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Location: Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines

Date Posted: July 14

Services rendered by our Company starts from the inception, commercial operation and up to the
termination or closure of the corporation.
Inception of the Corporation - at this stage, we offer processing of the registration with the SEC, BIR,
SSS, Pag-ibig and Philhealth.
Commercial Operation - after the inception of the corporation, the company is now ready to transact
business and operate as a legal entity, at this stage, our company offers accounting services, tax
services, payroll services, internal audit services (financial and operational audit) and secondment
Accounting Services - this covers the monthly preparation of financial reports (e.g. balance sheet,
income statement and cash flows). Monthly preparation of five books of accounts namely cash
disbursement books; cash receipts books, purchase books, sales books and the general ledger.
Included also in this type of service were monthly analysis of all accounts, preparation of the
subsidiary ledger for trade receivable and purchases and preparation of bank reconciliation statement
for all bank accounts.
Tax Services - this covers the monthly and quarterly preparation and filing of mandatory reports to the
Bureau of Internal Revenue. Reports under this kind of services were but not limited to the following:
Preparation and filing of Monthly and Quarterly Value Added Tax for BIR Form 2550Q and 2550M,
Preparation of quarterly summary list of customers and suppliers in soft copy as required by the BIR;
Preparation and filing of Monthly Withholding tax on compensation for BIR Form 1601C;
Preparation and filing of Monthly Withholding tax on income payment at source for BIR Form 1601E;
Preparation and filing of Quarterly Fringe Benefits Tax, if any, for BIR Form 1603;
Preparation and filing of Quarterly Income tax Return for BIR Form 1702Q;
Preparation of Quarterly Summary of Payees from whom taxes were withheld on income payment at
source for BIR Form 2307;
Assistance with the external auditor during the annual audit of the financial statements:
Tax assistance as deemed necessary;
Update on new revenue regulations as mandated by BIR.
Payroll Administration this type of service includes the following:
Preparation of payroll slips:
Monthly summary of tax withheld for each employee;
Preparation of bank transfer remittance form;
Annualization of individual employees tax withheld;
Preparation of BIR Form 2316 for each employee and;
Preparation of BIR Form 1601C for the monthly remittance of tax withheld on compensation.
Secondment Services this type of service includes all work related to financial accounting. Some of
our secondment services, which we have already done for our client where the following:

Reconstruction of accounts this type of service requires analysis of all account from the previous
years or months to reflect the true financial statement up to the present reporting period. During this
process, we also assess, whether, the company has complied with the tax reporting based on their
registered activities with the BIR.
Reports generated for this type of services were the cash disbursement summary, cash receipts
summary, general journal, sales summary, purchase summary, accounts receivable and accounts
payable subsidiary ledger and subsidiary ledger for real and nominal accounts.
Inventory Assistance this includes annual count of physical inventory, inventory costing, inventory
Tax Compliance this includes assessment and determination of correct amount of taxes paid for a
given period of time. This service covers all tax types as registered with the BIR.
Management Services variance analysis, cost and price evaluation.


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Location: Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Date Posted: October 7

Why Hire a regular employee to do the JOb when you can have it on monthly retainers!!!
compare - regular employee - Pay monthly salary - minimum wage 9,500
pay 13th month pay 9,500
Overtime/leave pay or other Incentives XXXX.XX
retainers - you just pay monthly fixed amount of 2,500 or 4,000

Bookkeeping Service or any other accounting services Mandaluyong

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Location: Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Date Posted: September 9

I am offering my services to any bookkeeping and accounting related fields. I'm a graduate of
Accountancy and experienced working with accounting firms for 9 years, thus making me well versed
in any of these fields. Interested parties may inquire through 0932 232 6489 or email me at