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Route 83 at Oakland/Summit and

Woodbridge Streets
Town of Manchester

No. Main Street

(Route 83)

Oakland Street
(Route 83)

Summit Street
Old No. Main Street

Apell Place

Woodbridge Street
Woodbridge Street
Summit Street

Background Woodbridge Street

at Summit Street

26 crashes over 3
years (4/2009-3/2012)
8 Injuries
14 Angle/Turning
Very high for volume
Confusion over who
has right of way

Street at Summit
Signal considered, rejected due to railroad crossing,
congestion, complications with other intersection
Town officials suggested roundabout with rail
Addresses issues at this intersection

North Main at
DOT review indicated
backups from signal would
interfere with roundabout
Second roundabout proposed
Crash Pattern Addressed
Delays Substantially Reduced
DOT and Town Engineering Staff Concur on

What is a Roundabout?
Similarities to old traffic circles, but with
significant differences
Used in Europe for many years, have
become very popular in U.S. due to
reductions in accidents and congestion
Over 1,000 in U.S., including Colorado,
Florida, Maryland, Vermont, many others
Single lane vs. multi-lane

Missouri DOT Video

Roundabout vs. Traffic Circle

Drivers yield on entry
Much smaller circle (reduces speed,
congestion and accidents)
No weaving, no lane changing

NOT a Roundabout
Two circulating lanes

One exit lane

NOT a Roundabout
Approx. 400 foot

Approx. size of Typical

150 Diameter

Approximate size
of Cape Cod Circle

West Haven (Before)

West Haven (Rendering)

West Haven (Built - 6/08)

Advantages of a roundabout
Compared to signals, roundabouts provide:
Improved Safety
Reduced Delays/Congestion/Pollution
Less Pavement/Improved Aesthetics
Approximately Same Construction Cost,
Lower Maintenance Costs

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Accident Reductions
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Report
Compared 24 Roundabouts (single and multi-lane)
in 8 states to signalized and all-way stop
controlled intersections they replaced:

Total crashes reduced by 39%

Injury crashes reduced by 76%
Fatal/Incapacitating crashes reduced by 90%
Pedestrian crashes reduced by 30-40%

Killingworth Roundabout
2013 National Safety Award
50% Reduction in Crashes, 86% Reduction in Injuries

Reasons for Improved Safety

Lower speeds (15-25 MPH)
No left turns
Fewer decisions to make/information to
Reduced number of conflict points

Reasons for Improved Safety

Crossing conflicts highest chance for injury

Reduced Delays Ellington 5 Corners

Reduced Delays Ellington 5 Corners

Went into roundabout operation on July 4th
weekend, 2011
Confusion eliminated
Delays virtually eliminated, even while in

The new Round About at the 5-corners Is "the greatest

thing since sliced bread" as they would say. I've been
traveling through there daily since 1968 and traffic has
never flowed more smoothly as it does now.

It works so slick. I have never seen a back-up since the

day they put the barrels up during construction.


Driving a Roundabout
Entering traffic
yields to traffic in
All traffic goes
Yield to

Roundabout Features
Central Island



Truck using truck apron

Rear wheels on apron

Deflection limits
cars to 10 - 20 MPH

Roundabout with rail line

(Jensen Beach, FL)

Closely Spaced Roundabouts

Buffalo, NY


Decorative Lights
Gateway Treatments

West Haven
(Built 9/08)


Helps focus drivers eye
on oncoming traffic by
obscuring traffic on other
side of roundabout

Traffic Simulation

Based on PM Peak Hour volumes

Buildings are not exact replicas
Speed is approximately four times actual speed

Simulation video

Overall Plan

No. School Street

No. Main Street

Main Street
(Route 83)

No. Main Street

(Route 83)

Lane use revised

only one through lane

Excess pavement reduced,

crosswalks shortened by
up to 31 feet

Reduced from 4 lanes to 3

lanes, shoulders widened for
bicyclists, bus stops

Approximately $5 million (all 3
intersections), estimate will be refined
Funding will be Federal and State, no town
Any aesthetic enhancements may require
town participation
Town would be asked to maintain
landscaping, if desired

Approximate Timeline

Meet with Railroad company (2/19/15)

Meet with BOD (today)
Public Meeting, Conceptual Stage (April/May)
Arrange funding, initiate project, begin design
Public Meeting, 30% Design Stage (2016-2017)
Acquire ROW, Permits, complete design
Bid, Award, Begin Construction (2018-2019)
Estimated 1 to 2 Construction Seasons