.
BPC Administration: Copy / Managed Application Set / Environment, Applications / Model, Managed
Dimensions, Properties, Dimension Members, Dimension Formula (Using MDX Syntax), Security
Features, Script Logic, BPF, Audit, Work Status, Transformation, Conversion Files etc.
Expertise in BADI, SCRIPT Logic (MDX Script). Written BADI to automate the calculations of KPIs, integrate
the applications to create Input Schedules.
BPC Reporting & Budgeting (NW): Created Report/Input Templates, Multi-Application Reports, Conditional
Formatting, Sorting, Ranking, Building Reports Using EVDRE / EPM functionality, Adding Comments,
Publishing and Distributing Reports, Integrating the Reports with BPC Word, BPC Power Point and
Integration with Xcelsius
BPC Data Manager: Expertise in Creating / Modifying / Scheduling BPC Data Manager.

July 10 Date:
Tulip Limited UK
Sap BPC Consultant 7.5 / ECC6
Involved partly in Gathering user requirements and design of planning applications such as Finance, Staffing,
Expenses, Sales, Cost of Goods(COGS) and Non-Reporting applications like rate, Unit conversion etc.
Data modeling was undertaken to design Multi Dimensional Data model (MDM) and mapping MDM to legacy
systems Data models to load and consolidate the data in SAP BPC system.
Designed and created Dimensions and Properties for applications.
Designed and Written Dimension logic, advanced logic and MDX queries for Actualizations, Copy and complex
business scenarios.
Responsible for the SAP Application architecture from ECC,BI and BPC data flows.
Legacy data uploads into the BPC application with different entities.

Managed the data conversion, data validation and data uploads into BPC.
Designed and developed Reports and Input schedules for planning applications.
Designed and developed templates for currency conversions for Ex-US companies.
Designed Datamanager Packages in order to load data in to SAP BPC system.
Designed SAP BPC security for Business users.
Designed the budget comparison reports.
Created test scenarios and written test scripts for unit and system testing.

Jan 10 June 10:

NEC Europe UK Ltd
SAP BI/ BPC Consultant 7.0 / ECC6
Developing, testing and supporting the Business, planning, and consolidation requirements.
Creation of planning application such as revenue planning, inventory planning, cost planning, etc.
Input schedule sales quantity, stocks, adjustments, rounding, entering planned amount for sales, inventory
planning, HR planning. .
Dimension management such as creation, maintenance and members additions and deletions. Application
management such as creation, maintenance, addition of members.
User Security such as team, task, member access profile creation, maintenance. Also restricting user access
by activity, for reports only and specific to region.
Currency translation functionality maintenance with required Dimensions, properties, applications, script logic,
business rules and process chain maintenance.
Data management and loading of transaction data to BPC using the data transformation, conversion logic,
Master Data loaded to a BPC Dimensions. Validation of data loaded.
Routine maintenance of dimension members (Master data), hierarchies and members properties for account,
entity, product, etc.
Creation of BPC Audit reports and comments.
Work status management to monitor the job completion.
Worked on BPC application architecture, performance enhancement using Lite and full optimizations.
Prepared Planning and consolidation design documents, and process flows.
Configured Intercompany elimination with Interco members, business rules, and script logic.
Exchange rate maintenance in rate application, Creation of input template for sales planning data, material
planning, and stock holding inputs etc.
Creation of journal template and journal entries.
Maintained Hierarchy of Cost Centre Accounting and Profit Centre Accounting and loaded these files to BPC
for the purpose of Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and Consolidation.
Configured Data Manager Packages to upload flat file using Conversion file and transformation files.
Documentation, training users and supported the BPC system.
April 09 Dec 09:
Integrated Business Technologies UK
SAP BW/ BI Consultant
Requirements analysis, design and development within business intelligence context.
Data source enhancements, generic extractors, specifying user Exits and customized delta built up for the data
Analysis and activation of BI Content where required as per user requirements.
Creation of custom BI Objects which included DSOs, InfoCubes, and MultiProviders depending on the data
and reporting requirements.
Creation of InfoPackages to PSA and Data Transfer Processes (DTP) to target DSOs and InfoCubes.
Automation of Flat File Data Loading using Process Chains.
Administration and monitoring of Data Targets.
Implementing a variety of tuning options to improve data load and query performance including data packet
sizing, number range buffering, aggregation, virtualisation, parallelism, range partitioning and indexing.
Analyzed long running queries and reports, identified bottlenecks and used a variety of options to tune and
improve run times for both technical and business processes in BI7.
Creation of documentation on developed objects including reports.
Conducting training sessions to train end users to execute and manage reports. Training super user so they
can create their own reports.
Jan 08 Mar 09
ERP Solutions
SAP BW Developer
Gathered business requirements and deliverables along with functional analysis together with SAP R/3 and
SMEs in the business areas.
Developed InfoCubes for Inventory Analysis and Service management analysis. The primary cubes were
customizations of Material and Slow-moving Inventory.
Configured and extracted data from the LO Cockpit extractors, SAP Inventory management by making use of
the SAP defined DataSources.
Developed Transactional InfoCubes for the BW BPS Planning.

Created BW based BPS Planning environment architecture with planning area, planning level and planning
package and sequences.
Implemented BPS scenarios for Sales Planning and budgeting.
Using BEx broadcaster, distributed the customized reports by region and exported to the Enterprise portal.
Extensively worked on custom cubes, used Transfer rules, Update rules (ABAP Routines) to translate the
business processes into end reporting objects.
Involved in Designing and Developing the Customer/Vendor Tracking Project which will populate a Data mart
with the customer extract information from all SAP business units as well as other business units running NonSAP R/3 systems.
Generated Export DataSources to transform data from one InfoCube to other InfoCube.
Created InfoSpoke to transfer data from InfoProvider to Flat Files.
Schedule Daily/Weekly/Monthly data loads schedule new jobs.
Extensively used BEx suite to fulfil clients reporting requirements.
Created BEx web application templates as iViews and integrated with Enterprise portal.
Performed performance tuning for InfoCubes/Queries through Indexing, Aggregates, Compressing and
Reconstruction etc.
Provided complete end user training and knowledge transfer to permanent staff.

Jul 06 Dec 07:

Kuehne & Nagel Ltd
SAP BW Developer
Analyzed and Mapped Business Processes to BW and activated relevant Business Content, defined and
configured source systems including R/3, Flat File and BW systems.
Defined queries using BEx Query Designer, managed bookmarks, created variables using the variable wizard
and presented results in structured web template layout
Worked on Remote Cubes to support real time data and, extracted required data from the Data Source of PSA
to ODS. Worked with ODS object, ODS query, accessing ODS objects with RRI.
Performed routine housekeeping tasks with tools available in the AWB(cleaning the reversals on weekly basis,
cleaning of the PSA, DELETION OF Redundant queries and structures
Provided advice, guidance and support for managing SAP R/3 and SAP/BW security models and structures.
Worked with functional contacts to develop activity groups, profiles, and authorizations.
Acted as a liaison between Information Technology, SAP functional project teams, Basis administration and
Auditors in gathering and communicating information through workshops on the SAP R/3 and BW systems.
Sep 02 June 06:
ACR Logistics UK
SAP BW Support
As a BW Team Member involved in the Maintenance and Support project.
Daily monitored the data loads and resolving the tickets occurred in the process.
Resolution of the tickets by their respective Abends/Errors based on the Severity/Priority in the support
Involved in escalating high-prioritized tickets regarding extractions, performances issues and also load failures.
Maintaining reconciliations to verify the data in SAP R/3 and SAP BW and analyzing the data after the data
Monitored and scheduled the data loads using Info Package Groups and analysing the reasons for the failures.
Maintaining the work history for all the tickets until it is closed down.
Daily monitoring of Info Cubes and ODS object requests.
July 02- Aug 04:
ACR Logistics UK
Technical Support Engineer.
Responsible for delivering, installing and testing equipment onsite.
Carrying out upgrades, installs, network setups and providing general maintenance advice.
Dealing with all types of Hardware issues from PCs, Servers, and Printers to Scanners etc.
Setting up fast, reliable and secure wireless networks.
Troubleshooting issues related to speed, overheating, compatibility, intermittent connectivity.
Feb 01 - Jun 02:
QIT Solutions
Network Support Analyst.
Oct 98 Feb 01:
P&O TransEurepean (Liberty Contract)
Quality Control Engineer.


Available on request