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Release: Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Contact: Michael Smith, Communications Director

404-729-9505 / michael@georgiademocrat.org

Democratic Party of Georgia Chair Issues Statement on the New Georgia Project
and Leader Abrams
Chairman Porter thanks Leader Abrams for her greater expectations for Georgia
Atlanta, GA Today, Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter issued the
following statement regarding the New Georgia Projects voter registration efforts.
What the New Georgia Project accomplished last year was nothing short of remarkable.
As Democrats, one of our central values is greater voter participation. And as Democrats,
our mission is clearto ensure that every eligible voter can register, that every registered
voter can vote, and that every vote is accurately counted. The New Georgia Projects
goal was not to win any single election. The goal was to register thousands of new voters
and begin to engage them in our democracy. Not only did the New Georgia Project
register 86,000 voters, but they also funded several excellent civic engagement groups
active for many years in our state, exceeding their goal of 120,000 new registrations. As
we watched this effort from the outside, we were astounded and impressedso many
have talked about the need to improve the civic engagement of Georgians of color, few
have taken up the cause so boldly.
Stacey is a principled public servant who knows that Georgia isnt living up to its fullest
potential and something must be done to push us forward. There are talkers and
naysayers, and then there are doers. Stacey is a doer. Shes not waiting around for our
state to change or waiting for a majority to fall in her lap. Shes actively working for the
change she seeks, that we all seek.
Her devotion to her caucus is inspiring. Under Leader Abrams leadership, and through
her direct fundraising, the House Caucus spent more than $800,000 on its targeted
racesa larger investment in local races than the previous three cycles. For the first time
in more than a decade, Democrats stopped GOP gains in the House and protected
vulnerable incumbents despite being greatly outspent. She is leading a long-term effort
that has stopped a Republican super-majority in the House, identified targeted seats over
several cycles and cut into GOP margins across the state. In fact, several of our House
candidates outperformed the top of our ticket. Most states across the country saw tough
losses in their state legislatures. The fact that Democrats held the line in the Georgia
House is a huge victory in a tough year.
Stacey is a person of great integrity, and Georgia is lucky to have her as a leader. We are
all committed to expanding rights and breaking down barriers, and Ill take those greater
expectations over cynicism any day of the week.