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Launching Place Primary School

Issue 4 Thursday 26th February 2015

Continual school improvement is something that is important to us at LPPS and part

of this means ensuring everyone is here, all the time. Of course there are reasons as
to why we occasionally need to be away such as being really sick. Also, we all know
that its not good to miss school, but we wonder if people realise the extent of time or
impact this has on learning, especially over a prolonged period of time.
Attendance is an initiative that needs to be addressed from a range of perspectives
community, parents as well as teachers. Teachers will be communicating with families
if students are away for more than three consecutive days, offering support and assistance if required. We are going
to continue to focus on rewarding those students who are here regularly and on time. It is a fun way to encourage
more people in our community to ensure our students are getting the best education. Last year our attendance
figures showed improvement lets beat them this year!

We want our newsletter to be a place to celebrate special events in the life of

school community members, not just what is happening at school. Often we dont
always hear the latest news or the exciting things that people in our community
are doing things like weekend activities, sporting achievements, involvement in
clubs or fundraising. If you have appropriate news then please let us know so we
can celebrate it as part of our school community newsletter.

Prep/Buddy/New Families
BBQ 5.00pm
Swimming Carnival
Labour Day (No School)
Preps start Fulltime
Family Maths Night
School Council 7pm
Camp Quality Incursion
Grade 3-6 Sports Day

Student Absent Hot Line Number 5964 7783

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The month of February has started off with a really positive mindset between the students and the teachers. When we visit classrooms, we see the class
walls decorated in different ways, some with photographs of the students and photos of their teacher. These displays continue to build and strengthen
the relationships within the classroom.
If you have not had the opportunity to visit your childs classroom already, drop in and have a look,
whether it be prior to the start of the school day (at 8.50) or at the end of the day when you are
picking up your child. Its the connections our young people make with each other that forms a
bond and enables them to support each other in learning.

The quality of the relationship determines the quality of the learning George Otero, 2012.
Our student wellbeing and special needs program is already in action. All staff continue to be briefed about students in their class and are also making
time reading their class student files. Passing on information from one teacher to another is something we take very seriously.
The Department of Education and Training (DET) provides educational services for the Victorian Government. The purpose of Student Support Services is
to assist children and young people facing a range of barriers to learning to achieve their educational and developmental potential through the provision
of a range of strategies and specialised support.

Who are SSS Officers?

The main Student Support Services Officers at LPPS include:

Psychologist and guidance officer - provides a comprehensive psychology service for our students and their families; provides cognitive assessments,
learning and teaching advice to the school and staff; supports the Program for Students with Disabilities.

Speech pathologist - provides a speech pathology service, conducts speech and language assessments and also provides support to principals, school staff
and parents about the requirements of the Program for Students with Disabilities and the implementation of the Language Support Program.
Other services may include Social workers and Visiting Teacher Service.
Please be assured that any assessments completed are only done so with written parent consent; they are also treated with a high level of confidentiality.

Launching Place Primary School Carter Street Launching Place 3139 Telephone 5964 7783 Fax 5964 6171 Email launching.place.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

ABN 96 199 518 803

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One of the things we celebrate regularly is the fact that everyone is different and has different strengths and
weaknesses, as well as having a variety of interests. Research indicates that there is typically a range of about 6
years in academic ability in any particular classroom and this is why we utilise differentiated ability groups so
frequently to cater for the range of needs we have.
We also acknowledge that students have a range of behaviours and personalities which we try to support and
cater for. Two great books All Cats Have Aspergers and All Dogs Have ADHD are often read to students as a
stimulus to have conversations about differences. As a mainstream government school, we have students who are
funded as part of the Program for Students with a Disability.
From April 2nd, Swinburne University will be offering a free online course about Autism which may interest some
Narelle Messerle and Deb Hobbis


Please Note: That other advertisements and publications published in this newsletter do not imply school or Department of Education and Early Childhood Development endorsement.

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On Tuesday 17th February all the 3/4s had a session with Lizzy for their science unit Friends or Foes. They learnt about the food chain; producers,
primary consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers and decomposers.
The most exciting part was when they got to see and hold different animals. They saw baby ring tailed possums, different types of lizards including a
bearded dragon and blue tongued lizard. They saw a green tree frog and a small python. There was still something moving in the black bag at the back
of the room. It was a python.
All students were engaged and loved their time with Lizzy and her animals.
Here are some photos from their wonderful experience.

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We had some very Crazy Hair styles on Monday. Well done to you all and congrats to some of the craziest who will receive a
prize at assembly on Monday. Our next fundraiser will be the Easter raffle, more details later in term.

Thomas S

Prep N

Our next meeting is Monday 2nd March in the GP room after assembly, please feel welcome to attend; its open to all for any
ideas or suggestions.

Ella P

Prep N

Gracie B

Prep R

Paul R

Prep R

Max R

1/2 B

Curtis D

1/2 B

Brayden H

1/2 C

For the next few weeks we have Cheesey Rice Wheel, Spc Apple Jelly,Two Fruits Tubs at 50 each.

Paige S

1/2 T

BBQ Lone Star and Cheese Twistems are at 30 until stock runs out.

Jackson H

3/4 B

Tayla C

3/4 B

Ethan D

3/4 K

Caitlyn C

3/4 K

Kade VDH

3/4 M

Anita Q

3/4 M

Will C

3/4 M

Sam B

5/6 C

Jaimie D

5/6 F

Zyan G

5/6 F

CALL FOR HELP - this year is assigned for our School Fair or similar and we need a group of people to help organise it, in
conjunction with P&F. Please leave your name & phone at office or see Janine K. (P&F).
P & F team.

Orders are to be written on a brown paper bag with your childs name and grade at the top and items
ordered with prices; correct money is appreciated. If you dont have paper bags at home there will be a cost of
10c per bag. Please dont staple or put sticky tape on lunch order bags. If you are able to assist in canteen
please return the helpers form.

Jodie D, Maryann E, Janine C, Bianca A


Paul T, Janine K, Bianca D, Brooke D P


Kelly W, Jo R, Bec A, Barb F


Fiona T, Maryann E, Janine K, Maggie (Fang L)

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Launching Place Netball Club Season 2015

Registration Day Friday 13th March
Yarra Centre foyer 4.30pm
Boys & Girls Net Set Go, 9 & Under, 11 & Under, 13
& Under, 15 & Under (girls)
All Welcome Season starts Friday 17th April
Come along and register
for safe, healthy & fun
For further info contact
Taryn Buller 0400858618
Shelley Gray 0410626353

Violin Tuition
Contact Sally Banks
ph 0422 266 598 or sebanks@hotmail.com
Lessons available at school
Experienced, qualified teacher
Registered Music Therapist
Reasonable rates