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Light has gone out of our lives and there is darkness all over, were the famous words

laid the soul of Mahatma Gandhi to peace. The vision of a rural self reliant and self
employed community, creating kinetic energy out of the churning of a wheel was a dream
postulated in the annals of the Swadeshi movement in India. That, ladies and gentlemen
was not yet the era of swanky Climate change conferences, and Peak oil war mongering.

I am Sanjay Kumar the Head chef of Green bank hotel in Falmouth, and the Chair of
Slow food movement in Cornwall.

History they say repeats itself, and in the worst winter since time began, there were some
sharp reality checks. Every little helps, at Tesco superstore until they run out of Table
salt.., lacking proper distribution channels desperate dairy farmers have to drain valuable
milk to the fields, and there is a dearth of fancy lettuce leaves in local restaurants. Elderly
pensioners freeze to death, as natural gas fails to reach us from Norwegian highlands as
wary limousine drivers take a holiday from the hectic Copenhagen pit stops. The
Himalayan icecaps are under a threat to melt in the next 25 years.

The question is, we all know the problem, what is the solution! The fact is we have
always lived with the Climate change, we have always exhaled carbon dioxide, and fossil
fuels have always been depleting, once we discovered its worth.

Prevention, they say is better than cure, and if we as kind, sensible individuals could
make our effort, Life will be a little bit more comfortable to lead.

Making sensible life decisions, sharing cars, buying local seasonal food from food
halls, encouraging seed and idea exchanges, setting up talent cooperatives, having eco
holidays, and feeling green inside….are not fashion statements, but lifestyle choices..

Be earth responsible..

This my dear friends is,

The evolution of informed species

Enjoy your meal…

Prosenjit Sanjay Kumar

Speech at Women’s Institute Falmouth
January 24, 2010