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Cooperative Services

Enterprise Organization, Registration

Establishing and registering a new business in the Philippines has become a tedious process. Our team of specialist
helps in facilitating your new business registration needs at low cost on the following:
a) DTI, Business name registration
b) CDA, Cooperative registration
c) SEC, Corporate & Partnership registration
d) BIR TIN & Business name registration
e) LGU (Local Government Unit) registration
f) SSS/ECC Registration
g) PhilHealth Registration
h) Pag-ibig Registration
Other than registering new businesses/ entities, there is a need to annually renew the business registrations. Part of
this registration works includes special registrations for:
a) Registration with DOLE
b) Registration with DOT for Tourism Incentives
c) Registration with BOI
d) PEZA Registration
e) BFAD Permit
f) Bureau of Product Standard
g) Bureau of Import / Export Permit
h) Subic, Clark, John Hay Special Economic Zone Registration
i) DENR Environmental Clearance Certificate
j) Build-operate and Transfer methods and registration
k) ISO Registrations
This service team also provides assistance to dissolution and closure services to the SEC or CDA, but also to the
BIR, SSS, Phil Health, Pag-ibig, LGUs, PEZA and the BOI.
Write-Up/ Bookkeeping & Manual Systems Service
The basic measure of your business performance is thru proper bookkeeping. Our specialist uses a simplified
worksheet software system to properly do this job. Quality of service is critical to avoid BIR investigations. Our
coop provides focus actions on:
a) Non-VAT entity Integrated Bookkeeping
b) VAT entity Integrated Bookkeeping
c) VAT, tax withheld & income tax filing
d) Income Tax Return Preparation
e) Annual Inventory, Tax withheld & Alpha Listing submission
f) BIR Examination assistance
This team also provides assistance in the setting-up of the business forms and internal control systems of any entity.
Internal Audit Services
Why hire your internal audit staff at higher cost? Save and outsource with us to reduce cost. We have experts
among our members who provides this specialized services covering the areas of:

a) Year-end inventory count

b) Fixed Asset existence check
c) Accountable forms audit
d) Outsourced internal audit team
e) Fraud investigation service
f) Market test & Mystery shopper
Tax Advisory & Estate Planning
Tax is never an accident. Any businessman must understand the implications of taxes being imposed on his
business. Our expert team could provide you the following services:
a) Applicable tax review
b) Business tax planning
c) Estate tax planning
Business Plan Preparation
Knowing the sensitivity of a business project to varied economic assumptions must be carefully assessed to assure
the success of any business proposal.
Our experts team is ready to provide you the assistance you need at least cost in the areas of:
a) Pre-feasibility study
b) Business Plan preparation
c) Financial modeling
Management Audit/ Review
The reality that it is hard to assess one\'s business performance unless it is conducted by an independent third party.
As such, our coop members are ready to assist you on the following:
a) Internal Control and good governance review;
b) Corporate Social Responsibility Audit;
c) Operations Audit
d) Hard & soft data filing systems review
e) Policies & Procedures Manual definition
Corporate Image
Projecting your best image is a critical concern of any business entity. We assist your business thru the provision of
the following services:
a) Logo design
b) Corporate Profile write-out
c) Website Design & editing
d) IPR Registration
e) Copyright registrations
Strategic Planning
Infusing the \"best practice\" of business strategies into small and cooperative entities is the desire of our expert
team. The team is willing to share such management methods and technologies for the greater good thru:
a) Vision, Mission, Core Values and staff credo Workshop
b) Key Results Area Analysis;
c) Supervisory Management Training Programs

d) Zero-based budgeting
e) Kepner-Trigoe Decision Analysis
f) Value Oriented corporate development
g) Strategic re-structuring
h) Core Processes for Value enhancement
i) Multi-dimensional benchmarkeing
j) Global Account management
k) New platforms for sales & marketing
l) New platforms for customer retention
m) \"Time-to-Money\" Development Process
n) Innovation management
o) Service Audit & Standards
p) Purchasing management workshop
q) Supply Chain Management
r) Information technology & IT Scan
s) Cycle Time-Reduction analysis
Accounting & Software Systems
The design of the accounting and software systems should not only facilitate work. It must be user and auditfriendly and conforms with the Philippine Accounting and International Standards. Such is the focus of our Expert
team on this area of work that includes:
a) Source Documents forms design
b) Excel base simplified accounting software
c) Time Record and payroll software
d) Point of Sales Systems
e) Inventory & Payable sub-systems
f) Sales & Receivable sub-systems
g) Simplified Financial Reporting Systems
h) Cash Flow Management Systems
i) Budgeting methods
Human Resources Analysis
Our cooperative has among its members, experts in human resources focused on the following areas of concerns:
a) Organizational analysis and job description
b) Qualification, recruitment, hiring and placement service
c) Performance evaluation and appraisal
d) Pay grade systems
e) Head Hunting Services
f) Overseas deployment of CPAs and accountants
Outsourced Services
As outsourcing one\'s business processes becomes a material factor in reducing cost, our cooperative has embarked
on this service area to help businesses improve their operational profitability in the areas of:
a) Payroll servicing
b) Billing and Collection service
c) Web-based Point of Sales System

d) Web-based Financial Reporting Systems

e) Outsource accounting & internal audit teams