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CIDEON Spare Parts Catalogue for SAP PLM

Generation of a spare parts catalogue using SAP PLM

Automatic generation of a
spare parts catalogue using SAP PLM with the
module CIDEON TechDoc

SAP PLM allows the construction to be fully

integrated into the ERP-system SAPR/3. All the
product data (graphic and alphanumeric) of the
prototype and the CAD models through to the
dispatched product are thus administered in one
system. The resulting record for the documents,
articles and their piece lists, plant structures as
well as customised production customer references are administrated using standard R/3
modules such as Project Systems (PS), Materialmaster (MM) and Plant Maintenance (PM).

Before the spare parts business of the customers

single-piece production can be optimised, the
supplied products are integrated within an interactive spare parts catalogue which allows the operators of the facility to quickly and easily purchase
spare parts from the manufacturer. The operator
can easily and intuitively navigate his way through
the spare parts catalogue. A link between the drawing and the piece lists leads directly to the desired
article which can then easily be placed into the

Spare parts catalogues are automatically generated using SAP/R3 through the module
CIDEON TechDoc which automatically establishes the data required for the spare parts catalogue such as parts master data, piece lists and
documents from SAP. By using the SAP change
service, consistent product and plant structures
can be cancelled through the respective validity,
i.e., each revision of a part is exactly allocated to
a valid version of documents. A spare parts
catalogue can be extracted from the R/3-System
at any time during the life cycle of a product
through the customer-related administration of
the product structures in the R/3 project system
and the transferral of this structure to a maintenance structure. From the functional locations or
the Equipments, the product or plant structure
can be illustrated either as a piece, a customer
order list, a network plan or a hierarchy. Through
the integration of the construction with SAP PLM,
the CAD models and their links to the parts

master can be used to automatically generate the

links (Hotspots) between drawings and piece lists.
Time-controlled generated orders can also be
processed in a scalable manner at night. This
allows the spare parts catalogues to be automatically fully produced in the background. The
CIDEON Spare parts catalogue does not produce a
redundant data base which has to be reprocessed
by Publisher Software to produce a spare parts
catalogue. This represents a considerable savings
in work for a companys internal IT department. The
Publisher Software CIDEON Technical Workplace
possesses a basic navigation surface with a customised graphic entry and a selection of languages
and a quick search function. It also contains full-text
search options. Using a basket, the user can easily
put together a spare parts order. An order form is
filled in with the required data when an order is
being placed. The order form can then be transferred to the respective Mailsystem as an attachment.

Publisher Software
CIDEON Technical Workplace

Abb.: Publisher surface

SAPR/3 automatic generation of
the Spare part catalogue.

Product and plantstructures from SAP


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Overview of the functions of

CIDEON Spare Parts

Creation of a spare parts catalogue


Create a customised project for the product, optional: file in SAP-DVS/Contentserver

Login at R/3 with consideration for the user authorisation in SAP R/3
Separation of menu and data language
Supported SAP product objects: order piece list, material piece list, documents piece list,
network plan, functional location, Equipment piece list
Automatic input of the Spare part catalogue data
Evaluation of rules and filters during the input process such as release status
Automatic conversion of native documents to TIF/PDF
Automatic linking (hot spotting) of the drawings with the piece lists
Option: manual addition of additional data for the spare parts catalogue with data which are
not administrated in the SAP-System
Customised and order-related declaration of the documents for a graphic entry
Option: Integration of the electro scheme and equipment list from E-CAD based on PDF
Option: Deadline-controlled adjustment of the spare parts catalogues as background processes to transfer the R/3 data search at night, scaling of the work parcels onto parallel client
Export of the spare parts catalogue onto external data carriers such as CD or DVD

Publisher Software

Start image with quick search, customer and product identification as well as brief instructions
Graphic navigation

easy-to-use navigation and navigation depth, a return to the starting point is always possible

Hotspots/Links with leaps to the order items

Identification of a spare part through

search for a designation

search using operating resources characteristics (BMK)

search for electro spare parts in the electro scheme and equipment list (E-CAD
Top-Down-Navigation: Cancellation of the link between the document and the piece list
Characterisation of the navigation object in the structure chart
Context menu instruction for navigation and output (print)
Simple operation of the integrated Viewers
Basket function

allocation of the spare parts (articles) per Drag&Drop

change of the order quantity

set guarantee characteristic

comment box

cancel article
Release order

configure and customise order form

display order form in respective language

print order

send order per E-mail (as attachment), start and generate a new E-Mail using
Standardmailsystems such as Outlook, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise

Extension options

Availabel as Web-Portal solution

Transfer of the function-related data of a product to the operator of a plant for his system
administration, e.g. with SAP PM
Visualisation of 3-D-CAD models of Autodesk Inventor with Links to the spare part

Additional solutions
which you may want
to use:

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MDT, Solid Edge and SolidWorks
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Date of issue: July 2006

CIDEON America Inc. :: 1760 Market Street, Suite 901 ::

Philadelphia, PA, 19103 :: Phone: +1-215-557-9660 ::Fax: +1-215-557-9663
:: Mail: Info@cideon-america.com :: Web: www.cideon-america.com