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Teacher: Andy

Class: EP3 Toadstool

Week: 17

Dates: 23/02/15-27/02/15

Sitapatr School

Anuban Weekly Outline


This week we are learning:

Circle Time Review
In circle time this week we will review
vocabulary from previous topics that is
appropriate to the topic of plants. For
example, we can use the 'clap clap' game
with fruits and vegetables and I will explain
that all fruits and vegetables come from
plants. We will also be using a plant based
warm-up activity every morning where the
students grow themselves slowly and in a
quiet, controlled manner from a 'seed' into a

Activity Time
Plants booklet identifying the different parts of a plant and what they do;
identifying different types of plant and how they differ.
Germinating, planting and growing mung beans over a 2-3 week period
children must water the plants and make sure they have enough sunlight to
Making paper flowers.
Plant Life song (based on Parklife by Blur).
Making plant displays and exploring the interactive plant board.
This week we will concentrate on the growth cycle of plants by hopefully
watching our own plants grow from seeds, and also watching time lapse videos
of different plants growing and explaining the process to the students. We will
also learn the specific vocabulary for the different parts of plants involved with
growth, and explain how plants use fruit and flowers to disperse their seeds so
that new plans can grow.

New (letters/sounds/vocabulary)

P1 Preparation
(T. Mike)
This week in grammar we are going
to focus on completing some
exercises on plurals, this and that,
there is/are, adjectives. These are
the topics that the class still have
some problems with. I am going to do
some examples on the board and
then some questions that the class
can answer. Then I am going to write
down questions on the board for the
class to copy down and solve. I will
go round the class and assist those
students who are having problems.
We will focus on correct grammar,
good handwriting and spelling. I will
mark the work and give feedback and

Parts of a plant stem, roots, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, trunk etc
Different types of plants trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers, grasses
How a plant grows sprout, germinate, grow
What a plant needs to grow water, sunlight, minerals in the soil.


This week in Science class we

are going to review materials
from the last week. We will
practice saying what various
items are made from and also
talk about items that contain
several different materials and
why this is so.
We are then going to look at
the elements of air and water
and identify some things that
need air or/and water, such as
tyres and trees. We will do an
exercise in our booklet where

Parent Follow Up / Useful

Websites / Homework:
If parents want to help out at
home, the students can watch
this video on the parts of a plant:

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