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Text for number 1 and 2.
1. Where do we usually find the text?
A. At the lake.
B. At the beach.

C. At the river bank.

D. At the swimming pool.

2. What does the notice mean?

A. The visitors mustnt swim on the sea.
B. There are many corals on the beach.
C. The visitors are allowed to swim along the area.
D. The visitors should be careful due to many sharp corals.
Text for questions 3 to 5.
Dear Ajeng,
I'm writing to you concerning of my last day in Jogja. I just got back from Borobudur, the
wonderful temple I've ever seen. The weather is fine. We are now staying in a hotel. It's not far from
Malioboro. We are treated well here. It has many excellent staff who serve the customers. We plan to
go around Malioboro after the children take a short nap. We want to enjoy having "lesehan" there. It
is a kind of a restaurant but we sit on the ground.
Many kinds of local handicraft are sold along Malioboro street. Both domestic and foreign
tourists are interested in them. I want to buy some as souvenirs.
Don't worry, I'll also buy you the most interesting one.
3. The text gives us information about ....
A. the wonderful Borobudur temple
B. the souvenirs to be bought

C. Claras last day in Jogja

D. a comfortable hotel near Malioboro

4. Whom is the letter from?

A. Customers
B. Ajeng

C. The hotel staff

D. Clara

5. How does the staff serve the customers of the hotel?

A. Proudly
B. Interestingly

C. Badly
D. Nicely




Text for questions 6 and 7
Effective protection for every sensitive and fair skin
Effective protection for the skin cell
Against premature skin aging and UV damage
With an innovative UVA - UVB filter system and antioxidant
Non sticky formula
Leaving it smooth and supple
Skin compatibility dermatologically proven



People who use this cream want their skin to be ....

A. wrinkled
B. smooth



This product is for people with ... skin.

A. dry
B. oily



Text for questions 8 to 10.

Tikka Kebab
1. Cubes of lamb
2. Squares of green pepper
3. Onions
4. Salad
5. Tikka seasoning mixture
1. Cut onions into quarters.
2. Put cubes of lambs, squares of green pepper and onion squares on bamboo skewers and marinate
them in Tikka seasoning.
3. Grill them.
4. Serve them with a salad (curry like seasoning from India).


What does the writer write the text for?

A. To inform how to serve a salad
B. To explain how to make a salad
C. To tell how to make Tikka Kebab
D. To discuss how to make cubes of lamb


How many ingredients are needed to make Tikka Kebab?

A. Three
B. Four






10. What does the word 'them' in step 2 refer to?

A. Cubes of lamb and onions.
B. Onion, bamboo skewers, and salad.
C. Squares of green pepper and onions.
D. Cubes of lamb, onions, and squares of green



Text for number 11 to 14.

The Manager
JI. Kebangsaan, 19



Dear Sir,
I am one of the customers of your flight company. Through this letter, I would like to tell you
something. This is about the services of your company.
Last Monday, I flew to Medan on the flight number GA 116, on the schedule board, it is stated
that the plane would depart at 07.00 a.m. But fact, I had to wait for an hour before taking off. It
has happened for many times; because of that I was late to attend an important meeting at my
office in Medan.
You have to pay deeply attention to my letter. Do your best for your customers. I am sure that you
realize how important the customers are for your company. I do hope that you will consider this
Yours faithfully,
Budi Sudarsono
11. What is the letter about?
A. Complaining about the service
B. Informing about the meeting
12. Why was the writer late for meeting?
A. the flight to Medan was delayed
B. he didn't knows the time

Replying the complaint

Asking for information


he attended another activity

he forgot the flight schedule

Because ...

13. Which is not correct about the writer according to

A. His office is in Medan.
B. He wrote a letter to the manager.
C. He didn't feel disappointed with the services.
D. He realizes how important the customers are.
14. The letter tells us that the writer ...
A. was happy with the service
B. attracts the manager's attention


the letter?


didn't like the customers

used Garuda to Medan many times




Text for questions 15 to 17.

A Simple Kite
- Two sticks of bamboo (1 m long)
- Paint
- Light but strong string.
- A sharp knife
- A large piece of rice paper.
- A brush
- A pencil
- Glue
1. Smooth down the two sticks with a knife.
2. Mark the centre of stick A. Place it with its centre on stick B.
3. Tie the two sticks tightly with a piece of string.
4. Cut a long piece of string. Tie it to each end of the two sticks to make the frame of the kite.
5. Tie a piece of string around one end of stick A. Stretch the string to the other end of the stick and
tie it tightly there too. The frame is now finished.
6. Place the frame on a piece of paper and copy its shape with a pencil. Cut the paper along the
shape. Leave about 2 cm all around.
Put some glue on the edges of the paper. Fold the edges over the string of the frame
and press down to glue the paper to the frame.
8. Paint and decorate your kite. When the paint is dry, make the bridle of the kite.
9. Cut a piece of string about 150 cm long. Tie one end to the point where the two sticks
cross. Then, tie the other end to the bottom of the kite.
10. Make a tail for the kite from strips of paper and glue it to the bottom of the kite. Finally, tie a piece of
string about 100 m long to the bridle. This is the string you use to fly the kite.

15. What is the purpose of the text above?

A. To persuade people to make a simple kite
B. To describe a certain kite
C. To guide the readers how to make a simple kite
D. To entertain the readers about a kind of kite
16. We do not need ... to make the frame of
A. a piece of paper and strong string
B. sticks of bamboo and a pencil
17. Why do we use paint to decorate
A. To make it stronger
B. To make it fly easily

the kite.

a sharp knife and paint

glue and paint


To make it more interesting

To control it

the kite?

Read the text to answer questions 18 to 20.

Pura Tanah Lot
A Temple in the sea
Tanah Lot, in Tabanan regency-also known as the rice bowl of Bali is literally taken from
the Balinese word lot meaning sea, and the Indonesian word tanah meaning land. Therefore, at this



land next to the sea we find uncontrived photo opportunities in a part of Bali relatively unspoiled by
the tourist impact of recent years, as well as one of the most photographed icons on the land, pura
tanah lot.
Pura means temple of which Bali apparently has thousands, but none compare to this
majestic land or, should we say, sea mark. It belongs to a group of six temples dotted around the
islands that local people believes all magically protect Bali. At Pura Tanah Lot this protection is in
response to prayers offered to the deities of the sea, and its colorful temple celebrations occur every
six months. A Hindu priest founded this temple in the sixteenth century, and looking at the current
land erosion. Today, Pura Tanah Lot is accessible only at low tide, surrounded by coastal caves and
18. Who

did build the temples in the Pura Tanah Lot complex?

A. A Balinese people
C. A Hindu Priest
B. A Javanese people
D. The king of Tabanan

19. What is derived from the

A. Javanese Language
B. Greek

word Tanah Lot?

20. Pura Tanah Lot is situated in the region of

A. coastal line
B. hills of white rock


Balinese language


corn belt

Read the text to answer questions 21 to 24.

I had been asked to give an estimate for some exterior painting at a grand old property in an upmarket part of town. The lady of the house invited me round to discuss it.
She sat me down, re-read the quote with stern look on her face then said, We would like you to
undertake the work. However, there are items I must insist you do in your own time and at your own
Whats wrong? I thought. Have I overpriced something?
She passed me the estimate. One of the lines, heavily underlined with red pen, read, To wash and
rub down all widows front and back.
21. What

was the most possibly the writers profession?

A. He was a professional painter
B. He was a debt collector
the writer write the text for?
A. To describe what was his work like
B. To tell a funny experience

C. He was a door to door seller

D. He was a worker in art

22. Why did

C. To make the readers pleased

D. To show how to paint professionally

23. What did really happen to the lady in the text above?
A. The lady did not agree with the proposed price
B. The lady was shy to the writer.
C. The lady accepted the writers proposed price
D. The lady bargained the work and the price.
24. She sat me down, re-read the quote with stern look on her face then said, We would like you to
undertake the work. The underlined word refers to ....
A. the old lady
C. the writer
B. I
D. the reader




Read the text to answer questions 25 and 28.

Travellers Trail
As soon as I learned that I would soon have another chance to go to Laos, I was overjoyed.
Thats because every time I cross the Mekong River to this neighbouring country, I feel just like Im
going to visit my own generous relatives and close friends. This time, I was invited by the National
Tourism Authority of Lao P.D.R to explore nature and the local peoples way of living around Phou
Khao Khouay National Protected Area, which has abundant forests and wild life that remains almost
untouched. It was a rather adventurous trip for amateur trekkers.
We used the Thai-Laos friendship Bridge to cross the Mekkong River from Nong Khai to
Vientiane, the capital city of Laos. After being greeted by some government officers, we continued the
trip to Phou Khao Khouay, led by the Deputy Minister of Tourism and the Director of the Vientiane
Office of the National Tourism Authority of Lao P.D.R.
Not far from the city of Vientiane, we reached the town of The Phrabat, where we had a brief
stop at Wat Tha Phrabat, one of the most significant Buddhist sanctuaries of the town. This temple has
a replica of the Lord Buddhas footprint enshrined in the main Ubosot with some water always
spilling over the footprint.
25. The followings are what the writer feels when crossing the Mekong River except .
A. love
C. enjoy full
B. joyful
D. home sick
26. What is the name of natural reservation visited by the writer?
A. Phou Khao Khouay
C. Vientiane
B. Wat Tha Phrabat
D. Nong Khai
27. Not far from the city of Vientiane, we reached the town of The Phrabat.
What does the underlined word mean?
A. approached
C. departed
B. arrived
D. dropped at
28. How did the writer feel after knowing have a chance to visit Laos?
A. joyless
C. pleased
B. joy stick
D. upset
29. Where do we can find the most Buddhist sanctuaries?
A. Vientiane
C. Nong Khai
B. Mekong
D. Wat Tha Phrabat
Text for questions 30 to 34.
The Lost Ring
Many years ago a lady who lived in a big house in Wales lost her best ring. One of the servants must
have stolen it. She was worried about what her husband, who was away at the time, would say. The ring
had cost a great deal of money. She knew that she had to find it before her husband returned.
What am I going to do? she asked her friends.
Send for Robin Ddu, they told her. He is the wisest man in Wales.
So she sent for the wizard Robin Ddu. He came at once.



Do not worry, he told her. We shall soon find the missing ring.
He asked that all the servants be gathered in one large room. As they came in, he studied them. But
he could tell nothing from their faces.
Then he asked for a live cock and cooking pot that things were brought to him. He put the cock on
the table and covered it with the cooking pot. Next he closed the curtains so that the room was almost
Now, he said. Each of you must walk pass the table and place your thumb for a moment on the
cooking pot. The cock will if the thief touches it.
All the servants did as what they are told. But the cock never crowed.
Robin Ddu opened the curtain.
The thief cannot be here, the lady said.
I think he is, answered the wizard.
He asked the servants to show him their thumbs. The first servant held out his thumb. It was black
with soot from the bottom of the cooking pot. So were the thumbs of other servants all but one.
There is the thief, Robin Ddu told the lady. The one who was afraid that the cock might crow.
30. Where did the story take place?
A. In a kingdom in Wales
B. In a small house in Wales


31. What is the problem with the lady?

A. She wanted to know what happened.
B. She wanted to find her lost ring.
C. She was afraid of her husband.
D. She wanted to live with the wizard, Robin

In a house of a rich family in Wales

In a house of a wizard in Wales


32. What can we learn from the text?

A. Rich people can buy everything they want.
B. Wealthy means everything.
C. Wizards can do everything.
D. People will feel afraid if they are dishonest.
33. She knew

that she had to find it before her husband returned.

The underlined word refers to .
A. the lost ring
C. the table
B. a big house
D. a great deal of money

34. She knew

that she had to find it before her husband returned.

What is the antonym of the underlined word?
A. Come back
C. Arrived
B. Leave
D. Close

Text for questions 35 to 37.

Rain Forest
Rain forests cover about 10% of the earth, but they contain 90% of the world's animals and
plants. Rain forests are found in the hottest parts of the earth. They are situated in the area from the
Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn. This is the area on both sides of the Equator. These
forests are called rain forests because it usually rains there times a day. The weather is always hot
and humid. The main rain forests are in America, Africa, and Asia. The largest area of rain forest is
Amazonia in South America. It is three times larger than the whole of Indonesia.
Indonesia was covered by rain forests, but many of its forests have been cut down. Some its
also destroyed the Indonesian forests, especially during the dry season. It is hard now to reforest the
bare land.



35. From the

A. all
B. most

text we can conclude that rain forests cover ... of the earth.
C. a small part
D. ninety percent

36. We can find that rain forests

A. on each equator
B. on the Tropic of Cancer


between the two Tropics

on the Tropic of Capricorn

37. "The

weather is always hot and humid." (paragraph 2)

What does the italic word mean?
A. Hot
C. Dry
B. Wet
D. Warm

Text for questions 38 to 41.

Jellyfish are not really fish. They are invertebrate animals. This means that unlike fish or people,
they have no backbones. In fact, they have no bones at all.
Jellyfish have stomachs and mouths, but no heads. They have nervous systems for sensing the
world around them, but no brains. They are made almost entirely of water, which is why you can look
through them.
Some jellyfish can glow in darkness by making their own light. The light is made by a chemical
reaction inside the jellyfish. Scientists believe jellyfish glow for several reasons. For example, they
may glow to scare away predators or to attract animals they like to eat.
Most jellyfish live in salt water, apart from a few types that live in fresh water. Jellyfish are found
in oceans and seas all over the world. They live in warm, tropical seas and in icy waters near the North
and South poles.
38. What is the text about?
A. Jellyfish
B. Kinds of all fish


All invertebrate animal

Some kinds of sea animals

39. "Some

jellyfish can glow in darkness by making their own light." (paragraph 3)

The word "glow" in the sentence means ...
A. move
C. appear
B. produce
D. shine

40. Which one creates Jellyfish's

A. White blood
B. Nervous system


41. Which one is TRUE about the jellyfish based

A. They belong to invertebrate animals.
B. They have heads like other animals.
C. Their brain helps them find the food.
D. They cannot live in fresh water.


Chemical reaction
Salt water

on the text?


Text for questions 42 to 45.

On a bright and sunny day I went fishing. When I reached the jetty, I put a warm on the hook and
threw the line in and waited for the fish to bite. I was very 42 when I did not catch anything after
waiting for three hours.
I pulled in the line and to my surprise, there was a small fish at the end of the line. 43 was so
small that I did not 44 anything on the line.
I was even more surprised when the fish started to talk, Let me go 45 I will turn you into a
frog. I was startled that I just stared at it.
42. A. happy
B. good
43. A. It
B. He

C. interested
D. disappointed
C. She
D. They

44. A. taste
B. feel

C. touch
D. smell

45. A. and
B. or

C. because
D. for

Text for questions 46 to 48, fill in the missing word.

The coach of the Indonesia basketball team calls a time-out and instructs his players to change
their strategy. He ....(46).... Jody to keep the ball as long as possible. Jody is good at dribbling the
ball. His skill in controlling the ball is ....(47).... but he is not quite good at shooting. Togar is
better at shooting and he is also the fastest player in the team. His only ....(48)....! is that he is
very thin and not very strong.

46. A.

B. tells

C. thinks
D. leaves

47. A.

C. doubtful
D. excellent

48. A.

C. strength
D. ability

B. imperfect
B. weakness

49. Choose the


best arrangement of sentences to make a good text.

The tower has three levels for visitor.
It was the tallest structure in the world from its completion until 1930.
The Eiffel Tower is an iron tower located in Champ de Mars in Paris.
The third and the highest level is accessible only by lift.
Named after its designer, Gustave Eiffel, the tower was built for the 1889 World's fair.
The walk for the first level is over 300 steps, as the walk from the first to the second level.



50. elder

C. 3 1 4 5 2 6
D. 3 5 2 1 6 4

a cinema
The correct arrangement of the words above to be a good sentence is ......
A. 6 7 5 1 8 2 4 3 9
C. 6 7 1 4 9 8 4 3 2
B. 3 9 6 2 4 8 9 5 1
D. 3 9 5 1 2 4 8 7 6

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