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Aarkstore - Cloud Computing Development and

Commercial Applications - Data, Analysis and
Forecasts to 2019

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Published: May 2014 | 101 Pages

PDF: 1799

Cloud computing continues to gain acceptance in business, enterprise and consumer
markets. But can the momentum be sustained? Can current market prices remain? Will
the infrastructure and security be satisfactory for the growing user base? With increased
concerns over data ownership, will users remain satisfied with outsourced storage and
access? We are now entering a stage of user acceptance, so can Cloud companies maintain
their usage rates and stop churn? These are key questions as we enter the next phase of
Cloud acceptance. This report will ensure you and your company are in the best position to
take advantage of the key opportunities within the Cloud IT market.

Aarkstore Enterprise
- GMR Data predict that the cloud computing market will be worth $75bn this year, but
what will it be next year? What about the following year, and in 2019? This report tells
- Which areas of the world will be key in cloud computing as the industry develops, seeks
to maximize revenues and reduce costs? GMR Data will tell you.
- What are the key R&D pipelines and high growth potential in each industry and regional
The 3 Key challenges that must be faced in the global cloud computing market
1. The cloud computing market has grown exponentially over the last 5 years. As
companies and increasingly individuals and governments have begun or deployed this
service for reasons primarily related to expenditure reduction, productivity, and efficiency,
the cloud computing market has grown considerably - how has the market coped with
this? Can the infrastructure hold up?
2. This increased market is directly linked to pricing and savings - can these pricing
strategies be maintained? With the major IT players offering cloud services we can expect
major competition, but does it ensure innovative services and value? With various pricing
models based on subscription, consumption, advertising, and market-based, is your
company achieving the best revenue streams or is your company operating within the best
pricing format.
3. Key services that are proving particularly popular relate to data storage, backup and
recovery, as well as customer relationship management models and user productivity
suites. There is still space in the market for innovative services that drive expenditure
reduction, productivity, and efficiency. What will they be, and who will get them to market
Through reading this report you will gain knowledge of the following:
a) Analysis of the state of the global cloud computing market in 2014 and a market
forecast for the period 2014-2019.

Aarkstore Enterprise
b) Identify how the market operates and which companies are operating in the market,
their current products and pipeline candidates
c) Discover how the global cloud market is evolving across the forecast period of 20142019 through the examination of global and regional benefits and challenges, particularly
relating to political, economic, social, and technological factors
d) Read our interview with 2 key global authorities, as well as 2 new entrants, in the cloud
computing market
Only by ordering this in-depth exclusive report will you have full access to the unique
findings. This information is not available anywhere else. Find full details of these IT
developments and services in this new GMR Data report.
Discover exactly what the industry leaders are doing TODAY Within GMR Datas Cloud Computing Development and Commercial Application - Data,
Analysis and Forecasts to 2019 we analyse the key Cloud Computing and Services in the
market today and how they will perform across the next 5 years.
Our study focuses on the revenues of the top cloud computing companies. With variable
services and pricing models how will these key companies and services fare across the next
- Microsoft
- Cisco
- Oracle
- HP
- Alibaba
- Amazon Web Service (AWS)
- Google
- VMWare
- Salesforce
- Dropbox
- Box

Aarkstore Enterprise
PLUS In-depth country analysis Discover which countries and regions will see the
greatest impact of cloud computing operation and infrastructure to 2023?
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Table of Contents:
1 Executive Summary
1.1 Global Cloud Market Overview
1.2 Chapter Breakdown
1.3 Research and Analysis Methods
1.4 Drivers and Restraints of the Global Cloud Technology Market
1.4.1 Drivers
1.4.2 Restraints
2 Technology and Applications of Cloud Computing
2.1 Introduction to Cloud Computing
2.1.1 Multi-tenant Architecture
2.1.2 Economies of Scale
2.1.3 Rapid Implementation and Deployment
2.1.4 Access and Connectivity
2.2 Cloud Service Models
2.2.1 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
2.2.2 Platform as a Service (PaaS)
2.2.3 Software as a Service (SaaS)

Aarkstore Enterprise
2.2.4 Summary
2.3 Key Deployment Models
2.3.1 Private
2.3.2 Public
2.3.3 Hybrid
2.3.4 Community
2.4 Security
2.5 Benefits and Concerns
2.5.1 Benefits Geolocation and Flexibility Business Intelligence Competitivity Startup Culture
2.5.2 Concerns Data Lock-in Supplier Transparency Distribution and Licensing Taxation and Royalty Market, Service Model, and Deployment Review
3. Research and Development
3.1 Areas of Focus
3.1.1 IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
3.1.2 Security
3.2 Opportunities and Challenges

Aarkstore Enterprise
3.2.1 Opportunities
3.2.2 Challenges
3.3 Forecasting R&D
4 Leading Companies in the Global Cloud Market
4.1 Asset-rich IT giants
4.1.1 IBM
4.1.2 Microsoft
4.1.3 Cisco
4.1.4 Oracle
4.1.5 EMC
4.1.6 HP
4.2 Agile Providers
4.2.1 Alibaba
4.2.2 Amazon Web Service (AWS)
4.2.3 Google
4.2.4 VMWare
4.2.5 Salesforce
4.2.6 Dropbox
4.2.7 Box
4.3 Telecommunications Providers
4.3.1 AT&T
4.3.2 Verizon Terremark
4.3.3 Telefonica
4.4 Hosting Providers

Aarkstore Enterprise
4.4.1 HYVE
4.4.2 Rackspace
4.4.3 Digital Ocean
4.4.4 WP Engine
4.5 Recent Market Entrants
4.5.1 CloudDock
4.5.2 Domo
5 Leading Countries / Regions in the Global Cloud Market
5.1 Overview of Regional Cloud Market Projections
5.1.1 Regional Cloud Markets by IaaS
5.1.2 Regional Cloud Markets by Business Applications
5.1.3Regional Cloud Markets by Web Tools and Applications
5.1.4 Regional Cloud Markets by Hosting Services
5.2 Breakdown of Regional Cloud Market Projections
5.2.1 North America
5.2.2 Europe
5.2.3 Asia-Pacific
5.2.4 Middle East and Africa
5.2.5 Latin America
6 PEST Analysis
6.1 Nation and Government
6.1.1 Cybercrime Legislation
6.1.2 Regulation and Trade Partnerships
6.1.3 Surveillance and Security

Aarkstore Enterprise
6.1.4 Big Data
6.1.5 Directory of Services
6.1.6 Citizen Engagement
6.2 Healthcare - eHealthcare, Cloud Access Locations & Lack of Interoperability
6.3Education Digital Literacy, ELearning & Social Enterprise Initiatives
6.4 Telecommunications Benefit of Service Aggregation, Real-Time Monitoring and Secure
6.5 Media- Multi-Platform Content Accessibility, Personalisation and Revenue Generation
7 Expert Opinion
7.1 BCC Risk Advisory
7.2 Autodesk
7.3 Armor5
7.4 CloudDock

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