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InfoPoint Scheduling Server Software


Arrive InfoPoint Scheduling Server software with Room Finder feature is the next-generation solution for scheduling, meeting
information, calendaring, reservations and bookings across the business, educational, government and home environments. It is for
Integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook room reservations and designed to run on MS Windows virtual or physical servers.
Arrive InfoPoint Scheduling Server software is aimed at managing complex real-time scheduling and reservations, invitations, taking
surveys, and directing traffic for the education and enterprise markets.

Key Software Features

FF Universal Calendar Synchronization : Arrive InfoPoint Server offers seamless calendar synchronization with Microsoft Exchange
Room resource mailboxes that allows MS Outlook booked meetings to reflect on Arrive InfoPoint devices
FF Manage Reservations such as date, time, duration, and attendees. Reservation schedules can include recurring events on a daily,
weekly, or monthly basis
FF Manage Resources such as location, building, floor, announcements, themes and MS Exchange settings.
FF Manage Users by adding user, editing user information, deleting users, and giving user privileges.
FF Manage Announcements adding and deleting messages, adding meeting information,message display duration, and start/end
time or date of messages to display.
FF Manage Themes by customizing background colors and upload of logo.
FF Generate reports and export room usage statistics


Arrive InfoPoint Server


InfoPoint Scheduling Server Software

Arrive InfoPoint Server Lounge

Software Requirements
Minimum Software Requirements:
Operating System

MS Windows 2008 R2 Server (32/64 bit) ,

2012 server (64 bit)

Web Server

Internet Information Server (IIS)



.NET Framework 4.0/4.5

FF MS SQL Server 2008 R2/2012 R2
Express Edition ( Recommended
for less than 50 clients/devices


FF MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

Edition and above (Recommended
for more than 50 clients/devices);
Administrative privileges to create/
modify DB is required.

License Versions
The Arrive InfoPoint Server by default, initially runs on a 30-day
trial period which can be activated with valid license keys within
or upon the trial period expiry. The standard AIP-Server license
is good for ten (10) active users and can be upgraded to more
than ten devices as an Enterprise class license.

Purchasing Information
Model No.

Standard InfoPoint Server Softward

License for =<10 devices on the
same LAN/WAN


Standard InfoPoint Server Softward

License for more than 10 devices
on the same LAN/WAN


CarePoint Foundation Software

Service Support (CFSS)
- 12 months of suppor provides
upgrades & remote technical support
for the duration of the support
agreement, renewal required annually
-Refer to CFSS-1 section of Ver. CFSSASAP-0101-15 for details on service
support, or visit carepoint.arrivesys.

Compatible with IE / Google Chrome /



Hardware Requirements
Minimum Hardware Requirements:
3.1 GHz 64-bit or
faster multi-core


Free Space



160 GB Free Space


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