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Education Corner , Enthusiasm

of English

As a teacher, whats your opinion about the snthusiasm of the

students to English lesson ?
Based on my opinion , There are 3 types of students :
1 . Low Motivation student, ther dont care about
English, when the test comes, they only do cheating for
example, so the knowledge that they get is same and
there is no any improvement
2 . Better motivated student, they have motivation then
they can increase their knowledge but sometimes they
can be influenced by the loe motivation student. They
can actually . They have a capability to improve if they
have a desire.
3 . Exellent motivated student, They have a good
motivation, have a good capability , they want to increase
they knowledge, they want to be in part of mani
And this is being my challangeto increase and motivate
those 2 levels that have a lack motivation. ill try them to
do the process to gain their capability . Finalli they can
masters in some part even though in a limited capacity.
But they do it.

Actually, How important learning English for the students ?

Of course learning English they do for getting the mark,
but they have to master listening, for instant. It is hope
that they are going to know , they are going to
understand in the basic level, when they listen someone
talk to master.

And the second one they are able to speak in English

basically even though they only have capability to speak
in a simple daily conversation.
And the third one they are also hoped that to master
reading skill, they have to master the reading .
The fourth one is writing skill, they have to write
something even though they have a limit capacity.
Actually, many students stated that they are bored to learn
English because they just got the same material from JHS,SHS
and just a repetition, Hows your opinion ?
As an English teacher I dont have any authority to
change the curriculum. I try to make the lesson to be
not boring. English now a days, our material is not
related to the job, to the live. I try to conduct the
good environmental learning system. What happen if
the teacher not conduct the learning based on the
curriculum? It cant definitely .
My suggestion : The student got the mark not only by
the written test but from the daily process for
instant , if the students have a good skill to
communicate , means that have a good motivator.
Second one , the government should train and do the
workshop for the teacher and give the new formula to
the teacher to make the students interested in
Whats your advice ?
Make the environment to use English as a habit.
The excellent motivation student should practice it to
motivate the other students, so not only for formal
situation, buy the informal one so. You have to enjoy
the English . not feel like the teacher force you.
The fact that students are shy to use English,
because they feel dont have a good ability , but for
me the mistakes will bring you to higher level