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Readiness of In-campus Student-Teachers for the Off-campus Training of

School Year 2014-2015

Mikaela Angelica D. Mercado TEAM LEADER
Mary Mariel D. Toreno

Dr. Julie T. Valencia Adviser

ABSTRACT - This study attempts to be acquainted with the Readiness of In-campus StudentTeachers for the Off-campus Training of School Year 2014-2015. Formal assessment of the incampus student-teachers are based from the National Competency Based Teachers Standard
professional and personal qualities. Respondents were assessed by thirty (30) New Era
University Integrated Pre-school, Elementary, and High School Teachers who are handling preservice teachers during the academic year 2014 2015.Researchers made use of the descriptive
method of research in which researchers made use of questionnaire with likert scale to collect
and gather data.
The researchers observed that in campus student-teachers were ready for their off-campus
training and rated as outstanding in terms of maintain a high standard of ethics and
professionalism, assume professional responsibility to prepare materials without tardiness,
complete assigned duties without reminders and be punctual in attendance, demonstrate
knowledge of content, set appropriate educational goals and plan curricula, plan and teach daily
lessons using a variety of general methods of instruction and assess the effectiveness in terms of
student learning, in utilizing computer-assisted instruction, educational technology, media and
materials, constructing and analyzing a variety of assessment tools, attending all scheduled NEU
meetings and seminars that are required, self-assess teaching effectiveness and areas needed for
professional growth, incorporating skills for building self-esteem in students, collaboration and
consultation skills, dresses and groom appropriately and has a good posture, pleasant and
modulated voice, mentally and emotionally sound, well informed on current social problems and
issues, performs tasks cheerfully and willingly, shows initiative and resourcefulness.
Majority of the respondents rated their student-teacher/s very satisfactory of use
teaching/learning theory and knowledge of developmental differences in planning for instruction
is outstanding, teaching lessons with accurate content, completing 300 hours of in-campus
training, resulting in demonstrated student learning, demonstrating the use of clear, correctly
written and oral skills, free from bad speech, habits and mannerisms. On the other hand, majority
of the respondents answered that the cause in lacks of the readiness of professional and personal
qualities is lack in professional training and the effect this is the teaching performance is not
performed well.
This research study can be of large benefit for the In-campus Students-teachers as they
will function the total teaching role by maintaining and undertaking all duties and activities
normally performed by the cooperating teacher throughout their off-campus training. This study
aimed to show the readiness of the in-campus student-teachers for the off-campus training.