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CONTACT # +92- 333-5035598, email ID: yasirpk30@gmail.com
MS (Banking & Finance)
MBA (Finance)
B.Comm (Accounting)

Manager Operations (Aug 2014 –to-date)
Overall responsibility of Unit operations (and VAS) also monitor team performance and devise a plan to
Assign staff duties and manage roster based on the trend analysis / footfall trend in each of the VSC.
Training/ Mentoring the team (VAC/ VAS) and implementation of new processes.
Coordination with Accounts Department (Refunds, Escalations, Reconciliations, etc.)
Ensuring compliance to prescribed systems as per the defined SLAs.
To work with the Value Added Services team in order to support maximum returns through optimum
operational efficiency.
Coordination with Mission, Operational updates/ Memos from Mission.
Managing escalations for the center and provide effective resolutions.

Functional Consultant (Jan 2013 to July 2014)
Prepare and analyze general ledger, transaction, receipts and receivables also prepare monthly/yearly
reports and financial statements.
Prepare Bank Reconciliations statements.
Verification/Reconciliation of Industry, commercial and domestic negative billable on Oracle Data base
Verification of Minimum & Provisional bill consumer's on Oracle Data base.
Analysis of final data for the consumer billing, its correction and modification in terms of commissioning,
disconnection, reconnection, over and under billing.
Reports finalization and dispatch to different departments for data analysis and further working.
Final processing of the data for bill generation of Industrial, commercial and domestic users of natural
Analysis/rectification of final data for the generation of natural gas bills, its correction and modification
in Oracle Data base.

Assistant Manager Finance (Jan 2010 to Dec 2012)
Overseeing corporate financial accounting and reporting activities and ensuring that finance employees
abide by regulations and laws when performing their duties.
Reviewing and devising monthly / yearly financial and income statements, balance sheets, internal audit,
cash-flow projections and quarterly principal profit & loss to reduce cost as well as ensure budgetary
Designing budget, guidelines to optimize company’s cash flows, managing investments and working
capital requirements.
Prepare management reports and financial summaries using Microsoft Excel detailing company’s
financial status. Generate bank deposits, verify and balance receipts.
Preparing accounts and budgets for the region. Liaison with all the staff members on issues related to
finance and admin. Procurement for the region, implement procedures for procurement.

bank payment vouchers and journal vouchers. trends. and obligations. Develop. supervise admin work and facilitate staff in the arrangement of meetings. Survey operations to ascertain accounting needs and to recommend. Preparation of monthly bank reconciliation statement and follow-up of long outstanding cheque. March 2012 Perception of Students towards Distance Learning: A Case Study of Pakistan published in Journal of American Science 2012. and maintain solutions to business and financial problems. 3. and document recordkeeping and accounting systems.  NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Volunteer (Sep 2007 to Oct 2008)  ASKARI COMMERCIAL BANK LIMITED Internship (Apr 2007 to May 2007) RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS: Unethical practices in universities of PAKISTAN published in Science Series Data Report. revenues. develop. 8(11) Impact of change of Governor on State Bank Monetary Policies published in Science Series Data Report Vol: 4:4 pp: 89-102 (Journal) (2012) COMPUTER SKILLS: 3 months professional certification in MS-Office and Windows (All versions) Eviews 7 (Statistical Software) SPSS 17 (Statistical Software) Oracle Financial 12g Peachtree and QuickBooks Internet Software/Hardware Installation . balance sheets and salary schedules. financial commitments. modify. implement. Provide logistic support for the Post Earthquake relief activities. Vol. fund statements. costs. Updates of financial record on regular basis as per standard procedures and ensures timely reporting as per requirements. Continually monitor and review finance records to ensure compliance with and procedures. feeding data in the Accounting software and dealing of petty cash etc.  NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Management Trainee (Nov 2007 to Apr 2008) Responsibilities: Prepare monthly Financial and bank reconciliation reports to posting of entries. workshops and seminars. Handle transports matters. making use of current computer technology. Handle repair and maintenance of assets and prepare admin reports. to project future revenues and expenses or to provide advice. Assist the Operations Officer in routine matters related to the finance and administration of the project and project office. Prepare and updated the HR record of all staff members since joining. 4. Preparation and maintenance of all financial record including cash payment vouchers. No.  HUMANITARIAN-ENVIRONMENTAL AND LIVELIHOOD PROTECTION (HELP-NGO) Assistant Finance Officer (May 2008 to Dec 2009) Responsibilities: Preparing and analyzing income.Analyze business operations.