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Nurse- Educator- Lawyer and Entrepreneur

ATTY. SALEX E. ALIBOGHA, hails from Cagamutan Sur, Leganes,

Iloilo, Region VI-Western Visayas,Philippines. He is the youngest of the nine
( 9 ) children of the late Gonzalo Alibogha, Sr. a humble janitor of a public

in the province of Iloilo and Expectation Espinosa, a dedicated and

hardworking side-walk fruit vendor at the Iloilo National High School, Lapaz,
Iloilo City.
ATTY. ALIBOGHA , has confirmed and validated the famous
quotations, to wit: Poverty is not a hindrance to success; and Behind the
clouds , the sun is still shining . His father died in 1988 when he was about
to enter college and his mother has given up hope to send him to college.
Fortunately, he was awarded the State Scholarship Grant of the Commission
on Higher Education (CHED), two weeks prior to the opening of classes, such
scholarship has sustained him until he finished his college degree. He is
deeply grateful and indebted to the government through the Commission on
Higher Education Region for facilitating the financial assistance consisting of
full free tuition and all other fees, monthly stipends , book allowance and
graduation allowances which were great privileges for him to realize his
A consistent honor student from his elementary days where he graduated
Salutatorian, he breezed through high school with a chain of awards
including being one of the 10 Most Outstanding Junior Scientist and

Mathematician in Region VI, Population Education Award, Mercury Drug

Award for Excellence in Mathematics, and Science, and Insular Life Gold
Eagle Award. All these summed up his honor as Valedictorian when he
graduated from his secondary education.

An achiever by heart, he finished his degrees in Nursing (1992) and

Bachelor of Laws ( 2001) as Magna Cum Laude. He placed 9th in the Nurse
Licensure Examinations in June, 1992 and obtained a high rating in the 2001

( 85.65%).

He was blessed


no less

than six(6)

scholarships/awards from high school to law school. He enjoyed the Apex

Club of Australia Bursary Award from 1984-1992; Iloilo Provincial







SCHOLARSHIP AWARD from the CHED., and the Entrance Scholarship of

Central Philippine University, all in 1988-1992; and the Ester Villanueva
Nolasco Scholarship Award and the CCINAA Alumni Scholarship Award,
both in 1991-1992.

Prior to his law school, he finished his Master of Arts in Nursing

degree, likewise at CPU, in 1996 and eventually received the awards as of the
10 Most Outstanding Health Researchers as recognized by DOST-PCHRD, in
a National Competition in 1998. Two years later, he received another award
from the same agency as one of the 10 Most Outstanding Researchers for the
Centennial Celebration in year 2000.
He has so far accomplished a series of seven researches and
publications as author and investigator.
Atty. Alibogha rose from the ranks as Researcher of Concern, Inc.,
Nurse Trainee at Iloilo Mission Hospital, Bedside Clinical Instructor at

CPU/IMH, and Program Coordinator of KABALAKA Health CenterHIV/AIDS Program. He has worked in the United States of America as
registered nurse from 2001-2002 at Holland Health Care Center, Holland
Michigan, but eventually went home to continue serving his countrymen as a
He is currently Associate Professor III at the College of Nursing, the
School of Graduate Studies, and

College of Law of Central Philippine

University, Jaro, Iloilo City- . He also serves as a reviewer in the Nurse

Licensure Examination in six (6) colleges and universities in six (6) areas of
specialization/concentration in review, notably: Fundamentals of Nursing;
Professional Adjustment; Maternal and Child Nursing; Medical-Surgical
Nursing; Nursing Research and Management; and Nursing Law and
Atty. Alibogha is currently pursuing his career in Immigration Law
and he is the Immigration Liaison Officer of VJ Research and Consultancy ,
Ltd, based in Chicago,Illinois, USA. He is about to finish his Masters degree
in Law

At San Beda College Manila through the CPU- SAN BEDA

consortium. He is at the same time an entrepreneur being the Executive

Director of A1 Passers and Worldwide Excellence Review and Consultancy,
Atty. Alibogha is a family man. He is a caring son to his 90 year
old mother, benevolent brother to 8 siblings , a supportive uncle to his niece
and nephew

a loving husband

to , Dr. Renalin Panes Alibogha, a

registered medical technologist, a physician-pediatrician and also a registered

nurse and a loving father of two children Alexis Paul ( a Grade 4 student in
a Chinese school- Iloilo Scholastic Academy ) and Alexa Marie ( a Grade 2
pupil at Santa Clarita International School ).

Atty. Alibogha is a nurse and dedicated educator to nursing , law and

graduate school

students of Central Philippine University. He is a law

practitioner and entrepreneur in review services for various professions. He is

an active advocate of HIV/AIDS prevention and control program and has
done several community outreach work during calamities especially during
Typhoon Yolanda to the people of the Northern part of Iloilo.
It is the ardent desire of Atty. Alibogha , that his success story will
serve as an inspiration to others who are willing to sacrifice to realize their
ambitions in life.