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1. Getting introduced
2. Greeting people
3. Welcoming visitors
4. Inviting
5. Eating out
6. Telephoning
7. Making an appointment
8. Changing an appointment
9. At the airport
10. At the hotel
11. Reporting a problem
12. At the railway station
13. Asking for directions
14. At the bank
15. At the post office
16. At the shop
17. At the pharmacy

First, listen to each dialogue. Then, listen and repeat the dialogue.
Dialogue 1. Getting introduced
A: Hello. My names Roger
B: Hello, Roger. Im Linda. Nice to meet you.
A: Nice to meet you too.
B: This is my colleague, Ann.
A: Hi Ann. Pleased to meet you.

Dialogue 2. Greeting people


Good morning, Roger.

Good morning, Linda. Its nice to see you again.
And you. How are you?
Very well, thank you, And you?
Im fine, thank you.
I must go now. See you later.
Yes, see you later.

Dialogue 3. Welcoming visitors

A: Hello. Welcome to Hastings.
B: Thank you. Its nice to be here.
A: Did you have a good trip?
B: Yes, I did. Thanks.
A: Have a seat. Would you like something to drink?
B: Yes, Id love a cup of tea please, one sugar, no milk.
A: Here you are.

B: Thank you.
A: Youre welcome. Would you like a biscuit?
B: No, thank you. Im fine.
A: Shall we begin then?
B: Yes, lets begin.

Dialogue 4. Inviting
A: Shall we break for lunch?
B: Yes, thats a good idea.
A: Would you like to join me for lunch?
B: Yes, that would be very nice. Thank you.
A: What type of food would you like to have?
B: I would like to try Indian food. Is there an Indian restaurant nearby?
A: Yes, theres a very good Indian restaurant near here.
B: Excellent. May I make a phone call before we go?
A: Of course. You can use my phone.
B: Thank you.

Dialogue 5. Eating out

A: Heres the menu. Would you like a starter?
B: No, thank you. Ill just have a main course, and maybe dessert.
A: What would you prefer, fish or meat?
B: Well, actually, I like sea food very much.
A: In that case, Id recommend the Tandori Prawns.
B: O.K. Ill have that. What are you going to have?
A: I think Ill have the Tandori chicken. Would you like a beer?
B: Yes, that would be nice.

Dialogue 6. Telephoning
A: Good morning. Can I help you?
B: Hello. Id like to speak to Mr Simpson, please.
A: Whos calling please?
B: This is Linda Jones.
A: Im sorry. I didnt catch that. Could you repeat your name, please?
B: Yes, Linda Jones. Ill spell it: L-I-N-D-A, next word, J-O-N-E-S.
A: Hold on, please, Mrs Jones. Ill put you through.

Dialogue 7. Arranging a meeting

A: Roger Simpson speaking. Can I help you?
B: Oh, hello, Mr Simpson. My names Linda Jones. Id like to have a meeting with
you this week. Do you have any free time?
A: Of course. Hold the line, please. Ill get my diary. I can see you at 3:30 on
Thursday. Would that suit you?
B: Im afraid Im working until 5 p.m. on Thursday, but I finish at 2 p.m. on

A: O.K. How about 2:30 on Friday?

B: Yes, that would be fine. Thank you.
A: May I have your telephone number please, Mrs Jones?
B: Certainly. Its 0208 779266.
A: Very good. Ill see you at 2:30 this Friday, 23rd April, then.
B: Thank you, Mr Simpson. See you on Friday. Good bye.
A: Good bye, Mrs Jones.

Dialogue 8. Changing an meeting


May I speak to Mr Simpson Please?

Im afraid hes on the other line. Would you like to leave a message?
No, Ill wait. ..
Hello. Mr Simpsons line is free now. Ill put you through.

A: Hello. Roger Simpson speaking. Can I help you?

B: Oh, hello, Mr Simpson. This is Linda Jones. I have a meeting with you
tomorrow at 2:30. Im terribly sorry, but I cant make it at 2:30. Could you
please see me a little later? Lets say around 4:00 p.m.?
A: One moment, please. Let me check my diary . Im afraid I have another
meeting at 4:00, but I can see you at 4:30. Would that be convenient?
B: Oh, yes, that would be perfect, thank you. Im really sorry for the
A: Thats quite alright. Ill see you tomorrow at 4:30.
B: Yes, see you then. Many thanks again. Good bye.

Dialogue 9. At the airport

A: Excuse me. Where are the Union Air check-in desks please?
B: Theyre in section D, at the other end of the terminal. Excuse me. Why dont
you put all your luggage on a trolley? There are some over there.
A: Thank you. Thats a good idea.
A: Good afternoon, Sir. Could I see your passport and ticket, please?
B: I booked my ticket online. I only have this print out.
A: Thats fine. I need to ask you a few security questions.
B: Of course.
A: Did any one pack your bags for you?
B: No, I packed them myself.
A: Are you carrying any sharp objects in your hand luggage?
B: No, Im not.
A: Are you carrying any liquids?
B: Yes, I have a bottle of water.
A: Im afraid you wont be able to take that through security.
B: Oh, O.K. Ill drink it before I go through security.
A: Boarding begins from Gate 60 at 3 oclock. Heres your boarding pass. Have a
nice flight.
B: Thank you. Good-bye.

Dialogue 10. At the hotel

A: Good afternoon. My names Tim Garreth. Ive booked a room for 3 nights.
B: Good afternoon. Could you spell your surname for me, please.
A: Yes. G-A-double R-E-T-H.
B: Thank you. Ah, yes, Mr Garreth. Youve booked a single room with en-suite
A: Thats right. May I check into my room now?
B: Let me see. Its only half past twelve. I dont think your room is ready yet,
sir. You will be able to check in after 2:00 p.m.
A: May I leave my luggage with you until check-in time?
B: Certainly, sir. I will have your luggage sent up to your room.
A: Is there a restaurant in the hotel?
B: Yes, but the restaurant is not open at lunch time. You can get light snacks at
the bar, though.
A: O.K. Ill wait at the bar.
B: Here is the key to your room, sir. It is on the third floor. It has a lovely view
of the sea.
A: Excellent. And, what time is breakfast?
B: Breakfast is served between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. Shall I arrange a wake-up
call for you, sir?
A: No, that wont be necessary.
B: Is there anything else I can do for you?
A: No, not at the moment. Thank you.
B: Very well, sir. I wish you a very pleasant stay with us.
A: Thank you.

Dialogue 11. Reporting a problem

A: Hello. Is that Reception?
B: Yes, it is. How may I help you?
A: This is Tim Garreth in room 307. I have a problem with the T.V.
B: What seems to be the problem, sir?
A: Theres a picture, but no sound.
B: Ill send someone to have a look at it right now. Is there anything else?
A: Well, actually, there is. One of the light bulbs in the bathroom isnt working.
B: Ill ask the technician to change it when he comes to fix the television.
A: Thank you.
B: Youre welcome, sir. And, I apologise for any inconvenience.
A: Thats alright.

Dialogue 12. At the railway station

A: Hello, Id like a ticket to London please.
B: Would you like a single or a return?
A: A return, please.
B: Are you returning today?
A: Yes.
B: Then you can get a cheap day return for 22.50.
A: Do you take credit cards?
B: Yes, of course.
A: What time does the next train leave?
B: At a quarter past nine, from Platform Four.
A: Thank you very much. Good-bye.

Dialogue 13. Asking for directions

A: Excuse me. Could you tell me where the nearest bank is, please?
B: Theres one on Tower Street.
A: I dont know this town very well. Could you direct me to Tower Street?
B: Yes of course. Continue along to the end of this road. Then turn left onto the
High Street. Tower Street is the first turning on your right. The bank is a short
way up on your left. Its opposite the George Hotel.
A: Thank you very much.

Dialogue 14. At the bank

A: Good morning.
B: Good morning, Madam. How may I help you?
A: I would like to withdraw 500 pounds on this credit card, please.
B: Could you show me some identification?
A: Yes, of course. I have my passport. Will that do?
B: Yes, thats fine.
A: Here you are.
B: Thank you. Could you check the amount on this slip, and then sign here,
A: Certainly.
B: How would you like your money?
A: In ten and twenty-pound notes, please.
B: Heres your money, Madam. Is there anything else I can do for you?
A: No, thank you.
B: Have a nice day.
A: Thank you. Good-bye.

Dialogue 15. At the post office

A: Hello.
B: Hello. I would like to send this post card to Belgium, please.
A: Could you put it on the scales please, sir?
B: These scales?
A: Yes, thats right. Your card will need a standard European stamp.
B: How much is that?
A: 50 pence, please.

B: Here you are.

A: Thank you, sir. Heres your 50 pence change.
B: Thank you. Good-bye.

Dialogue 16. At the shop

A: Hello, Sir. Do you need some assistance?
B: Yes, actually. Im looking for a top for my wife. I really like this one, but dark
red is not her colour. Does it come in other colours?
A: Yes, it also comes in a light blue. Let me check if I have any in stock. What
size is your wife?
B: Oh, let me see I think she is a size 12.
A: Here you are. This is the light blue in size 12.
B: Oh, yes. I think this will really suit her. If it is not the right size, will I be
able to get a refund?
A: Yes, if you keep your receipt, we will be able to give you a refund.
B: O.k. Ill take it.
A: Would you like it gift wrapped sir?
B: Yes, please.
A: Thats 49.99, please.
B: Here you are.
A: Oh, Im sorry, Sir. We dont accept credit cards.
B: Will a debit card be o.k.?
A: Yes. That will be fine.

Dialogue 17. At the pharmacy

A: Hello, May I help you?
B: Yes. I am not feeling too well. My nose is blocked. I have a headache and a
sore throat. I think I have a temperature too.
A: It sounds like you have the flu. We have several cold and flu tablets.
B: Which one would you recommend?
A: Well, this is a popular brand. It should help all your symptoms.
B: O.K. I'll take that one.
A: You can take two tablets every four hours, but you shouldn't take more than 6
per day.
B: How much is that?
A: Thats 3.15.
B: How many tablets are there in each box?
A: There are 18 tablets
B: I think Ill take two boxes.
A: Certainly. Will there be anything else?
B: No, that will be all.
A: That is 6.30, please.
B: Here you are.
A: Thank you. Here is 3.70 change. I hope you will feel better soon.
B: I hope so too. Thank you. Good bye.
A: Good bye.

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