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The European Youth Parliament organizes more than 200 events every year.
Though differing in duration, the number of participants and represented
countries as well as thematic focus, the sessions follow a similar pattern.
The basic idea of a session is that the delegates come together in multinational committees, each committee looking at a different topic.
Having taken part in Team Building exercises, the delegates participate
in Committee Work, producing a resolution on their topic which is then
debated in General Assembly.
The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is a politically and religiously
unbound non-profit organization, which encourages European youth to
actively engage in citizenship and cultural understanding. It involves
40,000 youngsters from all around Europe in its events and has around
5,000 active members in the different countries.

Today the EYP is one of the largest European platforms for political
debate, intercultural encounters, political educational work and the
exchange of ideas among young people in Europe.

The EYP consists of a network of 41 European associations and

organizations in which thousands of young people are active in a
voluntary capacity.

This summary is, however, a great simplification of the national session of

European Youth Parliament which will take place in Belgrade in July. Our
alumni of the session of EYP held in Zagreb can testify of the great
experience they all had being a delegate of such a session.

After the end of this selection process, 4 delegates will be

selected to travel with our head members of European Youth
Parliament Bosnia and Herzegovina to attend and present
ourselves on the of National Selection Conference of European
Youth Parliament Serbia
Fee for this conference wouldn't be more than 20 euros. Food
and accommodation costs will be cover by organizers.

7th National Selection Conference of European Youth Parliament Serbia will

take place in the magnificent historical capital of Serbia - Belgrade. All
participants will be accommodated in hostel-dorm "OC".

be from 16 till 19 years old

have good communication skills in English
submit application online
pass the interview

About 7th National Selection Conference of

European Youth Parliament Serbia

To apply as a delegate of National Selection Conference of

European Youth Parliament Serbia candidate should :

If you are a young citizen with willingness to be active in your community,

interested in various discussions about current relevant European topics, if you
are interested in improving yourself academically, if you like to travel and meet
other youngsters your age that will help you to discover what "United by
diversity" means, you are someone who will indeed like this conference.

For any further questions please contact us by mail:


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