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LaRae Thornton

FRIT 7233

February 23, 2015

Instructional Screencast Task Analysis/Content Outline and Script

Instructional Problem:
Teachers need new dynamic ways to present material and keep them engaged.
Learner Analysis:
The learners are high school teachers with anywhere from 0 to 35 years of teaching experience.
The learners may teach any of the following topics: academic, fine art, or CTAE pathways. The
learners are highly motivated and driven to succeed.
Contextual Analysis:
Teachers will be presented with a screencast that they can view at any location that meets their
needs for an effective learning environment.
Show learners how to use a web 2.0 tool to create an engaging lesson.
Task Analysis: Procedure
The learners will be learning the procedure to create a presentation tool for the use in their
classrooms. Procedural analysis will identify what the learner needs to do to be successful when
using Blendspace.com to create an online lesson.
1.0 Open free account in Blendspace.com
1.1 Use Google Chrome/gmail, Twitter, or FaceBook to open new account.
2.0 Create New lesson.
2.1 Click on blue new lesson tab.
3.0 Determine layout and color scheme.
3.1 Click on the templates tab and determine the format for the space.
3.2 Click on Themes for a color palate.
3.3 Enter lesson title.
3.4 Enter lesson subject and grade level.
4.0 Perform search for the topic of lesson.
4.1 Use the search bar provided at the right to insert lesson materials.
4.1.1 YouTube, Google, Flickr, Educreations, & Gooru links are provided.
4.1.2 Insert webpages, media, Dropbox files, Google Drive files, and bookmarks
can be inserted to the lesson.

LaRae Thornton

FRIT 7233

February 23, 2015

4.1.3 Drag and drop selected material into boxes for the lesson.
5.0 Share Blendspace.
5.1 Ways to share are to use Edmodo, Twitter, Embed, Email, FaceBook, or QR code.
5.2 Chose privacy level and collaborate with others.
6.0 Deleting the lesson.
6.1 Not satisfied with lesson: Go home, hold curser over the lesson; scroll to right and
you can share or click on More and delete the lesson.


Script for Blendspace Screencast

Action on Screen

Introduction Slide
Music-to be determined

Hello everyone. Today I would like to introduce a

web 2.0 tool to use with students, BLENDSPACE.

Go to blendspace.com home
page and show students where
to and how to login.

Blendspace is a free tool for educators. You can log in

using a Google Chrome, Twitter, or Facebook

Already have a tab open where

I have logged into Blendspace.
Click on tab which is on my
home page. Go over features of
this page. Click lesson and new
lesson tabs.

Once you have logged on, you will see three tabs to
the right: lessons, classes, and gallery. Today we are
going to focus on creating a lesson. Click the lesson
tab if you are not already there and then go to the blue
tab with new lesson and click.

LaRae Thornton

FRIT 7233

February 23, 2015

Show students the home key,

Templates key, theme key, play
key, print key, and the fact that
this program auto saves. Click
on templates and theme keys to
show what is available.

Notice the home key in the upper left hand corner of

the page, this will take you back to your landing page
for Blendspace. You can choose one of several
templates for the layout of your lesson. The theme
key lets you determine your color pallet. After you
have created your lesson you can play it or print it.
Another great feature is the fact that it is auto saved.

Enter title of lesson. Click on

subject and select topic and
grade level.

Click on Enter the lesson title and give your lesson a

name. I am going to call my lesson Adding Fractions.

Emphasize the drop resource


Notice the first box, it says to drop your resource, add

text and add a quiz. These are all features of a
Blendspace, but how do we do that? It is easy.

Show how to use the search

menu on the right of page. Drag
and drop several links and files.

You can enter a topic fractions and search in

YouTube. Pick a video you like and drag and drop.

You can search on google. Pick a site or image drag

and drop.
You can search Flicker, Educreations, and Gooru for
anything you like just click and drag and drop. It is
that easy. If your run out of room just press the + key
at the bottom of the page and add more boxes to drag
and drop.
You also have features where you can insert a web
page you know the address for, upload media from
your computer, put in a dropbox file, a Google Drive
file, and you can even use your own bookmarks.
Just Drag and Drop!

LaRae Thornton

FRIT 7233

February 23, 2015

Go over the play button

function. Press play.

Prior to sharing, press the play button and make sure

the Blendspace is working properly. Make any edits
you need.

Click on subject.
Share Blendspace.

Click on the red no subject line: choose grade level

and subject. Then share your Blendspace through any
of the following methods, Edmodo, Twitter, Embed it
in a website, email it, put on Facebook, or use QR
You also have privacy settings and collaboration tools.


Go to home page. Show how to

delete a Blendspace folder.

Let us go to our home page and learn how to delete

and share a lesson from this section. Click on the
more key you can track, delete, or copy your
Blendspace. I am just going to delete this one because
this was a lesson you not our fraction friends.


Sign Off

Goodbye and I hope this lesson helped you come up

with a new way to engage students in or out of the