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SABER PRO and TKT are exams that we have to take when we finish our career , on the
one hand SABER PRO is national exam in Colombia and TKT is an test from England and
we can take it when be teachers. It does not have a specific time, but SABER PRO is a
requirement to get a degree.

The presentation of SABER PRO is mandatory as a degree requirement, in addition to other

requirements that each higher education institution established for this purpose. Institutions
of higher education have a responsibility to report to the ICFES all of their students who
must take the test SABER PRO. Each reported students must complete the registration
process directly or through the respective educational institution and submitted to the test in
accordance with the procedures established by the ICFES to this effect. This test may also
be presented independently and voluntarily by those who have already graduated from
undergraduate academic programs.

This is dividing in two parts:

-Generic competencies are necessary for proper professional performance, regardless of the
completed program.
-The Specific Skills of Students who are close to completing the various undergraduate
programs, to the extent that these can be valued mass -through External Exams Character.
These are the modules that in foreign language must take: Teach, evaluate and train.

TKT characteristics:

TKT is suitable for teachers of English in primary, secondary or adult teaching contexts and
is intended for an international audience of non-first language or first language teachers of
English. Candidates taking TKT will normally have some experience of teaching English to
speakers of other languages. TKT may also be taken by:
Pre-service teachers
Teachers who wish to refresh their teaching knowledge

Teachers who are moving to teaching English after teaching another subject.

TKT has three core modules:

Module 1 Language and background to language learning and teaching
Describing language and language skills
Background to language teaching
Background to language learning.
Module 2 Planning lessons and use of resources for language teaching
Planning and preparing a lesson or sequence of lessons
Selection and use of resources and materials.
Module 3 Managing the teaching and learning process
Teachers and learners language in the classroom
Classroom management.


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