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Coordinates all aspects of Development of Nationals and other employees as
appropriately identified and agreed by management. Prepares career
development plans for to include formal and OJT training needs assessment,
monitor progress, identify and respond to needs for interventions to support
individual and their coach or line supervisor.
1. Designs and prepares Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and Career
Enhancement Plans (CEPs) for Nationals at all levels in the company. Maintains
plans for each employee and regularly assess the progress of each staff through a
bi-annual reporting process, providing counseling to both the National under
development and the coach and line manager. Arranges and facilitates quarterly
follow-up meetings between coaches and the National on Development. Ensures
milestone requirements are met and supported by appropriate evidence and the
required documentation for milestone awards is processed.
2. Maintains in a strictly confidential manner individual records on all staff of their
training histories, competence assessments, performance ratings, IDP and CEP
3. Participates in Nationalization Planning meetings with line departments to
report on current Qatari National development progress and identify potential
opportunities for further career development opportunities for Qatari Nationals.
Prepare competence profiles for individuals and target jobs within departments.
Assist in the planning process to ensure competence gaps are closed in a
structured manner through a range of appropriate methods.
4. Prepares experienced employees with developmental opportunities aimed at
supporting a Talent Management function. Maximizes the number of competent
Qatari National employees to establish and maintain a nationalized workforce
capable of achieving Company's objectives.
5. Conducts regular line sensing meetings with groups of Qatari Nationals by line
department to guage the learning environment and propose and design activities
and interventions to address problem areas identified.

Educational Requirements / Qualifications: (Formal education and

professional qualifications and associations.)
Bachelor degree, plus 3 years of experience in training & development
College Diploma, plus 8 years of related experience in HR with a focus on T&D.

Excellent spoken and written English demonstrated in an Englishenvironment work environment in an administration role.
Excellent interpersonal skills demonstrated in a multi-national, multi-cultural
work environment.
Highly-developed internal consulting skills demonstrated in Human
Resources Development role.